‘Teen Mom OG’ Season 7 Episode 8 Recap: The Hellish Holiday in Italy & a Hawaiian Pregnancy Announcement

“Congratulations. You knocked me up in record time!”

On this episode of Teen Mom OG, the gals are all jetting off to exotic places and going on fun trips; you know, living the typical teen mom lifestyle. Of course, none of the moms actually have their kids with them on these trips, (except for Farrah, ironically enough), but this is par for the course for this show.

The episode kicks off with Farrah and Sophia touching down in Italy. They are meeting up with Farrah’s dad, Michael and his girlfriend Amy. Farrah’s mom, Debra, is also coming on the trip, but will be arriving a day later than the rest of the gang. (She no doubt had to take some extra time to ensure her pleather pants were packed so that they didn’t get any creases!)

Farrah tells us that she wants to keep her parents “separated throughout the trip.” Um…then maybe just invite one of them and not the other?

Italian Farrah is just a little piece of heaven. She has barely set foot in the country and she’s already spreading her special type of “amore” to the locals and her family alike, snapping at people and losing her temper.

“It’s fun to see how the foreign poor live!”

She tells Michael and Amy that she is hoping that Debra will arrive in Italy, meet some sort of Fabio (who has a thing for ladies wearing crop tops and multiple belts) and fall madly in love with him, and not marry Dr. David.

Back in Omaha, Deb and her mother Carmela get their drink on while Deb talks about the Italy trip that she, at this point, assumes she will be taking only with Farrah and Sophia.

Wait wait wait….record scratch! Farrah did not tell Deb that her ex-husband and his new broad were going to be on this trip with them?! That’s cold, even for Farrah.

“Cheers to the Italian sun possibly melting Farrah’s cold dead heart!”

Debra, totally unaware of what sort of dysfunctional family fight-fest is waiting for her in Italy, tells her mom she hopes the trip will mend some fences before her big day with David. Debra and her mom both get emotional when talking about the possibility of her walking down the aisle without Farrah and Sophia be there.

Debra is so sure that Farrah and Sophia will change their mind and attend the wedding that she has already purchased a dress for Sophia to wear. She’s even cooked up a job for her granddaughter: Train Carrier. Deb gets choked up just thinking of having to have someone else besides Sophia holding up the back of her dress while she delivers her rap classics to her wedding guests.

Over at Maci’s, Taylor is on baby duty while Maci treats herself to a girls’ trip. Maci and her friends are spending the weekend in Knoxville and attending a football game.

Later, Maci’s pals know they have to put in the required conversation about Ryan if they want MTV to foot the bill for their Air BnB. Someone asks Maci if Ryan has taken his drug test yet so he can see Bentley. Maci says that Ryan has yet to take the drug test and therefore cannot see Bentley.

“Fine, I know the drill…how are things with Ryan?”

Speaking of Ryan, we check in with him at his parents’ house. We learn that (fresh-out-of-rehab) Ryan is about to head to Las Vegas with Mackenzie and all their best pals to celebrate their joint bachelor/bachelorette party in Vegas. What better place for a newly sober person to go than Las Vegas!? Seriously, did Amber come up with this plan or…?

To add to the nonsense of this trip, we learn that Jen and Larry are tagging along. Jen insists that they hit up “da club” while they are in Vegas, and jokes that Larry will have to bust out the Geritol to keep up with the youngins. Apparently, that idea has really surprised Ryan because his eyes are as big as saucers in this scene!

“Geritol, eh? That don’t get ya high, do it?”

I feel like we’ve seen this before…is anyone else having déjà vu?

Also getting ready to take a trip is Amber, who is planning to take off to Hawaii with her daughter — just kidding, you know Amber’s bringing her new man candy Andrew! Leah’s stuck slumming it in the chicken coop at Gary’s place while Mommy jets off to the islands!

While packing for the romantic getaway, Amber says she’s ready for some downtime and needs to relax on a hotel couch for a while before coming home to her own treasured Lazy Boy collection. She also mentions that she misses Leah, ya know, just not enough to take her on the vacation.

Amber says she is excited to be going to Hawaii because she loved Puerto Rico…which is, of course, nowhere near Hawaii. #BuyAmberAMap

When your girlfriend is geographically challenged but you’re afraid if you correct her you won’t get the free Hawaii trip…

Amber tries to make up for her absentee parenting by patting herself on the back for always picking up souvenirs for Leah when she takes her various trips. Nothing says “Mommy Loves You” like a plastic keychain that you pick up at the gas station before you return your rental car! Maybe she’ll even get Leah a shirt that says “My Mom Went to Hawaii and All I Got Was This Stupid Shirt.”

