EXCLUSIVE! More ‘Teen Mom 2’ Coming Our Way: MTV to Extend Season 8 to Include “B” Season

“So I guess we’re not going anywhere, guys, no matter how many dramatic posts we put on Instagram about quitting…”

The girls of Teen Mom 2 are rumored to be itching to leave the show that made them famous, but The Ashley can exclusively report that the show’s stars– Jenelle EvansKail LowryChelsea HouskaBriana DeJesus and Leah Messer— aren’t going anywhere for a long time!

The Ashley can reveal that MTV has exercised its option to extend the girls’ Season 8 contracts to include a “B” season! This means that there will be plenty more episodes of ‘Teen Mom 2’ in the future. From what The Ashley’s sources are telling her, some of the members of the show’s cast have not even been informed of this fact yet!

“The girls signed on to Season 8 knowing that the network has the opportunity to extend the season and basically do a whole other season of episodes under the Season 8 contract,” one source tells The Ashley. “MTV has done this for several of the previous seasons.”

While the current season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ is causing a lot of controversy (more on that later), that controversy is certainly not slowing production down. While The Ashley’s sources tell her that Season 8B does not yet have an episode count, Season 8A will be the longest in the show’s history at a whopping 18 episodes, not counting the Reunion and “Unseen Moments” episodes!

“Some of the cast members are already filming for Season 8B, even if they don’t know it yet,” one crew member tells The Ashley.

What does that mean for the cast? From what The Ashley has been told (and she can not 100 percent verify this), the girls will get additional income for the season, but not a full salary amount. The contract terms are re-negotiated (as are salaries) before each new season.

Last night, Jenelle declared in an Instagram rant that she was “probably done” with the show after this season of ‘Teen Mom 2’; however, the season has a long way to go now before it is completed.

One source tells The Ashley that Jenelle is aware that Season 8 has been extended but, “she doesn’t care. She’s refusing to film.”

(The Ashley’s production sources tell her that Jenelle legally can’t do that, as it’s a breach of contract.)

Anyway, The Ashley does not have an air date for Season 8B yet, as MTV has not even come up with that yet. From what The Ashley hears, though, there will be a season of Teen Mom OG in between ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8 and Season 8B.

Stay tuned, The Ashley will have more details soon!

(Photo: MTV)


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  1. Wow Kail, way to take up so much of the couch. Maybe Dr. Miami sculpted the cushions so things just look disproportional 😉

  2. Jenelle won’t quit! She probably has fake social. Edna acts and is sitting back in all her glory and reading the comments! She can’t do without all the money. The only one I think could, is chelsea and Cole. I think papa Randy has made sure she has saved for the future.

  3. Brianas family is like a record skipping on a part that says “Diapers and wipes” then on a part that says “What the fuck is wrong with this guy?”
    Briana did a magnificent job of following in her mother’s foot steps. Now her kids will be exactly the same.

  4. Janelle can leave, it’s a civil matter not a criminal one, she can get a lawyer and settle with MTV, threaten to spill the beans on the show, like it’s fake and scripted if they pursue her so she can leave and not film if she wanted to, but like others have said, she has no income and she would be homeless if she left. I would like to see everyone that bashes these women on here go to Twitter and tell it to Morgan J. Freeman, especially about the abuse of Kaiser, I think it’s just disgraceful that it’s allowed, and MTV exploits the abuse. Really none of these people are interesting or entertaining in any way, it’s pure exploitation. That’s why they brought on the other girl, with the four the ratings were starting to fail. I don’t think this show will be on in 2 years even. But I would strongly urge every one to blast Freeman with questions about why he allows the abuse to go on, and gives Evans a job, when she is a toxic parent doing such harm to her future felons she’s raising, Jace will be a product of the system just like his mother, and it’s not his fault it’s the fact that he was dealt a horrible set of cards, Barbara is also disgraceful and shouldn’t have custody of him either. Please everyone go on Twitter and ask Morgan about these issues!

  5. What’s with the fascination with St. Thomas? Are there travel deals there for teen moms? I don’t get it. There are so many other places in the world to visit….

    1. Yes great deals. If you show your I D and prove that you are under 18 and a birth certificate that you have at least 2 children with different fathers you can go to St. Thomas for free. They even provide a nanny so teen moms can spend time finding next baby daddy

  6. Oh gosh, it will never end, will it?! I feel so bad for Teen Mom 2 kids the most, they have cameras in their face for their whole life so I’m sure if it ever gets cancelled when they grow older (which lbr, won’t happen in a couple of years), they will try to get a spin-off or sth. Teen Mom OG kids are affected too but they HAD a break for 4 years, some of them will be 10 next year (like Bentley and Leah) so they are old enough to realize always being on TV is not a way to go.

