Caught On Tape: Watch David Eason Discuss Jenelle Evans Calling Off Their Wedding During Explosive Fight

“Oh, you guys heard that? Um… we were practicing for a play. Yeah, that’s it. We are very active in community theater!”

On Friday, Radar Online and The Ashley reported that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans (temporarily) called off her wedding to soulmate David Eason, less than 24 hours before she was due to walk down the aisle. As The Ashley told you, Jenelle was filming the day before the wedding, but kicked the ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew and producers off The Land after lunch, after telling people that the wedding was off.

While some ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans found it unbelievable that Jenelle called off the wedding the day before getting hitched– they now have video proof that it happened!

As The Ashley told you on Friday, Jenelle and David had been arguing all morning, but things came to a head when Jenelle found out David had sold a wedding exclusive to a tabloid without her knowledge.

Radar Online has just posted a video shot on Friday night, when Jenelle and David’s fight was in full swing. In the video, David can be heard discussing Jenelle calling off their wedding, and both are heard fighting about wedding prep. (As The Ashley told you, The Land was in disarray on Friday night, with very little set up for the ceremony and reception on Saturday.)

“It is legit madness right now!” The Ashley’s source, who was on The Land during some of the fight, told her on Friday night. (The Ashley heard that the fighting was so bad that producers offered to put Jenelle up in a hotel room for the night, but she declined.)

At one point in the video, David and Jenelle are heard screaming about the placement of the vendors on The Land, and David scolds Jenelle for not helping him with the set-up.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have been in the bathtub…You should’ve been out here!” he yells at her, later adding, “Instead of saying that the f**king wedding is over, you should have been out here doing something!”

Earlier that night, David had given Radar an interview about the Chaos on The Land, telling the site, “When I’m out here working constantly, every f***ing minute of the day, she’s sitting around. This place looks different every day. It’s all because of me. These people wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for me.”

Jenelle and David eventually put their differences aside to get married on Saturday, declaring their everlasting love in front of friends, David’s family and an MTV crew. (As The Ashley told you, Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, wasn’t invited to the festivities and spent the day doing her own thing.)

Watch the explosive fight unfold in the video posted below. (Remember, this is just a very small piece of what went down on Friday night. They had been fighting for hours before this was shot.)

(Photo: MTV)


  1. OMG I was seriously scared of him just watching the video. If this is how they behave with people around can you imagine what goes on in private ? Someone please protect those kids from this. I see things ending badly

    1. OMG I was seriously scared of him just watching the video. If this is how they behave with people around can you imagine what goes on in private ? Someone please protect those kids from this. I see things ending badly

  2. It’s easier to “pretend” you are happy then to call it quits and go through the heartache. But, can’t say I feel bad for her… She makes piss poor decisions and tries to act like a grown adult. She has the mental capacity and attitude of a hormonal, moody 13y.o. She’s stupid and those poor kids are going to be just like her because monkey see, monkey do. That, I feel bad for. Dysfunction breeds and grooms Dysfunction.

  3. It really irritates me how she is now always saying Barb “took Jace from her” BISH you forget you GAVE him to her???

    1. It drives me crazy to hear her whine about how neither her mom or dad was at her wedding. Hello, you didn’t invite them. And the stupid people around her that placate her lies is just nuts to me. The producers of the show are almost as stupid as Janelle is. They listen to her complain and are like ‘oh that’s awful’ instead of being like ‘well Janelle, you do realize that the court decided you were not capable of raising jace, don’t you?’

  4. These idiots need Jesus. I hope they’re saving those tabloid payments for the extensive therapy those kids are going to need.

    I give it a year, tops.

  5. Jenelle wants to be married to ANYONE. All of the (many, many) times she was engaged or married. Lurch is just after her money. And, I don’t know why taking Jace on vacation makes her a better parent. The problem is. Barbara has raised him, taken care of him when he was sick, she pays the bills! Of course, Jace wa tas to go on vacation, what kid doesn’t?

      1. Oh I know. He had so much fun on that vacation, I wish she was like that w him all the time. Poor thing. He knows more then anything it won’t last, though.