Well, that and a new sibling. #SpoilerAlert

Meanwhile, Catelynn and Tyler are the only ones who are not out jet-setting the world. They are home in Michigan without much to talk about, so, once again, the storyline of them having another baby comes up. Cate and her mom April are lunching and discussing birth control while sporting their finest “Tierra Reign” T-shirts.

“Can a person even GET pregnant once she’s out of her teens? I didn’t know that was possible, Cate!”

Over a plate of cheese fries, Cate tells her mom that she may be ready to pop out another kid. After all, she’s “already 26!”

If they have a kid on ‘Teen Mom,’ and that kid’s not illegitimate, did it really even happen, though?

Cate says she wants to be done birthin’ babies by the time she’s 30 and then she is sending Tyler to “get his balls snipped.” April cackles at the thought.

I, on the other hand, now have a mental picture of Tyler I can never erase from my mind.

Cate decides that she needs to get her birth control yanked out and go with the typical mantra the Teen Moms have when it comes to family planning.

“Whatever happens, happens!”

The subject of Butch comes up, and April says she’s worried because he “looks like hell lately.” April says that she does not miss being married to Butch, having to stress out and play “hide the evidence” any time the parole officer visits.

“I may not miss the marriage, but I sure as hell miss that sweet, sweet mullet lovin’!”

Speaking of Butch, he makes a rare appearance on the show because he is helping to build a fence at Catelynn and Tyler’s new house. Construction gets temporarily halted so that Dr. Butch can remove his grandson’s foot cast…with a hacksaw and pliers.


Nephew Jordan has had a cast on his foot for a while now and, since Tyler’s sister Amber “don’t take him to the doctor,” Butch decides that he can take care of that business right here and now with what he has in his toolbox. As some random shirtless dude (with a man bun, naturally) looks on, Butch explains that the boy hasn’t had a checkup “or nuthin’” since he had the cast put on.

We’ve reached a new low…even for Teen Mom…

Butch secures a pair of pliers and starts tearing into the cast like it’s a bag full of crack. He’s slicing pieces of the cast off, with cotton (and/or bone matter?) flying everywhere. Soon, Dr. Butch removes the rest of the cast, revealing his grandson’s mangled foot for all to see. (Dear God, can you imagine the smell?!)

We all need to get down on our knees and thank the Baby Jesus that the MTV film crew just happened to be there on this day to capture this Kodak moment in time!

Seriously…WTF are we watching, guys?

Dr. Butch is quite proud of himself. Producer Kerthy is just standing there, marveling at the trashiness of what she just saw.

Meanwhile, in Italy, Debra sashays into the Italian hotel, ready for her (alleged) girls’ trip. While she settles in, Farrah, Michael, Amy and Sophia do some sightseeing. Farrah is, for some reason, wearing a crushed velvet stripper dress to go boating. Her get-up, along with her Little Mermaid hair, and the fact that she’s touting an entire MTV film crew with her, attracts quite a crowd.

“Mom why do you have two giant meatballs stuffed into your dress?”

As they are making their way to the beach, Sophia warns her family to be careful not to slip, fall into the water, drown and then die —you know, a completely normal statement to come out of a kid’s mouth. (We all know Farrah will be safe, given that she has those two giant overblown flotation devices bobbing around in her shirt! Safety first!) The adults just laugh off Sophia’s creepy statement.

Later that day, Deb is wandering around, chatting with Producer Kristen (who is probably stoked she got a free trip to Italy during her first season on the job!) Producer Kristen gets winded from walking up a bunch of steps, and Deb—being the saucy little minx that she is—gets in a good jab at the much-younger Kristen.

“You’ve got to work out more,” Deb tells her flatly, not even out of breath from the excursion.

“Did I just get zinged by a woman who dresses like the sixth Spice Girl?”

Debra’s good mood doesn’t last long. As she is talking to Producer Kristen, she sees Farrah and Sophia and Michael and Amy. Debra has no idea that her ex-husband and Amy are crashing her supposed Girl’s Trip, so she’s understandably surprised.

“Oh my God…there’s Michael and Amy,” Debra says. “How….exciting is that.”

Deb actually looks like she’s about to cry, realizing she’s 1) been set up to be ambushed and 2) had her dreams of a single ladies trip with her daughter and granddaughter ruined.

Deb sucks it up and greets them. Sophia is ready to stir the pot. As soon as she sees Deb, Sophia asks her if she likes Michael’s new squeeze. Debra tells her granddaughter that she loves Amy and even Michael. They all do some awkward hugging and cheek kisses while Farrah tries to hide her disappointment at seeing her parents act like adults.

I can’t be the only one who was kind of hoping Deb went all “Evander Holyfield” on Amy’s ear here, right?

