Javi Marroquin Slams Jenelle Evans & Other ‘Teen Mom’ Girls For Frequently Threatening to Quit the Show

“You’re quitting? Again? Girl, just stop it. We all know you’re not going anywhere…”

Javi Marroquin is tired of hearing the girls of Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG threaten to quit the shows that made them rich and famous– and he held nothing back while discussing the subject in his recent interview with Radar Online! The ‘Teen Mom 2’ dad told the site that the girls should “count their blessings” for getting the opportunities (and massive paychecks!) that the show provides them with!

“I’ve heard [them say] ‘I want to quit’ since we started this,” Javi said. “People need to be humble!”

It’s true that “I’m done!” may be the most frequently used quote on the ‘Teen Mom’ shows. Just in the last three years, Maci BookoutAmber PortwoodFarrah Abraham and Leah Messer have all “resigned” from the shows, only to come right back.

Last week Jenelle Evans took to Instagram to inform her fans that she was “probably” quitting Teen Mom 2, stating that the show’s producers treat her as if she is “in a freak show and in cages.” During her rant, Jenelle claimed that she would only return to ‘Teen Mom 2’ if she felt “respected.”

Her words apparently didn’t sit well with Javi, who lashed out at Jenelle and all of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls who frequently say they’re “quitting” the show.

“I hate when they say that because if you take out the doors that it opens, the money it provides, the house you’re living in, take all of that out and where would you be?” Javi said.

He also called out Jenelle for claiming she got a bad edit during this week’s episode. (As you’ll recall, many ‘Teen Mom 2’ viewers were appalled by how Jenelle and her soulmate David Eason treated Jenelle’s son Kaiser during the episode.)

“You control your story,” he said. “You do what you do on camera. You know you’re being filmed. If you’re going to act that way, own it. I don’t think you can edit whatever is going on that’s happening.

“If I get a bad edit then I deserve it, if I said something stupid or did something stupid [on camera]. We signed up for it. Realize it and change,” Javi said.

When you just got OWNED by Javi Marroquin…

Jenelle has yet to respond to Javi’s comments. She recently disabled her Twitter account and announced she was stepping away from social media to “focus on her family.”

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Focus on the good things focus on the family and those are David’s words not Jenelle’sy
    She would never stay off social media I think David took her phone away
    He is abusive and controlling only bully .

  2. Most people with a four year degree would tell you that they learned the hard way that a degree doesn’t do a whole lot without work experience to back it up. And even then, starting salaries for entry level positions are not very high. Kail, like the rest of her castmates, has no work experience at all since she sits around all day complaining on camera instead of working. Teen Mom doesn’t exactly do anything to help your resume. I think attempting to enter the work force would be harsh reality check for Kail when no one really cares about her sob story.

    1. Right. She thinks a Communications degree is going to get her $90,000 a year straight out the gate. I bet anything she won’t be able to find a job/well paying job with that degree. Ive seen it happen with friends with this degree. She probably won’t even be working in that field. Also, she can’t go around shaking peoples heads in the real world when she gets angry, or filing fake pfa’s. They will sue you, Kail. I promise you that.

      1. My dad has a communications degree and really wanted to be a sports caster or have a radio show. He’s way more personable, funny, educated, and good looking than Kail, and yet he never broke into the industry. He’s worked at an insurance company, as a manager at a foam factory, and at a gas station, but hasn’t ever been able to use his communications degree for TV or radio. Having a bachelors probably helped him to get jobs, and it might help Kail, but I highly doubt she’s going to waltz into a TV personality progression.

      1. Ambitious students who get jobs right out of college work while they are attending school to pay their dues early. A lot of students work a lot of crappy unpaid internships to get there. Kail sat around and made babies while complaining about her baby daddies and made hundreds of thousands of dollars doing it. Not work experience.

      2. No huge accomplishment on her part honestly. Six years to get a communications degree from a second or third tier college ? while pulling down what … $200k+ from MTV.

        I’ll give a little credit, very little.

        Her classmates are mostly local kids paying there own way, maybe living at home, maybe living in dinky little apartments, while Kail eats steaks and jets around to sunny vacation spots and MTV junkets to LA.

        The sh*t is so deep around her, its almost to the top of her head.

  3. I would soooooo much rather watch a Teen Dad show than I would Teen Mom. These girls are worthless except for their ever-quickening wombs.

    1. They did do a “Teen Dad Special” where they got the guys together at Corey’s place. The best part was at the end when Corey remarks that he had to go to work in the morning, and the other dads looked at him like he had sprouted a second head.

