EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham Says She’s Happy “Production Puppet” Amber Portwood Did Not Attend Debra Danielsen’s Wedding

Sadly, Amber and Farrah did not do a rap duet at the wedding…

Amber Portwood was supposed to be in Omaha this weekend, celebrating the wedding of her Teen Mom OG co-stars Debra Danielsen and Dr. David Merz, but due to sickness from her just-announced pregnancy, Amber was unable to attend the festivities. While Deb told The Ashley she was sad that Amber could not attend the under-the-sea-themed, rapped-filled wedding, her daughter, Farrah Abraham was happy that Amber—or anyone from ‘Teen Mom’– didn’t come to the wedding.

“You see who really showed up to the wedding,” Farrah told The Ashley exclusively. “Not all the fake people who are production puppets like Amber, or any other wackjob that you’ve been seeing in the press before today. They’re not here.”

Farrah told In Touch Weekly (who was the only other media outlet other than The Ashley present at the Debz OG wedding), “[Amber] wasn’t going to be here anyway, so I wish her all the best with her unplanned pregnancy and all of her bulls**t.”

Farrah told The Ashley that she felt that the folks from 11th Street Productions, which is the company that produces ‘Teen Mom OG,’ were trying to “sabotage the wedding” and she was glad that the wedding was not filmed for the show.

Debra was understanding of Amber’s situation and said that she had no hard feelings toward Amber for not attending the wedding.

“I told Amber, ‘I love you, you look beautiful,” Deb told The Ashley. “I told her that I just hoped that she was feeling better because I remember how much morning sickness she had [when she was pregnant] with [her daughter] Leah. She was sick the whole time. [I told her] I hoped it was much better this time.”

Amber was confirmed to attend the nuptials with her new baby-daddy and boyfriend, Andrew Glennon but she called Debra before the wedding to cancel.

“She goes, ‘I’m really sorry but I just can’t’ and I told her no problem,” Debra told The Ashley. “She said ‘Well I hope to see you really soon.'”

This is not the first event that Amber has had to miss due to her pregnancy. In October, she was the only main ‘Teen Mom’ cast member who did not go to Los Angeles to film a series of ‘Teen Mom’ specials and aftershows. Farrah and Debra were in attendance for that taping, but soon after that all hell broke loose for the Backdoor Teen Mom.

As The Ashley reported last week, Farrah claimed that she was fired from ‘Teen Mom’, only to change the story a day later and state that she had only been fired from the 11th Street Productions, not Viacom or MTV.

“It’s not up to me [if I’m on ‘Teen Mom’]. It’s up to 11th Street Productions. Viacom is separate,” Farrah told The Ashley. “I’m still employed by Viacom. I wasn’t fired. The production company was bullying me and portraying Farrah as a p0rn star bitch, and I’m really not that.”

The Ashley attended the wedding and can confirm that Farrah was a good sport throughout the festivities on Sunday night, even making a sweet toast to her mom and (sometimes verbal sparring partner) David. Farrah also helped spit some Debz OG rhymes on the dance floor with her mother during the reception. (Is it even a wedding if no one raps?!)

For more on the Debz OG wedding, click here!

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  1. I’m happy for Amber that she is pregnant, and she does look beautiful. I do wonder, however, why these Teen Moms cannot wait to have babies with men they are just dating. Don’t they want to spend anytime with just the two of them? They all throw a baby in the mix so quick. There’s the honeymoon stage of the relationship where you’re all goo-goo ga-ga over each other then after a year or so all the baggage, insecurities and stuff comes to the surface and that’s when the relationship gets tested. Now throw in a newborn and all the wonderful challenges that come along with that, it’s no wonder so many of these girls have multiple baby daddies. At least Debz OG doesn’t have to worry about all that.

  2. Jesus God, Leah, Farrah never fails to be the biggest asshole about things that don’t even concern her.

  3. “I told her she looked beautiful,” says Deb to Amber over the phone when Amber called to say she was too ill to come to the wedding. Over the phone. She saw that Amber looked beautiful over the phone. There is just so much weird and random-speak coming from these Ambrams/Danielsen women.

  4. “I wish her well with her unplanned pregnancy and all of her bullshit.” How nice. Farrah is so weird and twisted. Nothing she says makes sense, but I especially hate all of the attacks on her ex-fellow costars that are wrapped up in “nice” language so that she can come back later and say “I never attacked her, I never said anything mean, I wished her well!” She is so dementedly passive aggressive sometimes. Or maybe this is just regular Farrah-speak where the beginning of a sentence does not in any way match the middle of end of the sentence.

    Also, how does Deb remember how much morning sickness Amber had with Leah? Just from watching 16 and pregnant? Wasn’t amber in her third trimester when she filmed that? (And thus past the morning sickness stage.) Or is Deb “remembering” something that she has only heard about.

  5. She is actually partially correct that Amber has been used terribly by MTV for ratings. She ended up in jail due to them. Matt was clearly using her and yet they filmed the psychopath and gave him a contract. Now the pregnancy will be exploited to the fullest. Sad that Amber feels any loyalty to production when they will throw her under the bus in a heartbeat again in the name of ratings.

  6. Before Farrah was fired from teen mom she had advertisements posted all over her twitter about her cam shows. She seemed to be so proud of herself, flashing her plastic naked body all over the Internet for money. Even Michael was advertising her shows on his Twitter too! She’s so disgusting and delusional, she honestly thinks that it’s everyone else who portrays her as farrah the p0rn star bitch??

  7. It sounds better to make money being a production puppet then earning it getting rammed by three men at once. Farrah literally has no right to call out Amber. I’m glad Farrah made her mom happy by showing up, but she better watch it.. Amber could easily snatch her up by the neck if she wanted to.

  8. Well, Farrah, you should have gotten yourself knocked up by Simon to stay on the show, it seems! 😛

    (jk ofc, I don’t want another her to have another child)

  9. Wait, so Farrah hates Amber but Deb likes her enough to invite her to her wedding. And then Farrah wasn’t going to go but did, and now she’s shading Amber for not going. Geez Louise ?

  10. Wow, I think she might actually believe the BS she spouts.

    Farrah you are very unwell in head, please for your daughters sake, seek mental help immediately.

  11. Ah! Of course! Amber’s pregnancy announcement stole Farrah’s thunder over the camsoda / sacking / not sacked shenanigans so when she realised that Amber’s morning sickness was preventing her from attending, not one to miss an opportunity, Farrah decided to go after all.

  12. She backed out of her her real CamSoda performance at the last minute (pun intended). Now she’s trying to play the victim, like always.

  13. “The production company was bullying me and portraying Farrah as a p0rn star bitch, and I’m really not that.”

    You can’t make up what you don’t film, dipshit. You portray YOURSELF as the p0rn star bitch.

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