EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Debra Danielsen Marries Dr. David Merz in Under-the-Sea Themed Ceremony

Debra and David posed on the red carpet at their wedding…

Teen Mom OG star Debra Danielsen has officially tied the knot!

The mother of Farrah Abraham married Dr. David Merz on Sunday night in an under-the-sea-themed ceremony and reception at the Scott Aquarium at the Omaha Zoo…and The Ashley was there to witness it all!

“We’ve been on this quest to find each other,” Debra told The Ashley of her new husband. “It’s like, you knew this person was out there, you just had to find them…that’s how I feel.”

Wedding guests were greeted to the sounds of Scottish bagpipes as they walked through the aquarium exhibits toward the room where the ceremony took place.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that the wedding was not filmed by MTV, although the network had planned to capture the moment for ‘Teen Mom OG’ up until last week, when Farrah was fired by the production company that produces the show. (You can read more on that here.)

While MTV was not in attendance, both of Debra’s daughters were. Farrah had stated numerous times in the press that she did not plan to attend the wedding, due to her sometimes strained relationship with David. However, the ‘Teen Mom OG’ star dashed in at the last minute to stand by her mom while she said “I do.”

“I think it means the world for me to be here,” Farrah told The Ashley exclusively. “It really mattered to me and it’s important to me.”

The Ashley has all the wedding details!

Bridal Party: A squad of bagpipers opened the wedding ceremony and played as the bridal party walked into the room. Debra’s friend served as the Man of Honor, while Farrah was named the Honorary Maid of Honor. (Deb’s other daughter, Ashley Danielsen, was a bridesmaid.) Ashley, wearing a blue party dress, walked arm-in-arm with Farrah (who donned a pants suit and was the only person wearing black). Ashley’s daughter Sylvia was the flowergirl, and her son Axel was the ring bearer.

Guests: Debra and David’s family and friends celebrated with them, as did several ‘Teen Mom’ fans who won a raffle to attend. No MTV producers or crew members were in attendance.

Notable No-Shows: Farrah’s daughter, Sophia, was not in attendance. (Farrah previously stated that her eight-year-old daughter was not allowing her to attend the wedding, but obviously Sophia had a change of heart and let Farrah go.)

Other no-shows included Farrah and Deb’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ co-star Amber Portwood and Courtland Rogers (who was previously married to Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans and has recently become friends with Debra…somehow). Debra’s ex-husband Michael Abraham and Farrah’s sometimes-beau, Simon Saran, were not in attendance.

Dress & Details: Debra donned a white jeweled mermaid gown and a sparkly crown for the big day. She purchased the dress in Omaha on a shopping trip with her mother, Carmella.

“I wanted to make sure my mom could pick out the wedding dress with me,” Debra told The Ashley. “We had fun. It’s a mermaid dress and it has a 101-inch train on it.”

David and his groomsmen wore traditional kilts. Debra’s bridesmaids and attendants all wore blue, with the exception of Farrah, who wore black.

Debra’s bouquet was a nod to the aquarium and under-the-sea wedding theme, as it contained a large seashell. Debra told The Ashley that David carried something special as well for the ceremony.

“He had a photo of us on our very first date, and a photo of us attending our first opera in New York together,” Debra said.

Reception: Deb and David danced to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri for their first dance as husband and wife.

Guests feasted on a buffet of mini tacos, carved meats and chocolate lava cake. (There was no traditional wedding cake.) Debra’s Man of Honor gave the first speech, remarking that sometimes “the attention goes elsewhere” and that people don’t get to see what a wonderful couple David and Debra are.

Farrah gave the next speech (more on that here), followed by Ashley.

Bottles of Debra’s “Mom & Me” wine sat on each table. (The Ashley must admit that the wine was really good!) A slideshow of pics of the couple and their families played in the background. (There were even pics from Farrah’s 16 and Pregnant days, naturally.)

Red Carpet: A photo backdrop and red carpet were set up in the front of the aquarium (because…hey, this is a Debz OG wedding, after all!) Debra’s “Mom & Me” products were on display, as was as a poster promoting her “Debz OG” music. Deb and David posed for photos with guests on the red carpet.

Other Fun: No “Debz OG” wedding would be complete without some signature Debz rap tunes. Debra took the mic and rapped along to her song “Debz OG” while guests danced around her. Farrah joined in briefly and was dancing on the dance floor with her niece Sylvia.

She also debuted a preview of her new music video!

For more exclusive wedding details and photos, click here!


34 Responses

  1. This sounds like the wedding of an 18 y/o teenager. Seriously, what nature woman has an “under the seal themed wedding? My friends daughter had that but she was 19 when she married. I️ watch Deb on the show and she seems really
    Immature and almost like she’s reversing in her maturity level. Also,Sophia wouldn’t let Farrah attend??? WTH!!! What kind of parents let’s their child tell them where they can go. This whole family is so screwed up.

  2. omg a big screen with pictures of yourself on it?? Get TF over yourself!
    I wonder how you have 2 daughters and make one the maid of honor and the other a bridesmaid. Sad. I guess the one with all the millions gets to be the maid of honor, even though she refused to attend your wedding at first and has convinced her daughter that you are the devil. Interesting.

