Get Details of ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Jenelle Evans’ Backyard Wedding (EXCLUSIVE!)

Let’s just hope David didn’t purchase a tuxedo-patterned Speedo for the affair…

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans is planning to get hitched (again) on Saturday, and, unlike her first wedding which took place at a courthouse, tomorrow’s wedding will be quite the celebration…and The Ashley has exclusive details!

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle will marry David Eason on “The Land” where she, David and their assorted children reside. The North Carolina affair is being filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and The Ashley’s sources are on the ground giving her the 411 of “The Teen Mom Wedding of The Century!”

From what The Ashley hears (and remember, this can change at any time), Jenelle and David are planning to lay down hay for their wedding guests to walk on (and possibly on the aisle Jenelle will walk on). Jenelle will be “given away” by her oldest son, Jace.

Once Jenelle makes it down the aisle to her soulmate, it will be time for her and David to say their vows. On September 13, Jenelle tweeted that her choice of wedding officiant is going to be “epic,” and now The Ashley can reveal who will be marrying these two lovebirds!

The officiant will be…Andre Sanders, Jenelle’s ‘Teen Mom 2’ security guard!

“Andre was already ordained,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “He didn’t get ordained specifically to marry Jenelle and David.”

After Jenelle and David say “I do,” guests will be treated to a meal. From what The Ashley has heard, Jenelle really wanted Olive Garden to cater the wedding.

“Jenelle definitely looked into it, but I’m not sure if she pulled the trigger on it,” the source tells The Ashley.

Breadsticks for all…except Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, who is still not invited!

She will have a full wait staff to man the buffet line and serve guests.

After the meal, Jenelle and David’s guests will be allowed to dive into the new pool that was just put on “The Land.”

The backyard will be decked out with a full bar, and a DJ will be spinning tunes.

The enchanting evening is scheduled to go from 4 p.m. until about 11 p.m.

A very large ‘Teen Mom 2’ film crew is in North Carolina to film the events. In addition, a media outlet is paying Jenelle and David a sizable amount to cover the wedding exclusively.

This will be the second wedding for both Jenelle and David. She was previously married to Courtland Rogers, while David was married to Whitney Johnson, who is the mother of his daughter Maryssa.

Stay tuned! The Ashley will have plenty more wedding details, coming soon!

(Photo: MTV)



  1. Wedding on!! Meaning the weed and benzos kicked in just in time!! I keep thinking of the movie meet the parents.. David whittled the arch out of one piece of wood.. Man these two are so embarrassing!!! ?

  2. The transition from this post to the one above it is hilarious. Also, we all know how absolutely shitty their yard is. She thinks dead sod and a pool with no fence makes it look good; it doesn’t.

  3. I’ve very concerned about the words “full bar” and “backyard swimming pool”. There is no possible way these two couldn’t end in disaster.

    I so badly want to see Jenelle in a wedding dress screaming “leave me alone” and beating Lurch with her wedding bouquet Miss Congeniality style.

    I think I missed the story about Jenelle and Lurch’s family. They hate each othrr?! Did they finally get sick of being Jenelle’s nanny so she could travel extensively without her kids? Jenelle, I really truly want to understand why you are so desperate to get full custody of Jace when you are abandoning the other kids in your custody? Give up those kids to people who 1) want to raise them, 2) have maternal instincts 3) aren’t terrible people. I honestly think most viewers would give her less shit for giving up custody of her kids than continuing to neglect and abuse them.

  4. She and David both deserve each other. She can stand to be just a mom and a grateful daughter. Barb if you’re never thanked for taking care and loving your grandson I say thank you. She coming running one day when the money is gone needing you. You don’t need to be a the wedding. Just continue doing what God chose you to do taking care of Jace when his mom was all about drinking, drugging and party.God Bless You and them babies. She’ll get what’s coming to her.

  5. The word “trashtastic” was invented just for times like this. I guess a straw-strewn “aisle” will keep her camo wedding gown cleaner but I hope they leave some space for the drunken mud-rassling during the reception

  6. What a mess. Jenelle has committed her life to locking down and doing whatever she has to to have a man in her life (any man will do), it’s so sad that the same can not be said for her commitment to her children. It has be so obvious in the last couple of episodes and Jace does not like being around David and is possibly scared of the ogre and she absolutely could not care less. This wedding/relationship/marriage is as fake as her boobs, I really hope someone steps in for those children, I do not have a good feeling about them being isolated out there in the woods with him.

