David Eason’s Baby Mama Begs Judge Not to Make Their Son Visit Him & Jenelle Evans: Claims Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Is “Exhibiting Erratic & Concerning Behavior”

“Dude. Who wouldn’t want to spend time with us on The Land?”

David Eason‘s second baby-mama Olivia Leedham is doing her best to keep the son she shares with David off “The Land” and away from the former Teen Mom 2 star and his wife Jenelle Evans. In court papers filed last week, Olivia– who is the mother of David’s son Kaden–claimed that her ex’s life has “deteriorated into chaos!”

According to Radar Online, the court papers state that Olivia does not want her son around David anymore. She listed David’s “recent firing from his employment” [on ‘Teen Mom 2’], as well as “potential substance abuse issues” and “marital strife” as some of the reasons she wants to keep Kaden off “The Land.”

[David] is exhibiting erratic and concerning behavior,” Olivia, who has never appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ claimed in her court papers.

David’s relationship with his son (who is four) has been strained since the boy’s birth. Olivia obtained sole legal and physical custody of Kaden after David was found guilty of having committed domestic violence against Olivia while she was pregnant with their son.

“[David] endangered the life of the child by pushing [Olivia] when she was eight months pregnant and leaving her in the middle of the road at night when she was seven months pregnant,” the court papers from the incident stated. Olivia filed a restraining order, and David was not allowed to have contact with her or Kaden after that. In March 2016, David was arrested for approaching Kaden in a grocery store and violating the restraining order.

In February 2017, The Ashley broke the news that Olivia had a change of heart and was allowing Kaden to visit David occasionally.

“[David] and Ms. Evans appeared to be stable in both their own lives and in their relationship,” Olivia wrote of that time period. “[They] appeared to be more focused on their children and…appear to be happy and to have a happy home.”

In the paperwork Olivia filed last week, however, she states that David’s life today is very different from how it was last year when she made the decision to allow him into Kaden’s life.

Thats my lil sleepy boy right der!

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Olivia stated that she has become alarmed by the change she’s seen in David, both in “real life” and on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ She wrote that Jenelle and David both appear unstable and do not seem to have a happy home life. She cited Jenelle and David’s televised fights as one of the reasons she wants Kaden to stay away from the couple.

“Despite knowing that he is being filmed for a nationally televised reality show [David] has regularly been seen arguing with Ms. Evans on the show,” Olivia wrote. “[David] has allegedly become increasingly controlling of Ms. Evans and has alienated her from her family.”

Olivia also stated that she feared David would get violent with Jenelle, just as he allegedly had with her.

“Based on her prior experiences with [David], or observations from the media, and her recent interactions with him, [Olivia] is concerned that domestic violence is likely to occur between [David] and Ms. Evans, especially in front of the minor child,” the court docs state.

Olivia begged the judge not to force her to send Kaden to visit David.

“At this time it would not be in Kaden’s best interest,” Olivia wrote.

Radar confirmed that the custody case has been continued until April.

In addition to Kaden, David also shares one-year-old daughter Ensley with Jenelle, and nine-year-old Maryssa with his ex-wife. (In May 2017, The Ashley broke the news that David had been awarded full legal custody of Maryssa.)

David and Jenelle have yet to respond publicly to Olivia’s newly filed paperwork.

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  1. My heart really breaks everytime I think of those poor kids under the “care” of those two .. I can’t figure out why it is so hard to be a decent person around kids for these people … And I Wonder why they still have them? God sake, the woman smoked weed while pregnant!

  2. She would have been so much better off just leaving the original restraining order in place. It was so weird and seemed totally out of character based on her past actions when she started letting David see Karen again, especially after she had sent him to jail for approaching the baby in the supermarket. If she hadn’t caved into the terrible teen mom 2 twosome’s manipulation and probable bribery, she wouldn’t be in the position of having to ask the judge to roll back visitation. I bet she’s regretting dropping the restraining order and giving visitation in the first place.

  3. What’s on his hand? Is that part of his skin (I’ve never noticed it before) or is it something he caught? I hope he didn’t give it to that precious baby if it was contagious.

