EXCLUSIVE! Upcoming Season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ to Show Infamous David Eason Balloon-Slashing Scene

“Don’t all the husbands bring knives to the Reunion tapings?”

MTV announced on Tuesday that the new season of Teen Mom 2 premieres next month and, while the just-released trailer showed plenty of Season 8B drama, The Ashley has learned that the upcoming season will also include the scene that a lot of ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have been waiting for!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that viewers will finally get to see the infamous David Eason balloon slashing scene play out as it happened! The Ashley’s sources tell her that the footage of Jenelle Evans‘ husband pulling a knife at the last ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping will be included in the new season!

“[The show’s producers] have been planning to show David’s rampage since it happened,” one source tells The Ashley. “Normally, it would be included in the regular Reunion special but the drama [from the Reunion taping] was just so good that they basically said, ‘We’re saving this for the show!'”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the footage shown during the first few episodes of Season 8B will be stuff that was filmed before the Reunion taping in October. The balloon-slashing scene will be shown during the third or fourth episode of the show, if everything goes as planned.

“Viewers will get to see him get tangled in the balloons and then the cameras kind of scramble to zoom in on where the commotion is coming from and then they show David stabbing the balloons.”

The scene also shows the rest of the cast “freaking out” and Jenelle assuring her co-stars that her husband was just trying to escape from the balloons.

“It shows just how weird that whole situation actually was,” the source says.

While Jenelle and David downplayed the event, several ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars have spoken out about the scary incident.  During an appearance on Kail Lowry‘s Coffee Convos podcast in February, Leah Messer revealed that she was disturbed by what David did, telling Kail that she and the friend she had with her were “terrified” when the balloons started popping.

“I don’t even remember if [David was mad] because they were not serving any more alcohol or…but we were there for work!” Leah said on the podcast. “I mean, you can have a few drinks socially but, it’s not that appropriate.”

Kail declared that she would never allow her kids to be around David, and Leah agreed that her kids would no longer attend Reunion tapings. (David has since been booted from ‘Teen Mom 2’ and, from what The Ashley has heard, will no longer be allowed on set at the Reunion tapings.)

Anyway, The Ashley’s sources also tell her that the episode will include footage of what happened the next day on set, following David’s balloon-slashing incident.

“They show security searching him the next day at the studio because of the knife incident the night before,” the source said.

From what The Ashley has heard, Jenelle and David are not currently aware that the footage is going to air. However, the source says that’s it’s “highly unlikely” that MTV would pull the footage out of the episode, even if Jenelle throws a fit about it.

“It really happened, and everyone saw it so there’s no denying it happened,” another source added. “If someone does something on-set, in front of cameras, they can’t really get upset if it ends up on the show.”

(Keep in mind, though, things can always change but as of right now, this is the plan.)

In addition to the knife-pulling incident, the Reunion episode(s) will also show that fight The Ashley told you about back in October, in which Kail and the DeJesus clan got into a nasty argument in the makeup room. Leah left in tears after she was brought into the fight. (You can actually see a flash clip of Leah crying while wearing her reunion dress in the trailer!)

Watch the first ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B trailer below!

UPDATE! