‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Did Not Invite Her Mother Barbara to Her Wedding: See How Babs Spent Her Daughter’s Big Day

“If ya not invited, ya not invited…what are ya gonna do?”

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans married David Eason on Saturday, in a backyard ceremony on “The Land” that the couple lives on. While all of Jenelle’s three children– Jace, Kaiser and Ensley– attended the festivities, they appear to be the only relatives of Jenelle’s who were present.

One person who did not attend the nuptials and hootenanny-style reception was Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans. Jenelle and Barb have been estranged for months, due to their battle for custody of Jenelle’s son Jace.

(As The Ashley told you previously, Jenelle did not win her battle for custody of Jace back in May.)

“She’s very upset [that she’s not invited],” Jenelle said of Barb last month. “I know she is and she … makes side comments here and there…”

While that is true (and Barbara has confirmed that to the press in the months leading up to the wedding), Babs still had a great day on Saturday. Although she wasn’t getting down on the dance floor in a robe during the reception (a la Jenelle), Barbara spent the day at the beach with her friend!

“Beautiful relaxing day at Myrtle Beach!” Babs’ friend captioned a photo of her and Barb sitting on the sand in South Carolina. Babs even gave the camera the thumbs up to show she was clearly enjoying the day.

Jenelle had stated before the wedding that she was not inviting her mother, in part because of the custody battle outcome.

“I can’t forgive someone that’s just not going to give me back my son, so, and it’s still going on,” Jenelle told Us Weekly last month. “It hasn’t been resolved. And if I had custody of him now maybe I would have invited her, but I’m not at the moment.”

Barbara has had a lot of time to adjust to the idea of not being invited, though. Back in July, she was still upset about not getting to watch her daughter get married.

“Get off The Land! You’re not invited!”

“She’s been saying she’s having her wedding, running around with her family of friends, but you know what she says? ‘My mother Barbara is not invited,'” Barb told People in July. “She’s not inviting me to her own wedding. It’s very painful.”

Barbara was not the only Evans family member excluded from the backyard romp. Jenelle’s brother Colin, as well as her estranged sister Ashleigh, did not attend.

Jenelle’s family was not present at her first wedding, either. Back in 2012, when Jenelle married Courtland Rogers in a rushed courthouse ceremony, none of Jenelle’s family members were there to witness the union.

On Sunday, Jenelle posted a photo of her with her son Jace at the wedding. In the photo caption, she confirmed that her family was not present for her nuptials.

“None of my family attended my wedding and I do not care, this boy is who mattered in the end,” she wrote.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jace walked Jenelle down the aisle during her wedding ceremony. (Jenelle’s father has not been in her life for many years.)

To see tons of photos from the wedding of Jenelle and David, click here!

(Photos: Facebook, MTV)


  1. She gave. Her son. Away. To her mother. So she could party. And not raise her kid. I’m sure if she heads over to YouTube she’ll find clips of the episode where she signed him over because all she wanted to go was go get HIGH HIGH HIGH with Kieffa.

    I guarantee that if David wasn’t so interested in Jace people there, Jenelle couldn’t care less if she got custody of Jace.

  2. Can someone tell me about the video audio of the fight between David and Jenelle where she said she wishes he died. Was Jenelle having a fist fightwith with he’s family before wedding? Or is it fake? Jenelle needs to be locked up in a mental ward if it’s true.

    1. It wasn’t just an argument. It was a all out brawl with he’s family. Jenelle is crazy as hell.

      I’m racking. I’m working. I’m working. Lol

      David’s family is as crazy as Jenelle.

      1. Just watched/listened to the video on radar…. not surprised at all. She can post all the happy pics she wants, it’s all a big fat lie. Seems like a lovely marriage…

  3. Maybe the last time you saw Jace and Kai addicted bratt.
    Be so happy if they check your hair next week and know you drunk while having Jace.!

  4. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that Nathan’s mom is successful in her attempt to save Kaiser next week. Once David’s abuse is on record, hopefully Babs and Doris will present a united front and insist that David be barred from Jenelle’s visitation weekends. Let that future serial killer take Maryssa to his mom’s house on Jenelle’s weekends with her kids.