    1. He has Vitiligo, and has been very open about it. It isn’t contagious, but may be hereditary, I’m not sure.

  4. What a disaster for all of the children involved. There’s no one to save Maryssa if David was deemed by the courts to be the more stable parent. Probably same for Ensley. As for Kaiser, now Nathan is dealing with his own legal problems now brought on by his own stupidity. Drinking is more important to him than Kaiser. Instead of hitting the bottle, he should have been pounding the pavement at the courthouse and spending all of his free time (which he seems to have plenty of) conducting legal research to get his son. Can’t believe I agree with Jeremy on something…

    At least Kaiser has Doris and maybe this will help Doris’s case. That poor woman – dealing with an ass-clown man-boy of a son and knowing her grandson is in a potentially dangerous situation.

  5. Hey the Ashley,
    Can you look into these cash giveaways Jenelle is doing? A lot of people are calling it a scam. It looks crazy. I dont know. Just wondering what you think of it?

  6. This is the most common sense thing I’ve ever seen on teen mom. She sounds like a normal, smart person who is actually looking out for the best interest of her child. How the hell did she ever end up with David??

  7. Oh, my gosh! That’s really scary! I hope the judge agrees that Kaden needs to be kept away from the gruesome twosome.

  8. I’m going to leave a comment on every recent post simply saying, I love the newsy stories but it’s been like 3 weeks since you guys posted a recap of Teen Mom OG. Come on now!! We need the recaps.
    Thank you for your time!!

  9. This from Crazy Days and Nights:

    Blind Item #8
    This former MTV star has been threatening his ex by sending her pictures of himself with assault rifles and guns and that she will get what she deserves. There is a video she says he sent but doesn’t have any more where he has an assault rifle strapped to his body while he smokes meth and then goes on a rant against her.

    1. Lurch is slowly coming unglued and I’m concerned for the safety of all involved. That is some scary shit!! Jenelle, take your kids and GTFO!!

  10. Looks like Jenelle couldn’t help herself and had to tweet something passive aggressive as usual. Something about how people watch the show and think they have evidence. Olivia clearly covered herself by alleging she had witnessed other erratic behavior that wasn’t on the show. David’s homophobic meltdown about he would not “allow” his kids to be gay and subsequent firing the DAY before the court date certainly wasn’t on the show and probably was a huge factor. You’d think David would be on his best behavior in the final days leading up to the court date. The fact that he couldn’t is a testament to his volatility and inability to control his temper. You couldn’t pay enough to be his lawyer.

    1. I am heartbroken for Maryssa, Kaiser, and Ensley. Those poor kids are neglected and emotionally abused (and in Kaiser’s case, physical abuse). Maryssa looks like she has seen and heard way too much and it’s a sad state of affairs when David is the more stable parent. Kaiser and Ensley need medical attention and their deadbeat parents can’t be bothered. They buy themselves all sorts of expensive stuff and buy their kids cheap clothes, bottles, etc. Jace and Kaden don’t even know how lucky they are to have moms (and Barb IS Jace’s mom) who protect them from these psychos.

  11. It will be messed up if it is deemed that he is unfit to be around his son, but has FULL CUSTODY of his daughter. Save these kids.

    1. That means Marissas bio mother messed be completely messed and a total loser if David is the better parent and gets her full time. Poor girl. I can see her being 15 and Pregnant in a few years…

  12. Anyone subject to pulling out a knife and attacking balloons at a reunion party because the bar cut him off, is whacked enough to do just about ANYTHING when he’s the least bit drugged up and provoked.

    So I’ve long since stopped posting that Jenelle should wake up and be mindful of this. And that’s simply because I truly believe Jenelle has ALREADY experienced the unhinged wrath of David Eason, firsthand.

    Or…first fist. Whichever the case may be.

    Still praying for poor little Kaiser. A defenseless three-year-old who did absolutely nothing to now be in the midst of his mother’s mindless “Gotta have a man, otherwise I feel totally insignificant and worthless” decisions.

