“16 and Pregnant” Season 5 Star Courtney Ames Welcomes Second Child

“It’s a boy!”

The 16 and Pregnant baby boom continues!

Courtney Ames is the latest girl from the MTV series to welcome another child. The Season 5 star– who married her baby-daddy Scott Snody earlier this year– gave birth to a baby boy on October 20! They are already the parents of three-year-old Dayton, who was born during Courtney’s “16 and Pregnant” episode.

“Yesterday we welcomed to our family our bright and shiny newest member,” Courtney’s dad posted on Facebook. “‘Little Man’ (Courtney,Scott and Dayton are spending a few days with him before they decide on his name). He is absolutely beautiful just like the rest of their family. God blessed us immensely and for that we thank Him.”

(It’s rumored that they named the baby Porter, but The Ashley could not confirm that.)

Courtney is best remembered as the girl from Season 5 who swore off sex for religious reasons after becoming pregnant with Dayton. Her abstinence put a strain on her relationship with Scott. After the episode aired, Courtney and Scott separated for a long time, but eventually got back together and married in January.

Courtney has stayed out of the spotlight since her “16 and Pregnant” episode aired, shying away from any sort of social media. She is one of only two girls from her season who is still with her first baby’s father. (Summer Rewis is the other girl, by the way.)

She is not the only “16 and Pregnant” star to have recently gave birth. Season 4’s Lindsey Nicholson had twins earlier this week , and last month Season 3’s Jordan Ward welcomed her third child.

(Photo: MTV)





  1. I noticed when they announced they were married and the baby’s due date it would seem she got pregnant before getting married. It doesn’t matter to me but the way she was then “saving” herself.

  2. I hated her for some reason, she seemed like one of those fake Christians that used her religion only when it convenience her, I truly believe that Dayton was a trap baby so Scott could become a Christian and marry her. It took a break up but she finally got her way, I really feel for Scott and her sons, I was actually hoping Dayton would be her only child, I pray she doesn’t have 10 millions kids like most Christians tend to do, and these two boys are her only kids

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