‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8A Reunion Part 1 Recap: Broken Pickers, Babies & the Bolting Soulmate

Our faces when we realize they basically cut all the good stuff out of this Reunion and left us with the crap…

After another eventful season of Teen Mom 2, it’s time to bring in Dr. Drew and the four five moms to chat about the 18 episodes that covered four births, two weddings, countless meltdowns and a partridge and a pear tree.

Part 1 of the Season 8 “Check Up with Dr. Drew” kicked off with a brief recap of some of the highs (both literally and figuratively) and lows of the year. (This, of course, included every single girl on this show shooting out another baby—except for Leah, who previously held the title for most “fer-tile” ‘Teen Mom.’ Things are getting weird, folks.)

When you’re literally the only girl of five who didn’t have another kid this season…and you’re on a show about preventing getting knocked up…

Dr. Drew talks to Briana about her joining the show (and, of course, they quickly shoot the camera over to Kail’s mug just in case there’s a bitter eye roll or something.) Drew asks the girls if it was hard to shoot this extra-long season of the show.

“It’s hard,” Kail says. “It’s always hard.”

Kail, now is not the time to talk about Javi’s pickle when he’s around Briana! We’re discussing the show here, geez!

“Yes it’s me again, and, yes, I’m still doing this crap.”

In addition to shamelessly plugging Teen Mum (ugh, no), the Reunion special also revealed a new format, spreading out the time with each of the girls and their baby daddies/families into two episodes… or at least the ones that decided to stick around for filming, but more on that later…

Up first in Dr. Drew’s Hot Seat of Hokey Questions is Kail, who relives her graduation, pregnancy announcement, baby daddy drama and the day she expelled yet another living being from her lady tunnel. Kail gets emotional while watching the clips and tells Dr. Drew it’s because her pregnancy was “rough.”

She says Isaac and Lincoln love their new brother. Dr. Drew snarkily asks if the poor kid has a name and she reveals it’s Lux.

The face Dr. Drew makes when he hears that Kail named her kid Lux…

“Lux…that’s….cool,” Dr. Drew says, obviously attempting to stifle his laughter.

Kail reveals that she’s most likely done popping out babies. (Snort…Yeah, and Jenelle is working on an advice book about how to pick a good man!)

Kail then starts breaking down the latest baby-daddy drama in her life. This time, it involves Baby Daddy No. 3, Chris. (Of course the fact that Baby Daddy No. 2, Javi, is off somewhere backstage at this time whispering Drake lyrics into Briana’s ear is also shooting quite the load of drama (pun intended) into Kail’s life.)

“How does it feel to have your ex-husband boinking your co-star?”

Kail reveals that Chris hasn’t seen his son, Lux, in a whole month.

“He cheated on me my whole pregnancy,” she said. “The things I went through all the way leading up to having him was something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.”

(So consider yourself lucky, Briana!)

In addition to Chris’ absence, Kail says her mom remains MIA in her life as well as her kids’ lives, but it’s something she’s come to terms with. (Oh, Smirnoff Suzi, how we miss ye…We raise a shot of rot-gut vodka in your honor, wherever you are…)

She says her (oddly named) friends are her main support system, to which Dr. Drew recommends she also enlist the help of a therapist, to help with “her picker” if nothing else. I think we can all agree that Kail’s “picker” is not good at picking, um, “pecker,” so it may not be a bad idea.

“Can you please tell Javi and Briana to turn off their mics if they’re gonna be humping backstage. It’s distracting!”

Kail tells Dr. Drew things with Javi were good before the Reunion but she’s unsure of where they are at the moment, partially because she’s avoiding him, she says. (I’d check ‘round back of the makeup trailer if I were you, Kail. Look for a pair of Size 8 Jordans sticking out from under a bush and listen for a girl calling him ‘Papi’ in an annoying voice. You’ll probably find both him and Briana if you do that.)

While things with No. 2 and No. 3 are rocky, Kail is getting along great with Baby Daddy No. 1, Jo. Hey, a somewhat decent relationship with one of your three baby daddies isn’t all that bad on this show!

Next up on the stage is Leah, who endured a year of juggling her girlses’ daddies, giving “speakings” in the basements of random restaurants, burning slips of paper in stew pots, getting her learn on (and then off) and standing in her own power. She busier than a pharmacist that sells Plan B after a West Virginia prom, y’all!

