‘Unexpected’ Star Lexus Scheller Slams ‘Teen Mom’: “Our Stories Are Better!”

Well…the baby daddy is still around, so it’s already different from ‘Teen Mom’…

TLC’s new teen pregnancy show 16 and Pregnant er….Unexpected premieres tonight and to commemorate the show’s first episode, 16-year-old Lexus Scheller sat down with Us Weekly to chat about ‘Unexpected’—and slam its predecessor, Teen Mom!

“Our show’s a lot different…there’s not as much drama [as on ‘Teen Mom’],” Lexus said. “I think it’s more real. Our problems are more realistic than [those of the girls on] ‘Teen Mom’ and shows like that. I feel like our stories are better!”

While the ‘Unexpected’ girls have a long way to go before they reach the level of fame (and ridiculous wealth) of MTV’s resident drama mamas, they already have plenty of good storylines. Unlike on ‘Teen Mom’ and “16 and Pregnant,” all of the pregnant teens featured are actually the product of teen mothers themselves.

“In the beginning, she wasn’t supportive so it was hard,” Lexus told the magazine of her 31-year-old mother Kelsey. “It took her a while to get supportive after that. I mean, I’m glad she’s experienced it too.”

Kelsey was worried that Lexus and her 17-year-old boyfriend, Shayden Massey, were not mature enough to be parents.

This is evident in a new clip of the show released by Us Weekly. In the clip, Lexus can be seen on the phone telling her mom that she forgot to bring anything for herself or the baby to Labor and Delivery at the hospital. But don’t worry….Shayden has Skittles and she has her phone charger. You know, the important things!

But according to Lexus, things turned out fine. She told the magazine that, since giving birth to her daughter Scarlet, she is still in school and that Shayden works a full-time job (to pay for his baby and Skittles habit, obviously). She said they spend lots of downtime at home with the baby.

“We have a pretty boring life,” she said.

Now that definitely wouldn’t fly for ‘Teen Mom!’

As The Ashley previously reported, ‘Unexpected’ has a ‘Teen Mom’ franchise connection (beyond the obvious similarities between the shows.) Heather Walsh, who worked on ‘Teen Mom’ for years before being fired a few months back, is helping to produce ‘Unexpected.’

‘Unexpected’ premieres tonight on TLC at 10 p.m.

To watch a sneak peek clip of ‘Unexpected,’ click here!

(Photo: TLC)

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  1. In the end all of the girls from all three series (TM, TM2, and Unexpected) are known because they had a baby at 15,16,17 years old. Not sure why this girl thinks she’s somehow better than the others.

  2. Once upon a time, some of them even had jobs crappy “This is the kind of job you get when you’re a high school dropout” jobs, and lived in relatives basements or dumpy low rent places. I would like to see most of them back there myself.

  3. I wonder if who ever works with Heather will lend her a hairbrush and let her sit on the furniture.

  4. I really like the cast of Unexpected. I think the older moms are very realistic and are trying very hard to support their children and their relationships – EXCEPT McKayla’s mom, Shannon who has come around for the first time in years just because the cameras are there and there is money to be made – she is disgusting. It reminds me a lot of Teen Mum wherein it looks like the film company is allowing the girls to live like REAL teen moms, not teen mom fake-celebs. Hope this continues.

  5. There’s not as much drama because you just had the baby. Give it a few months of fighting, insufficient funds to provide for yourselves and the baby, and your mothers getting tired of your baby-daddy’s attitude. The only difference is that when you cry, you dig around your forever 21 bag for a tissue, while girls from Teen Mom dig around their $600 designer bags for them.

  6. I still maintain that one of the most real moments on TMOG/TM2 was when Kail was in an accident and couldn’t afford to have her car towed or replaced. THAT was the real struggle that real teen parents face, and much more relatable than watching the girls go on vacation and get a new car every six months.

    I have yet to watch this show (it’s on my DVR), but I’m hoping this is the kind of example of the impact pregnancy has that we can expect from Unexpected.

  7. Bentley is a car too. I think Mazda would be cute or Jeep. No I don’t really because my children are Minivan and Shortbus.?

  8. Um…..is this really something you have to be proud about?! Girl, you still were irresponsible and got knocked up at 17 just like them!

    1. Does anyone know the real reason Heather was fired from Teen Mom production?? I’m curious. Wasn’t she best pals with Amber/Ambie???

      1. I think The Ashley has an article around here somewhere about it; if memory serves, she was too close to Farrah. Heather would spend the night at her house and allegedly they were trying to work out a show just for Farrah. *shudder*

        Hope that answers your question!

  9. please don`t make the same mistake to take this bithches to fame!!! we all are alreay guilty of make Farrah and Janelle “famous”…

  10. Teen mom was relatable at first…you know, before they all got plastic surgery, luxury vacations, huge homes and fancy cars. Now the show is as boring and unrelatable as it can get.

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