  7. More like a buncha folks doing oxycontin and standing around in suits lol. Here are my predictions for the wedding…
    How would one describe a wedding cake shaped like a giant hot wing??? Breathtaking?
    The reception will be held behind the jet-ski trailer. Not the one covered in kudzu.
    A lie will be told about “ordering the invitations from Vista Print” and then losing a confirmation email.
    David will use venti grande as his measurement of time in his vows.
    A Zaxby’s shift manager will be in attendance.
    #highschoolslambook #returnwithoutreceipt #entrepreneurialpainmanagement #ultrasoundpunchcard

  8. Still no fence for that death trap. Why would she get a pool knowing that she hates to watch the kids. I only pray someone watches over Jace after the wedding when all of them get high. I’m happy Keiser isn’t going to be at the wedding. Biggest swamp nuptials of the season. OMG dude.

      1. Jenelle scheduled the wedding when it’s not her weekend to have Kaiser. Nathan said he wasn’t going to give up he’s day.

  9. So I’m assuming no family will be showing up? Jenelle is estranged from her parents and both siblings. She’s ran off David’s family. Seems to only have a few friends. So what’s the purpose of this big “lavish” wedding?

  10. LOL I cannot believe anybody would pay them a big chunk of change (or small honestly) for their pictures nobody’s going to want to see them… Whoever the publication is I feel like they are going to take a big hit how is it possible Jenelle and creep of the moment always get to laugh their way to the bank or more accurately yet another vacation

    1. I’m guessing it’s Radar that is paying.. they are always up her a$$. And darn it, I was hoping Farah was going to officiate the wedding.

  11. Olive Garden is NOT a fancy restaurant. It’s an Italian Denny’s. Yes, that’s from a meme and incredibly fitting in this situation. ?

    1. There are very few Olive Garden’s in Canada and calling it an Italian Denny’s makes me want it so much more hahahhah. Really though. Next trip to the US… Olive Garden here I come. Or maybe just Jenelle’s wedding. JK you couldn’t pay me to attend that. The Land seems like a place you might not get out of alive.

  12. I hope Kieff-ahh shows up with Babs as his date and they both stand up in protest when the “officiant” says “speak now or forever hold your peace!”

  13. Hay? How many people will be allergic to that shit? I hope she is and her eyes swell closed. That would be a good thing if your groom looked like Lurch! If Olive Garden doesn’t come through on the catering, I’m sure Chick Fil A will cater anything.?

  14. Pool party wedding with hay and food from Olive Garden.

    Guess Popeye’s Chicken refused to cater it.

    (Sorry, normally I would be “non-snarkily” wishing the happy couple well, but not these two child-abusing idiots)

    Keep it klassy, Jenelle.

  15. Fav line ever, Kaiser do you remember the”land”? Do you like the “land” Kaiser? The word land can be substituted for mother, the movie cars, sushi, the olive garden, putting your nose in the corner, peanut, David, and last but not least:father!

    Poor Kaiser:(

      1. Ok I was not impressed by the big announcement who was going to marry them but think it will go like this?
        Jenelle do you take this dude?

  16. Oh. My. Gosh. Being married by her security guard is absolutely epic. But for a different reason than what Jenelle is surely insinuating. And Olive Garden. This classy broad. I can’t wait til Farrah gets married. It’s going to be an elegant disaster.

  17. Why is someone paying for pictures of this wedding? It’s going to look like any backyard party. Guarantee that most guests will be wearing old navy flip flops. I know that I am asking too much but I hope the house is in her name and she got a prenup. Doubt it but I can hope for her kids.

  18. ugghh..cant wait for davids inevitable ‘why am i a guy’ arrest..(in case youve forgotten,those were the immortal words of jenelles previous soulmate nathan during his arrest)..wonder if north carolina is a community property state cause hes gonna take all her money and it will be legal..

  19. “After Jenelle and David say “I do,” guests will be treated”
    At first I read “guests will be threatened” and since it’s Jenelle’s wedding I was not even a bit suprised.
    Still wondering if Kieffa’s invited. I miss that lyin’ hustla.

  20. Nothing saying “I’m white trash with money” quite like having a backyard pool party wedding with olive garden food. Is this a wedding or a birthday party? What a joke…

    1. Nathan said it perfectly: Jenelle is white trash that hit the lottery. (One of the only coherent things Nathan has ever said and definitely the only thing he’s ever said that I can get behind.)

  21. 1) Jenelle has a body guard?, and 2) the person Jenelle and David decided to perform the very important task of marrying them wasn’t a close friend, or family member, but her body guard? I’m just gonna leave the Olive Garden thing alone.

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