All jokes aside, Leah looks better than she has in YEARS! Get it, girl!

Dr. Drew brings up the fact that Leah dropped out of college decided to take online classes.

“What are you studying right now?” he asks her.

“I wanna make people feel beautiful inside and out!” Leah answers.

Dr. Drew gets the hint; Leah’s no longer in school (whether it be on campus or via The Computers). He also understands that Leah’s probably about to try to sell him one of her Lipsense Christmas Beauty kits right there on the damn stage!

“And that’s why I’m saying, the gloss is an important part of the Lipsense facial transformation, Dr. Drew. Them lips could use some glitz!”

Sensing Leah is about to launch into a sales pitch, Dr. Drew changes the subject to something much more uplifting—suicide. He reminds Leah that she once claimed to be suicidal and he wants to dig down deep into that. Leah is less-than-thrilled to relive the painful times.

“Um…I think everyone saw me at my worst,” she says as she gives the good Doc a side-eye. (Yup, we can almost smell the canned raviolis as we relive those days.)

Next, Drew brings up Leah’s ex-husband Jeremy. Dr. Drew can’t resist going all Chatty Cathy and diving into the rumors that Leah and ol’ Jerm are once again playing “sink the sausage” in between Jeremy’s breakups with Brooke. Leah denies that she’s getting frisky with Jeremy (although she does have a big grin on her face as she denies it.)

“No, Dr. Drew, I’m honestly just co-parenting with Jeremy…and his trouser snake.”

“Jeremy…he don’t know what he wants!” Leah proclaims.

Leah then says that joining the dating site Bumble is like “putting DTF on your forehead!”

OK, see…now that’s what Jeremy wants!

They shuffle Leah off and bring up Chelsea next. We can’t help but think this order was done on purpose to show the stark comparison between her lifestyle and Jenelle’s. While both girls went through similar things this season– having a baby, getting married, dealing with baby daddy drama, things couldn’t be more different between what’s happening on The Land and what’s happening in the flanneled DeBoer home.

“So…um…why the hell are you still on this show?”

Dr. Drew touches on the one toxic part of Chelsea’s story — Aubree’s dad (and the South Dakota penal system’s most-notorious reality star) Adam. Chelsea tells Dr. Drew she’s attempted to explain Adam’s hot mess of a life to Aubree, but refrains from flat-out telling her that her dad is a drug addict.

On a more positive note, Chelsea talks about baby Watson’s easy delivery and the fact that her body “just gets those babies out,” which is pretty much music to MTV’s ears.

“A married woman talking about having more kids isn’t that interesting, I know, but it’s the best I can do, guys.”

Chelsea tells Dr. Drew how great Cole is (not that he had a tough act to follow) and that she feels like she’s in a good place. While this makes for a great life story, it is kind of snoozy for a reunion segment. If Amber could come a’chargin’ out on stage and try to smack someone right about now, that’d be great.

Since we can only hear so much about Chelsea’s perfect life, they scoot her off and it’s finally time for Jenelle to hit the stage. We can always count on Jenelle to get defensive, trash her exes and cry about who didn’t play Yahtzee with her and whatnot.

For the occasion, Jenelle’s got the front of her hair all braided up like she’s one of those Bratz dolls. She’s also sporting a necklace with a tiny “D” pendant which we can assume is for her soulmate, David Lurch.

“Drew, go ahead and point out your least-favorite person to interview.”

We watch a few clips from the season, including the time the kids all got to meet Baby Ensley (via their dead eyes); Jenelle complaining that she can’t get her fitness on because she has no time between throwing hot dogs into Kaiser’s cribs and playing on her phone; and Jenelle fighting with Lurch/Nathan/Barb/Doris/the state of North Carolina/ man-kind in general.

Jenelle gets emotional after watching the recap of clips from the past season. Of course, she’s not crying because she had to relive the drama with her mom, or the time her soulmate yanked her son Kaiser by the arm as the poor kid screamed for food. She’s not even crying because she’s being reminded that she still doesn’t have custody of Jace. She’s actually tearing up rewatching clips from her wedding (otherwise known locally as the Romp in the Swamp).

“Hold on, I can squeeze one out, gimme a second!”