  6. s this what she’s ranting on Snapchat about? Walking theu the woods and shit? When they get divorced.. (cuz they will, it’s inevitable) even tho it’s her money who bought all ‘the land/house’ I bet he fights her to the bitter end cuz he ‘did all the work’ on it… and who knows he may win

    1. This is what’s going to happen
      1. Get a man of the month
      2. We don’t argue
      3. Have a baby with man of the month
      4. Arguments,fights,cussing, police calls
      5. Man of the month abuses me
      6. Court for one or both for domestic violence
      7. Break up
      8. Court for child custody
      Then it starts from 1 again

  7. Sorry caution don’t look if you don’t bad words. You stupid “b” the video was on your deck and on your house. It wasn’t outside. Your friends already put your pics online. Why are you putting your kids in adult things. Dumbass they should know nothing of that so called photographer on your land. Stupid “b” don’t put your kids in adult situations. Stop the yelling and cussing in front of them. You are f-ing your kids up.

  8. He sounds drunk as hell. This is what their lives are really like when MTV isn’t there. They aren’t going to last 6 months at this rate!

    1. MTV probably has lots of tapes of them fighting but just doesn’t show it for some reason. I can not get over them not airing janelle getting drug tested after she gave birth. And her baby testing positive for pot. I’m not one of those people that agree when people say she should be kicked off or the show cancelled, bc abuse will happen w cameras there or not. And at least if the cameras are there, then proof exists. That being said I just don’t know why they would protect her to that extent. Just imagine what they have filmed and kept hidden. The abuse and drug omg.

  9. I couldn’t even understand what they were saying in the video (Partial hearing impaired), what were they saying…?

  10. Pray for those babies, that’s all I can say. There’s no worse feeling than being terrified of your stepfather, and knowing in your soul that your mother won’t protect you. God Bless Barb, and Nathan’s parents. Kaiser is the one that I fear for the most right now. I hope Doris can get Kaiser out of there.

    1. IIRC, the fighting issue is only specified between Jenelle & David vs. Barb & vice versa. I think sadly Jenelle & UTB can lose their shit all day around Jace.

    2. Exactly. I thought technically, she’s not allowed to drink when she has him either. What’d she drink during her wedding? Juice? Pfft.

  11. That clip was like the beginning of those found footage horror films. Poor Jace. No wonder he doesn’t want to be there. That shit was scary.

    1. So funny. She’s mad right now that people took pics and filmed. Saying she had a stalker that tried to ruin her wedding. I mean she needs to address David about this. He’s the one that started talking to tabloids behind her back selling stories. She acts like no drama happened. And what person that is on a reality show is surprised that things get filmed. Derrr.

  12. Jace, Kaiser, Maryssa, and Ensley were all on THE LAND when this was going down. That’s heartbreaking. Those poor kids are probably used to this by now which is even more heartbreaking.

    1. Yep. Maryssa and Jace don’t even flinch when they scream and swear like that – even if they’re in an enclosed small space like the car. It’s so incredibly sad.

    2. Who was watching them when Jenelle drove away? She came back hours later.
      Kaiser was outside unsupervised when she left.

      1. Well, Jenelle doesn’t watch him anyways so I guess her leaving didn’t make much of a difference to poor Kai…

        I hope Doris can use this footage.

  13. Why the hell couldn’t she hire at least ONE person to assist, she is such a moron trying to skimp on her white trash wedding.

    Hell I am sure she could have hired one of those producers (who are stuck up her ass) to help out so it wasn’t so trashy.

  14. Jenelle is saying someone recorded them in the woods. One was on her deck the other was in her house. Jenelle is delusional.

    1. Anxiety, cold feet? Ok if that’s what you call it. Hope Doris brings it to court. Let’s see what the judge says.

  15. This is why I can’t harp on Creepy Uncle Dave too much because people always call him out “oh he’s verbally abusive and mean to her kids” yeah? Well so is she. They’re a perfect match. They’ll just kill each other and all the kids will be better off. Just like a Disney movie.

        1. Lol! Cooks? I bet he kills squirrels and swamp rats and cooks that kinda stuff, served with a side of swamp roots ?

          1. And Jenelle would eat it up happily because she likes whatever her man meat of the month likes.

  16. Jenelle is immature. However, while it’s likely MTV will show footage of this argument if they caught it, whoever filmed this and sold it, is a terrible friend. It’s not surprising. Immature people generally attract other immature people.

      1. I thought it was tori that recorded and sold that fight they had. That was my guess too. It was odd she was there bc I haven’t seen her on the last couple of seasons. Usually when people get beat up by Janelle they don’t come around again.

  17. I hope they have a lot of money saved up for their kids therapy. David sounds terrifying when he screams, and Jenelle is just egging him on…no wonder why Jace doesn’t want to be around them.

  18. Have there been any pictures with Ensley in them? One of K walking barefoot down the isle, and get with Jace saying he’s all that matters…we all know that K & E are second class citizens in their house, but wait, not even any family photos?! Marisa?! Doesn’t David have another child too?!

