EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Flakes On Filming For ‘Teen Mom 2’; Wants MTV To Agree To Her Demands

“We all know you guys are going to give me what I want, so why not make it easy on yourselves?”

UPDATE! Jenelle responded to this story on Saturday morning, tweeting, “I filmed all day yesterday. Now you know. Happy?”

The Ashley stands by her story; however, it appears that Jenelle did film late last night for the first time since David was fired, after no-showing to several planned shoots this week. The Ashley’s sources tell her Jenelle did not “film all day” as she stated in her tweet. It was a small amount, that happened possibly even after The Ashley originally posted her story.

Because Jenelle started filming again, a portion of her film crew has stayed in North Carolina in hopes they’ll get more footage. It’s possible, though, that they will show footage of Jenelle no-showing to her previous shoots in the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ much like they did when Adam Lind dodged producers several seasons ago.

The Ashley does not know if MTV gave into Jenelle and agreed to her demands before she filmed.

As longtime Roundup readers know, The Ashley will always amend or rescind any information that she posts that does not prove to be 100 percent true, so she felt it was necessary to let readers know about this.

However, The Ashley stands by her story below, all of which was 100 percent true before Friday evening:


Teen Mom 2 producers may not want to film Jenelle Evans‘ husband, David Eason, but they are desperate to get Jenelle to film! However, the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is not making things easy on her bosses!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jenelle has been dodging her ‘Teen Mom 2’ producers for the last few weeks, even no-showing to several scheduled shoots this week!

“A crew was down there to film her this week, and she kept ditching,” a behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “She would set it up and then not come to the shoot. The crew flew home today without having filmed any footage with Jenelle.”

Another source tells The Ashley that the reason Jenelle is flaking on filming is because she’s trying to get MTV to agree to a demand in regard to David.

“Jenelle knows that MTV will not film David anymore and there’s no chance of them hiring him back but she still wants them to cover the expenses for him– pay for him to go on trips and stuff, even though he won’t be filmed,” the second source tells The Ashley. “For instance, she wants them to agree to fly David to the reunions and events and cover his expenses, even though he won’t be attending the reunions or going on-camera.

“She is using her newly hired attorney to negotiate with the producers, and they are blowing up her phone all the time to film,” the source added. “However, they have not yet agreed to Jenelle’s demand.”

Things have basically reversed from how they were last month between Jenelle and the show’s producers. As The Ashley previously told you, immediately after David’s firing, Jenelle was being ignored by the producers, who were not returning her texts and calls in an attempt to humble her while they decided her fate.

Now, though, it’s Jenelle who is playing hardball.

“She believes that ‘Teen Mom 2’ will get cancelled if she is not on the show,” the source tells The Ashley. “She thinks she has the upperhand now.”

The behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley that those behind the show are getting frantic…and annoyed.

“Jenelle’s stalling is holding up the production of the season,” the source says. “They can’t get it ready and edited and everything until they get footage of Jenelle for the last few episodes. A bunch of the crew that went out [to North Carolina] to film is over her wasting their time.”

Stay tuned— The Ashley will post the second part of this story tomorrow!

(Photo: MTV)

126 Responses

  1. Every one is entitled to their opinion. But the way of the snowflake generation is you do got a right to your opinion unless we don’t like it and because he doesn’t agree with LGBTQ ways he is just the worst person right but let’s now flip the script if it was someone from the LGBTQ saying that they don’t agree with straight people there wouldn’t even be a conversation about it and no one would really care .

  2. I want to see a show of these ridiculous teen moms living on $10 an hour like
    the rest of the teen moms in the real world.

  3. If they fire Jenelle and only film Barbara and Jace I see Jenelle and David going into Physco overtime mode to try and get custody of Jace.

  4. I hope she and David dont start having “leaked” sex videos after MTV is done with them…

  5. I don’t follow jenelle on ssocial media but did just look up her and David’s Instagram. He put a picture up of his son and said my main man, my only son. Wow. TRUE color right there. A real man would consider his step son’s as his own. Taylor stepped up and right in and I bet you a million bucks if you asked him how many son’s he had he would most certainly include Bentley.
    Absolute disgust is all I feel when I think of jenelle Mtv should seriously get rid of her for good.