      1. I think having the Teen Dad specials would be good – some of those boys are good fathers. I think both Corey, Jo and Cole have done awesome jobs at being fathers to the children and that is something that should be highlighted too. Some of the editing and comments makes it seem like all guys are trash and while a good number are featured on this show, I think it’s fair to highlight the good ones too.

  4. Wow Javi is saying what all of us have been commenting on forever! The girls will never leave without MTV only Kailyn and Chelsea would be okay all the other girls would be in debt and on welfare………..

    1. Kailyn wouldn’t be okay tho. She has a degree yeah but hasn’t done anything with it because she’s already got a sweet ride rn. She gets to make money while sitting around being an evil bitch, why would she do actual work? And you know she takes care of all 3 of her kids “by herself” and is too busy being a “total boss mom” she doesn’t have time for a regular job. Kail wouldn’t survive without MTV, degree or not, point blank period. She’d actually have to start getting along with her baby daddies to get the help she needs instead of tossing them aside because she’s got enough money that she doesn’t need people.

      1. She would unlike Maci she has never owed 80,000 to the IRS. She cleans her house unlike Leah and Chelsea. She has no record unlike Jenelle and Amber. She has a four year degree unlike all of the teen moms. She might be a shitty wife/ girlfriend but she’s a great mom and I highly doubt she would let her children live off the system or go without….The only other girl who won’t be on the system or in debt after teen mom is Chelsea because Cole has a job and her dad.

        1. I meant to post this comment as a reply. Most people with a four year degree would tell you that they learned the hard way that a degree doesn’t do a whole lot without work experience to back it up. And even then, starting salaries for entry level positions are not very high. Kail, like the rest of her castmates, has no work experience at all since she sits around all day complaining on camera instead of working. Teen Mom doesn’t exactly do anything to help your resume. I think attempting to enter the work force would be harsh reality check for Kail when no one really cares about her sob story.

      2. I doubt Kail has spent every dime she’s earned from TM2…They’ve been earning bank for at least a few years now. I’m sure Kail and Chelsea have a safety net. I’m betting Leah doesn’t and Jenelle certainly does not.

        She’s got her books and she could honestly get into the interior decorating thing. She should try to turn her TM2 fame and Communications degree into an HGTV show.

  5. YES JAVI! YES! I agree with him 100%!! These girls act like MTV super imposes their bodies on actors they hired to act a certain way, and use voice dub’s to make it seem like they said something they didn’t say….They control their actions, not MTV….never bite the hand that feeds you!

    Remember Chelsea, Jo and Corey….all were hot messes the 1st few seasons, for various reasons…then they got their acts together, and the rest of the case members get mad that they get a “good edit”…it’s like give me a break…they get a “good edit” because that’s how they act, and that’s what they give MTV…they know better than to act a fool on camera.

  6. I think what javi said was said well it’s always poor janelle and her pity party for how she is on camera then wants it edited to take it out her and David are a joke the way they tried to cover up there big fight before the wedding when it was all on film so she needs to stop whining so javi day it again!!!

    1. Why would they? Do you think Maci would be complaining on Twitter that she wishes MTV would show her drinking more? Or that Leah would like them to acknowledge the drug problem she had instead of calling it “exhaustion”? Or that Catelynn and Tyler want them to show them smoking pot more often?

  7. I think it’s time for teen mom to say goodbye they are not teens anymore they are grown ups they’re in their twenties there are a lot of negative things that have happened in the show like people getting pregnant while they’re married people doing drugs is that what you really want to show time to go bye bye Teen Mom some of you have done really good with your lives some of them just need to take a long look at themselves

  8. The only reason everyone is happy that Javi called her out is because in his statement, he did something most of the Teen Moms rarely do…took responsibility of his own actions and didn’t blame someone else. Kudos to him, he was exactly right with what he said.

  9. You have to love that while dissing Jenelle, he can also throw shade on Kail. Well played Javi, well played, especially coming one of the handful of people on this show with a job.

