Like Mother, Like Daughter! Farrah Abraham’s Mom Debra Danielsen Posts Sexy Photos of Herself & New Husband

“Eat your heart out, Michael!”

Not even Amber Portwood‘s psychic could have predicted seven years ago– back when Deb was wearing power suits and still trying to make that Farrah Fawcett feathered ‘do work– that one day The Ashley would be writing a story about Deb posting frisky photos of herself to the Interwebs!

Debra Danielsen took a page out of her daughter Farrah Abraham‘s book on Tuesday morning when she took to Twitter to post a few sexy pics of herself, taken on her wedding day last month.

In one shot, the Teen Mom OG grandma posed, Farrah-style, in a beaded bodysuit and no pants. (Sadly, her lingerie was not from Farrah’s just-released lingerie line, however.)

She captioned the photo “#PhotosForGroom” and #MakingMemories.”

In another shot, Debz OG showed off her (clothed) caboose in a photo of herself in her wedding dress.

Deb also posted a photo of her new husband, Dr. David Merz, in his skivvies! In one shot, David and his groomsmen are seen giving the camera a look under their kilts. (One groomsmen who was obviously not keen to have his package photographed kept his kilt down, however.)

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans had a lot to say about Debra’s pics. The responses ranged from supportive to downright horrified.

“Tasteful & very brave to add to social media – Hope I look half as good at your age!” one person wrote in response to Deb’s sexy photo.

“Damn no shame in your game girl. Not mad at ya. You brave,” someone else wrote in support of Deb’s photo.

Others were not so pleased with the sexy Deb pics.

“Seriously, have more respect for yourself,” one person commented. “Just because your daughter does it, doesn’t make it right.”

“So sad for you that you think necessary to post, as it only comes off as yet another desperate attempt to stay relevant,” another follower wrote.

Farrah has yet to comment on her mother’s sexy pics.

(Photos: MTV, Twitter)

56 Responses

  1. She looks like an old hag come on Deborah OK you getting to be just like your daughter breast implants like bulb suction tell me talk all the shit OK your other daughter must be disgusted in you and if you think you can keep on me and like David your new husband you got another thing coming he just wants the notoriety from being on TV OK and I bet he doesn’t have any money either get a life

  2. Disgusting. The whole family – three generations are horrible. I actually think Farrah is mentally ill, though, so I cut her some slack.

  3. Oh, Debz, you try so desperately hard to look young & hip, it makes me sad for you.

    This whole family’s attention-seeking tactics are so painful to watch, it gives me second-hand embarrassment. It’s sad that she & Farrah obviously need so much validation from the world to feel good about themselves. Did she get more plastic surgery btw? She’s starting to get Cindy Lou-Hoo face.

  4. Somebody once commented on a Farrah-related post here, wondering when Debra made the switch from “frumpy Midwest mom to baby prostitute.” It was literally the best, most accurate observation I’ve ever seen and I think about it every time I read a Debra post.

  5. Is that doctor’s advice? A thick sock around your co.. when wearing a kilt? Is he afraid to catch a cold?

  6. I thought her rapper career was embarrassment enough.
    Apparently I was wrong and why didn’t they come up with something clever to wear under the kilts defenently not Speedos but maybe Funny boxers that said This man is being held prisoner
    ( I only had a minute to be clever)

  7. Yes, Deb looks good for her age, not gonna lie but this looks distasteful for a woman of her age who is a grandma. Stop it and act your age appropriate!

      1. Why are my comments awaiting moderation while other people’s comments get approved whose comments are made hours later? Have I done something wrong? :/

        1. Clear your browser cache but mainly delete your cookie from TA. If it is a new screenname, it takes about a day for the cookie to be recognized. Probably just to avoid spam accounts. Hope it helps 🙂

      2. Kail and Javi took maternity pics when she was preggo with Lincoln and she had a giant one over their bed of her in lingerie. Vee saw it on a tour of their house or something in an episode and made the most hilarious observation of “how vulgar” it was.
        I seem to remember one of her in one of Javi’s shirts or something too.

  8. Like totally seriously, she’s doing this to make her pervball hubby happy.
    It definitely seems like she’s trying to morph into Farrah. For his disgusting fantasies. .
    If we all remember she got that wig last reunion, to look like her daughter, which skeeved me beyond belief.

  9. I bet you anything Debra and her husband are into to some freaky bondage BDSM fetish stuff. I think she ties him up, beats him with whips, and tells him to refer to her as “mistress”.

  10. I feel like I just opened a spam email seeing those pics lol.
    What is it with those people?

  11. I am not an ageist, but damn Debra if you are going to get nasty. Work Out and get a better photographer. Though the back shot of the dress is a good picture.

    As for David, no. Just no, maybe it could have been funny if it was your rears. All the guys look a little embarrassed and awkward.

  12. How much you wanna bet Deb has gone to the producers behind Farah’s back trying to pitch her own show ? LoL she could care less if Farah succeeds in Hollywood, as long as she does. She thinks she can get a spin off flaunting her skanky old ass. If she got one which she won’t she would be like Farah who? Farah is of no use to her anymore.

  13. Yeah Debs New husband definitely has the creep factor going on! Deb seems so desperate to stay in the lime light. I feel like she has used Farah to further her own misguided attempt of fame. Oh no what will she do now? I know post tasteless pics on the internet to stay relevant!!

  14. The wedding dress one, and even the kilts… fine. Whatever, post what you want.
    The “#photosforgroom” should only be SEEN BY THE GROOM. Not the fucking internet.
    Honestly everyone wants to know why Farrah is so messed up? This woman right here. Even when she was wearing power suits, she still had this disturbing attitude.

    1. I actually used to think she was on drugs with how monotone and emotionless she was. Something absurd would happen and she’d just be like “Oh…well…yeah, that happens…” and go about her day. No doubt she messed up when it came to parenting Farrah, but she also had another daughter who was raised in the same household, who is apparently a completely normal and functional human being. I think Farrah just has major issues with narcissism and it was brought out to an extreme with the popularity that came with being featured on MTV. Debz wasn’t mom of the year, but I can’t blame all of who Farrah is on her.

  15. I recently scratched my cornea. It was the most horrendous pain I’ve ever felt.. but seeing these pictures hurt my eyes a hell of a lot more!


    1. I’ve had cyanobacteria in my eyes due to swimming in an unsafe lake. Getting it out (GP did that) damaged my cornea and I had to use ointments that made me blind for 15 mins each day to get that fixed. It hurt less and for a shorter amount of time than the kilt picture.

  16. I can’t unsee all this rancid old meat no matter how hard I try. Pew!!!

    Off to boil and bleach my eyeballs now.

    (And Debra wonders why her daughter is such an exhibitionist nutcase.)


  17. Yes indeed it comes off as a desperate attempt to stay relevant now that the Teen Mom gravy train May be over. Is Deb jealous of Farrah possibly. Deb has a great figure at her age, but really needs to act her age, and show some class and decorum.

    1. Considering her new husband has for sure whacked off to Farrah’s sex tapes, I’d say yeah, she’s probably very jealous. This family is SO FUCKED.

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