    Honestly, it’s one of most damnable shames I’ve seen in a long time.

  13. So that’s why Jenelle didn’t say anything on her social media. She’s usually bragging how successful they were in court…
    Guess them posting pics of Kaiser with a gun won’t help the Kaden issue, then. Good. One less child on the Land means one less child to worry about.

  14. Why did she feel he was safe or stable enough to lift the restraining order in the first place? I mean that in all seriousness.

    1. I agree, you can’t just go from letting your child see his father to not, and then possibly letting him see the dad again. That’s completely unstable.

  15. At least SOMEONE has her child in mind and not themselves. We all know MTV doesn’t care what happens there and it makes me afraid for all the remaining children living there.

      1. That’s rich seeing how David is one too. So how did the judge decide it then? The one who does LESS DRUGS wins?!

    1. Maryssa’s mother is a junkie who also disappears for weeks on end. I guess she left her daughter with either her parents or David when she would disappear.

    2. Nope. I keep wondering the same thing. All I know is that somehow, they were granted emergency custody.

  16. I seriously doubt we are going to be seeing anymore of the Eason Evans clan. Can you imagine what we do not see??? If 30 minutes a week is this bad ?? Imagine what really goes on this house the other 23 hrs a day. If jenelle had an ounce of sense, she would remove herself. This show is documenting all of this. She is nuts, if she hasn’t been fired, she should quit. He is making it worse for her. She will never get jace back.

  17. Good for her! Hope the other baby mamas/daddys do the same…

    On that note though, what on earth has Marissa’s mother done that HE was able to get full custody?! Is she worse than Jenelle? Is that possible?

    Nathan, take note, and go get your boy, before it’s too late…

  18. Finally….a parent with their head screwed on tight, putting their child first and keeping their child as far away from the toxicity that is David and Jenelle.

  19. Olivia is surprisingly very pretty, not quite sure why she hooked with that guy.

    I don’t blame her, it is obvious MTV is not protective or has any of the kids best interests at heart. David abusing Kaiser, Jenelle screaming obscenities in front of children, Kasier crying that he is hungry, so many red flags. David is toxic, she probably doesn’t want him poisoning their son with hate.

    As his ex and baby momma, she probably knows exactly what kind of person he is and can be. I got creeped out through the tv screen after watching them act like nothing had happened the day they ordered producers off land.

      1. She was definitely talking about Olivia. She mentioned keeping the mom keeping the child away and a February court date. That lines up with Olivia/Kaden. Olivia has been doing everything she can to keep Kaden safe from David.

  20. Thank the stars, someone has some sense! Now, if Nathan would straighten up and save Kaiser. I don’t know what’ll happen with Ensly. Poor Barbara is getting too old to take on another baby.

    1. I don’t understand the down vote ??
      Your comment is well valid, and I totally agree with what you said

  21. He can’t fight or contest it, it’s all on social media and TV. He’s a hot head lunatic that has isolated Jenelle and those kids on “The Land” My kids father was the same way and it will take her time but she will see he isn’t good for her or those kids. Sorry to say he’ll threaten to take her or himself out if she ever tried to leave,fearful and very abusive person

  22. This seems like a very reasonable request, I hope the courts see that too.

    It blows me away that not one, not two, BUT THREE women decided to have unprotected sex with David :shudder: and then felt he would be a good guy to parent with. Are there really so few available men in NC that HE seems like a good choice?

    1. Seriously! Not only is he just as repulsive on the outside as he is on the inside, but didn’t we ALL know he was a major creep from the very first time we saw him on TM? It’s all been downhill since his first appearance.

  23. I am shocked he was ever stable enough for her to allow him custody. Especially during a time he was with Jenelle.

    1. I think the most he had was limited visitation. She probably felt guilty that her son was growing up without a dad and then remembered who that dad is. Kaden is better off without that psycho in his life.

  24. Let’s all pray tonight that at least this child is protected and David loses all rights.

    That will help in possibly saving all the other innocent kids on the land. He loses visitation and that can be brought up and used against him and Janelle.

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