    1. There was a photo of jace kaiser and maryssa walking down the isle when all was done and I saw one of Jenelle and ensley sitting in bed, I shit you not

  19. The video that plays after is the one where she is telling Nathan’s brother she hopes he does in combat, and then she taunts him about his best friend dying. How someone hasn’t already taken her head off is beyond me.

    1. Someday, she’ll mouth off like that to the wrong person. Whoever it is, I hope that video is played in their defense.

    2. Jenelle married into the right family. All of them are bat shit crazy. ? Remember David found out about Jenelle while he was in jail with Courtland.

      1. I’m just saying all of them know not to be around Jenelle by now. Who would stay after all that mess? I would’ve left in a hurry. How about the kids having to put up with all that crazy? Still no fence.

    3. I don’t understand how saying someone should take her head off is much different than what she said? Both statements seem unnecessarily cruel, and are wishing harm on others. Like you don’t have to like what she said (who would?) but you don’t have to mirror it either.

          1. That’s what Jenelle does. She brings out the worst in people. Everyone would kill someone at some point in life because everyone has a line that you don’t cross. That’s normal. Exspecially when it comes to your child.

      1. Sorry if I offended your delicate sensibilities. I’m off to go fat shame, slut shame, and shamer shame with the other cruel assholes elsewhere on the interwebs??

    4. I actually came down to ask wtf that video was because it autoplayed after the one in the article and it was some horrific evil words coming out of her mouth. How have I never heard about this before? Why wasn’t this bigger news? Saying you hope someone gets killed in combat? Seriously? What an evil evil creature she is.

  20. Look I get this is a reality show. I get that every LC needs an exaggerated Spencer Pratt to make her watchable hence Chelsea has been talking about Adam forever when she already moved on. I get that’s why they edit the crap out of Aubree because there’s a reason a “happy ending” is usually the ending as the drama quota is done and there’s a lot less to watch with normal. And I don’t mind if these overpaid loons harp on about whatever as if the world is ending, make up adoptions they are never going through with or have one 3 minute conversation over a 20 minute segment – I choose to watch so it’s my own fault if it makes me want to hurt myself. But there are kids in this show, kids who are old enough to read things, kids who have friends old enough to read things and kids who are too little to speak up for themselves. And this is not stage-villain-Pratt behavior for a TV show about rich kids it is adults screaming at little children and neglecting them and leaving them with no safe place. And much as it is funny watching Jenelle lose it all over the place and lock herself in bathrooms over furniture getting moved too slowly – it’s not funny when she is totally incapable of looking after her kids and they are suffering. And even if she was deliberately hyping it for the show to be “dramastic” – which I really don’t think she is – these kids are still being ignored and hollered at and allowed to wander off or dumped in a cot for very normal toddler behavior. What sort of self-centred disturbed individual lets this stuff become part of who her kids are? Who thinks blending a family when this goes down the night before the wedding is a great environment to grow up in? I. Can’t. Even.

  21. Please don’t believe your lying ears, dudes.

    That’s definitely Jenelle and Uncle Sasquatch rehearsing on the eve of their wedding for a North Carolina community theater version of “Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.”

    And pay no mind to Uncle Sasquatch. He didn’t really want to rip out a piece of lace-edged burlap at that moment with his bare hands and strangle her ass with it. Honest.

    He was just a tad on edge because the Olive Garden breadsticks showed up a little later than expected. That’s all. They never fight. And it’s all good.

  22. Jenelle acting like she’s the queen and once you disagree or don’t treat her like a queen all hell is gonna break loose. The only thing Jenelle does good is to take happy family pictures. Seems to me David’s family is as crazy as Jenelle. That’s why Jenelle doesn’t get along with Barbara. Barbara doesn’t kiss her ass.

  23. I can recall seeing Farrah, Catelynn, Maci, Kailyn, & Chelsea all do therapy on-camera. Leah & Amber both successfully completed rehab programs. I don’t remember Jenelle ever trying to improve herself and her glaring communications issues with any soulmate or with her Mom. She did go to rehab “for weed” and became a heroin addict thereafter, so I wouldn’t call that an introspective success. This girl needs to spend some serious time with herself to figure out why she can’t get along with anyone. Too old and too many kids to not have personal accountability.

    1. My husband is a therapist, used to be the head of an in-patient psychiatric hospital, and is currently an executive with an outpatient program for adults with serious mental illnesses. I’ve learned a fair bit from him, and here’s my crack at it.

      I truly, truly believe Jenelle has Borderline Personality Disorder. They thrive on creating chaos and emotionally manipulating people.