  3. So congrats to Deb… Just a few things Farrah could not even be decent for a day… Wear what she wanted it’s her mom’s day. Show up in Black. Don’t bring Sophia but whew good thing she “let” Farrah go… Give me a break!!! So glad she got canned no more of her deplorable ass her fake ugly cry.. The show will be much better. Everyone else is so pleasant and they hey along!!! Byeeeee

  4. This is the one wedding I wanted to see on Teen Mom and Teen Mom failed me. Farrah makes some poor life choices, but she’s great tv. Hope it’s true she wasn’t fired after al.

  5. Does anyone else find it odd that he refers to himself as Dr. David Merz? Usually a doctor will use their credentials instead of “Dr” (as in “David Merz, MD”). I never trust any medical professional who refers to themselves as “Dr.”

    1. “Dr.” is also the titel for people who have obtained a PhD, so that might explain it. I an just guessing tho.

      What’s funny to me is that both David and Debra chose to mention their professional titles on their wedding cards ? That seems so formal!

      Or is this a normal custom in the US?

  6. I don’t think ole Dr. David is loaded. Look online, he has terrible reviews. I think he is setting himself up like the other David. Or maybe he wanted to visit Farrah’s back door. I am sure he has viewed her porn video.

  7. So my first comment didn’t go through but the next one I submitted asking if they are put in moderation before showing up did lolol. My bad y’all, I’ll get it right the next post about our favorite trainwrecks.

    Nobody else noticed Deb’s face looks different? It looks like she got fillers because her face looks smoother and rounder.

    Your wedding day or not, it’s damn tacky to promote your products to family and friends…

    Despite Deb’s wedding being very, um, untraditional, Farrah knew better than to dress like the angel of death.

    Not a fan of any of these assholes, and I know Deb is a whack job, but Deb has always loved and supported Sophia. Farrah should have brought her.

  8. I’m lol’ing at Deb inviting theAshley. Like, my god how desperate for attention can Debz be. (I don’t fault theAshley for going, I’d be all over that, too).

  9. She comes in last minute and wears a black unlike everyone else. At least, she didn’t show off all of her, uh, assets and wore something tasteful.

    “I think it means the world for me to be here.”
    “It really mattered to me and it’s important to me.”

    Farrah, your narcissist is showing. I bet her wedding gifts consisted of one of her sex toys, an exclusively signed copy of Backdoor Teen Mom, an outfit from Sophia’s clothing store for Deb, a bedset from her furniture store and a coupon for Froyo.

  10. Ashley (Farrah’s sister) looks great! I’m glad she’s under the radar, she seems the only normal person in this whole family.

  11. Farrah dashed in the last minute to stand by her mom?! Most certainly not! She was just out for some media attention now that MTV gave her the boot. She still doesn’t give two craps about her mother or old creepy Lurch, oh sorry, Dr. David Merz. Why another David? Urgh…

  12. I fully expected farrah to show up wearing a wedding dress in hopes to outshine her mother.

    Both farrah and Debra OG look genuinely happy. Congrats to Debz.

  13. @TheAshley you sly devil!! Were you one of the invitees?
    If you went Im so jealous!!
    Knowing Deb I’m sure a bit of it had to be over the top.
    Her gown is gorgeous!!
    Question of the day….Did David or Did he not wear underwear? If it’s yes, boxers, briefs or banana hammocks?
    Lol at the best man of honor, throwing some shade at Farrah about us not getting to see the real them because the attention goes elsewhere.
    One more Lol wasn’t it Sophia that wanted tacos or Mexican food at the reception?
    I’m not surprised Amber didn’t go, but good ol thirsty Courty didn’t make it. He may have been High And High.
    I can understand Michael not going, friend or no friend that can be an odd situation.

  14. I kind of just feel bad for Ashley it seems like Debra places Farrah above all her other children (I know that Ashley helped Deborah all along with the wedding the planning and all that goes into to making the day special) then to just have Farrah waltz In at the very end and become maid of honor is ridiculous… To stick out so much at somebody else’s wedding by wearing a whole different genre of clothing is attention grabbing and disrespectful if she didn’t want to go she shouldn’t of gone it seems like she made a mockery of it it was not about her and she should not of tried to steal that moment to not have Sophia there just seems spiteful she had to know it would’ve hurt Debra the most not to have a granddaughter included or at the very least attend

    1. I agree with all your thoughts. Why is Farrah MOH and Ashley a bridesmaid while her kids were in the wedding and she obviously supported her mother?

  15. Farrah should have brought Sophia. Farrah would wear black (eye roll) and her sister ashley looks really pretty! You go Debra OG …snagged you up a doctor! ?

  16. Oh, a Scottish mermaid under the sea bagpipe wedding? Sounds about right.

    Also, Sophia is going to grow up so damaged if Farrah doesn’t knock this crap off with her “giving permission” and acting like Sophia is in charge of everything. It does give Farrah her favorite thing, though: someone to blame when things don’t go well. Sophia is going to resent her as much as Farrah resents Deb…if not more.

    1. It also looks like there’s henna and some sort of jewels on Deb’s hand in the top photo? And David’s wearing a red tie with blue flowers on his jacket. It definitely seems like a hodgepodge of themes and cultural traditions! (Even without Farrah’s funeral pantsuit, which they had no control over.)

  17. I hope her new husband is so loaded with money that Deb can tell Farrah off.
    But I know, Deb wants the limelight, the MTV money and exposure.

    I just really hope Farrah is fired. I won’t believe it until I don’t see it, lol.

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