EXCLUSIVE! Watch ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen Rap at Her Wedding Reception

“Let’s get this party started!”

There ain’t no wedding like a Debz OG wedding!

Teen Mom OG star Debra Danielsen got down with her bad self on Sunday night, busting rhymes on the dance floor to kick off her wedding reception after marrying Dr. David Merz.

That’s right, kids…Debz OG rapped at her wedding...and The Ashley had a front row seat to see it all go down!

What a time to be alive!

Debra started by lip-syncing to her rap single but soon grabbed the mic and rapped live. Deb’s daughter Farrah Abraham even joined in at one point, while dancing to the sick rhymes!

Watch The Ashley’s exclusive video from Debra and David’s wedding reception! For all of The Ashley’s coverage of the Debz OG wedding, click here!

(Click to watch the video on YouTube!)


  1. OMG, the picture of Deb…she looks like a crazy skeleton! Dr. David trying to dance, his little legs are hysterical! These peeps are cra! I wonder how long this shitshow marriage is going to last.

  2. Does Debz read the comments here? I’m trying to figure out why she would invite The Ashley to her wedding if she knows that the entire purpose of The Ashley accepting the invite is so that she can take a bullet for her dear readers in order to provide fodder for us to snark on. Is she so thirsty that she doesn’t care or notice that the press her wedding is attracting is just from bunch of people who find her crazy/delusional/silly beyond measure? Or does Debz have an amazing sense of humor and has she been playing us this whole time, playing up to her reputation as Farrah’s delusional and cringe-worthy mother just to entertain us all? She seems to be happy and not worrying terribly about if she’ll look stupid. Or is she just so far gone that she can’t even conserve of the fact that nearly everyone finds her ridiculous?

  3. Can’t knock Deb too much since she honestly looks like she’s enjoying her wedding. I just hope she’s not taking herself too seriously with her *music*

    1. It said the same for me but right above it should say “Watch this video on YouTube” and you should be able to click that.

  4. It was so bad that they took down the rap video before anyone could actually watch it, lol.

    But seriously, you just posted the article this very second and the video you describe in the title is no longer available?
    How does that work?

      1. I was basically being facetious, lol.
        Saying that the video was so bad that they took it down.
        Having said that, you had to go to youtube to watch it. It wasn’t provided to watch here, as it was implied.

      1. I know where the video is and how to get to it.
        I was being facetious.
        You know, joking around that the video was so bad that they took it down immediately.

        And I know you could go from this article to youtube to watch the video but that’s not what the title of this article said.


        1. Your being “facetious” still doesn’t work here-the video has not nor has ever been taken down. The Ashley does not want you to watch it on their site and therefore you must go to YouTube, so they can profit from your clicks there.


          1. @Foxy Chiming in here- we get no profit from the youtube site. The video embed feature was disabled because other sites were stealing the video without giving credit. – The Ashley

          2. She was joking. That’s what being facetious means. She did not actually mean that the video was or ever had been taken down. I don’t understand why this is something you keep feeling the need to be defensive about. She does not believe the video was taken down. She is not trying to tell people the video was taken down. She was kidding and her joke was funny.

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