Later, Farrah and Deb check out the local produce and Deb tells Farrah she was “surprised” to see Michael and Amy in Italy. Farrah tells Deb that this was basically a way to teach her a lesson not to be jealous of Farrah and Amy’s relationship…or something. Debra assures Farrah that she can keep it together.

Over in Las Vegas, Ryan, Mackenzie & Co. have arrived for the faux bachelor/bachelorette party. Ryan kicks things off by riding through the desert in a truck with his friends. Ryan dubs the outing “good sober fun” and we must agree. After all, it’s good to see him behind the wheel driving badly intentionally for once.

While that’s going down, Jen, Mackenzie and Mackenzie’s two friends go to lunch. Mackenzie tells them she and Ryan will be re-tying the knot (so… double knotting it?) exactly six months to the day that Ryan got sober.


But…yeah, it’s kind of creepy that they are basically wearing the same top…

Mackenzie says she’s invited Maci and Taylor to the wedding and everyone, including the producers, look confused. Mackenzie then starts laughing like a Disney movie villain at the fact that her husband’s baby mama will be at her do-over wedding. It gets downright creepy and incredibly awkward.

That night, the entire group hits the Sin City club scene. Mackenzie is throwing back some drinks while Ryan suggests that she “ease up.” Of course, Ryan’s “sobriety” isn’t going to stop him from chugging shots at “da club.”

Larry continues to drop it like it’s hot (that Geritol must be kickin’ in, y’all!) as Ryan paces around the patio uncomfortably. He looks sweaty and, again, must have gotten some sort of surprise or something, because his eyes are really big.

“Y’all got any Earth Wind and Fire tunes you can play? I’m feelin’ frisky!”

The next day, Mackenzie, Jen and the rest of the girls are getting their hooves oiled up at the spa when Mackenzie announces she and Ryan are ready to pop out some kids the following year.

Mackenzie’s friend probes her about the first wedding she and Ryan had, which immediately causes Mackenzie to get emotional. She tells the girls she realized after the ceremony just how bad things were with Ryan. (Really, that car ride didn’t tip ya off?)

Jen expresses concern about Ryan slipping back into the bad stuff. Mackenzie says she’s focusing on the now… when producers aren’t prompting her friends with these conversation topics, that is.

At Ryan’s rental house in Vegas (after a toast to “titties and beer” featuring Larry) Ryan confirms to producers that Maci and Bentley were invited to his wedding and when Larry says “Maci and Taylor” in an effort to correct him, Ryan shakes his head.

“Tell me, which one’s Maci again. All this sobriety is cloggin’ my brains!”

Back from her girls’ trip, Maci tells her friends she received Mackenzie and Ryan’s wedding invitation, which Taylor’s name was strangely left off of. Despite the apparent diss, Maci decides she’ll be the bigger person and RSVP “yes” to the event, because she’s never been one to turn down an open bar.

In Michigan, Cate is outside puffing on a cigarette while Tyler entertains their friend Hayley inside. Tyler tells Hayley it doesn’t make sense that Cate is still smoking when they’re thinking about her getting pregnant. Tyler is mad that Catelynn hasn’t kept up with the pact they made to have both quit smoking by the time Nova turned one.

“I’m not doing anything until that incubator is clear!” Tyler says about his wife.

That may or may not be the least romantic thing Tyler has ever said on this show…and that’s saying something.

“I don’t want my man parts to get all filled up with smoke!”

Later, Catelynn tells Tyler she’s going to ride her horse. She does have her feet in the stirrups, but she’s actually at the gynecologist’s office, getting ready to get her birth control plucked from her body.

At the appointment, Cate’s doctor drills her on whether or not she’s certain she’s ready for another baby. The doctor brings up the fact that it may not be a great time to get pregnant, given that Cate is still puffing the ciggies on the regular, is overweight and is still recovering from the post-partum depression she suffered after having Nova. But, you know, other than that…why not?!

“Honestly I think BUTCH is more suitable to get pregnant than you are right now.”

Catelynn actually allows the doctor to reveal her weight on-camera. We learn that Cate now weighs in at 189 lbs, with a BMI of 35. The doctor tells her that she needs to get her weight down ASAP (no more giant quesadillas!) and Catelynn agrees.

We also learn that Catelynn will be ovulating soon. I could have gone my whole life without knowing that but, it is what it is…

Thankfully, the MTV cameras cut out before we have to watch the IUD getting yanked from Catelynn’s cervix. (We do get to hear her talk in great detail about how painful the process was, though.)

“Ain’t no one taking that smooth tobacco flavor away from me!”

She’s thinking she might get pregnant as quickly as she did with Nova. Despite that, she’s not planning to quit smoking just yet, but says it will be easy to quit cold turkey once she confirms Tyler’s spawn is inside of her. So in the meantime, leave her and her Parliament Lights be.

