‘Jersey Shore’ Star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Pleads Guilty to Tax Evasion Charges: Asks Judge For Leniency

“GTL: Gym Tan Leniency?”

 “The Situation” Sorrentino has pleaded guilty to the tax evasion charges against him, and now the Jersey Shore star is hoping the judge handing down his sentence will give him a break.

As The Ashley previously reported, Mike entered a guilty plea on Friday, as did his brother Marc Sorrentino, who was facing similar charges. Both Sorrentino brothers accepted a plea deal and, for Mike, accepting that plea deal means he is looking at up to five years in prison, instead of 15. According to TMZ, he is also facing a fine of up to $250,000.

While Mike will not find out his sentence until April 25, the judge in his case did give him some good news, ruling that it was OK for “Sitch” to film the upcoming ‘Jersey Shore’ season, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, in Miami, provided his doesn’t drink alcohol. On Sunday, he was photographed in Miami with some of his ‘Jersey Shore’ co-stars.

Mike’s lawyers released a statement on Friday in which they expressed their hope that the judge would show Mike some leniency.

“The plea terms call for a balance between punishing the wrong committed and conditions that facilitate Mike living a productive, law-abiding life moving forward,” the statement reads. “Following through on this plea agreement, Michael intends to pay restitution before sentencing.”

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  1. America: The only country in which you will serve more jail time for tax evasion than you will for rape. Land of the free, home of the hypocrisy.

  2. LOL, I don’t think with everyone around him drinking, he will be able to be sober. But he was in rehab years ago so HE SHOULD be sober not just because the judge told him so. I honestly think all of them had (have) a drinking problem (Geordie Shore is even worse but I am not going there, the show is still not cancelled LOL) and it’s about time for them to grow up and face it that they have a problem! There are kids involved now, goddammit, make responsible decisions!

    1. I really didn’t like Floribama Shore much but i Siesta Key is my guilty pleasure. Although Siesta Key is really a Laguna Beach rip off. You shoukd give it a try.

      1. My guilty pleasure is AYTO. Not sure if it’s returning for season 7, but it’s definitely good for a laugh and to boost your own self-esteem. Like, “I may not be the best looking or the smoothest flirt around, but at least I’m not horrendously drunk and crying while talking to my stuffed rabbit on national television.” Worth a watch.

  3. With the money he will earn from the show he can make some restitution before his sentencing in April. Hopefully he can stay off the alcohol as he clearly can’t handle it. There are two things certain in life.
    ..death and taxes!! Pay your taxes!!

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