Jenelle Evans’ Exes to Be Featured in New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Special “The Ex Files!” Watch a Sneak Peek Here!

“Hey, we all make mistakes…”

They’re baaaaack!

MTV will be showcasing some of the Carolina’s creepiest and crappiest (former?) street thugs, moochers and general criminals on its upcoming Teen Mom 2 Special “The Ex Files.” What do all of these bottom feeders have in common, you ask? Well…they’ve all, at one point or another, been Jenelle Evans’ soulmate!

Brace yourselves, kids… Kieffer is returning to the small screen!

MTV has rounded up the motley crew of men lucky enough to have once been considered Jenelle Evan’s true love for a look back on their respective time with the Teen Mom.

‘Teen Mom 2: Jenelle, The Ex Files’ will air on Monday and, in addition to “Kieffah,” we’re also going to hear from Jenelle’s first husband Courtland Rogers, her former fiance Gary Head, Jace’s dad Andrew Lewis, Kaiser’s dad Nathan Griffith, and Jenelle’s current husband/soulmate/temper tantrum enthusiast David Eason.

The fact that Jenelle has provided MTV enough material to create a special on her trainwreck of a love life isn’t the most shocking thing here, though. The real kicker is that they convinced her to actually narrate this thing! (We would have preferred that the special be narrated by Jenelle’s mother, Barbara Evans, though!)

“Well would ya look what the cat draaagged in! I hope ya hide ya valuables!”

This stumble down Jenelle’s marijuana- and misdemeanor-filled memory lane is sure to bring in some high (HIGH HIGH) ratings!

Watch a sneak peek clip below! (Sorry about the autoplay!)

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong because I watched this program while multitasking, but it seemed as though the consensus among the exes was that Babs is a good person. They may have hated her during their time with Jenelle and her voice may haunt them, but it seemed as though they agreed that Barbara loves Jenelle and Jace. Didn’t seem like they all felt positive about Jenelle. These relationships all had Jenelle & drugs/alcohol in common.

  2. Just watched this and as a few other commenters predicted, it was a PR piece to show how “wonderful” David is compared to the rest. Blech.

    I liked the suggestion of Babs (with a big goblet of wine in-hand) being the hostess / narrator. Even better if she interviewed all of them. Gary and Courtland would give her a big old hug. Keiffah would still be scared and have traumatic flashbacks upon hearing her voice. She’d argue with Nathan, but then they would reach a common ground on the danger Lurch poses to Kaiser and how Doris should get custody. I LOL’d during the Nathan scenes when he thought Jenelle would be a great mom – ha! she didn’t even have custody of Jace! She would give Andrew a piece of her mind for being a total absentee father / looosah havin’ a la de da time living in NYC while Babs is raising his kid.

  3. Did anyone else feel complete again when Keiffa made his grand reappearance? Because I haven’t been that happy since 2012.

    1. Yup. That has been known basically as soon as Jenelle and Lurch hooked up. She is just too dumb to realize what happened.

  4. Wow That Jenelle sure knows how to pick them. I find it so pathetic that she immediately started acting like every one she was with. She emulated all of their behaviors. Her poor children will one day see this and I can guarantee that they will be ashamed of their “mother” You would think she would be embarrassed of how many gold digging punks she exchanged body fluids with. SHE SURE KNOWS HOW TO PICK EM.

    1. You haven’t really been in a relationship with Jenelle until you’ve been arrested while in a relationship with Jenelle.

      1. And if they don’t have one she will have you arrested but it’s ok she will post your bond and nail you out.
        We call that in my line of work Foreplay

  5. The fact that there are three little innocent human beings who are forced to wallow in this carnage for the rest of their lives is kind of killing it for me. If Jenelle was childless it would be hysterical.

    1. This was supposed to be a reply to the @GOURMET BAKED POTATO RECIPE comment below. Because I can actually imagine Jenelle careening around in an old hoopty, honking and throwing batteries, all while screaming at people to stop looking at her. ?

  6. Does the Ashely know what’s going on with this recording of a 911 call from jenelle about Barbara. From what I read a police report said there was no further action taken or needed.

  7. The fact that janelle is narrating it herself just goes to show anything she didn’t want us to see won’t air. Sad. I’d like to see the uncut version not approved by jenelle first!!! Now that would make for good tv!