Unfortunately for Amber and Andrew, getting to Hawaii proves to be difficult. Amber has picked up a mysterious stomach bug (hmmm…) and spent their layover yakking in the airport bathroom. She was so sick that they couldn’t even make their connecting flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii!

Maybe it was some bad airport Chinese food? (All airport Chinese food is bad, after all.)

“Prepare to duck! I’m like a volcano– I can blow at any time!”

After they finally arrive in Hawaii, Amber and Andrew get into their condo, which Amber states is “so old school.” (Naturally, the Hawaiians can’t keep up with the level of cutting-edge modern home furnishings Amber has in her home back in Indiana.)

She marvels at the condo’s couch and declares she’s sleeping on it. She legit looks more lovingly at that couch than she ever looked at Matt—and he was HER MAN!

“Finally! A couch without dog piss and Matt juice all over it!”

Amber tells producers about her mysterious stomach ailment, adding that the last time she was this sick was when she was pregnant with Leah. What a coincidence!

Amber says it must have been something she ate. Spoiler alert: it’s not.

It’s just ridiculous, guys. You both know Amber is pregnant. The producers all know Amber is pregnant. Why are we still doing this charade? Blame the airport Panda Express all you want, but we know your “incubator” is full, Ambie.

Later, Amber is puking her brains out. (We know this because we are treated to hearing her puke said brains out. Thanks for that, sound department!) Although she’s still sick, Amber is determined to keep it together because Andrew really wants to go snorkeling. Nothing helps an upset stomach and nausea more than getting on a snorkel boat!

We watch as Andrew and Amber strap on some fins and the MTV cameramen get all tricky with the GoPro to give us some great underwater shots of Amber and Andrew’s undercarriages.

Was this necessary, MTV? Really?

While Amber and Andrew are busy lei’ing each other in Hawaii, Gary and Kristina have gotten wind of Andrew’s shady past (which The Ashley previously told you about). Gary is less than thrilled to be dealing with yet another potential Matt situation and says Amber should have waited before jumping back into a relationship.

Gary tells Kristina he doesn’t have the option to not be a parent unlike Amber, who is free to jet off to wherever she wants and explore the couches of the world!

“I’ve earned the right to wear this Dad Bod tee!”

Kristina says that Leah is now old enough to notice that her mom goes M.I.A. any time a new man comes into her life.

“Leah told me, ‘Matt was in the picture, Mommy broke up with Matt. Mommy don’t come around then because she’s too depressed but then she brings over Andrew’ and then she asks me ‘If she was too depressed to see me, she wasn’t too depressed to find a new man?’ What do I say to that?”


Kristina says she wishes they could adopt Leah. (This comment sent Amber off on Twitter last week! Check it out!)

We now head back to Italy, where Deb, Farrah and Sophia are taking a cooking class.  The poor Italian lady tasked with teaching them to make pasta is trying to introduce herself but Farrah ain’t got time for that nonsense. She just cuts her off, blurting out, “Do we need some aprons or what?”

“I’m not gonna lie; I’m actually pretty scared right now.”

Once the girls are properly approned, the chef again tries to explain what they’ll be doing, but everyone keeps interrupting her. As they are making the sauce, Deb mentions that her fiancé, Dr. David, is quite the chef, and Farrah is not happy that her mom dared to mention him.

Sophia has decided that she wants to randomly mix eggs around a bowl, so Farrah demands that the chef stop what she’s doing and go fetch those things for Sophia. Farrah asks someone else in the kitchen to go get those things for her, but the person seems to not understand.

“Oh? No speaka English? Egg. Bowl. Put it together,” Farrah barks. “Egg and bowl are the same in every language.”

This is why people in other countries hate us, guys…

For the record, most Italians also don’t understand “Farrah Speak”…

As the Italian kitchen staff no doubt whispers about the “red devil,” the chef brings out the prepared pasta meal.

“Gratzie..or gratzia or whatever,” Farrah tells her.

They shovel the pasta into their gullets and even Farrah has to admit that it’s good.

“This is real Italiano cooking!” Deb declares, as Farrah shoots her dagger eyes. (Apparently Farrah is the only one in the family who is allowed to butcher the Italian language?)

“Shut your trap. Gratzia.”

That night, Deb, Farrah and Sophia are having dinner together at a fancy restaurant. You know it’s fancy because, as Debra tells us, “they have real Chianti,” except she pronounces it like “D’Ante.” Fancy!

Also…Debra is sporting a red rhinestoned hat that may or may not have been worn by Gloria Estefan while she was on tour in the 1990s. This, of course, just makes everything feel fancier. I’m just waiting for Deb to kick the chair out of the way, swing her blond extensions around and treat the locals to her rendition of “Turn The Beat Around.”

