Kendra Wilkinson Insists She’s Not Faking Marital Problems To Get A New Season of ‘Kendra On Top’

“No fair. We have no TV show to fight on anymore!”

For years, viewers have watched the marital drama of Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, Jr. play out on various reality shows, particularly Kendra’s WEtv reality show, Kendra On Top. (Who could forget Hank’s alleged affair in 2014, which Kendra managed to stretch across several seasons of the show?)

Fans have long-speculated that the drama on the show was fabricated for ratings, but now even the tabloids are getting in on the accusations!

After a tabloid accused Kendra of “faking a marriage crisis” in order to secure another season of ‘Kendra On Top,’ Kendra blasted the magazine, insisting that her marriage really is bad.

In a now-deleted Instagram post, Kendra posted a screenshot of the article. She captioned the photo with a whole host of reasons explaining why she’s not faking her problems with Hank.

“1. How do you fake marital problems? Makes absolutely no sense,” Kendra wrote. “2. Yes we are having issues. 3. My job has been reality TV for 13 years. 4. My show was a comedy and lighthearted til sad times happened then we had to change my show from comedy to drama. Not what I wanted but was part of my journey and story.”

She also discussed her marital problems in more detail.

“These issues Hank and I are having in our home which we are trying hard to overcome, everyone knows about, including producers and network, friends and family,” Kendra wrote. “My job is reality TV and I love my job. Unfortunately these issues at home are affecting my decisions cuz the last thing I want to do is hurt Hank.

“I hope to get back to the fun Kendra you all know. That’s all I want and aim for,” Kendra wrote, before adding the laughable line, “I hate drama!!”

Fans started wondering what was going on when Kendra tweeted, “2018 has been so far the hardest start to a year in my life,” on January 11. Although Kendra insists her marriage to Hank is strained, the tabloid’s insider stated that the reality star is “fabricating the marital problems in order to get WeTV to commit to a seventh season of ‘Kendra On Top.’”

The insider claims it’s all part of Kendra’s plan.

“She’s pretty much creating problems with Hank to drum up interest and get them to commit to renew the show,” the insider said. “In reality the marriage is fine.”

In her post, Kendra denied that her marriage is in good shape.

“Thank you all for your support and understanding me at his time,” she posted to Instagram. “I’ve been in a lot of therapy lately n hope all gets resolved for me, Hank, kids, and even for TV. Lol.”

WEtv has not yet announced if it will be renewing ‘Kendra On Top.’

(Photo: WEtv)

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  1. I don’t care for her drama with hank.. .I wanna know if her momma wrote that book…i need answers from last season.

  2. Maybe it’s because she started in (un)reality tv so young, and has let it shape her entire adult life, but she’s as fake as a Bratz doll. Every thing she does is for reaction. I don’t even think she knows how to feel real emotions anymore, or how to relate or interact with people in a sincere way. Everything about her existence is shallow, and will continue to be.

    I believe she and Hank are unhappy in their marriage, AND I believe she is fabricating drama between them for the show, to remain employed and relevant.

  3. I’m going to leave a comment on every recent post simply saying, I love the newsy stories but it’s been like 3 weeks since you guys posted a recap of Teen Mom OG. Come on now!! We need the recaps.
    Thank you for your time!!

    1. She does not – I will sadly admit to reading her two books and she goes on and on how this is her career and she will do anything to support her family and how she works her ass off. Kendra has never been my fav Girl Next Door – she’s immature and rude – I don’t think she really had a backup plan. Looking at Holly and Bridget, while they both did TV shows, they have branched into other things and have diverse talents..Kendra needs to figure something out.

      1. That’s actually really sad… You would think while she was doing a reality show she would look into having a Plan B because I feel like that’s part of providing for your family as well to make sure no matter what happens they will be taken care of however the way you describe her makes me think she might’ve just that this reality TV thing would last her through retirement

  4. I just cannot believe Hank was willing to go thru with that storyline about the transsexual encounter. So made up and stupid. Why!? He threw away his football career being with Kendra. He seems like a good involved daddy and she is a lazy nanny needing mother. Just sayin…

  5. I have watched her show a few times. Not saying that she’s not going thru anything but her and Hank have had to “explore” different avenues to make a living. The show just fizzled out. If she can try w her mom she can w him.

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