MTV is getting all fancy this Reunion. We are treated to a backstage “Lurch Cam,” so we can basically watch Lurch watching Jenelle as she tapes her segment onstage. His eyes are redder than Farrah’s ratchet Little Mermaid wig. (Surely, it’s because he’s been crying while watching the wedding footage, too. Yeah, that’s it…)

When asked about her ongoing battle with Barb, Jenelle tells Dr. Drew she hates her mom because she refuses to give Jace back. (Jesus God Leah, this is a kid we’re talking about, not a pair of “more classier” white court heels that Barb borrowed and hasn’t returned!)

Jenelle tries to show us her smarts by using some fancy lingo.

“I don’t have any care in the world…how she feels,” Jenelle tells us of her mother. “She should care how I feel!”

With that, Jenelle bursts into tears, the veins in her forehead causing her baby bang braids to lift up as she wails.


“I had no family there at my wedding!” she cries.

Jenelle is upset that Barb wasn’t on-hand to help stuff her into her wedding dress and give her a loving shove down the aisle toward Lurch. The nerve of that, Barb, I’ll tell ya! How dare she not stomp onto The Land (dodging a gun-toting Lurch) and burst into Jenelle’s dressing room uninvited! (Hell, she probably should have. It may have saved Jenelle from the disaster that was her veil placement.)


While Jenelle’s mother, father and siblings weren’t at her wedding, Jenelle says it’s OK because she had her friends present and “that’s all that matters!” (Surely the ones who were not able to physically attend the festivities sent their best wishes from whatever jail cell they are currently residing in!)

“I do not care about my mom!” Jenelle declares.

Jenelle tells him Barb has been selling stories about her to the press. She then goes off about how everyone is basically ganging up on her and David and they’re just sitting back and keeping their mouths shut because they’re mature… and not because the things they’re being accused of are true or anything.

Dr. Drew then brings up the topic of Nathan’s mom, Doris, and her concerns about Kaiser’s well-being. Jenelle says that she was actually the one with concerns, not Doris.

“I already said I’d start putting buns on Kaiser’s hot dogs from now on! What more does the woman want from me?!”

Listen here, Doc. That kid clearly gets his recommended one to two servings of hot dog a day tossed into his Crib of Doom.

Dr. Drew asks if Jenelle or David spank the children, and Jenelle says no.

Meanwhile, the stellar camera crew is focused on David (via Lurch Cam) like Addie on a tub of County Crock, cutting to him for reaction shots. He starts cussing and most likely picturing filling Dr. Drew with “uppercuts.”

“Dr. Drew mean. David angry. David hurt Dr. Drew.”

Dr. Drew asks Jenelle about her relationship with Lurch. He basically reminds her of the yutz parade that’s traipsed through these Reunions on her arm over the past eight years or so, and asks why Lurch was the one she took down to the swamp hitching post and married.

Jenelle is determined to sell us all on Lurch—hard. She talks about how protective, wonderful and smart he is. (Lurch is smart, eh? Yeah, and Jenelle is going to start doing YouTube tutorials on how to have great eyebrows.)

“I should get an Emmy for not laughing when Jenelle said that cretin is smart. I’m just sayin’…”

She tells Dr. Drew it makes her upset to see people bashing her Prince Charming and Dr. Drew suggests Lurch’s explosive and frightening angry outbursts could be the reason people are afraid of him.

“He treats me the best way possible!” Jenelle wails.

In an effort to deflect from Dr. Drew’s point, Jenelle brings up Nathan’s rage issues, calling him the “real abuser.” (Um…girl, you boinked both of these men and had their babies…what does that say about you?)

While Dr. Drew mentions Jenelle’s history of being attracted to aggressive men, Lurch is gradually getting more and more enraged.

Just when you thought Lurch couldn’t get any more disgusting…

He’s backstage telling someone he and Jenelle are “leaving after this.” As Dr. Drew continues, Lurch calls him a drama queen backstage and also says “he’s probably a f***t.” (If you’re unsure what word he said, it’s the gay slur that starts with “F.”)

Jenelle continues to tell everyone how wonderful, supportive and kind Lurch is—while, unbeknownst to her, he’s backstage raging and basically getting ready to rip off his plaid button-down, Hulk-style and charge at the Doctor. The irony is almost too much to handle.

As Dr. Drew throws to a commercial break, the cameras continue rolling and we see Lurch complain some more and ultimately creep his way on the stage to tell Jenelle he’s leaving and that she can leave with him or stay.

