EXCLUSIVE! Farrah Abraham Says Her Split With MTV Played a Big Part in Her Decision to Attend Her Mom’s Wedding

Farrah helped her mother light a unity candle during the wedding ceremony…

For months, Farrah Abraham stated that she would not be attending the wedding of her mother, Debra Danielsen, to Dr. David Merz, but the Teen Mom OG star had a change of heart right in the nick of time to serve as the “Honorary Maid of Honor” for her mother when she got hitched on Sunday night at the Aquarium at the Omaha Zoo.

Debra was hopeful that Farrah would show up to the wedding, despite her strained relationship with David, but up until the afternoon of the wedding, it did not look like Deb’s famous daughter would be there to see her mom say “I do.”

Debra told The Ashley that one of the best parts of her wedding day was when she saw Farrah appear.
“My favorite part [of the day] was [saying] our wedding vows, but my second favorite part was to see Farrah,” Debra told The Ashley exclusively. “She showed up and surprised me. It was beautiful.”

At the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding, friends of Debra’s were telling The Ashley that Deb was very sad and upset that her youngest daughter was choosing not to attend the wedding. David stated that he believed Farrah would show up, but up until the minute Farrah popped her head in the room, Deb did not think she would come. Farrah was listed as the “Honorary Maid of Honor” on the evening’s programs, which seemed to indicate that she was not expected to attend.

“It was the best thing,” Deb said of seeing Farrah. “It was a gift from God. It meant everything to me. I love my children.

“We are making progress [in our relationship] and we’re happy,” Debra added.

Farrah told The Ashley that recently cutting ties with MTV had a lot to do with her deciding to attend the wedding. (As The Ashley previously reported, the network was scheduled to film Deb’s wedding but they did not actually film, due to the conflict currently going on between the production company and Farrah.)

“I think I decided to come when I stopped working with the production company who was sabotaging this whole wedding,” Farrah told The Ashley. “I’m here on my own terms and I’m happy that they’re not here filming and it’s not about them.

“I’m here being the nice person that I am and that’s all that matters,” Farrah added.

Farrah was reluctant to discuss where her relationship with her new stepfather David stands, but she did say kind things about him during her Maid of Honor speech. (She even gave him a hug!)

“David and my mom have a relationship, and I’m supportive of their relationship and I’m happy they got married today,” Farrah told The Ashley.

While Farrah changed her mind and attended her mom’s wedding, her eight-year-old daughter, Sophia, apparently did not. The little girl was not in attendance, although her name was on the guest list.

(Farrah told E! News in September that “Sophia doesn’t really want a relationship with my mom but I’m still trying to make sure that she is around and keep that relationship is surviving and alive… Sophia is not approving of it but I am happy for [my mom] and supportive.”)

While Debra was surely disappointed that Sophia did not come, she luckily still had two grandchildren at the wedding– her daughter Ashley Danielsen‘s children Sylvia and Axel.

“It’s huge to have four generations of women all together,” Debra said. (Her mother, Carmella was front and center for the ceremony and reception.) “We even had all of our Mom & Me condiment and wines and family traditions there with us to celebrate. It was a big special moment.”

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  1. Please come back when you’ve grown up and had a child on your own before you think you’re qualified to speak about an eight year old-especially one growing up in what you’ve admitted is a highly dysfunctional household. Your experience alone doesn’t dictate how other children should respond. In fact it’s a really childish manner of, “reasoning” (for lack of a better word!). Sophia also has a nanny and could have very well been staying at a nearby hotel with her.
    Secondly, does ANYONE believe a word Farrah has to say? She deliberately declined to take Sophia as a form of punishment to her mother for daring to marry a man Farrah dislikes. We’ve all seen her use Sophia to back up her insane ramblings-she has no adult to support her so she resorts to using her little child to tweet or video her support. I don’t believe Sophia had ANY say in attending the wedding and if she did, I’m sure she was HIGHLY influenced by Farrah.

  2. It must suck for Deb’s other daughter. It’s clear she only cares about Farrah. I feel sorry that Sophia is being raised as an awful person too. The real world is going to smack her in the face.

  3. Okay, so it looks like Farrah showed up to prevent MTV from filming because if she can’t be on television, no one can? Am I getting this right…?

  4. Sure, MTV made her treat her mom so poorly and Deb did not know it was just an act. Sure, MTV faked that physical fight, that’s why Deb got a probation and had to do community service.
    Sure, MTV wrote the things Deb and Farrah said about each other online. MTV forced them to do marriage bootcamp and forced Deb to skip some days there. MTV paid the therapist that adviced Farrah to take a bit of distance from Deb, it was a conspiracy.
    Oh and MTV hired the good doctor to really stir up things and somehow, Deb ended up marrying the hired actor.

  5. Farrah: “I’m here being the nice person that I am and that’s all that matters”

    A nice person, you?! Are you drunk?!

  6. “I’m here being the nice person I am and that’s all that matters.”


    Who teached her how to spoken to hoomanz?

  7. I don’t know I give Sophia a pass at 8 years old and getting abused I cried screamed begged to not be left alone so at 8 I think you can some times make a choice and know what you want. not trying to say sophia is abused just they can know what they want. Now do I think its part farrah yes but its also her mom who is no angel or victim. That house and family is so messed up I’m sure it was like growing up with monsters. Sophia doesn’t just see how Farrah treats her mom but how her mom treats Farrah. Why force her to go on top of that she is spoiled and if you made her go do you think she would behave and not ruin the wedding not a chance best left home. I’m truly shocked with her dress I thought it would be as hideous as her rapping outfits. it must be killing her that mtv didn’t film so no money for the newlyweds

    1. 8 year old are not equipped to make adult choices. Sophia sees her mother treat Debz disrespectfully so she thinks it’s okay. An 8 year old models their parents behavior.