  6. I agree with most of the comments in here with a few alterations. I do believe the show would end if Jenelle stopped filming. Not because ratings would drop, because nobody wants to watch this train wreck anymore. People are disgusted that MTV films this type of shit but that they do things like give in to these crazy people’s demands. I’ve seen so many people say they’d tune in again of they fire Jenelle, we’ll I’ll tell you, I won’t. I find Teen Mom and MTV on the hole anymore disgusting, disturbing and embarrassing. The only one anymore that has a “normal” life is Chelsea and the only reason she hasn’t quit is so she can keep popping out “baby coleies” and afford to (you all know it’s true”. MTV you’re pathetic for not firing Jenelle but oh well, your show will be ending sooner or later, so you might as well nut up and say what you need to say.

  7. She believes the show will get cancelled if she refuses to film! I AM CRYING RN! They’d probably get MORE viewers if they fired her! LIKE ME FOR EXAMPLE! As soon as they fired Farrah I started watching again

  8. I mean, I’d actually be more inclined to watch if she and Briana weren’t involved to be honest….what a moron.

  9. Sincerely hope mtv reads people’s thoughts and opinions regarding their shows and cast members.. That being said, Janelle will NOT be missed. I would miss seeing sweet Kaiser, but she can go. Let her go. Not worth it

  10. I have tried to post this like 3 times but it seems to keep getting lost- imagine. Jenelle quit posting anything that can be seen as anything negative from you. Examples – no posts about children and guns, pitbulls and David period. Only post what can be seen as “normal” mom pics of your children nothing that can make you look bad in any light – if you do this all the “haters” will have to go back to making themselves look bad for no reason when it comes to you by making up pretend scenarios or just slamming you – all will make them look crazy and bad – not you. Don’t piss off MTV no matter how much they have pissed you off. Get a better PR person and or manager than the one you have – David should support all of this – we already know where you stand so you don’t need to be so loud now – go silent. Just some advice from a person who would actually like you to win this one!

  11. I skip past her segments. I used to do it with Farrah too. Farrah getting the boot made the show easier for me to watch. If jenelle goes it just enhance my viewing experience

  12. MTV should fire her and record it.I would PAY to watch that.MTV should also just keep Babs and Jace.

  13. Hey The Ashley, I have an off-topic question about Kailyn. I just saw on YouTube, that she’s giving Chris a hard time about posting pictures of him in the baby on Instagram. Evidently they’re having a really bad Twitter feud. Can you find any more details?

  14. Completely unrelated but I HATE her hair in the top picture. Her and Maci should never do the skinny braids.

    1. She has those skinny braids so she has something for her wig toppers and extensions to attach to. She’s trying to pass them off as her unique hair trend. Kind of like when she wore her wedding veil backwards.

  15. Are Chiny and fuckFace down voting everyone ?

    Mtv should fire her, if I failed to show up for work or refuse to do my job, I’d be fired before my ass hit the door.

    Animal abusers and child abusers should be punished and not fucking rewarded or in a position to make demands, Mtv have been pussy whipped by chinelle and phsycoSid (David) I bet those two morons are laughing at you, right now it’s chinny and David 1 mtv 0.

    Shame on you for letting a pair of fucked abusers have the upper hand.

    Flip the card and fire her then sue for breach of contract.

    1. from your lips to MTV’s ears Everyone says they FF thru her segments. Why do they kiss her stinky ol’butt ???? She is just a one trick pony, and we (the viewers) are DONE.

  16. great job mtv give this trash more money and tv time I’m done if you continue to film her of pay lurch’s expense I’m done. let him pay his own way and who do they think they are making demands this is all on you mtv grow some balls allowing them to do whatever they want is pathetic

  17. I’m not a mom either. I’m twice your age, and I can tell you that it’s just common sense. Something you seem to have. Most of the TM/TM2 girls lack.

  18. If anything her refusal to film will vamp up ratings, not cancel the show. I fast forward thru her like I did Farrah.

  19. If anything her refusal to film will camp ratings, not cancel the show. I fast forward thru her like I did Farrah.

  20. How is refusing to film not reason to be fired?! Had MTV not figured out that Jenelle is in the same boat as Farrah… WE DON’T CARE! Pull her off the air too!

  21. I might not be a mom, let alone a teen mom, but as a fellow 20-something, it is mortifying to watch these girls act a fool when they are so blessed to have the lives that MTV has provided. I wish these knuckleheads could trade places with average teen moms so they could see how tough life really is without the “fame” and fortune to fall back on. This show has been financially beneficial to all of them, but has distorted their perspective and stunted them to the point where they seem to have no understanding of the real world. Ultimately, MTV needs to make a decision and stick with it, making empty threats then chasing this manipulative lunatic like she’s an asset is getting embarrassing. Call this brat on her bluff and give her the boot. Give her screentime to Babs, she’s Jace’s real mother AND she’s universally loved, two things Jenelle will never be.

