The Ashley Presents: Top 10 ‘Teen Mom’ Halloween Moments of All Time

The Ashley’s “Microsoft Paint” masterpieces are always good for a scare!

Get ready for the spookiest night of the year! No, Farrah Abraham isn’t releasing another horrifying musical offering; it’s just Halloween!

The Ashley has put together this list of her favorite ‘Teen Mom’ Halloween moments of all time. From cute costumes to terrifyingly awkward moments, get ready to celebrate Halloween, ‘Teen Mom’-style! (Note: This story was originally posted in 2017.)

10. Catelynn comforts a crying Michael Myers (2015)


Catelynn Lowell chose Halloween night to leave for her honeymoon with her husband, Tyler Baltierra. This meant saying goodbye to her little brother, Nick, who was out trick-or-treating at the time. When Nick, dressed as Michael Myers, realizes Cate is leaving, her starts sobbing, and Cate comforts the sobbing serial-killer-costumed boy. The scene makes for a very strange screenshot, if nothing else.

9. Bentley is the cutest purple dinosaur ever (2011) 


This classic ‘Teen Mom’ moment took place all the way back in Season 3. Bentley, then just a toddler, is dressed up as Barney the Dinosaur and is paraded through the neighborhood on Halloween night, on a quest to collect candy (as well as the hearts of every single ‘Teen Mom’ viewer!)

8. Amber turns her baby bump into the Great Pumpkin (2008)


We have to dip into the “16 and Pregnant” archives to grab this Halloween moment! Way back in 2008, Amber performed what seems to be a requirement for all “16 and Pregnant” girls who find themselves knocked up over the Halloween holiday. She painted her large baby belly orange and turned it into a pumpkin. Her daughter, Leah, was born just a few weeks later.

7. Bentley pranks his dad Ryan (2015)


While pumpkin carving, Bentley’s dad, Ryan, was teasing the boy for not wanting to get pumpkin guts all over himself. Bentley decides to get revenge on his dad later that night. With the support of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ crew and his grandma Jen, Bentley sneaks behind Ryan and proceeds to pour a whole bowl of pumpkin guts all over his dad’s head!

6. Lincoln brings the cute…hard. (2014) 


Lincoln, the son of ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Kail Lowry and Javi Marroquin, was less than a year old when he was dressed in what may be the cutest Halloween costume ever (other than Bentley the Dinosaur, of course). His “Where’s Waldo?” costume warmed the hearts of even the coldest ‘Teen Mom’ fans!

5. Debra wears a costume on the wrong day (2015)


Poor Debra must have gotten her dates mixed up! Farrah Abraham’s mom showed up to film in some sort of “1990s teen club-goer” costume. The only problem? It wasn’t Halloween! This is unfortunate, of course, because Debra’s pleather pants (yessss!) and rhinestone-covered, belly-baring halter top were amazing!

4. Jenelle basically goes naked. (Every Halloween until she met David)


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans could always be counted on to bust out a barely-there Halloween costume. From her “SWAT Team” getup in 2011 or her mermaid “costume” from 2015, which was little more than a bathing suit with plastic pearls hanging from it, Jenelle’s costumes were classic.

3. Ryan takes too long getting ready for Halloween & misses everything (2015)


Ryan was supposed to go trick-or-treating with his son, Bentley, but things didn’t exactly work out. Much like The Great Pumpkin, Ryan only rises [from his bed] once a year, but unfortunately, he didn’t get up in time to make it to trick-or-treat. He spent a long time on his “way cool” skeleton costume makeup and ended up missing everything. Ryan kept trying to get validation from his son that his costume was “so cool” but Bentley barely seemed to notice. Ryan then scolded Bentley for not waiting for him to go collect free candy.

2. Farrah dresses up as a Disney character…to promote her sex toy line (2014)


Farrah spent Halloween 2014 hawking her line of sex toys (as you do). For some reason, the “Backdoor Teen Mom” decided that it would be a good idea to dress up as Elsa from the Disney movie “Frozen” in order to promote her vibrators, butt molds and lubes.

1. Farrah stars in a “backdoor” sex tape. (2013)

And you thought the shower scene in "Psycho" was scary!
And you thought the shower scene in “Psycho” was scary!

Watch a few moments of Farrah’s “leaked” p0rn flick if you really want to be spooked this Halloween…ain’t nothing scarier than that! (The Ashley still has to sleep with the lights after watching that infamous “limo” scene!)

Happy Halloween, kids! Don’t be a bitch-of-a-human–don’t drink and drive! If you’re still in need of a costume idea, be sure to click here and here to see some of The Ashley’s reality-TV-inspired costume ideas from previous years.

(Photos: Twitter, MTV)


  1. Halloween is banned where I live, we are on another lock down, not allowed to but clothes, kettles, shoes etc, as they are apparently not a necessity.
    Stores have blocked customers from going anywhere near any of these things, and covid Marshals are at various stores, to make sure no one buys anything that the gov says isn’t allowed, this includes books too.
    Christmas is also cancelled.
    It’s absolutely rediculas and verging on tyranny..
    We have already had over 6 months of our lives taken from us by our Goverment, now we face many more months of Control by useless leaders .
    I hate this my mental Heath is staring to suffer.
    I’m trying to be positive, but as each day passes more and more of our freedoms are being taken

    We all need to rise up and stop the globalists from destroying our lives and economy’s

    1. I’m so sorry. I am in America but trapped in a liberal run state and facing many unconstitutional restrictions on a virus with a 98% survival rate. This is NOT about a virus, this is about control and ushering in a New World Order. Fight for your rights. American patriots will NEVER give up. We are being silenced, censored and smeared but we won’t stop. NOTHING can stop what’s coming. God bless you, hang in there and know that the light will outshine the darkness in the end.

      1. Thanks sassy.
        I can’t believe the down votes on my stating the truth about what is happening where I live.

  2. Jenelle. Such a classy mother. Proving she cares mostly about herself, and then everyone else. Her poor kids.

    1. I can’t recall seeing pictures of her kids dressed up for Halloween but I certainly know that I’ve seen pictures she’s taken and posted of herself in all kinds of slutty fill-in-the-blank costumes over the years.

  3. I’d have to argue Ryan missing Halloween should have been #1. That was the weirdest, most ridiculous scene. I can’t imagine what his life is like… how do you miss Halloween with your son because you’re busy painting your face???

    1. Am I going to hell because my pervert mind read “quadruple barf” as “queef double barf”, because… well, obviously, Farrah

  4. Yeah, this is recycled. Still a fun trip down memory lane though, look at that adorable Barney and perfect little waldo!

  5. Jesus God The Ashley! You almost gave me a heart attack! I thought Jenelle was pregnant again. Thank God it’s just an old post.

  6. “This year, though, Jenelle is very pregnant with her third child, so there’s a chance that she may actually wear clothing this Halloween!”

    Uh…is this a repost from last year or something…?

    1. I was wondering the same thing, since it says Halloween is on a Monday this year. I was like am I looking at my calendar wrong? Isn’t it on Tuesday? Haha.

      Still, a funny post.

      1. It’s okay, you are probably busy with that other article about that creepy thing that happened right before Jenelle signed rubber ducks to throw in the audience when they where filming in LA? 😉 😉 😉
        Not that I’m curious, I just would like to know ;-).

  7. Jenelle looks SO much like Babs in that pic from a few years ago… And Ryan missed Halloween with his son because his dealer was obviously running late that night due to the high volume of addicts that roll thru on All Hallow’s Eve..

    1. People down voting and disagreeing with a comment saying a little kid is cute? Ok then…weird thing to dispute.

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