‘Counting On’ Stars Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Reveal Gender of Their First Child

“Why do I feel like Jessa’s gonna be pushing us to name her Spurgina?”

Jinger Vuolo‘s “baby spice” will be a girl, the Counting On star and her husband, Jeremy, revealed to their family (and People magazine) over the weekend.

The magazine reports that the Vuolos invited the entire Duggar clan to Texas for their gender reveal party, which was held on Saturday. Once there, an assortment of Duggars were split into a blue team and a pink team to run amok through an obstacle course to find out the baby’s gender.

“One by one, a member of each team had to eat a single serve container of ice cream before running an obstacle course,” People reported. “The captain of the first team to finish the race had the honor of flipping the switch on a ‘Baby’ neon light, revealing the sex, and Jinger, 24, and Jeremy, 30, sprayed everyone with pink silly string.”

As you do.

The gender reveal was followed by a surprise baby shower thrown by Jinger’s friends. (It appears that the regular “Duggar baby shower thrower”, the wide-eyed Sierra Dominguez, had nothing to do with this shower.)

Jinger, who is 25 weeks into her pregnancy, will be the first of her sisters to give birth to a baby girl. Jessa Seewald and Jill Duggar each have two boys, and Joy Forsyth recently gave birth to a son. (Her sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, does have two girls with Jinger’s brother Josh, though.)

“We are so happy to announce that we are having a little baby girl!” Jinger and Jeremy told People. “We could not be more excited and are eagerly anticipating meeting our little lady this summer. We especially love thinking forward and realizing that she will have excellent role models in both of her grandmothers, who cannot wait to shower her with love.”

People posted the photo below, showing Jeremy, Jinger and Jinger’s growing baby bump standing next to the pink “Baby” neon sign:

To get the stats on all the Duggar babies, click here!

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)

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  1. I think gender reveal parties are a little over the top, but I like pictures or videos. With my daughter I filled up a little basket with pink things (mostly candy) and video taped my his and opening it when he got home from work (he wasn’t there for the ultrasound) and then posted his reaction on Facebook. With our son, I got the blood test result back and made a little wooden sign that our daughter held that said “I’m getting a baby brother for my birthday!” with our son’s name a due date on it. I taped my husband’s reaction to that too and posted that and a picture of the sign to announce the gender and the pregnancy in general to everybody. If we ever have another one I want to do a photo of my daughter holding a sign that says “one needs a spanking”, my son holding one that says “one needs a hugging”, and me holding a sign that says “and, Lord, one’s on the way” to announce the pregnancy and probably have the picture somehow also announce the gender at the same time.

  2. I saw the pink balloons and my heart sunk! I don’t watch the show, i just read The Ashley’s recaps, but from what i gather the Duggars’ seem fairly radical and are definately fundamentalist christians! I love it that Jinger now wears pants; I am suprised, however, that the patriarch & matriarch (sorry forgot their names) don’t have them wearing berkahs already! Their ‘modest dress code’ ruling for their 2nd class citizen daughters’ seems to preclude pretty much every other item of clothing! I feel so sorry for ANY girl born into that family….

  3. Surprised the whole family actually went to them, all the way in Texas?! The gender reveal sounds way over the top but I’m sure it was “encouraged” for the show to film something (because let’s face it, the show is boring AF) but out of everyone Jing and Jeremy are the most normal and cute couple!

  4. Because they waited a few months before putting the bun in the oven, everyone must freak out. If it was your basic Dugger honeymoon baby, then nobody would give a crap about the sex of the baby.

  5. Gender Reveal events are dumb. Which was my exact response to everyone who asked me (usually semi-breathless with excitement) “what are you gonna do for the gender reveal?!” Nothing, because gender reveals are dumb.

    1. I know this might be an unpopular view, but I totally agree about gender reveals. Like people have actual parties for that? I feel like I can say this because I’m 28 weeks pregnant and basically said, hey we’re having a boy.

    2. Lol I used to want to do one quite badly, but have now changed my mind based on the fact it’s NOT a gender reveal, it’s a sex reveal and they’re just enforcing a lot of stereotypes which isn’t good.
      However I totally plan to have a celebration party in lieu of that (gifts not encouraged!) because what is life without a reason to get together and celebrate?

  6. Random way to do a reveal but you each their own? Has anyone else noticed when Jinger is around her family, her new found leg freedom disappears? I’m sure it’s out of respect on her part but if she truly thought you can be modest in pants wouldn’t she wear them regardless of who sees? Super off topic, just wondering if anyone else noticed ??‍♀️

  7. Jinger’s always been my favorite. Is it just me, or is her pregnancy face starting to look like Kate Middleton?

  8. I hope Jinger doesn’t have a home birth. I hope she and the baby come through everything in a healthy way. Her mother and her sisters all had scary home births.

      1. This might be a cultural difference, but I know many people who’ve had home births. I think I’d prefer that over a hospital as well. Of course that doesn’t mean you don’t have any help: there’s a professional midwife there and afterwards you get the same kind of nurse to help you with taking care of the baby. And you can’t do a home birth if there’s any tell-tale sign you’re going to have a difficult delivery. Home birth doesn’t have to equal a Duggar-style home birth.

        1. No I don’t think that home birth has anything to do with cultural differences. Personal differences maybe. But don’t you think by now that God is telling the Duggar women to get thee asses to the hospital? I mean really, other than Anna, who is not Duggar by blood, had to be rushed to the hospital because of a dangerous situation. What fucking more do they need? And I’m not sure where you live but around here a truly professional midwife cannot do a home birth. There is a huge difference between a professional midwife and a practicing one. None of the Duggar girls are professional midwives. Professional midwives usually are RNs who go through further specialized medical training and have actual degrees, not certificates.

          1. I completely agree with you that the Duggars are not professional midwives and due to their deliveries they should not be doing home births. I just wanted to stress there’s a difference between home births and Duggar home births.
            I live in a very densely pooulated country, so if you are doing a home birth and it’s not going well, you can be in a hospital in a matter of minutes rather than hours.

  9. If anyone will treat their daughter right and not make her a sister mom and a slave to them, it’s Jinger and Jeremy. Don’t disappoint me with this, guys.

  10. Jing and Jer are the best (and by that I mean the least obnoxious) of the Duggars, but good god that gender reveal sounds so effing extra. Just tell people what you’re having or don’t. If someone ever told me I had to run an obstacle course to figure out the gender of THEIR baby I’d nope right out of there.

    1. I’m not a fan of gender reveal either. It’s starting to come over here in the U.K. a bit, but non of my friends have had a reveal party!! Check out ladbaby on Facebook. Hilarious family, the dad organised the reveal for his wife- defo worth a watch!! Xx

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