  5. She needs to start acting like a grown up. She stands her ground against lurch and tells him how it’s gonna be. Her side of the family should have been present just like sny family event going forward. David you are disgraceful.

  6. How spiteful. SHE DOESN’T GIVE YOU HIM BECAUSE YOU DON’T DESERVE HIM BACK!! Is that so hard to comprehend?! You did NOTHING to deserve custody of him and Babs is the best thing that happened to him. Ugh, I wish she would get your other kids too, we know you don’t actually parent them. And Jace is actually scared to death of your (now) husband, you just don’t care.

    Also, not related but I love how it looks like a tiny man is on Barbara’s friend’s thumb.

  7. David is always making comments about kaisers custody situation and how they just need to get Jace back. He just wants her to have no reason to have any outside contact. David wants jenelle and the kids on the land all the time. I picture a world where her cell phone “goes missing” all the time so she just uses David’s and he handles drop offs “to protect her” when in reality it’s all isolation. She seems miserable living out there so he just gets high with her and they lock themselves in their bedroom while the kids play outside alone.

  8. Has anyone else ever noticed that Jenelle is so insecure and needy to be loved that she projects it onto her kids? Like right after she brought Ensley home from the hospital and kaiser was looking at her, Jenelle starts asking him “do you love her?!” It’s like wtf lady, he’s a SMALL CHILD! He has no idea wtf love is, he’s just agreeing with you! She does this stupid shit ALL THE TIME! It makes me want to reach through the TV and smack her.

    1. @ N/A Yes I had noticed that! And the same with Jace and the holiday: “Do you love it? Do you love it?”. I bet she does the same with David: “Do you love me? Do I look good? Do you love the boat I gave you, do you love it?”

  9. Who cares she’s a nasty person who should kiss the ground her mom walks on Jenelle has been troubled for years she’s a out of touch lunatic that needs to stop reproducing.

  10. Hope jace sees a counselor weekly at school or in private. This poor kid has no concept of healthy relationships. A child his age shouldn’t have to worry about the things he probably does before asking to see his mom or asking to leave back to his grandmothers. I also hope his teachers are extra kind and sweet with him. ?

  11. If Jace matters then why did Jenelle marry someone that he’s terrified of? We all know the only person who matters to Jenelle in the beginning, middle and end is Jenelle.

    1. Because in Jenelle’s mind, Jace isn’t terrified of David. She thinks Babs has brainwashed him into thinking that. She’s just completely convinced herself that Babs is to blame for everything. It’s insane.

      What I don’t understand is why Babs is letting Jace go over to that house every other weekend of he is afraid of David and they are doing drugs. She should’ve requested the court not to let Jenelle have visitation at all or make arrangements to where Jace only has to see Jenelle and not David. If a child is afraid of someone, they should not have to see them at all.

      1. It’s barb is contantly holding out hope that she and Jenelle will be reconciled. She doesn’t want to give jace up but she also doesn’t want to completely give Jenelle up and sending jace over there is her way to keep seeing Jenelle and pick ups and drop offs. She’s always saying how she’s upset and sad that she has to “do this to her own daughter.” She’s a bit delusional about Jenelle and thinks all of her bad behavior stems from her boyfriends and not from deep inside Jenelle herself. It’s sad.

  12. This cum dumpster didnt invite family or co-stars. Thats classy, bitch, REAL classy to think that your decisions are justified by your jealousy, anger and hate.

    Also, it would be so awesome if during those end-of-season wrap-ups with Dr.Drew, the microphone would be passed around & the audience could contribute with questions/comments/statements. It would be like Jerry!Jerry!Jerry!

  13. I can see these 2 going from MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” to the Crime channel appearing on “Fatal Vows” or something like that..
    Jace has Barb, Kaiser has Nathan’s parents, but who does little Ensley have as backup, which she is going to need??

  14. None of your family attended because you didn’t invite them….Jenelles such an asshole. The way she treats her mother is disgusting. Her mother saved her kid from foster care because Jenelle wanted to go out and get HIGH HIGH….and now 7/8 years Later Jenelles like I’m ready to be a mom! Give him back! NOW!….Doesn’t work like that you idiot.