  8. Please someone from the wedding YouTube Farrah’s speech. I NEED to hear it.
    That is insane that Sophia gets to decide she isn’t going to attend the wedding. She’s 8! And gee Farrah, why do you THINK she doesn’t want a relationship with her grandmother? Because YOU trash talk her all day, every day. Sophia doesn’t even know what’s real. She probably thinks her grandmother is literally the devil from what she gets from you. Deb is nutty but she ALWAYS adored Sophia and took care of her when Farrah was god knows where. Very sad that Sophia has been so brainwashed by her own mother regarding her grandmother. That poor girl must be so screwed up, I really hope she gets major therapy before it’s too late.

    1. To be honest, I doubt Sophia even said that. Farrah is insane and a liar. Her claiming Sophia refused to go and forbid Farrah from going means nothing coming out of Farrah’s mouth. Sophia seems to love Deb and has been sympathetic to her more than once when Farrah throws a tantrum. Of Sophia does have any negative feelings about Deb, that can probably also be tied back to her mom

    2. I filmed the entire wedding and met Farrah many times and have pictures…she is a class act and a very nice person to be around

  9. Okay off topic… just to be clear when it comes to Jenelle’s family:
    Jace has a half brother on Andrew’s side. Jack right?
    A half brother on Jenelle’s, Kaiser.
    Kaiser has a half sister from Nathan, blank. Idk her name.
    A half sister, Easley, who has a half sister and a half brother from Andrew.
    That’s 7 plus kids right? If all of the siblings got together on Christmas or something?

    1. to be clear janelles wedding was straight up white trash while chelea’s was beautiful shame on janelle for what she did to barb

    2. Blank= Emery
      Easley = Ensley
      And then David has two more kids. Maryssa is living with them at the land (Dave got custody, she was living with her grandma before that). David has been allowed to see his son Kaden again for the first time in years recently, before that, there was a protective order in place cause Dave abused the mother.

      So Jace has one half brother on his father’s side, Jack.
      On his mothers side: Kaiser and Ensley.
      Steph father’s kids: Maryssa and Kaden.
      And at Bab’s house he is raised together with his two cousins quite often, the sons of JE’s sister. Not sure whether Babs has temp custody to them or babysits a lot. Gabriel and ehm.. nope…not sure.
      So Jace has basically 7 half or otherwise connected siblings.

      The number of ‘steph dads’ (mom’s soulmates) that walked in and out of his life is larger.

      1. Gabriel and Atlas are the names of Jace’s cousins whom he (often) lives with at Barb’s 😉

        1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
          accidental thumbs down, sorry! this is good info.

  10. Anyone else notice that in farrah’s first video (where she says she got fired) her hair is red. And then Simon comes out with his little comment train. And then Farrah suddenly posts a video that says she wasn’t fired. BUT HER HAIR WAS BLONDE in the second video. But the same red as the first video for this wedding. I think that she made a video rant sometime earlier in the year before she went red. And then was trying to backpedal on simon’s advice. Just a theory.

      1. With all her “multimillions,” that shit was pathetic. Looked like Deb’s dress-up-for-doctor-David brunette catastrophe.

  11. Yeah Farrah, you went “on your own terms”, I call bullshit.

    We all know you certainly didn’t go out of the goodness of your heart.

  12. “Farrah told The Ashley that recently cutting ties with MTV had a lot to do with her deciding to attend the wedding”… So what’s the deal, is she fired from MTV or not? I need to know if I have to continue seeing her fugly face and fast forwarding through her segments. One minute she’s fired, the next she says she’s not… Any information on this the ashley?

    1. They probably told her if she did porn then she’d be fired

      She decided to do porn, knowing the consequences. So she considers it leaning on her own terms

  13. Farrah’s hair really goes with the aquarium there. Her hair looks like a porny-version of Ariel from the Little Mermaid. Poor Ariel…

  14. I want to see pictures of the fish… seriously though, Sophia needs to learn how to be respectful to adults and especially her grandmother. Sophia knows she doesn’t have to mind or listen to Debra and she uses that to her advantage and to be a brat. There was a two part epi on Dr Phil last week about a bratty 14 w a smart mouth, and I see Sophia being just like that girl.

    1. Personally, I think Farrah uses Sophia as an accessory, whereas Debz had always taken care of Sophia when Farrah was out doing whatever the hell she wanted, including going out on dates just months after giving birth with random guys. I think Sophia does see Debz as a mother figure, but is also aware that Farrah has the final say when it comes to what she is and isn’t allowed to do or say. If Debz had raised Sophia entirely, I think she’d be a much better child. Farrah has ruined that little girl, allowing her to do and say whatever she wants, whenever she wants, over indulging her with extravagant gifts, but also constantly picking at her appearance and personality. Farrah acts more like a manager than a mother, and it’s sad.

  15. She just needed to stay relevant. Sophia always liked Debra. That poor kidis just way to isolated and brainwashed. I wish Dereks family would see her more. Down to earth normal people is what this girl needs.

  16. Oh my god that’s so sad you can already see Sophia is going to emulate everything Farrah does.AND I MEAN EVERYTHING

  17. Please let it be true that MTV fired Farrah.
    I can’t stand to watch her. She’s the rudest person that I’ve ever seen on tv.

  18. Sophia doesn’t want a relationship with Debra now? Farrah has put that in her daughters head and that’s horrible. Farrah pointing out that she came to show “what a nice person I am” is so crappy. This is about your mother not you.

  19. What kind of bootleg high school would give a degree to Farrah?!!!!! She literally can not form a proper sentence! What the hell!

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