Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Become Only Duggar Couple to Make it to First Wedding Anniversary Without A Pregnancy Announcement

“Don’t mind us, y’all! We’re just out here enjoying our best life without being covered in spit-up!”

Jinger (Duggar) Vuolo celebrated her first wedding anniversary with husband Jeremy Vuolo on Monday and, while that is a big milestone, the Counting On stars have also accomplished what some Duggar family fans thought was impossible: they have made it a year into their marriage without announcing a pregnancy!

Jinger is the first married Duggar offspring to go a whole year without announcing that she had a blessing on the way.

Her older sister Jill barely made it to her two-month anniversary with husband Derick Dillard before she was with child, and her younger sister Joy-Anna announced that she was expecting only three months into her marriage to Austin Forsyth.

Fans have been wondering for months when a pregnancy announcement would come from Jing and Jer, since the Duggar parents encourage their kids to “be fruitful and multiply” (a lot) after marriage. Even Jinger’s siblings have said they are shocked that she has yet to announce a pregnancy.

So far, though, Jinger has been sporting a flat tummy, spending the year enjoying being married to Jeremy, and attending a bunch of weddings for siblings and friends. They also bought their first house, learned Spanish, and bought Jinge some jeans. (Yes, we’ve seen those Instagram pics of you rocking the skinny jean, Jinger, and we like it!)

Jeremy took to Instagram to praise his bride.

“To say she is the woman of my dreams would not quite capture it seeing as, even in my dreams, I never could have imagined a woman so staggeringly beautiful, genuinely lovable, and sincerely Christ-like as my dear Jinger,” Jeremy gushed in the caption of a photo of him and Jinger holding hands. “This year has been the best of my life. I love you and always will.”

Jinger also gushed about her man on Instagram.

“It’s been one year since the day we said, ‘I do…’ it’s been the best year of my life!” Jinger wrote in the caption of a wedding photo she posted. “Jeremy you have shown me such love that is too amazing for words. Whether we are talking, going on an adventure together, or simply doing everyday life together- I cherish every moment with you. I love how you lead me in the Word and prayer. Your selflessness and sensitivity and care is remarkable. I love absolutely everything about you and couldn’t be more grateful to God for giving me the most incredible husband in the world! I love you, babe!”

For those of you keeping track at home here’s how long it took for each married Duggar kid to welcome their first baby after tying the knot. (The Ashley is not judging them; she is simply posting this for “scientific purposes.”)

Josh and Anna Duggar: Daughter Mackynzie born 1 year, 12 days after their wedding

Jill and Derick Dillard: Son Israel born 9 months, 15 days after their wedding

Jessa and Ben Seewald: Son Sprugeon born 1 year, 4 days after their wedding

Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth: Baby will be born about 10 months after their wedding

Newlyweds Joseph and Kendra Duggar have been married for almost two months and have yet to announce a pregnancy.

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

20 Responses

  1. I am disproportionately thrilled about this!

    Also, I absolutely believe her when she says this has been the best year of her life. She is with a grown up man and not surrounded by children and infants she’s expected to take care of. She doesn’t have to share a room with 12 other girls and gets to have some semblance of privacy in her daily life. She can wear whatever she wants and makes her own decisions and choices. She can travel without a horde of Duggars in tow. I bet all of the Duggar weddings she’s been going to this year serve as a constant reminder that she has really escaped and doesn’t yet want to start filling her home up with babies.

  2. In a modern world it’s kinda sad that we celebrate this accomplishments for fundies since it’s normally HOW A LOT OF MARRIED COUPLES LIVE! Don’t get pregnant right away, enjoy being together…….but it’s especially important for them cuz they knew each other for so little time before tying the knot. I think it will benefit them in the long run.

  3. Jinger was always my favorite. Even before all of the weddings for her siblings. She had real interests, and interesting hobbies (like photography), and was always doing her own thing for the most part. I’m glad she took the time to enjoy Jeremy as a husband before jumping directly into parenthood. Creating a whole new human being is kind of a big deal, and I’m glad at least one person in this family recognizes it. If/when she makes a pregnancy announcement, I will be genuinely happy for the two of them, because it will actually be something they carefully planned for, instead of something they felt obligated to do. Happy anniversary!