  22. Jenelle your dumb as hell. What are you going to do for money? You won’t film because David was fired. Why not put your big girl pansies on and pretend you have your shot together. SMDH.

  23. Jenelle probably is avoiding filming because she has to film with Barnara and Jenelle doesn’t want Babs making money. Jenelle the viewers and advertisers have spoken. We dont want Lurch on our sceeens. Is she that thick thast she cant understand that she cant force Lurch on us??? I hope MTV films Jenelles firing. That will make this all worth it.

  24. MTV is so pathetic. A-list actors have been fired from multi-million dollar movie sets for far less than the shit Jenelle has pulled over the years, and they are skilled people with actual contributions to make!

    As if MTV is allowing her to basically lose them money by flying their staff and equipment out to the swamp, paying for their food and accommodation for the duration, and coming away with no footage! Fire her entitled sorry ass.

    Morgan J Freeman, you are a disgrace to the name Morgan Freeman, and the world’s biggest little bitch.

    1. Speaking of Morgan Freeman, that gave me any idea. They should take all the footage they have from “The Land”, mute their dialogue, and replace it with the voice of Morgan Freeman, narrating it like it was the wildebeest migration.

  25. Dump her. I didn’t even relly notice Farrah gone. Jenelle wouldn’t be any different, you don’t want to film? Cool maybe next year then.

    1. It’s nice to watch the show without hearing Farrah’s disrespectful incoherent rants, isn’t it?

      1. Watching Farrah’s scenes felt like sandpaper on my psyche. It’s nice to watch this show without her spiking my blood pressure every 7 minutes.

  26. Just get rid of her, teen mom viewers don’t want her on the show and neither do the rest of the teen mom 2 franchise.

    As suggested several days ago, get rid and merge teenmom 1&2together, no being replaced and no more backing down to these lazy ungrateful people.


  27. Oh for fucks sake MTV would you grow some balls once and for all!!! Listen to the viewers and get rid of this LOSER!!!

  28. Seems like she is hard to work with. Shouldn’t Morgan show up in her back yard and fire her? Or is the Farrah thing just for her? Morgan is starting to look a little hypocritical.

  29. I love Chelsea. She’s a great mom. The only thing is, the baby voice gets on my nerves. She is one of the only ones who is stable. Anyway now the only time she talks about Adam, is when one of the producers asks her about him. She doesn’t seem to like doing that anymore, and I don’t blame her.

  30. Who wants to see Jenelle bitching to her latest “friend,” or screaming at Barb? BTDT, not at all sure why MTV thinks ANY of these woman cannot easily be replaced.

  31. PLEASE, please, just DUMP THEM ALL back in the reality of the real world, ALL of them. Just make them go deal with their laziness, addictions, increasingly bad life choices, lack of education, and arrogance in the real world without massive MTV paychecks, and The Ashley can keep up with their arrests and rehabs, though those are more likely to take place at state facilities, not fancy spas, and such. MAKE THEM GO AWAY. I was channel surfing last night, saw Marriage boot Camp,” clicked on it JUST in time to see Amber with her 1940s head wrap and her dog turd ‘do, snarling “I’m starting to get pissed here!” and moved on.

    BTW, if I hear one more “boast” about “Well WE are the ORIGINAL GIRLS!” as if they are the first dumbfuck teenagers to get pregnant with their loser boyfriends, I’ll throw up. MY suggestion is can them all, both series, and go back and pick any random four women from the first two seasons as replacements..let’s see how THEIR lives are going, since the original objective..and it was pretty well done on 16 & Pregnant..was to show teens what life really looked like if you and the “love of your life!” 17-year old BF got pregnant. Even the first season of TM, as I recall was pretty effective, aI think Tyler and Cate actually HAD JOBS of some minimum wage sort.

    Dump all these boring and sad people. They Young and Pregnant or whatever show has fresher train wrecks, or again, fi they want to get real…show us how the other girst from the first two seasons are now. “16 and Pregnant, Ten years After”

    1. Amber is getting on the nerves of the whole marriage boot camp house. Last night was just another example of that. If that’s all you caught, it got a lot worse, believe me!