I couldn’t love anything more…

Unfortunately, there is no performance. (Unlike Sophia, The Ashley doesn’t always get what she wants.) Instead, Farrah and Deb discuss Debra’s wedding. Deb says her hairdresser will be the “man of honor” and Farrah will be the maid of honor, whether she’s there or not.

Deb tells Sophia (who is busy slathering olive oil all over her face, as you do) that she will get to be her official “Dress Attendant.” Sophia is less than thrilled.

Never one to let a nice moment happen, Farrah tells her mom the trip to Italy is going well without David being there so Deb shoots right back that it’s also going great without Simon being there. The two then get into a depressing competition of whose ex or current significant other has been the biggest piece of crap.

“This just shows that you are not mental wherewithal to have a family environment,” Farrah tells her mom. (Apparently, in addition to Italian, Farrah can’t speak English either.)

Once Sophia leaves the table Farrah jumps down Deb’s throat for mentioning Simon in front of Sophia and then calls her an “evil bitch.” We’re just disappointed she didn’t attempt to say it in Italiano: “La bitcho del evil-o!”

Finally, we head to Hawaii one last time to check in on Amber and Andrew. Amber still isn’t feeling well so she decides to take a pregnancy test to see if that’s what’s wrong with her. Amber finally goes to pee on the stick, as Andrew attempts to look like he has no idea what’s going to happen!

“Dang man, I knew we should have visited itsyoursexlife.org!”

To the surprise of no-one, Amber is knocked up. Andrew stares at the pregnancy test in amazement. Hey, buddy, this is what happens when you date a ‘Teen Mom’ star—you boink for a month or two and within the year, you’re in court fighting for custody of your kid. Lather, rinse, repeat. Welcome to the baby daddy club, Drew!

We’re sure Leah will be thrilled to find out she’s getting another sibling… that is, once she gets past the excitement of the Hawaiian snow globe souvenir Amber buys her as a souvenir.

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(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Big eyes like that is not a sign of heroine use. With heroine you are nodding off or having trouble keeping your eyes open at all. Same thing with pills like oxycodone. I assure you he is not on heroine or oxy. I am positive. If the person is not nodding off you can usually tell by their eyes. The black will be like a pin dot. Big eyes could be a sign of cocaine use or meth, but usually people whose drug of choice is heroine do not like uppers like meth and cocaine.

    1. Retired cop here- I’m a trained DRE (Drug Recognition Expert). It was literally my job to perform exams and interviews on possibly intoxicated subjects to determine what drugs that they were on at the time of a crime (like DUI). My findings were evidence, backed by drug tests, the breatholizer, etc.

      While much of what you say is fairly accurate – MANY heroin and other sedative abusers (people who take benzodiazapines very often couple them with opioids) – many times people will have a “wide-eyed” glassy gaze like Ryan often has. One reason for that is the extremely dilated pupils that got described. When the pupil is pinpoint like is common with opioids, little light is let in. Since they are often already drowsy and fighting off ‘the nods’ – many over compensate with wide eyes, trying to stay awake or alert by letting as much light in as possible.

      Kind of like if you’ve ever driven tired (please don’t, it’s very dangerous) – you will often widen your eyes and blink often, trying to stay awake. Many heroin addicts have that glazed, wide-eyed look often. And people migrating from sedatives to uppers isn’t as uncommon as you think. Many heroin addicts will abuse Adderall and other amphetamines, to counteract the sedation. Especially those trying to appear “sober”. PS. It’s not working, addicts. We see right through you.

  2. I have not even thought about that until you said it. Gary is a cheesburger away from a serious heart attack. He needs to take care of himself because Leah would be neglected in Amber’s care. When Gary went to work when Leah was a baby Amber neglected her big time. She spent all day in her crib.

  3. Poor Leah. You’d think Amber would take that comment to heart and realize how much she’s damaging that kid.

  4. Maybe the thought of Amber getting full custody of Leah if Gary were to pass away should be motivation enough for him to take care of himself. If god forbid he were to pass away then it’s possible the courts would award custody to Amber instead of Kristina.

    I stopped watching TM OG and only read the recaps, but it’s so sad that Leah is now aware that her mom chooses men over her. Even though it sounds like Kristina is a great stepmom, that felling of rejection by her bio Mom must be crushing.

