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It’s almost time to bid 2017 farewell, which means it’s also time to vote for The Ashley’s annual “Best of Reality TV” survey! This year has been pretty exciting in the world of reality TV. We’ve watched people get arrested, break up, get engaged and get trashed and now it’s time to vote for your favorite and least favorite people, moments and shows!

As always, the survey results will be announced on December 31.

Take the 2017 “Best of Reality TV” survey below!

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  1. please stop giving danielle and mo any mentions let alone a survey. She thinks she is a star and well loved when in reality much like her “autographed” pictures were a joke. Also reality tv survey and Big Brother isn’t down there as show but you have two of last seasons 1 & 2 place?

    1. Yes, it’s been announced. Though I’d hardly consider any pregnancy in that family as newsworthy, lol.

        1. Wasn’t it weird when khloe finally announced her pregnancy and all her followers were like ‘omg khloe we had no idea!’ That creeped me out. They are deep in the koolaid bowl to not have known.

  2. I think their should be a category for grossest moment. It’s a tie between Ryan driving high while Makenzie let him or David Eason abusing Kaiser and Jenelle not saying a word except, can we hurry up, I’m melting over here.

  3. Jenelle is always my yearly ‘Trainwreck’, but I have to say, I think this year Amber takes the cake. Her relationship with Moochy Matt was a crapshow, and justttt when you think she would clean up her act, work on herself and develop a relationship with her daughter…not only is she dating a new guy, but is engaged and pregnant a month later. Then, per usual, the felonies start to come out of the woodwork, followed by domestic violence and stalking charges. Her and Evans are cut from the same moldy cheese cloth.

  4. I’m surprised Mackenzie from Teen Mom OG wasn’t one of the options for Biggest TV Villain. I added her to the “Other” option.

  5. I like the new Floribama shore show. The tall skinny girl is hilarious. And I think Ryan Edwards and Janelle are the biggest villains this year. After finding out Matt was sneaking around on amber, their split wasn’t such a big surprise. Uh yes Ryan driving while sooo high was shocking, but I can never get used to watching Janelle treat her mom and kids that way. I took the survey can’t wait for the full results.

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