  4. Though Jeremy has some douchey tendancies, on the whole, he seems to be fairly intelligent. No matter what, he definitely genuinely cares for Jinger and seems to be encouraging her to find herself and have some experiences beyond being a wife and mother.

    I don’t think either Jeremy or Jinger will ever openly denounce the Duggar way of life, but I believe that Jinger’s wardrobe choices of late are a quiet, defiant statement about the way she is choosing to live her life now. I really do wish that Jinger would “accidentally” let a packet of birth control pills fall out of her purse on camera sometime, though…let us know just how much of a rebel she really is.

  5. Good for them! The fact that she lives in Texas and therefore doesn’t have to babysit for her coven of siblings helps, too! Enjoy your husband!

  6. While I think it’s great that they’re taking their time, it’s also possible that they struggle with infertility. I think that would be a tough struggle for anyone who wants kids, but I can’t imagine having those issues in THIS family. Not saying it’s the case, obviously, but just a possibility.

    1. They could always adopt. Adoption seems to be something this family talks about a lot but is never able to do because they’re always pregnant or caring for a newborn, or both. For whatever reason, I get the feeling that adopting children instead of making them herself, would not be a bad thing to Jinger. I can see most of the other Duggar girls being crushed by infertility and upset that adoption is their recourse, but with Jinger and Jeremy, I feel like they would be honestly happy to adopt and not grieve overlong about any fertility issues.

  7. Hallelujah!!! At least One of those girls has a good head on her shoulders and Not a baby makin factory!! Go Jinger! And keep wearin those jeans girl! ???

  8. Does anyone think they will ever acknowledge or address either their stance on waiting to have kids OR her change in clothing styles since marriage, on the show? I’d love to hear what they have to say. I know they’ve been asked the baby question and they kind of brush it off- I wish they would say “heck no! We aren’t pushing out a thousand kids!”

    1. Why would they owe anyone an explanation on how they choose to live? And besides Jeremy did addresss the pants issue.

      1. They certainly don’t “owe” us an explanation of anything. However, seeing as how they make a living filming their daily life for our entertainment, it would certainly be “entertaining” to hear something other than the Duggar Party Line about letting God plan their family size and walking through this “season” of life. I know I’d be entertained by hearing an honest appraisal of their recent life choices and how they differ from others in their family. It is The Learning Channel after all. I’d like to learn more about them. But no, of course I’m not “owed” that.

        1. Also, when was the pants issue addressed on the show? Do you mean his sermon on what modesty means?

  9. I’ve always liked the Duggars (sans the pedo), especially their earlier seasons. It just irritates me sometimes how the girls will be in jeans or jeans ripped at the knees or whatever, and people talk badly about them. It’s great they are living their lives and experiencing new things. And also, big deal that one of them may have had premarital sex. When they were young people thought they were being deprived of certain freedoms so it’s good they are forming their own ideas but still keeping to their beliefs. I’ve needed to rant about that and this article gave me the chance..lol. this is the only website I make comments on so I needed to let my steam off here about other websites.. The thing Jinger wrote to her husband was cute.

    1. You’ve always liked the show as entertainment or you’ve always liked the Duggars and their lifestyle/religious beliefs?

      Are the people who drag her for wearing pants the same people who worried about the girls missing out on life experiences, though? I imagine those would be two different sets of people. The fundies, and fundie-adjacent, and pro-fundies hating on the pants, and the anti-fundies worrying about the lack of experience, education, and freedoms.

  10. Good for them both. I’m sure she has enjoyed her freedom finally and they will have children when they feel ready. Instead of just because they can.

    1. Agree! They can actually get to know each other and enjoy the married life without children right away. Plus, she has the freedom to wear jeans! I am glad they live out of state. They are enjoying their 20’s!! Poor Joy…She is still a teenager and pregnant.

      1. Jeremy was just 30 in September but I agree. I think it’s so refreshing cuz I’m sure he doesn’t expect her to always be ‘willing’ as her mom taught her (also, ew, why Michelle?!). They are having fun and I’m pretty sure this guy was no virgin before marriage so he knows his stuff.

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