  5. It is kinda like Farrah tries to act like human waste. Shame they didn’t give her the pasta with “olio mercurio”. And what is with that hair? Nothing screams “Venmo porn” like that hair color. Just a never ending bread bowl of crapgoblin…

  6. I hear from my Italian friends,that Farrah is hated by them, and the British aren’t a fa of hers either.

  7. I’m going to miss Farrah and her mom for one reason, I watch every week to see how much of an ass they make of themselves. Does anyone in that family own a mirror? Their hair. UGH! It’s quite obvious that Sophia is extremely under developed for her age, what kid at that age sits there and wipes olive oil all over their face. Don’t get me started on the hat that Deb on, she looks ridiculous.

  8. I just got done with last night’s episode. I’m sorry about Maci’s miscarriage, but I think she needs to stop drinking. I like her, I just don’t think she has thought about the impact of alcoholism on kids. If she isn’t an alcoholic, I truly apologize for the comment. Amber’s lovey doviness makes me want to hurl! Tyler and Catelynn need a life, and Farrah is hopeless.

    1. She is definitely an and alcoholic. She is always drinking on camera, even if she is just at hope playing with kids. If she is drinking every time the cameras are coming over she is drinking all the time.

  9. Maybe Farrah just don’t have any wherewithal right now. HahaHahaHAha Did anyone else notice Sophia can not put together a complete sentence? I am not making fun of her (she’s a child) But, something is wrong w/ that child. Very painful to watch this family
    I would LOVE to hear what Sophia teachers say about her……

    1. Oh, Sophia doesn’t have teachers! Farrah “homeschools” her. Mostly so they can travel and promote her “career”

  10. I really feel for Maci and Taylor in this crappy situation. And I doubt Ryan is as clean as he should be.

    And Larry… Deep down I hope you guys know and appreciate that Maci is a good parent to your grandson. As is her husband, who genuinly loves and cares for that kid and steps in when your son failes.

    I remember when Ryan sat with Jen and Maci at Dr Drews and was all teary over his and Larrys conflict. He then said that no, he doesn’t always show up on his sons baseball games bc he remembers how his own father – Larry – yelled and pushed him when he was a child, making him wish his father would show some unconditional love and actually NOT show up… Now that Taylor (who also happens to be the teams coach!) sat down his foot to Larry and protects Bentley from the exact same behavior, Ryan is upset. What?! You should be grateful someone cares for your son enough to take the conflicts that you still can’t handle.

    Ryan clearly uses drugs to escape things and sobering up is hard when those unsolved issues are still there waiting for you. (Sad thing is they even got worse, bc now you have a young and insecure wife that thinks supporting you and help the situation is to team up with crazyness, manipulate and trash talk your sons hugest supporters. A truly recipe for disaster.)

    I wish Maci and Jen would team up. Jen knows Maci is right and they both love their sons. They need to see – and I actually think that they know instinctively – that the two of them benefit from the same here: speak the truth and make sure Ryan gets well so that he can be a good dad to his fantastic son! It’s not easy but he can turn this – if the enabelers around him decides to help.

    Jen seems scared to ”take side against her family” and ”cause drama” – but that’s exactly what she needs to do to rescue her family! That is the long-term meaning of siding WITH family and AVOID drama.

    Love love.

  11. Just when I thought Farrah’s hair couldn’t look any worse as a blonde! WOW, now she really looks like Michael in drag!!

  12. Remember when Mack said she didn’t have any idea that Rhine was on drugs before their wedding…but she asked him when he was driving to the wedding if he took xanax. So maybe she didn’t know he was on heroin but she sure knew he was on drugs.

    I was floored that they only invited Maci and Bentley to their wedding. That is not cool and kudos to Maci for just being like “party of 5” with regard to the RSVP.

    I hate, HATE, hate Farrah. She is one of the meanest and dumbest people ever. She doesn’t even realize she’s so mean and dumb that she’s indignant about it.

    I love Gary. The guy and his wife seem like very nice people.

    Amber is definitely not going to win mother-of-the-year. She takes 2 decent vacations in 2 years but doesn’t bring her kid to either? WTF Amber.

    1. I remember when so many were “Team Amber” and making fun of Gary for his weight (and yes, as with Cate, I sure wish both would lose, it’s a health issue to be as heavy as they both are.) . But he was always the more attentive and responsible parent, even in the first days. Same with Cory, laughed at for mumbling, when again, early on, he was working full time and coming home to have Leah hand off the babies and go out partying with her high school friend, including good ol’ Robbie. I have to give both men credit for stepping up early on, and staying there when their childrens’ mothers failed. Nice to have a couple men on board as the most responsible parents.

  13. I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, Mimi Jen is the hottest chick on this show. #cougarlife #larryhashishandsfull #dgfl

  14. I wonder why Gary earns what the other teen dads make when he’s the one raising Leah and always has? Leah has never been a mom. Shouldn’t he get the teen mom salary and Amber get the much lower dad salary?

    I’m so glad they fired Farrah.