  32. Ooooooooo Duhnelle calling out the Ashley on Twitter ??? She filmed YESTERDAY, thank you very much. Stop posting fake stories for the rest of her life ?????????

  33. This girl is turning into another Farrah. They should just fire her and put both Teen Mom shows together.

  34. Has anyone else noticed that Jenelle turns into whatever guy she’s dating like with Keiffer and Courtland, she was a druggie (not that she still isn’t), with Nathan she was a fitness buff because Nathan is and now with David she’s a hard-headed “country-living redneck”. Like girl, get your own personality

    1. And she / Lurch are trying to turn Jace into a mini-David with his hunting camo outfits. I doubt that’s how Babs dresses Jace for school.

    2. Very “Runaway Bride” of her, girl, do you know how you like your eggs?

      And now I’m hungry ??

  35. “He who must not be named” lol I love it!!! Honestly she thinks she keeps the show going, even Brianna said that about her. What’s weird is she has to be violating her own contract. If you don’t do your job you’d be fired. If you schedule an appointment and your a no show you get billed. If I were their crew and I was flown out all the time and the person wouldn’t show up I’d complain. I don’t understand why MTV hasn’t realized they are making these monsters. Has there been another show with a cast as entitled as this group? They literally make $$$ and control what is shown and what they get. They need to end show and get these girls to go back to figuring out how to do a normal job. I’d be embarrassed to say my mom is a reality tv star. Most of it is trash. Jenelle doesn’t realize if she gets herself fired, even if it was David’s I’d he’ll blame her for it. Her businesses will eventually decline, David will hurt her and it will be like the boy who called wolf. And for once it would have really happened. Eventually he’ll be gone and she’ll be left with two kids which essentially mean no social life left on her land in the middle of nowhere. Scary. She can handle single parenthood.

  36. This is all David’s doing…we all know Jenelle conforms to any soulmate she’s with at that time…and she’s dumber than I thought, if she thinks she’s the star of the show. We all see what happened to Farrah

  37. I say they stop filming Chinelle entirely and just fire her ass too. I would much rather watch Barbara fix the kids and actually make a little coin in the process. She needs some retirement funds and a couple of massages after dealing with Chin and her dolt of a husband.
    One thing is for sure imho, Viacom needs to have some very specific clauses put into the new contracts for next season. We can’t have talent hold production hostage like that. Especially da Chin as she likes to double-sell stories and events to the tabloids. Seems like that would violate any exclusivity clauses thrown in there. Better yet, just tie them up in court forever and drain their free ride bank account. Viacom has deep deep deep pockets. Draining 300k of some person’s bank account that is funding an overpaid legal team would only take a few months.

    1. I think part of the problem is they’ve bought into the idea that the girls are, in fact, “talent”. Dustin Hoffman is talent. Emma Thompson is talent. These girls are there because they’re train wrecks, not talent. Any temper tantrums of their part should be dealt with accordingly.

      1. True! I can’t put my ankles behind my head, so I guess there is that ‘talent’ haha 🙂

  38. Jenelle thinks the show will be cancelled if she isn’t on it. Raise your hand if you would stop watching if Jenelle was no longer on the show. (I’m going to assume no one’s hand is raised). You know what I say to that? BUH. BYE.

  39. If I was living with David, I would be terrified of keeping guns in the house. He seems volatile and I would be afraid he would get mad and kill me. Jenelle makes be eating her words about the NRA. It sounds like he is brainwashing her. A I really didn’t think felons could own firearms.

  40. I agree about it being David. He does not want Jenelle out of his sight because he is jealous and does not trust her. There is no way he will allow her to go on all of the MTV sponsored vacations & trips without him. Teen Mom was the only reason he married her and will fole for divorce the minute MTV fires her. I would be fired for not showing up for work. Don’t bow down to her and play her games. End her gravy train.

    1. And the thing is: MTV isn’t saying he’s not allowed to come to the reunions or after show things and stuff, they’re just saying that since they’re not going to film him while he’s there, they’re not going to pay for his plane tickets and hotel room. With the amount of money they make, they can afford to spend their own cash on plane tickets for David. This is ridiculous. When other people travel for work, their companies don’t pay for their family to come along, too. If you want to turn a work event into a family vacation, you have to pay for it. This is such a stupid and obviously ridiculous demand on jenelles part.