  8. Why oh why is Babs not narrating this?

    “Well Junelle we’re gonna tawk ’bout all ya old BOYFRIENDS”

  9. Finally, the trash television I’ve wanted my whole life. This is going to be a gold mine of laughs. I can feel it.

    1. True. She really deserves no less, traveling thru life like an ’86 Cutlass Supreme that is dragging another car sideways and the driver randomly chucks D cell batteries at other cars all while its horn honks constantly and she has her head out the window yelling “Don’t look at me!”.
      The fact that she narrates it makes me want for a show with the outtakes of that lol. I can’t imagine it went down in a single read and without protest…
      Call me a raccoon because I cannot wait to dig thru this garbage haha!

  10. I can’t believe David is allowing Janelle to narrate it. He’s prob told her what she can and cannot say.

    1. “And this is a guy that I dated because I didn’t know David yet and was just trying to make it seem like I had a boyfriend for MTV. I didn’t actually know or love him in any way shape or form, and certainly never had sex either, because I was saving myself for my soulmate David.” – Jenelle’s David Approved upcoming intro for Andrew.

    2. Narration by jenelle. Edited, scripted, monitored by David. Evil stares and abusive language backstage will also be provided by David.

  11. It’s really stupid of her (it’s not like the first stupid thing she did but one in a million) how she considers the fact that she had enough exes to make a special a ‘success’ for her and that she doesn’t see it as how she failed in life. Three kids by three men, got pregnant by almost each and every one of them (the only ones who didn’t knock her up are Kieffa and Gary, please correct me on this if I’m wrong) and considering she’s only 25 that’s a whole lot.

    ps. I’m still all up for it gotta admit! 😀

      1. She says she had a miscarriage with Courtland as well. She posted pics of blood in her shower then went partying with Gary and never mentioned it again.

        1. I remember an episode of TM2 where Barb took her to get an abortion when her “marriage” to Courtland was falling apart. she can’t deny that one.. it was taped.

  12. I would be very embarrassed to go down the list of ny exes and failures …… and to narrate this? It’s like reminding everyone “hey America I’m jenelle and this is how long I’ve been a screw up” ??‍♀️ What a dummy

  13. This would probably be a lot more interesting if Janelle wasn’t narrating. As others have said, I want to hear what they think about it all. Also, being as controlling as Lurch is, I can’t believe he would stand for this. Probably the reason she is narrating, he wouldn’t allow for it any other way. I’m thinking this is somehow going to be warped into showing how “perfect” their marriage is compared to her last relationships. I could totally see him getting all jealous at watching this and them having a big blow out. However, I am excited to see Keiffah again!

  14. Given it’s Jenelle, she probably called hoping Jace would be put in her custody so he could go to Florida with them. Which would be rational thinking for a sociopath, and a such an obvious lie.

  15. Honestly, I don’t have too high hopes for this. I have a sneaky suspicion that Jenelle had a lot of pull in this special and it will paint her in a positive light. It will all be her exes’ fault that the relationship went as it did. And, despite everything, it seems she still on good terms with some of them. I doubt they will say anything too scathing or revealing. Except for Nathan and even then he will be reigned in or edited.

    Either that or they were paid very, very, VERY well.

    1. I actually heard that Nathan was the least negative towards her out of all of them in this, but that he really wasn’t all too nice. So there will probably be some choice words from some of these guys.

      1. Haha that’s saying a lot bc he was brutal to her at times. Which I believe drugs is the cause for most of her problems in life and the problems w men she chooses. Bc they all do drugs, I know Nathan has said he doesn’t do drugs but I do believe he has a drinking problem..

  16. Ever since the very first nanosecond this trashbag of a “Mother” showed her face on television, it was clear she had no shame, but this…. Actually I guess this is kind of a public service from mtv because even if you are living in a dumpster, eating discarded three day old gas station sushi and have been unemployed since 1996, you can watch this show and think damn, at least I’m not as bad as that chick.

  17. Man..
    I’m so bummed that the “Nathan murdered Keeeeeifa and is running his Twitter account” rumour is clearing false ☹️

    1. Do you think MTV promised Janelle look We will give you your OWN special just please don’t quit?

      We had to fire are other insane bitch that every one hated as much as you so we need to keep you around for ratings.
      Seriously why would someone do this except for money but then again why would some go on TV and tell everyone they are getting a abortion?