    1. I read somewhere that Gary gets paid the same asBer but idk if that’s true it might be so she pays less child support

    2. MTV isn’t paying them to be good parents. Watching good parenting makes for boring television. It’s paying them to bring the drama.

  15. Watching Amber just makes me so mad.
    Acting all happy and surprised that you’ve gotten yourself knocked up by a rando you just met?
    I’ve been with my husband for over 5 years and we’ve started talking about potentially trying for a baby and we’re both very like “ahhhh what, it’s crazy we are thinking about making this decision! How is this possible?”
    Meanwhile these people give it LITERALLY no thought and it seems like they legit don’t know how the reproductive system works. Wtf.

    1. I know. My husband and I waited for years to make sure we were ready.

      Can’t imagine being so careless. Creating life is kind of a big deal.

      But we’re happily married after one kid and 10 years of marriage so I think we’re doing better than these couples

      1. And then we have Cate, morbidly obese, smoking, history of gestational diabetes and post partum depression, deciding despite all that, she’s taking out her IUD and going to “SURPRISE!” Tyler, who is sounding as if he’ like outta there entirely, or maybe they can just alternate “Who is in rehab this month?” Her and Amber, both wonderful, well thought out, mature decisions to get knocked up. (And in between, all those “It’syoursexlife!” ads.

  16. I just can’t with any of them.

    Ryan is not sober no matter how hard the Edwards clan and MTV try to convince us otherwise.

    Farrah is the worst and there are times I feel bad for Debz OG, but she keeps coming back for more. No matter how awful Farrah and Sophia are to her, she insists that Farrah must be her MOH and she can’t imagine Sophia not holding her train. Meanwhile, she treats her other daughter and grandchildren like second class citizens. She’d rather have no MOH than have her older daughter do it? Is this Stockholm Syndrome because there’s no way Farrah’s sister is as nasty to Deb as Farrah is.

    Cate and Tyler just need to stop with the baby talk. Neither of them is in a place to take on another child. In last night’s episode, Tyler discussed his own mental health struggles. It’s disturbing how they think another baby will solve all their problems. They already have a baby that they dump on April (!!!) and daycare, so clearly that technique doesn’t work.

    Speaking of babies, Amber is just…. I don’t even have the words. She basically planned to get pregnant with a man she barely knew. She went off her meds and birth control two months after meeting Matt 2.0. Meanwhile, she has never been able to consistently stick to her visitation schedule with Leah or keep up with child support. In fact, she skipped her visitation to go to Hawaii. If she’s doing so well that she doesn’t need her meds, shouldn’t that mean she can spend more time with Leah and try to make up for all those missed visits? And Andrew saying with a straight face that having a baby with Amber feels right when he sees how Amber is with Leah? Nope he knows Amber is a POS mom, but is just as sh!tty and doesn’t care about the fact that his son will be neglected. No one in their right mind thinks having a baby with Amber is a good idea. I just feel so bad for Leah who is an afterthought yet again.

    1. Ugh I know. Ryan is still very much on drugs. The end of last nights episode he was just zoning off and he’s also back to having those really big eyes. Like Jeanine from the original ghost busters. ‘Jeanine, sorry about that big eyes comment’ ..him drinking is a bad sign too. Drinking beer after beer and liquor at the club.
      And debz would be better off if she focused on he rather daughter. But if she chooses to obsesse over Farrah, I wonder what her other daughter is really like. She can’t talk about David in front of Farrah or have any opinions. It’s sad.

      Also it seems like Tyler is being really weird. Complaining that he’s not sleeping at night but he’s constantly slamming back Red Bull’s. Like go take a nap during the day. You have nothing to do. And I really get sick of him and his mom constantly complaining about Cate. If he is so unhappy then leave. Let them both move on and find happiness elsewhere. Also I hated hearing him complain about little nova last night when she cried after spilling her drink on her pants.

      1. Tyler is a spoiled little fancy boy. His mother is beyond ridiculous, always blaming Cait for all of her messed up son’s problems.

    2. First, looove your comment & agree 100% with all of it. Second, it’s so nice to read an actual coherent, grammatically correct comment on here with correct spelling too!!!??? YAY!!! It’s the little things ?

  17. Ok. I don’t have kids but I have dogs and cats. When they filmed the door outside the bathroom when amber was barfing, it sounded like one of my dogs barfing up after getting a chicken bone stick I their throat. That sound was not human. I can’t believe they put that in the show..?

  18. PLEASE TELL ME there are people in America who can actually speak Italian and Farrah is a lost cause. No Farrah, egg and bowl are not the same in every language because it is a different language group than English. Who am I kidding, she doesn’t know this.

    I commend Maci for thinking on her son’s behalf. Sorry but Ryan doesn’t look neither clean and ofc he is not sober if he took shots. He’s just as sober as Amber was not pregnant on her trip.