I can seriously hear the mouth-breathing from here…

She asks him why he wants to leave and he tells her he’ll explain in the car. Producers and crew (and nosy cast members) lurk around the curtain to see what’s going on…and to be witnesses…you know, just in case…

After returning from the commercial break, we see Jenelle walking to the car with Lurch.

“If I don’t leave with him, he’s going to be at the hotel by himself,” Jenelle tells a crew member.

“Gangway! D-list reality star having a tantrum coming through! Make way!”

Yeah, I mean, if he gets a hold of anything sharp or flammable, things could go south real fast.

“I have to go, I’m his wife!” she declares.

Um…you’re also MTV’s employee…who’s been paid a crap-ton of money to be here, regardless if your soulmate-of-the-year is having a tantrum.

We see Jenelle get in the car with Lurch as Producer Larry literally begs Jenelle to stay. She does not because she quite literally rides or dies for her man.

Oh, Larry…I’m secondhand embarrassed for you…

In the words of the great Amber Portwood… “That’s a REAL woman!”

Luckily (we suppose) Nathan is here to keep the segment rolling with Dr. Drew. Nathan tells Dr. Drew that Lurch is controlling and oversteps his boundaries as Kaiser’s stepparent. Nathan mentions the infamous “feed me” scene viewers saw this season, telling Dr. Drew, “it’s all chaotic.”

“Aren’t you gonna at least mention how good my pecs look in this shirt, Dr. Drew?”

Drew suggests that it’s good that Lurch is “containing” Jenelle.

Wait…what?! Anyone else want to fill this whole set with uppercuts!? Why does Drew keep insisting it’s good that Jenelle’s with a controlling and possibly abusive man!?

Nathan’s mom, Doris, joins him on stage to talk about her concerns with everything going down on The Land. She tells Dr. Drew that Nathan was brought up in a respectable home and is a good person— not entirely evident by his behavior, but we won’t fault her entirely for her son’s bouts of ‘roid rage and love of spray tans. Doris tells the doc that she is “terribly frightened for Kaiser.”

“There are more red flags on The Land than in North Korea, Drew!”

“I worked for youth services for 10 years, I worked for the state of Ohio for 31 years in different capacities and I’ve seen abuse, I’ve seen children go through it, I know the red flags and I see red flags. They’re popping up everywhere,” she said.

Doris tells Dr. Drew she’s trying to get custody of Kaiser (as The Ashley previously told you) and while she’s not accusing anyone, she feels that there is drug abuse going on somewhere on The Land.

“I give this marriage a month or two more before someone is hauled away in a police cruiser!”

Nathan and Doris also tell Dr. Drew about an incident of Kaiser saying David had punched him. Doris emotionally tells Dr. Drew all she wants is for someone to protect her grandchild.

Next up, Barb joins Dr. Drew to rehash (for the millionth time) the custody drama with Jace and Jenelle’s abysmal dating life. If Dr. Drew thinks Kail has a “broken picker” we think it’s safe to assume Jenelle was born without a picker all together and simply grabs onto the biggest, loudest, most controlling, city-jail-dwelling single father within a mile radius of her current location.

Barb talks about Lurch’s controlling tendencies and Dr. Drew plays (literal) devil’s advocate, pointing out that Jenelle actually needs some control in her life.

“They’re like two peas in a pod, man,” Barb tells Dr. Drew.

Barb tells Dr. Drew she has a bad feeling but she still wants Jenelle to be happy. While crying, she says Jenelle hates her guts but if she wanted Jace back, she should have tried long ago. Barb says she wants a relationship with her other grandkids, but has been told by Lurch that if she steps foot on The Land, the cops will be called.

As for her dating life, Barb tells Dr. Drew she has too much going on to need a man and the offers for boat sex she previously received on dating sites have scarred her for life… and us as well, to be totally honest.

“If ya ever lonely, give me a call, ya big hunk of medical degree, you!”

Unlike her bitch of a daughta, Barb doesn’t need no man to make her happy…but if Dr. Drew were to ever suddenly become single (or sleazy) Barb would probably be interested.

Since MTV left all the delicious behind-the-scenes footage of what went on during the filming of this reunion, you can click here and here to get the scoop!

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(Photos: MTV)

36 Responses

  1. That was so messed up seeing David start freaking out backstage and then Dr. Drew being like “It’s fine, Jenelle needs to be abused to be contained.”