  41. In the REAL world, if you spoke the way she does to your boss, you’d get sacked!!! I think she forgets that she is EMPLOYED by MTV, she’s not in charge. Same goes for Farrah. They slag off the show, but where would they be without it? Janelle would most likely be in jail and wouldn’t ever see jace (btw as an experienced teacher, jace needs therapy. He doesn’t know how to deal with his feeling… just like his mum) Farrah, well, she’d most likely look better as she’s have less surgery! She would maybe be working at hooters???!!! Sophia also needs counselling and assessing. Her speech and language is well below where is should be for a child of her age. I hope someone (Amy?) will intervene soon

  42. Janelle should be grateful. Don’t we wish we all had it that easy? You know what? Jenelle is an entitled little girl. These days, many of us are having to struggle just to get by. Ungrateful little b****!

  43. Please DO NOT give in to her demands. Please. Have some respect for yourself. Fire her. This is ridiculous! It has to stop. These girls cannot rule. Please MTV, production, whoever…just please do not give in to this crazy person!!! The show can go on without her and then maybe it will be easier to combine OG and 2. Send them a messsge. Let them know the gravy train STOPS!!!

  44. Jenelle’s new “bestie” Briana Dejesus seems to be a big enough hot mess to carry Teen Mom2 as a four girl vehicle — without Jenelle.

    It’s a Twitter love affair between the two of them now with Briana backing up Jenelle’s every word and move. But just imagine the shade throwing, insults, and sh*t talking if Jenelle was suddenly replaced by her new “best bud.”

    And with Jenelle gone, they can even do a Dr. Drew reunion show special segment with Barbara and Jace at the end of each season, so that fans who love Babs can still keep up with how she and Jace are doing.

    Works for me.

  45. MTV just get rid of her and just film Babs and Jace that’s what everyone wants.Then film her being told her are is being fired ?? I would actually PAY to watch that

  46. “She believes that ‘Teen Mom 2’ will get cancelled if she is not on the show,”

    DELUSIONAL MUCH?! No one misses Farrah and I’m sure no one will miss this entitled brat too.

  47. You should never bite the hand that feeds you if you can’t cook for yourself. The tragedy of Jenelle is that she is too stupid to know how stupid she is. She has been in a bubble for so long surrounded by yes-men that she really thinks she is something special. She is going to have an incredibly devastating fall when Teen Mom is done (which I think will be in the next year or so). This chick wants so much to be right about Lurch, shouting to the rooftops about how much in love they are and how good he is for her, what a great father he is; sorry cupcake, it’s as obvious to the viewers as Matt Baier was with Amber. Her self-esteem is non-existent, her co-dependency is astronomic, she is a hypochondriac that has restless leg syndrome and can see amoebas, she is a garbage bag of a mother, she can not maintain any relationship (with friends, family, soulmates). She needs intensive therapy where she is away from everyone so she can focus on her own issues. She reminds me a lot of Caitlin’s mother April, and I think she will be in the exact same position (sucking down Newports behind Food City) when she is April’s age.

  48. Do most of us want Jenelle off the show! Jenelle is the worst part of the show! Turn her loose MTV & I will start watching again if they get rid of Jenelle!

  49. They need to just tell her that they are accepting her failure to show up to all scheduled filming as her resignation. Then sue her for breach of contract. Fans would all be happy the same way they were when Farrah and David got the boot. It’s time these asshats experienced a little thing I like to call REALITY. In the real world if you don’t show up to work you get fired, your boss does not negotiate and beg you to come back. In the real world if you sign a contract saying you will film, collect money for filming, and schedule specific appointments to film, then don’t show up, that’s called breach of contract.

  50. As if anyone wants to see David. Perhaps if she gets a little freedom away from him she will see him for the controlling idiot he is.

    As far as giving MTV an ultimatum. PUH lease Jenelle. You would be nothing with out the start MTV gave you.
    So you want to cut off your nose to spite your face?

    MTV should just film Barbara & Jace. You are yesterday’s news.

  51. Do the producers seriously think that anyone really wants her on the show? I’m pretty positive that ratings will be just fine if Jenelle’s whopping fan base of 5 people stop watching. Her & Farrah might have maintained the drama, but they are exhausting & stressful to watch, every one of their scenes are just them screaming at anyone willing to get near them. I personally think they should take the opportunity to fire her for breach of contract & finally let these ungrateful, overgrown brats learn what it’s like to be a 20-something in the real world without their 6-figure rewards for sitting on their ass. If they want to save the show,cut this fickle bitch loose but keep Babs, she’s the real mother we wanna see!

