EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham’s Father Michael is Engaged! Get Proposal Details

“We’re gettin’ hitched!”

Another Teen Mom franchise star is preparing to say “I do!”

The Ashley can confirm that Michael Abraham is officially engaged to be married to his longtime girlfriend, Amy. Michael, who is the father of Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham, proposed while he and Amy were on vacation in Italy with Farrah, her daughter Sophia and his ex-wife, Debra Danielsen.

The proposal took place on Thursday, while he and Amy visited the island of Capri. The Italy trip was filmed for ‘Teen Mom OG,’ but it’s unknown if the proposal was caught on camera.

“I’m the most blessed man and so thankful to God for my fiancée, Amy!” Michael told The Ashley in a statement. “We have been together going on three years and we share an enormous love of our families and life!”

Amy has been featured on several seasons of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ and she gets along well with Farrah.

Debra wished the couple the best.

“I am very happy for them and wish them a blessed and long marriage,” she told The Ashley. “It was good that we were together as a family, so Sophia can feel happy as a blended family.”

Farrah has not commented publicly on her father’s engagement.

Michael joins a long string of ‘Teen Mom’ stars with upcoming weddings. Last weekend, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans tied the knot, and Chelsea Houska is scheduled to have her first anniversary/wedding reception in October. Michael’s ex Debra will marry Dr. David Merz in November. Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer are also planning a wedding celebration for November.


Michael has not yet revealed when he and Amy will tie the knot.

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  1. Farrah shd be taken off TM. She can work at Fro pro, whatever the hell it’s called. AND of course her trashy porn career. Vile, embarrassing, nasty fake TRASH!

  2. Yeah, his enormous love for his family was made pretty clear on Twitter when Farrah released her latest escapades.

  3. Chelsey, Ryan and Micheal don’t matter. All just trash wanting money.
    If my dad..he died..would ever see me making money of sex he would have a talk with me. Not promote me.

  4. If my boyfriend had luggage like Farrah, Debz OG and Princess Moanoke, the Feral grandchild I would not say yes to the dress.

  5. Michael getting married….Yawn.
    As for Ryan and his pathetic, desperate partner, why would she stay with him after the cheating/tinder fiasco? Sad.

    1. Oooh yeah – can we get an update on the whole Rhine/ Mac situation? The Food City Floozy story was probably the highlight of my summer!

  6. Michael is very wise. He proposed to a sweet, normal looking woman. He will be so happy with her after all he has been through. I wish him the best of everything!

  7. LOL, to me it looks like “Debz, you are getting married so I’m getting married too, Amy, marry me!” and he got on one knee. I guess he doesn’t want to be unmarried now and it’s another slap in the face for Farrah who lbr, will never marry unless she changes her attitude.

  8. Is Dr David also included in their trip?

    All partners are there, Michael’s, Farrah’s so where is David?
    Maybe Simon and David are both not allowed on the pictures?

      1. I don’t think the original comment was meant to say there’s something wrong with not being married. I think it has more to do with the fact Farrah badly wants to marry, which is why we’ve seen her push men to propose to her in just a matter of weeks (at least 2 guys, if I remember correctly, including Simon). The fact Farrah wants it so badly and pushes that so hard yet hasn’t found anyone, is what’s telling, I think. At least that’s how I read the original comment.

  9. Gets along well probably means she compliments Farrah and stays out of her way. Is also a free babysitter.

    I bet her family is thrilled to be linked to Farrah and her nutty family.

  10. Wait, she’s been featured for several seasons on Teen Mom OG? Where have I been? I don’t remember her ever on the show……?

  11. lol Mackenzie and Ryan are planning a shindig? Just shows how stupid she is….husband hooking up with random from tinder or wherever and instead of divorcing him she has another ceremony

    Oh and congrats Michael…his fiancé doesn’t seem too much like a fame whore, unlike Debs creepy hoop earring wearing finance.

  12. Honestly if sophia wasn’t here it would be best this family just all went their separate ways. This family and jenelles family need to be cast aways somewhere. So stressful, can you imagine holidays with these people ?

    1. Honestly, even with Sophia I would say it’s best to go their separate ways. My parents divorced and were quite nasty to one another, and the moments like my graduation were the ones I feared the most: the awkwardness of them being close to one another, not talking yet not making a scene, but so incredibly tense. I literally ended my graduation day at school as fast as I could to get them all out of there. I can’t imagine Sophia (when she’s older) to prefer such tension in her family just for the sake of them being together.

  13. Kinda feel bad for Farrah, who has repeatedly expressed a desperate need to get married. As if she doesn’t have enough issues, she now has to deal with the fact that both her parents are now due to get married and she remains “Single AF”.
    I wonder what she’ll do next in response to this announcement.

    1. I was thinking that myself.
      She’s the only girl out of TM/TM2 still single or never been married. I mean bless her heart for not being married multiple times or having multi-baby daddy syndrome.
      I think it’s karma for being such a nasty person to everyone.

    2. If she would treat others with respect and be a genuinely nice human being – she would be able to find a man. As long as she keeps up her nasty attitude-she never will find a man to put up with her! She’s mean and all about herself. Makes her a very ugly person.

  14. Did I read this correctly – Debz OG was present for her ex-husband’s proposal to his girlfriend?! Jesus god Leah that family is warped. And Farrah won’t attend her mom’s wedding but they still go on vacay together?! At least Jenelle’s dramastics are easier to follow and plain old trashy. Farrah’s family is so strange.

  15. Oh, my gosh! She gets along with Farrah? Probably because she either doesn’t want to piss Farrah off, OR more likely, she’s wackadoodle.

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