  2. Leah got just the right amount of botox! She looks awesome, but not overdone. It makes her look well rested and relaxed.

    Speaking of relaxed… how much Xanax did jenelle take??? She was much more mellow than normal. I think she knew she was going to get enraged so she took some Xanax to prepare ahead of time.

  3. Love that Jenelle’s positive test for weed after she had Ensley never comes out. She filed for custody then smoked weed while she was pregnant and had other kids around. She has only herself to blame if she didn’t get custody.

    1. I hate that the show covers so little of the actual crap these girls do and get into (it didn’t cover the positive drug tests, or the CPS investigation,or the huge blow out fight followed by calling off the wedding) and then the reunions don’t even cover half of what happens on the show. It’s ridiculous. There are so many hard questions that need to be asked, and things that need to be called out as unacceptable and not at all normal or healthy, but Dr. Drew spends all his time asking if the girls are getting back together with their baby daddies, or asking them to talk about situations that haven’t changed in years (Chelsea and Adam, barb having custody of Jace).

  4. Kail- but you guys weren’t together? How is it cheating? Oh wait, it’s only cheating on YOUR terms, okay, I got it. So you hiding your phone from your husband when you were texting Chris is, what exactly?

    Chelsea- I feel like Chelsea is over talking about Adam and wants to focus on the new life she built for herself and her daughter but when you’re employed by MTV ??‍♀️??‍♀️

    Leah- with her current situation and health scares that Ali had this season (maybe there’s more than we know), I think it’s okay that Leah dropped school to focus on her daughters. I know I’m going to get downvoted but I couldn’t imagine being in Leah’s shoes. Especially being so young and not only having a teen pregnancy, but it being twins and on top of that, one is disabled. Do I think that eventually, Leah needs to find something outside of MTV, yes. Very much so. But for right now, I think she needs to focus on her girls.

    Jenelle- I don’t like Jenelle. Not one bit. I don’t even feel sorry for her. But I was absolutely disgusted at what Dr. Drew said. The only thing that needs to “contain” Jenelle is a jail cell. It isn’t “good” that David “contains” her. Contain=control. That is what is happening and Dr. Drew just condoned it.
    Anyway, Jenelle, no one is “making you look bad”, you guys do that on your own! Shrek pulled a fucking Amber and MADE YOU LEAVE WITH HIM. Doris is 100% correct when she says that there’s more going down on The Swamp than drugs. This may not end fast, but it’ll end hard and it’s going to be messy. I only hope that the cameras are there to get it incase something happens those babies. I would also like to add that every time someone brings up David’s behavior or even her own, she IMMEDIATELY deflects and brings up Nathan/Doris/Babs. That is the only thing she’s ever been consistent about, deflecting. Jenelle is on drugs and is completely unstable. No amount of editing can fix that. David is on drugs and unstable and is abusive. MTV can’t edit out the alcohol in his eyes.

  5. Briana pisses me off. Devon is no angel and is a POS, but for him to offer supervised visits at his house shows that he is trying to be more of a father to Nova. I don’t understand why Briana thinks it’s ok to keep him away from Nova…This is who you made a baby with, that is Novas father, now deal with the reprocussions lf your piss poor decision making. Briana is SO stupid.

  6. Kail needs a good therapist and a year (at least) of being single.

    Leah needs – well I don’t know what Leah needs,but it’s not Jeremy. I hope she keeps down the path of getting her life together. She seem better than she’s been in years, maybe ever.

    Chelsea will be better when people stop asking about Adam. I get that it’s the only point of drama for mtv to milk, but it’s not good for her or Aubree and it’s annoying to keep watching.

    Briana makes me sad. She’s just so, well…um, irredeemable.

    Janelle is a terrible human being. Just horrible. I hope that none of the kids are there when David loses his shit and kills her.

  7. How did he cheat on you when you weren’t even together in the first place, Kail! You were only friends with benefits and he knocked you up. The only thing he owes to you is to be a good dad to Lux.

    Leah really looks amazing, Jenelle, take notice, she has been single (*gasp*) for over a year, I’m sure is not actively searching for a new man, her girlses are fed and happy……and when the time comes, she will find someone.