  18. The Ashley, are you going to cover Jenelle’s 911 call? She seems to have made the whole thing up, but her accusations against Barb are pretty serious. Naturally, Jenelle was so worried about Jace, she jetted off the Florida without him…

    1. Omg that was hard to listen to. The cops and 911operators prob get calls from her all the time. She’s nutso and of course typical of David to be recording her talking on the phone.

  19. This must be David & Jenelles warped way of portraying how much “better and above” this shit they are now ? I can’t see any other way David signing off on this, unless it’s some stupid amount of money… as my husband and I sit here working as many hours as humanly possible to provide for our family and this bitch has so many ex-husbands there’s an entire show based on it that she’s getting paid for narrating… FML

    1. Yeah, but you are not a despicable person running everyone around you to the ground. You are not one of the regulars for the police in booking and if you have children you are not a danger for them to be around with. So you win, in my opinion.

    2. Thats it. There are actually people that THINK she has “come a long way”.
      Yes she is mother of the year sje went from heroin to giving birth to a child with THC (marijuana) in her system.
      She still hasnt come far enough to be a decent mother.

  20. Has anybody else seen the article on David supposedly being a cancer survivor? I’m sorry, but I have to call BS on this one.

    1. Yeah Janelle posted about that then deleted it which is odd. But I thought I read that him having a spot removed was just a precaution, I think she said that after saying it was cancer. Idk if it’s true or not but it’s hard to believe anything they say. There’s a lot of ‘crying wolf’ from them.

      1. So he had a (possible cancerous) mole removed? And that translated to jenelle saying that he went through chemo? Typical for a pathological liar. She couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it.

  21. is it sad the promo kinda makes me wanna binge watch some old school tm2? I haven’t always kept up in the past Jenelle’s antics were just too much for me. I guess my standards are slowly deteriorating

      1. I don’t think so? His name has appeared on the various court documents for Jace meaning his parental rights were likely never terminated so they need to give him notice every single time.

        1. I remember they got a paternity test and he said via Skype when he found out jace was his, that he didn’t want anything to do w him and I’m pretty sure he signed away his rights.

          1. I remember there were a handful of reasons as to why he couldn’t see Jace, that he talked about at a Dr.Drew special. One of which being that he had arrest warrants in NC, and couldnt enter the state without being arrested and he didn’t trust Jennelle not to call the cops if he came to NC, and there were a few instances when he visited Jace at his daycare secretly until Jenelle and Barb found out and put an end to it. Not defending this loser, but he was pretty much stuck between ‘don’t see my child OR go to jail for trying to see my child’, and he made his choice. Definitely interested as to what he’s been up to though since we haven’t actually seen him on camera (not including skype) since 2010. I wonder if he was allowed to see Jace for doing this, or only agreed to do this under the condition that he see Jace since he hasn’t seemed interested in MTV or their money up until this point.

      1. To an extent yes, and I don’t blame them because…well…look at him…but from what I remember there were a bunch of other circumstances that helped keep him away.

  22. This will be big fun. Yes, Barbara should have narrated this! Just to hear the contempt dripping when she says KIEFFA is enough to get me glued to the screen! Good work, MTV.

  23. Haven’t watched this trainwreck of a show in years, yet I MUST watch this special. This is gonna be TV gold!

  24. LOL!!!!!!!! you better believe I’m tuning into this….We never got to see Courtland on TV, and I wonder if they’re gonna address Nathan breaking into Jenelles house via window and attacking Kieffer. I’m surprised Lurch allowed her to sign off on this….they must be getting paid a lot

    1. Supposedly, they’re basically throwing all of their money and stupid shit and are going broke. They probably only agreed to do this because they need the money for important things like pot, vacations, and lawyer fees.

  25. I’m surprised by how much I’m looking forward to this! I’d prefer that it not be narrated by Jenelle though, we already know that she views reality through a warped and fuzzy lens, I want to hear about her through others’ perspective.

    1. Nope I’m so excited! I don’t have cable though so I’m hoping I’ll be able to find it online somewhere. Kieffer is back!!

        1. That is so embarrassing, I’m embarrassed watching that part. Even he’s the sensible one during that part, trying to get away. I still agree w Barbara, David is the worst bf she’s ever had.

          1. Worse than Keiffer and Courtland who she abused drugs with?

            And no. I’m not going to promote her victim card and say they shot her up with drugs bc she didn’t know how. But if she’s still sober from heroin (which is incredibly difficult to do) i think we at least have a tie

    1. Because we need this in our lives. This special represents everything about reality TV. that makes us feel better about our own live choices. ?

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