  10. Javi is correct! Without the show, none of these girls would have the income they have now or the opportunities and for sure none of the kids would have a decent size trust account. It’s funny to me that the one girl that I can’t recall threatening to quit is Chelsea and she has the most dull storyline (meaning she’s no train wreck). Oh and I don’t count Brianna because she’s just happy to be apart of this mess. I have a hard time accepting the bad edit excuse from anyone. I will say that if it’s a sequence of events thing that is in question, then yes I’ll agree that’s MTV can manipulate it to appear a certain way. But let’s be real, how often are fans or viewers up in arms because of how a TM sequenced their events. It’s usually their ACTIONS or WORDS that they are called out on. MTV didn’t photoshop a jar in Jenelle’s hand to make it look like she threw it. They don’t get a voice over to make Leah sound grammatically incorrect. Those things actually happened and are wrong no matter what the time sequence. And I’m sorry, the only way Jenelle will reflect the happy family she believes she has, would be to replace her & David with other people. We could just insert another married couple onto The Land and see how they would deal with Jenelle’s life & kids. I’m sure strangers would treat them better.

    1. Chelsea is a train wreck too per Adam but Chelsea carefully controla her image. Chesleas house looms filthy like worse than Leahs but MTV hides that. They never show a panoramic view inside her home. Cole is about as simple as Lurch but Chelsea controls Cole and Lurch just runs wild. Chelsea is also super lazy but they try not to stress that fact. The difference seems to be Chelseas parents aren’t trashy so they know how to help clean up her image.

      1. Chelsea isnt a trainwreck. After adam yes she went through a bad phase while she was trying to cope with her new life. But she did not spiral into drugs and jail. She got her shit together and matured.

      2. Yep. People try to give Chels a gold star but she’s just as man crazy as she was at 17 with A-dumb. She has done NOTHING. Her daddy did it all, then MTV, and now Cole. And she’s a lazy bum with bad hair and too much makeup.

  11. Yes!!??I think we all agree these girls can’t support this overspending lifestyle without MTV..Him calling them out is exactly what I’ve been thinking for years..What about Amber saying her finally goodbyes on social media?I wish MTV had the balls to just let them go!

  12. How about when Kailyn refuses to film when anything bad is going on with her life. I think if they don’t film they should get some kind of punishment. A cut in pay or something. Javi doesn’t talk about Kailyn. Kailyn picks and chooses what to film. Kailyn is so fake.

    1. He has to share custody with her. He probably agrees but won’t say anything or she may try to get revenge.

      It’s certainly not reality t.v. when they can pick and choose when and where to film.

      Makes it worse that Jenelle chose her film dates and they couldn’t even control themselves for one day. Don’t want to know what happens when they know cameras aren’t around.

      1. Kailyn is petty and definitely would get revenge. I think Kailyn is a FAS Baby. I think her brain is damaged.

        1. never thought of that, BUT I don’t think she has that, she isn’t stupid, she’s a smart girl, but she’s very mentally ill!

    2. If I was Kailyn I wouldn’t film anything bad going on in my life I mean did you see how they covered up Jenelles baby having drugs in her system and the CPS investigation?

  13. Jenelle claimed that she would only return to ‘Teen Mom 2’ if she felt “respected.”

    Sweetheart, if you were respectable, there would be no reason to have you on the show.

  14. Put him in charge! Get rid of mamby pamby kiss their ass and stop at nothing for ratings MJ Freeman. Next one to “quit” should be gone and see all their entitled asses squirm. That would end the bs.

  15. And he’s exactly right. Jenelle hasn’t even acknowledged what’ David did to poor Kaiser. So glad someone called her out.

    1. What did he do to Kaiser? Are you talking about when he grabbed his arm after playing with the camera? I only watch here and there but saw some of last week’s episode.

      1. “…when he grabbed his arm after playing with the camera?” Do you hear yourself?! You think what he did was no big deal? David has NO right to EVER put his hands on Kaiser. That’s not his son. Grabbing a child by the arm for looking (YES LOOKING, he didn’t touch that damn camera at all!) is NOT okay. Not to mention the absolute look of fear Kaiser had when David came charging towards him.

      2. #1. Kaiser wasn’t touching the camera.

        #2. The fear in that little boy’s eyes as that psychopath grabbed him was chilling. Don’t downplay it.

  16. Slayyyy, Javi! You know we’re going to see Jenelle back on Twitter, talking about how she’s been crying all day because nobody respects her. Um, when you do something worthy of respect, like take care of your damn kids, the respect comes naturally.

  17. “If I get a bad edit then I deserve it, if I said something stupid or did something stupid [on camera]. We signed up for it. Realize it and change,”

    FINALLY! Someone that gets it…

    1. Yes, and he has had a bad edit himself,when he was made to look like an insecure control freak. As it turned out, he had good reasons to question Kail.

      1. Yes! If you do not drag your toddler across the lawn it will not be filmed! If Kaiser wasn’t tossed from the Christmas tree when he broke an ornament it wouldnt be filmed!

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