  52. All MTV needs to do is get rid of Jenelle and combine the remaining TM & TM2 girls for one show. That way a replacement won’t be needed and their will be plenty of drama left to go around.

  53. MTV—-please!! This is just embarrassing for you. Stop playing her little mind games. Stop allowing Jenelle to believe she is the smartest in the room. Stop chasing her down. Stop funding her bull shit.

    All you have to do, MTV, is stop trying to contact her, stop worrying about filming the season and start editing footage to form episodes. So the last couple of episodes won’t feature Jenelle. The show is better off without her. Don’t bring her to the reunion. Film without her! She cried at the last reunion about always being excluded—let her see how it really feels to exclude her. And then sue her for breach of contract. Teach her a lesson once and for all.

    Please keep filming Barbara and Jace, though. 1) I love Barbara and think she’s hilarious. 2) it will enrage Jenelle. 3) Barabara and Jace actually deserve that MTV check. Poor Jace is going to need a whole lot of therapy and Barbara is one of the few on the show who has continually worked a day job. She deserves a big boost to her 401k.

  54. MTV’s mistake was not firing her after this last fiasco. Let’s hope they don’t make the same mistake twice. She got lucky that they didn’t fire her. She should be kissing their rear that they are still willing to film her at all. Why are they so worried, and frantic that she’s acting like this? If this isn’t a solid reason to let her go now, what will it take? If they took the show back down to four I really don’t think anyone would notice her missing.

  55. Please fire her – of course Lurch doesn’t want to lose his free vacations away from their gaggle of children. Less (or no) Jenelle and more Babs time, please. If not for TM2 money, Jenelle would probably have a felony conviction or two since she still would have gotten into trouble with the law but she would not have been able to afford Dustin’s legal services. Even worse is because of TM2 money Lurch was able to get his son back into the clutches of his oafy paws.

    Jenelle and Lurch are trash and this week apparently Jenelle declared that she is now a proud NRA member to “protect her family”. I saw that on the Babs Evans parody Instagram account @babsevanstagram – highly recommend checking it out for those who love Babs and hate Jenelle. The only protection those kids need are protection from Jenelle and Lurch. WTF – in some states she and Lurch would not be allowed to have guns given their past issues with the law (especially with his domestic violence conviction).

      1. Nevermind. Just reread your post lol. It’s too early here. I shouldn’t be allowed to comment before noon.

  56. MTV and the production company should just sue her for breach of contract, and when they win, put a lien on “The Land.” That will send David and Janelle into orbit LOL.

  57. MTV will eventually give in to her. Look how long they bowed to Farrah’s ridiculous demands and behavior and that wasn’t even the reason they stated for firing her! Wait, no, they gave her an ultimatum! That was still based on her career choices and not her horrible treatment of the crew.

    The only thing I can see back firing if they do pay for David to travel to events is if Kail, Chels and Leah essentially go on strike for MTV catering to Jenelle. Doubtful because they won’t bite the hand that feeds them. Though they could and nothing will happen.

  58. I would be fired from my job doing what Jenelle is doing blowing them off. She is playing a game and MTV should just fire her too. The only 3 I’m interested in seeing are Leah, Maci & Amber (only to see Leah and the new baby to see how long it takes Andrew to leave her ass with the baby). I would also like to see Barb & Jace. Those 4 could combine them into one show so they can get rid of Jenelle, Kailyn, Tyler & Catelynn, Chelsea, & Brianna.

  59. I am thrilled she is doing this. The more she pisses them off, the more likely it is she will be fired. She is not as special as she thinks she is and she can push them too far. And this has David written all over it. He has her believing that they are entitled to everything when they are really just pathetic losers.

  60. MTV just needs to cut ties with her. She’s pathetic, and honestly no one wants her on the show anyway.

  61. Jenelle is shooting herself in the foot, here. She says the show will be cancelled without her, for arguments sake, let’s assume she is right. Then she will not receive her welfare check from MTV, not too bright, but then nobody has ever accused her of being bright!

  62. MTV grow some balls and cut this loser loose!She isn’t a star!Why in hell should they kiss her ass?She needs a big dose of reality!

  63. Stupid Jenelle! I wish they would go ahead and fire her too. All she ever does is complain about how they edit her to look bad and how she is treated unfairly. She needs to get some therapy, and not just for a short amount of time either.

    She also needs to get the heck away from he who must not be named. I bet you anything that he is behind her not filming currently as well. He’s probably forcing her to demand that. I hope that she comes to her senses sooner rather than later.

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