  15. SO, the day before the wedding when the big “the wedding’s cancelled” blow out went down, Jenelle says she wanted David’s attention and comfort because she was upset about her mother not being there.. but two seconds later she’s posting pictures on Instagram basically bragging about the fact that she didn’t invite her mother (or any of her family) to the Swamp shindig?? She is such a spiteful little bitch.

    I don’t see why Jace had to give her away, when she’s been walking away from that kid for random D or whatever soul mate is on the scene since he came outta the womb.

      1. Definitely not Courtland. He’s going to be way too busy giving Debs OG (E.M.B.), away at her upcoming wedding to Dr. David Stein (M.D.) which will take place next month at the zoo. (Not joking). He says he “cannot wait to be part of something so big in [Debra’s] life”.

        Ash- can we get a story on this? I don’t know which is better…the fact Courty Boy was invited, the fact Debra has listed her educational credentials on the invitation, or that it is taking place at the zoo.

      2. It would have been amazing if Keiffer had given her away xD Trashtastic. Maybe at the next wedding, a girl can always have hope.

  16. Slightly off topic, but that blonde producer filled me with so much rage when she cornered Barb after court. She was all like “why are you doing this to Jenelle? She misses her son” Barb kept her cool, because I would flipped the f out. First of all, Jenelle settled for minimum visitation, so Barb didn’t “do” anything. And, Jenelle doesn’t get to come in after 8 years and uproot Jace’s entire life because she “deserves” it. And that producer KNEW about the CPS investigation and still had the audacity to question Barb’s motives. I just can’t with that sh!t stirrer.

    Anyways, so glad Barb had a great day with a friend. A day at the beach sounds so much better than that trashy swamp wedding.

    1. I’m done with Jenelle’s producers after the text chain they showed after court where they told her how heartbreaking it was she didn’t win.

    2. I can’t stand that! It’s not about Jenelle or what Jenelle wants or feels. It’s about JACE!!! Anyone who has taken a Psych 101 class knows that you don’t uproot a child from the only home he has ever known after 8 years!! That would absolutely traumatize him! He’s traumatized enough as it is with all Jenelle’s screaming & swearing around him, and trash talking his grandmother who he loves. Never ever does she take his feelings into account when talking about custody. It’s all about what SHE wants. SHE wants him back, SHE misses him. SHE is his mother. SHE has a house now. SHE has made changes in her life. SHE SHE SHE. It never even crosses her mind to think about what is best for Jace. And the idiot producers and Dr. Drew just go along with it when she talks like that!! It’s so twisted and sick. Nothing enrages me like that idiot Dr. Drew when he defends Jenelle to Barb or defends Adam to Randy. It’s completely wrong.

  17. I feel so bad for her. I can’t ever imagine treating my mother the way Jenelle treats Babs. It’s really disgusting and sad. What makes me even more disgusted is that I know when Jenelle and David divorce, Jenelle will be running to Babs for support. She just uses her.

  18. When we had our bathroom redone by Lowe’s, we put all our products and shit up when they came to photograph it…. for a fucking North Carolina home improvement store poster where you get your shopping cart.

    This trashbag has no pride or shame.

  19. Losing a parent is the most hurtful thing in life. No matter what kind of relationship you had with them. My father has passed away but my mom is still living. I worship the ground my mom walks. I will do anything for my Mom and we didn’t have the best relationship. So for you Jenelle I only wish for you to wake up and for once put someone else other than yourself first.

    1. I’ve lost both of my parents, my mom when I was 15 and my dad just 3 years ago when I was 27. It’s truly the most painful thing I’ve been through. The fact that jenelle didn’t include her mother hurts my heart so bad. I would have loved to have my mom at my wedding.

  20. I just can’t with Jenelle. “I’m not inviting Barbara. She’s no longer my mother.” Then “My mother’s not coming to the wedding and David’s mother is coming. That hurts.” She’s such a twat. I’m glad Barbara had a nice day with friends (something Jenelle doesn’t have by the number of empty chairs at the hillbilly hoedown). I just wish the kids hadn’t been dragged into this mess. Jace has that “help me, I’m trapped” look on his face. And Jenelle — he walked you up the AISLE. We only wish he had walked you to a deserted ISLE. Moron.