      Here is the criteria for BPD from the Diagnistic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. This is the book psychiatrists & psychologists use to diagnose. Brace yourselves, it’s long, but stick with it.

      A pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects, and marked impulsivity beginning by early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts, as indicated by five (or more) of the following:

      1. Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment.

      2. A pattern of unstable and intense interpersonal relationships characterized by alternating between extremes of idealization and devaluation

      3. Identity disturbance: markedly and persistently unstable self image or sense of self

      4. Impulsivity in at least two areas that are potentially self-damaging (e.g., excessive spending, substances of abuse, sex, reckless driving, binge eating).

      5. Recurrent suicidal behavior, gestures, or threats, or self-mutilating behavior

      6. Affective instability due to a marked reactivity of mood (e.g. intense episodic dysohoria, irritability, or anxiety usually lasting a few hours and only rarely more than a few days).

      7. Chronic feelings of emptiness

      8. Inappropriate, intense anger or difficulty controlling anger (e.g. frequent displays of temper tantrums, constant anger and reoccurring fights).

      9. Transient, stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms

      A personality disorder is NOT a mental illness. Mental illnesses are generally very treatable. Sociopathy & psychopathy fall under personality disorders, as does narcissism and BPD. There is no hope for a psychopath or a sociopath to be ‘cured,’ and very, very little hope for narcissism and BPD. Part of the huge problem is that they don’t see themselves as being sick, so to speak, or having a problem. It’s the WORLD that’s flawed, not them. If everyone could just do what they want all the time, they’d be satisfied. Sound like Jenelle?

      The only kind of therapy that’s shown to be somewhat effective is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. For lack of a better way of saying it, it’s a primer course on how to act like a human being. These are actual examples: how to make a request of another person, how to accept no for an answer to your request, how to refuse a request, etc.

      No joke. And it requires unbelievably intensive therapy, multiple times a week in both individual and group sessions.

      All that being said, can anyone EVER see Jenelle doing something like that? She will never improve or change. I feel awful, absolutely heartbroken for those kids.

        1. He thinks he’s a wildly unqualified hack with an enormous ego and an inability to admit he’s wrong! Yes, he’s a psychiatrist & an addiction medicine specialist, but that just means he went to med school to be able to prescribe drugs to people with mental illnesses and people struggling with addiction. He is in no way qualified to be counseling these girls on anything. It’s akin to a heart surgeon up on that stage telling Chelsea to be nicer to Adam. It’s infuriating that MTV keeps him around!

  24. They are just terrible, terrible people. I hate MTV for keeping her on the show. I hate them even more for covering up the investigation on her. Fuck MTV.

  25. Oh my god dude here’s a new drinking game… every time Jenelle gets called out for doing something and she tries to deny by saying “what are you talking” about?! Well all take a drink! Hahahaha

    1. Yes! She says that ALL THE TIME and I always assumed it was bc she knew she was being filmed and was lying for the camera, but looks like she does it in “real life” too. Does she think she can get someone to agree to an alternate reality where she didn’t do the things they’re saying she did by questioning them and denying everything? Is she trying to manipulate their real memory of what’s actually happened? Or has this just become a habit from filming? She’s exhausting.

  26. Sad that their friends and family sold this to make money. Troubling that this is how they act with lot of money coming in. What kind of fights would they have if they actually had normal life stressors like 2 jobs that don’t pay a ton and only 2 weeks vacation every year. Can’t forget also having to actually take care of all their kids without family help or being able to pay someone to watch them. Every week they will each threaten divorce or to call the cops until it actually happens.

    1. Amen to that. Probably the reason why David doesn’t even have visitation rights to see his son is because he was an even worse monster when he had the stress of a job and less money. David is a felon so it’s probably not too easy for him to land welding jobs.

      Obviously Jenelle would be in prison or at least on parole if she didn’t have the money to pay Dustin all of the times she was in trouble. And even if she weren’t currently in jail she would have a felony conviction of some sort by now so there’s no way she could even obtain a decent paying job. And she wouldn’t have custody of any of her kids. She’s just a bad seed. I’m totally on Team Babs, but I bet she made a ton of parenting mistakes that didn’t help Jenelle.

    1. No kidding. The new season was filmed months ago and he’s still doing th same things to the yard today. How did they think they could get all this done with out help. Janelle didn’t care. She was so excited to get one over on her mom by throwing the wedding on her weekend w jace that she planned nothing.

  27. See, this is how they actually fight when cameras aren’t around. F bombs left and right, screaming, it’s no wonder Jace is scared of David…

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