    But yeah, I hate that Jenelle will still be making money for abusing her kids, she will prob make them pay her up like they did for the wedding to keep her on the show. She is their main “star” unfortunately.

  7. @the Ashley: did MTV ever take any legal action against Adam, as he did not fulfill his legal obligations towards MTV?
    When they did not, the road is now wide open to others to refuse to film.

    1. @Trash– the boys have different kinds of contracts than the girls do. So it’s kind of complicated. But he never signed on for Season 8, that’s the difference. So he hasnt violated a contract because he never signed one! -The Ashley

  8. Hey MTV, how about kicking that twat-waffle, Jenelle, to “the land” of the unemployed? Why do you fools put up with all the disrespect from her? If she is on your payroll, you guys are her BOSSES! If I talked to my boss like she talks to you, I would have been in the soup line years ago! Aside from that, her and that spotted Sasquatch she married are LOUSY parents! They live in the woods so with any luck those kids will be raised by the wolves in their backyard! It is disgusting to see how neglected poor little Kaiser is…and that happens while there are CAMERAS there filming there! I can’t even imagine what goes on when they are alone!

    1. go on twitter and ask Morgan J. Freeman that question, Ashley doesn’t produce the show he does, ask him the question, everyone should start blasting him on Twitter.

  9. Cause Jenelle was running her dumb bitch mouth, well guess what damaged you caused yourself.

    1. You STILL have to film
    2. You are getting LESS money
    3. Vile MTV just OWNED you
    4. Your co-stars resent you – except Brianna she is probably happy to be included.

    But seriously DUDE, you not only affected your income but also your coworkers, Jenelle is such a crybaby loser.

  10. Does Jenelle threaten to quit because she doesn’t want to be filmed doing terrible things? Maybe she should stop doing terrible things, that would solve the problem.

    1. Dude, but can’t you see how much she’s changed, dude? She’s like the perfect mom, now, dude.

    2. But…but…but it’s all editing! She’s not a terrible human being with a personality disorder, she’s mother of the year and evil MTV just likes to make her look bad!

      Seriously though, Jenelle is approaching epic-levels of stupidity if she doesn’t realize that quitting Teen Mom would obliterate her lifestyle. I’m sure she’d get the odd opportunity here and there… ooh, a conspiracy theory just occured to me! It’s surprising that she and Lurch don’t do all those crappy VH1 reality shows, no? Free vacation plus tens of thousands of dollars…unless she and UBT are doing drugs so much that they realize being in an enclosed house (like in Marriage Boot Camp) would be an impossibility!!!

      Okay, back to my original point. She may get a few jobs here and there, like that absolutely mental labor-breathing apparatus thingie, but it will in no way come close to what she makes now. She has no marketable skills, and she doesn’t seem to realize that. Plus there is NO WAY she saved or invested any of that money. Drugs, vacations, and Kesha-inspired hair feathers are expensive, y’all!

      I, for one, can’t wait to watch her crash and burn. I try to be compassionate to others, but the way Jenelle treats her children is unacceptable and unforgivable.

      1. Janelle has no marketable skills?! Ahem, Dr Evans is capable of saving lives because of the medical assistant program she completed from a diploma mill, dude. Pay no attention to the fact that no medical practice would hire a “recovered” addict. Hmm, my mother-in-law is a physician in Janelle’s area of NC. I better give her the head’s up not to hire Janelle should the MTV gravy train end. I can’t imagine Janelle impressing potential employers during interviews, though.

        Janell has made it clear that’s superior to working the Wal-Mart deli which is way beneath her.

  11. Please take the show off. It’s not entertaining anymore. You are ruining the kids lives. All mtv is $$$$$$$. Jenelle would have overdosed by now or in prison if it weren’t for mtv.

    1. As terrible as it is you’re right. Nate and David wouldn’t have given jenelle the time of day because she would still be as frumpy and broke as she was a couple of years ago. This whole thing is going to blow up in each of the girls faces. It’s going to hit Jenelle the hardest because she likes to go on vacation doesn’t work and all she does is fight with everybody she’s no longer going to be able to afford her lawyers and more than likely is going to end up in jail I give maybe a year or two after the show is done

  12. If they want to go let them go it’s like we’re honestly just waiting for the kids to join AARP and someone told Breonna to bring so much drama that it’s not even worth watching Jenelle can’t go anywhere because where else is she getting her money from I know that she has a certificate but she also has a record making it 10 times harder to get a job in the medical field she should probably just be counting her blessings as long as she has them

  13. I would totally support not further building up the egos of these uneducated, criminally insane, tattooed junkies.

  14. But how controlling is David.
    I mean come on.
    He would not even let Jenelle admit that they were fighting.
    He’s insane.

    Also. Grab kaiser like that again David & I’m gonna lose my cool.