    Speaking of Amber, um wow. I always thought no one can be that dumb to think it was anything else than a pregnancy, like seriously this show needs a PSA: IF YOU HAVE SEX WITHOUT PROTECTION, THERE IS A GOOD CHANCE YOU WILL END UP BEING PREGNANT! Like really, it’s just so ridiculous how they tried to make it look like a surprise and OMG, HOW?! Gary, are you willing to adopt James too? Because I’m afraid he is doomed otherwise.

    Last but not least, STOP TALKING ABOUT BABIES Tyler. Cate is again in rehab so there’s no way she is ready to have another one, YOU WILL MAKE HER KILL HERSELF FOR PRESSURING HER TO HAVE MORE KIDS WHEN SHE’S NOT READY, seriously such a douchenoozle.

  19. Could they PLEASE start tagging their segments properly?! Don’t say “Maci” when it’s really just “Mack ‘n’ Rhine” and don’t say “Amber” when it’s Gary. Please, let me know, when to fast forward. I actually prefer Gary’s bits to Amber and can do without the Edwards family.

  20. Catelynn is really not helping herself, stay on birth control until your mental health is better… However, Tyler calling her an incubator made me feel weirdly sick ? King douchebag.

    If I was the lady teaching Farrah and Co to cook… I’m pretty sure Farrah would have had third degree burns from me ‘accidentally’ spilling ragu on her ratchet head.

  21. Mack and the trucks looked like gd fools cackling like a bunch of idiots at that brunch. Jen couldn’t have looked more uncomfortable. Side note, Andrew gives off a pretty strong gay vibe and always looks like he’s smelling a fart.

      1. Gay men dress way better and have much better grooming skills than Andrew. Based on that alone i think he’s straight. I don’t think gay men shop at Tommy Bahama.

  22. The one thing Amber had going for her was that she hadn’t gotten knocked up by any losers.

    Now she’s just a lousy, delusional mom with a creepy boyfriend and mountains of debt.

  23. Being on these tv shows really didn’t make them smarter, eh?

    Love watching the drama others cause for themselves. If I were any of their shoes from years ago I would fix myself. 5 plus years later they still can’t make good life decisions

  24. Maci is a lazy alcoholic who cannot stop getting pregnant or clean her house.
    Ryan is still on drugs.
    Amber is an idiot and I hope Kristina can adopt Leah, because Amber is a deadbeat mom. It’s funny how she can take Andrew on vacations but not pay child support or taxes!
    Catelynn is an idiot why get pregnant while smoking and being obese especially when she had diabetes last pregnancy. I think Tyler is about done with Catelynns shit..
    Farrah self explanatory….

  25. Amber is such an idiot. In tonight’s episode she states she was NOT using birth control yet the timing for her getting knocked up wasn’t good—–ummmm wth do you think happens when you have unprotected sex you twat? And Maci’s miscarriage…..they dont call her miller lite maci for no reason. she probably drank too much beer and lost the baby….yet another person on the show who lies-she was adamant about not having more kids and then this.

  26. Doing some fast math, she got knocked up during his little “visit’ to stay with her in West Bumfuck: well played, meet some creep while “filming” and ave him come stay with you, get pregnant. I did laugh when he said tonight basically “No matter what I’ll always he happy I got this Hawaiian vacation, enjoy dealing with the kid after I bail, I’m not Gary and I’m not taking it with me!”

    And sorry, the worst things you can hear is “I topped my meds, I don’t need them!”….of course..shes’ proving how much she does need them, but here comes another messed up kid into the world.

    1. I wish they would all just stop lying! Amber didn’t go off her meds to ascertain the cause of her low mood. She said she couldn’t have a baby whilst on her meds! IMO she wanted a baby and went off both meds and birth control intentionally….Little James is not an ‘oopsie’ baby

      1. Maybe but why she didn’t get pregnant with Matt? After all, she barely knew Andrew in 2 months after the breakup with Matt.

  27. That poor chef! I felt so bad for her. Didn’t Farrah want to be one before she found out porn was easier and more money? Also, I wish I could find somebody that would look at me the way that Amber looks at that couch…..sigh

  28. Amber may have gotten pregnant after 3 months of knowing Andrew, but she’ll never look at him the way she looked at that hotel couch.

    1. Love this but she admitted she got pregnant during his little visit and next”visit” he moved in. Poor Leah, like Jace, she would be so much better off with her biological mother totally out of her life. Let Kristina adopt her!

      1. Oh, my, goodness!! I’ve been laughing at your comment since I saw it a few days ago. I can’t get those hilariously awful images out of my head!!?? Make them go away, PLEASE!!

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