    Chelsea’s segments are boring cuz the only drama is her ex but Watson is such a little mini-Cole so I don’t mind cuz otherwise we wouldn’t be seeing this adorable piece of chub<3

    Jenelle, you don't see any red flags, really?! And why are you crying over Babs, when you didn't even want her there?! Only wants a pity party and that's the only reason she wants Jace back, to 'steal" him from her. While Babs is the only one looking out for your son. When even NATHAN is the smarter one, you have a problem. Hopefully Doris gets custody and her husband feels better.

    Briana, I am only interested in the EPIC DRAMA a "Javianna" breakup will bring. I'll have my popcorn ready.

  8. How can someone cheat on you when you weren’t in a relationship, Kail? Hmm? To your own admission, he was basically just a sperm donor. The whole reason behind Lux’s conception was an experiment to see if you can still eject a baby from your birth chute. Hypothesis confirmed correct and now you have the results to deal with it. No sympathy.

  9. The Ashley, I cannot thank you enough for the recap so that I didn’t have to watch this train wreck myself but seriously, I’m disappointed that you just let it go that Jenelle has a D hanging around her neck…so many missed opportunities: She’s wearing it because we know how much she loves the D. She has a D hanging from a chain around her neck, a modern day millstone to signify what a drain David is on her. A tiny D around her neck to represent the tiny D in David’s pants.

    I have more but I’ll just leave it at three. I have faith that you’ll do better next time.

    All jokes aside, even without seeing Lurch’s behavior for myself, his actions described here and Jenelle’s responses to his behavior SCREAM abuse. I can only pray that the kids are spared when this relationship implodes.


    David: *Makes himself look absolutely deplorable, calls Dr. Drew a f****, and storms off set, dragging Jenelle with him*

    Yeah Jenelle, he’s a real gem.

  11. This is Jenelle’s mentality….

    “I made the decision not to invite my family to my wedding. But I want everyone to feel sorry for me that they weren’t there.”

    “I constantly talk shit about my mom and treat her like crap when she has taken care of my son when I was doing drugs and chasing boys. But she is the horrible person because she sells stories about me and keeps custody of my son who has lived with her since the day he was born.”

    “Doris made accusations about me and David abusing drugs and abusing Kaiser (which are proven to be true because of testing positive for THC when pregnant and the footage of David manhandling Kaiser). But she is actually the one that abuses him because there was a red mark on his butt.”

    1. Dr. Drew is a pansy for not bringing up the fact that Ensley was born high on drugs. I wonder if he can even get his head out of Jenelle’s ass….
      As for being a ‘doctor.’ Telling someone they need to be contained by an angry, angressive, abusing man, is horrendous. Doctor my ass.

  12. I pray for all of Jenelle’s kids, and even for Jenelle. Lurch is going to hurt her. Look at all the psycho behavior when he KNOWS he’s being filmed! What do you think goes on when they are alone on The Land???

  13. Brianna may be the dumbest of them all, what does she think the judge is going to say during a child support hearing? Yeah he has to pay you but, “nay” or however you spell that stupid sound she made, she can’t go with him? And ohhhhhhhh I’m only going to warn you once. Ok, and then what? She and her table climbing, rabid mother are amazing role models for those girls

  14. I swear to god, all the drugs have gone to Jenelle’s teeny tiny brain. She’s always banging on about how Barb “took” Jace from her.. maybe she should watch the episode when she willingly signed over custody of him. Or maybe we watch the obscene amount of episodes where she walked away from that child, while he sat and cried.

    I wish she would get it through her thick f-cken head that it is the court system that is deciding to have Jace stay with Barb because it’s in his best interest.

  15. Dr. Drew thinks it’s okay for a woman to be CONTROLLED and needs to be? Jenelle needs a big fat dose of therapy and medication, not to be the victim of abuse.

  16. I was shocked that there hasn’t been more outrage at the F-word comment but honestly…who is surprised?

    Also, I hate, haaatteee this new reunion format. I have a feeling it’s so that people won’t be selective in which reunion episode they watch since all of the girls are featured on both, but from a continuity standpoint it was just awful. Hopefully they keep it normal for TMOG, if I can even make it through this season.