  21. That’s ok you can bet your sweet ass that Babs will be the first person Jenelle runs to when she’s getting divorced. I give it 1 month tops! What a sham of a wedding. David looked like garbage. Who would marry that? Jenelle is so trashy. They had the trashiest wedding I have ever laid eyes on! Really sad. Their relationship is garbage. David is controlling and a giant freeloader. Jenelle has to pay a man to marry her and that’s who she picks? She’s salty because her mom “won’t give” her son back. Uh, sorry dipstick, you gave him up. You should’ve been a decent mom. She can’t even handle taking care of the other two and she thinks she should have a third. She is clearly in over her head with those kids. They are not well taken care of at all. She ignores them and I have never once seen her be loving towards them or put them first. Really crappy parenting. She lets a guy in her life and allows them to treat her kids like garbage. Horrible.

    1. I feel like any time she had both kaiser and Jace she was a train wreck! Kaiser was sick and Jace spilled something and she tossed him in his crib and left Jace inside so she could go outside with tori. That conversation with her mom about how he wouldn’t eat or drink and just screamed. Barbara said well he doesn’t feel good and her answer was no he’s fighting his sleep. You horrible mother the poor kids probably in pain. Nothing the dark of his crib prison can’t fix

  22. I feel so bad for Barbara. Barbara is only doing what’s best for Jace. Jenelle needs to step up and tell David to back off. Jace will feel more stable and be happier if JE and Barb got along. David is controlling Jenelle. Please Jenelle make up with your mom before it’s too late. Please make David stop pushing your family out of your life. Would you want Jace to do that to you? Jace may do it to you one day because that’s what your teaching him.

    1. I would gladly pony up a few bucks for Babs to have a decent weekend away in Hilton Head. I’m torn up that she spent the weekend in Myrtle Beach (sketchy AF).

  23. None of your family attended because you didn’t invite them..! I just hope Jenelle matures some now that she’s a married woman. We’ll see.

    1. Doh Kay. Hope in one hand, ?in the other. Which one weighs more?

      This chick is never going to learn but I love your optimism.

    2. If her first three times becoming a mother didn’t lead to a miraculous maturation, I wouldn’t expect her second wedding to do any better.

  24. Having to hand his mother over to David, a man he fears, must have been extremely difficult for Jace. Barbara’s pain at being excluded has to be awful. She does her best to get through it all and I admire her for that. I pray that this marriage works and that both involved can learn to respect others.

  25. She acts as if she invited her family and none of them showed. Instead of saying, “none of my family attended”, she should have said, “I did not invite my family”. She plays the victim of a decision SHE made. She was adamant about not inviting them, and then bitches about not having family there. STFU.

  26. When you’re not speaking to a single person in your entire family, YOU are the common denominator. The problem is YOU, not them.
    And you know who’s gonna take you in Jenelle, when David puts you through a glass door or pushes you down a flight of stairs? Your MOTHER. Just like she has been there for you every other time you had a break-up. And deep down, you know it.

    1. No he’ll never leave. He loves the control too much. He’ll probably just unplug the televisions and phones. They’ll grow their own food and he can have his own little cult family who he rules with an iron fist

  27. When MTV cancels Teen Mom next year ( I pray), and all the money is gone Jenelle is going to look around and all she will see is Lurch’s fists in her face, a trailer sinking into a bunch of swampland that they can no longer afford and a bunch of hungry mouth chirrens to feed. She is going regret this. The bigger they are the harder they fall and Jenelle is gonna fall like a 600 pd woman.

    1. I’m very steady on my feet FYI. I don’t fall, but sometimes I faint onto a steel reinforced chaise lounge while clutching my pearls, like a true old-timey lady????

  28. This handsome little boy (who Jenelle reportedly locked out of her house along with Kaiser in the hot sun on THE LAND) was alive, healthy, and well enough to walk her down the aisle yesterday –because of the mother she so proudly dissed.

    So sad she refuses to see that Jace has a keen advantage over so many other kids who grew up with a sh*tty parent, but may have been too young to remember it.

