New TLC Show ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Focuses On Families Looking For Their Next Wife

“This lifestyle is so fun…yeah, fun…that’s it…”

TLC gave viewers a glimpse inside the life of a plural family with the show Sister Wives (returning in January after a long hiatus) but on its newest plural-marriage-related show, Seeking Sister Wife, we’ll follow three families as they work through the process of adding another spouse, including all of the ups and downs that come with it.

‘Seeking Sister Wife’ premieres January 14, but before the series about “multiplying love” kicks off, let’s get to know the three growing families we’ll be watching…

The Snowden Family

While the other families on the show are already established in the world of multiple spouses, Ashley and Dimitri Snowden of Atlanta, Georgia, are looking to add their first sister wife. Ashley and Dimitri are parents to two children, ages two and four (and one on the way), and they are determined to find a compatible and committed sister wife who wants to keep adding to the family’s brood.

“We’re getting back into the dating game!” Dimitri says in a just-released promo for the show.

“Not only is Dimitri looking for his wife but I am looking for my best friend,” Ashley says.

The Snowdens are not part of the fundamentalist Mormon faith; however, they “have a spiritual union and adhere to a moral code.” The couple has also abstained from getting legally married to ensure equality with their future wife.

The Alldredge Family

Jeff, Vanessa and Sharis Alldredge are a fundamentalist Mormon family in search of their third wife. They have seven children between them — all under the age of seven — and live together in one house where Vanessa and Sharis share the household duties.

In their TLC bio, we learn that as polygamists, the Alldredges “believe their family is never complete and they plan to expand their family as large as God sees fit.”

The Briney Family

Drew, April, Auralee and Angela are trying to establish their “new normal” following Drew and Angela tying the knot after a two-week courtship.

“It’s really hard to get over that feeling that you’re intruding,” Angela says in the promo. “Living with two sister wives, it takes an emotional toll.”

Drew’s first and legal wife, April, is known to exercise control over the other wives and she and Auralee in particular don’t always see eye to eye.

The family and their 15 children are all moving into the same house together and that’s not the biggest change the family will endure — Angela is pregnant just months after joining the Briney family. While April and Auralee are excited to form a bond with Angela, they hardly know her.

With the January return of ‘Sister Wives’ and the premiere of ‘Seeking Sister Wife,’ TLC almost has as many sister-wife shows as the Brown family has actual sister wives! Here’s to a year of proliferating partners!

The show premieres Sunday, January 14 on TLC.

Watch the ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ promo below.

(Photos: TLC)


  1. Are you joking, as far as im concerned these men need caatorated and the woman need slapped in the head. Its just another way for a man to sleep with as many woman as he wants to. And the woman are either just stupid or idiots.

  2. I have no problem with people practicing polygamy if they feel like it’s their faith and all consenting parties (of age) agree to it. That being said, I don’t feel like you should go “looking” for another wife. If it is truly meant to be, then shouldn’t that person come into your life through divine intervention or something? I am not a polygamist, but if I was, I would want to feel compelled to join the faith and the family, similar to how Janelle came into the Brown family.

    I do like that the one couple decided not to become legally married to keep everything equal.

  3. You may want to clarify on the Snowden family that they’re FLDS, not Mormons. The “real” Mormons stopped practicing polygamy, so it’s just the FLDS church that does.

    1. Yet the “real” Mormons still worship Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, two phony prophets who took advantage of dozens of young women for their own perverted desires. Maybe it’s time to do some real research on your fucked-up cult, Gretchen, instead of trying to defend it.

    2. Real Mormons also acknowledge while it’s no longer practiced it’s still in their books & that it was only discontinued for legal/political reasons & that should they feel a need to procreate expediently again it would just take a word from the church.
      Living in a Mormon state watching The Handmaiden Tale on Hulu is frightening. Mormon history isn’t “sweet” or holy.

  4. Umm.. It’s the BRINEY FAMILY LOL

    My favorite article so far!
    Thanks for your review on the show.. April is an amazingly loving woman.. So opposite from how she is shown on the show

  5. I always felt like all of these men are bored with their wives but instead of divorcing them they just find new ones. Good for them if it works but I could never see myself marrying in such a family.

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