  15. Wow I can’t believe MTV is allowing Kaiser to be abused! Jenelle and David are drug addict abusers! I hope CPS takes away all of their children! #savekaiser
    Maybe Kailyn or Chelsea or even Leah will adopt Kaiser…

  16. Jenelle is always threatening to leave….shes too dumb to realize that we all know she’s one of the biggest narcissists on the planet that thrives off of attention and is always screaming and making empty threats…MTV and everyone else knows that at the end of the day she’s not going anywhere on her own…she has too many felonies to get a commendable job that’ll pay what she makes on the show and through endorsements.

  17. I’m so sick of Jenelle’s entitlement, and Kail’s, too. Let’s face it, these “teen moms” are going to still be doing this show when they hit fifty. They’re overpaid, self-absorbed trash.

    1. I’m just now watching last week’s episode and Kail was all “I want to be in TV but it’s so unfair that I have to start at the bottom because I’ve been doing Teen Mom for 8 years” blah blah blah – oddly there’s not a big market for TV “personalities” that can pop out kids with different men. Sorry, kiddo. Time to put on your big girl pants and get a real job.

      1. Agreed. Working in TV production requires knowledge, talent, and responsibility. Being filmed just living her life with three baby daddies and an anger problem doesn’t qualify her for anything. She does nothing. She’s not entitled to anything.

      2. I was so shocked she made a comment like that… One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other If you want a job you have to be willing to work for it this just proves why the show should be canceled because they must be catered to all the time if they think this kind of behavior is OK and or normal you could tell she had made the comment before because she sounded like she was talking so nonchalantly about it… also I find it hard to believe in six years of getting a degree she never once thought it was going to be hard to find a job in Dover in TV production seriously

    2. I do not like how you compared Jenelle and Kailyn. Kailyn does not have a record, does not abuse her children, she has a degree, her house is always clean, her children are well taken care of and behaved, she may have a snobby attitude and treat the men in her life like shit but she is noting like Jenelle. Jenelle is scum that lets the men in her life abuse her children and has children born with drugs in their systems.

      1. Lol at Kail in this last episode talking about how many children’s activities there are in St Thomas. Somehow it took Jenelle 8 trips there with her soulmates to notice the child-friendly atmosphere

  18. This makes me so sick! They get made enormous amounts of money to live their lives on camera- that said – all they do is complain and not film or threaten mtv etc! How hard is it to get paid that much to live your life and not have to get up take your kids to school and or daycare and then work hard ass labor for 8-12+ hours a day for little to no money? Jail would be fine since she got an education but the rest come on… live in the REAL world and see how much you like your minimum wage job! DISGUSTING

  19. MTV sue Jenelle for all she’s got so her and her current soulmate have to get jobs. That loser will be gone quick and she will be force to sell the land and give him half of the cash. So tired of the victim she plays you are pissed because every one can see something is not right over there on the land so you threaten to quit every time. She swears her and David are perfect for each other but normal healthy couples do not fight like that!

    1. The people at MTV are ridiculous. They let their cast members treat them like crap and don’t do anything about it because they are afraid they’ll lose them and won’t have a show anymore. It’s pathetic.

      1. Well why do you this they did this?

        Janelle has been embarrassing the producers more than usual, so they retaliate with “yes, you have to film and you aren’t getting paid normally.”

        It is f****** up they turned a blind eye to how they abuse Kai…

    2. And you knowJenelle wasn’t smart enough to get a pre-nup for this marriage. David will be gone as soon as MTV is gone.

      When will Jenelle learn that she needs MTV more than MTV needs her. I can only imagine how upset Chelsea, Leah, and Kailyn must be to be stuck on the current contact because Jenelle tried to poke the bear and lost.

  20. Jenelle quitting MTV is about as likely as me winning the lottery. She ain’t going no where, she needs to stay on the MTV money train to support that stain she married!

    However, someone on Instagram said they worked at Olive Garden and said that they could get Jenelle a job if she quits MTV.. and also said that she could get a box of Olive Garden food delivered to Kaiser seeing as though Jenelle and Lurch don’t feed him ?

  21. Can we start calling these girls “cast members” instead of stars? 4 out of 5 of them already have overblown egos.

    Just a thought!

  22. The only marginally interesting OG Teen Mom is Amber ( clearly I watch for the train wreck factor!)
    They should just kick off Chelsea and Brianna -?- and bring Amber over to TM2 and forget about OG.
    Janelle, Kail, Amber and Leah (although she has cleaned up pretty well for now) all year long for the trash TV win.

    1. If you’re into train wrecks, you should be all about Briana staying on the show! That family is like a Jerry Springer – Maury Povich mashup ?

      1. Eh-Brianna’s family just sits around the apartment and chases all the men away. They don’t have any drug use, abuse, severe mental illness…
        I think Brianna even has a non-MTV JOB!

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