  17. Jenelle keeps saying she wants Jace “Back” yet she conveniently forgets that she gave him away after she absconded with Babs’ credit card for a weekend of discount sushi and gas station sandwiches with Keifer. She is an absolutely horrible “mother” and she deserves everything that’s coming to her by way of Lurch. She has always and will always live for whatever man is in her bed, but it is so sad that the children are the ones who suffer. Jace seemed so happy to be going on vacay with her, then he asked if Lurch was coming and you could just feel the air leave his sails when she said yes. Jenelle knew that was a sign he didn’t want to go with David, but how on Earth could she ever be expected to spend time with her child without a man?!? (oh the humanity!) She’s met her match when it comes to Nathans’ mom though, because she is the only one with complete credibility in the situation. You could tell she was 100% legit in her assessment of the situation so none of the bull that Jenelle usually pulls is going to stick. That’s great for Kaiser, I just feel bad for all the rest of the children being dragged down by Jenelle and Lurch and their garbage can of a relationship.

    1. I thought she postponed, not dropped the petition. I have no idea what’s going to happen next, but I’m hoping with all my heart she is going to pursue getting custody of Kaiser! I would gladly change my name to just “Ensley’s Escape Plan”: at least one child out of that Swamp o’Horrors!

  18. -FINALLY, Leah has gotten a grip and is getting her shit together! She looks great, the girlses look well kempt, and she’s not rambling on about putting dye in the babies head. I see why she wants to be a motivational speaker…the way that she’s coming out of that disaster that she put herself in might be motivation for anyone in a similar situation to want to better themselves.

    -Kail can cry all she wants about how hard her baby daddy made her pregnancy….but she did this to herself. Karma is real and is a bitch, i don’t know why she thought she was exempt. I don’t see this baby daddy being easy to co-parent with….at all

    -Jenelle and her entire life is such a disaster. That “husband” of hers, the way that he was riling himself up like he was the incredible hulk over the most mi-nute things that Dr. Drew was saying, shows that he is not someone anyone should want to be around…..Nathan is clearly as dumb as a box of rocks, but I think that him and his mothers concerns are very valid. And Babs is so right…she gave that girl at least 5 years, half a decade, to get her act together so that she could be a mother to her son, and now 7 years later, after the diaper changes, terrible 2’s/3’s and daycare payments, Jenelle’s bitching about Babs not giving him back. Too little too late sweetheart.

    -Briana, BTW her keeping Nova away from Devon and his family is wrong. i get that shes resentful, but thats the man she picked as her kids father. I can understand that she does not trust him with Nova one on one, but Brittany said that she would go with Nova for a few hours so that Nova could get to know his family. At the end of the day Nova needs to have a relationship with Devon, and if Devon is open to it and has been asking to spend time with her to build a better connection with her and his family, then he should be allowed that. I do not understand Briana’s logic at all. The girl is DUMB….

    1. Brianna may be the dumbest of them all, what does she think the judge is going to say during a child support hearing? Yeah he has to pay you but, “nay” or however you spell that stupid sound she made, she can’t go with him? And ohhhhhhhh I’m only going to warn you once. Ok, and then what? She and her table climbing, rabid mother are amazing role models for those girls

  19. Yep, kailyn is a compulsive liar. You’re totally right, I thought the same as you, that they were “just friends” who decided to have a baby and then suddenly he’s been “cheating” (how to you cheat on your friends exactly?) and boom, she’s the “victim” YET AGAIN. I honestly think she believes her own bullshit. Like how she thinks Javi texting her asking if she’s pregnant is ground to file a PFA. Now apparently she’s a lesbian. Give me a break. She’s just as bad as Jenelle with the “soulmate of the month”

  20. Team Dolores Janelles kids deserve a fighting chance again and again she’s never taken the opportunity to grow up and put them first ever at what point do you just accept she cannot be there for her kids the way she needs to be it’s like she’s trapped in a 15-year-old girls mind what happens when her kids reach the same age She seems to be stuck at mentally

  21. I really don’t know what to believe out of kail mouth anymore because in her first interview with the Ashley about the pregnancy she made it sound like she and Chris were just friends who decided one day to make a baby because her chances of conceiving we’re going downhill as she was getting older (Surprising no woman anywhere on gods green earth) I honestly think she at one point she thought he would settle down with her (I think that’s why she was able to discard javi and their marriage so quickly) She thought she was moving on to Chris and their baby I don’t think Chris had planned a happily ever after Like the one she seem to have in mind

    1. Well remember that segment with Javi on the phone with a mutual friend of both of them, Kail was quoted crying that the grass wasn’t greener and she wanted to know if there was an option together. She didn’t deny it.

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