    Jace will have all the 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom2 episodes, along with scores of Jenelle’s nasty Twitter and Instagram rants to remind him.

    1. I live not far from The Land. We hanve a ding dang dog door so the pets can come in for water and couch time at their leisure.

      Yes, my dogs have it better than the “Eason” kids.

  29. It just shows what a truly black heart Jenelle has. The only person she’s really hurting is herself. It sounds like she really could have used some emotional support that day, but instead, there was no one to comfort her when she had her nuclear meltdown. Despite everything that went down with the custody battle, and despite the fact that Barb has David pegged for the no good piece of dog shit he really is, she would have been there for Jenelle, and will be there when her life goes to shit, which will be sooner than later.

  30. Has anyone ever looked at Jenelle’s twitter? She is constantly bashing Barb and talking about Jace’s therapy. She claims how mature she’s become and yet she doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut. It’s soo attention seeking

    1. I thought Jenelle wasn’t allowed to talk shit about Barbara, per the custody agreement. Or am I mistaken? Why does she insist on continuing to bash Barbara? Use some of that energy and take care of your kids, lay sod on “the land”, do something with your life beyond hating your mom and taking endless vacations.

    2. That or “We never fight, we are soulmates, I love you forever babe!” or “Watch the show, you will see the truth further in the season”.

    1. I notice a lot of Jenelle’s fan base is young moms with multiple children from different fathers. They always argue that they themselves have 3 or 4 kids with different dad’s and their lives are wonderful. Until I spy on their facebook and see how trashy they are. Jenelle has become an idol for trashy girls across the world, who think they too can live the dream and get paid for making bad choices.

  31. And did she even invite any one person from her family? If not then quit bringing it up. Quit whining. Try enjoying the day instead of using this as another pedestal to complain about your mom.

  32. I feel bad for Barbara because it really is hurtful. And in the future without a doubt jenelle will use that her mom wasn’t at the wedding against her even though jenelle herself was responsible for it. That family is amazingly disfunctional.

  33. The only reason her children attended was because they didn’t have any other choice! Ensley and Kaiser are too young to decide on such things as of yet and Jace probably feared David’s wrath in case he didn’t make an appearance. Poor little guy 🙁 Once these kids reach their teens – God bless David won’t kill any of them before that – they’ll try to get away from Jenelle as far as possible…unless she’s already lost custody of them at that point.

    1. I agree completely. And God forbid that this would happen, but I can see Ensley getting pregnant at 16 too, like her bitch of a motha’. 🙁

      1. All of her 3 kids and even Maryssa could be teen parents cuz that’s the only life they know (and she got rich for it!) and she prob won’t teach them anything about protection and so on. Maybe Jace won’t be but others unfortunately I have no hope they won’t go the same path. 32 and Grandma!

  34. That’s your official post with your son? Saying negative comments about HIS family members as well? He does not have the same hatred for his grandma as you do Jenelle, don’t put that on him. Shield him from that negativity, don’t place it on top of his shoulders. My god. This selfish, entitled child has 3 children of her own (now 4 with the official Mr. Lurch) and she speaks this way. God help these poor kids. I hope she’s saving money for their future.

    1. She can’t, for the life of her, understand that it’s the courts who officially decide who has custody of jace. Such a great pic of Barbara enjoying her day. I’m glad she has some good friends.

      1. She agreed to the terms of their arrangement in mediation! Why didn’t she just refuse mediation and insist on a trial since she thinks she’s right?

        1. Because then she couldn’t whine about how Barb stole Jace from her. She knew d@mn well that no judge was going to give her full custody of that little boy. If she went to trial, it would be on record that the judge thinks she’s a POS and she couldn’t pretend to be mom of the year in Instagram.

          1. But she seemed so confident that she could win with her video of Barb having a sip of wine, followed by their parking lot ambush ?

    2. 5! Lurch had a son he’s not allowed to see, because he pushed the son’s mom out of a moving vehicle while she was pregnant. But that’s not a red flag or anything.

  35. Jenelle basically tried to use her wedding as a way to guilt Barbara into giving her Jace back. She’s the actual worst.

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