Mama June Shannon Competes in Adult Beauty Pageants in ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot’ Season 2- Watch the Trailer

“I’m gonna belch ‘Amazing Grace’ as my talent!”

Get your (diet) cheese puffs ready, because Mama June and her clan are coming back for a second season starting in January!

The trailer for the second season of Mama June’s spin-off, Mama June: From Not to Hot, has been released and it’s quite a gem.

Last season, Honey Boo Boo’s mother slimmed down via surgery and sacrificing ‘sketti’ and June is apparently still enjoying her new svelte body. Season 2 of ‘From Not to Hot’ will show her living her life as a newfound “hottie” and—wait for it—entering adult beauty pageants!

Move over Honey Boo Boo! There’s a new Grand Supreme in town!

The trailer then shows Mama June getting ready for the pageant with a montage of her belching and farting.

The trailer also shows her getting into a catfight with the new wife of her ex, Sugar Bear. Mama can be seen blowing an air horn in the woman’s face every time she talks (as one does).

And, since no season of a trashy reality show would be complete without a teenage pregnancy, ‘From Hot to Not’ Season 2 will also follow the pregnancy of Mama June’s 17-year-old daughter, Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon.

A WEtv press release gave us a run-down of some of the other things we can expect to see this season on ‘Mama June: From Not to Hot.’

“Season 2 follows Mama June as she tries to navigate life after losing hundreds of pounds,” the press release reads. “She shocks everyone by turning the tables on her daughter Alana (former child pageant queen ‘Honey Boo Boo’) and gets caught up with adult beauty pageant mania, eager to compete against the beautiful women who snubbed her before her weight loss.

“It doesn’t take June long to realize that her weight was the last of her problems– she now faces decisions that could tear her family apart.”

This trainwreck is scheduled to premiere in January on WEtv.

Scroll down to watch the Season 2 trailer below!

(Photo: WEtv)

26 Responses

  1. Good on you June, you go girl ,you have been through so much you deserve great things and a great life from now on.xx

  2. I can’t wait until the peagent .. this should be good.. I love your show.. your family.. good luck !!

  3. She should set an example by learning to eat properly and exercising and making her children do the same. All but one of her children is obese. Very unhealthy looking.

  4. The Rapture cannot come fast enough 🙁
    Not even hot enough for “The Girls of Big Lots” holiday calendar…

  5. What are you people joke we TV is a joke take a trash trying to make it something beautiful what are your people budget. Cases sorry to say but it ain’t going to happen even though you have that million that watch her there’s 10 million that don’t

  6. Can’t wait. This 60 year old lady that has been in remission from a rare cancer for two years has followed the family from beginning. Good luck with the show. Oh if you have t shirts to sell with your name on it I would like to buy one.

  7. Can we not glorify this pig? Please don’t forget that she dated and exposed her children to the SOB who sexually abused her daughter.

  8. Can the Ashley please cover this “show” of pigs with turkey necks so that I won’t have to watch it? Thank you.

  9. In no way should June’s life and choices be glamorized. And knowing Lauryn is pregnant is just sad. That poor girl is repeating the cycle of teen pregnancy.

  10. Holly from The Ashley, you slay me. “This trainwreck is scheduled to premiere in January”. Lol. Too funny.

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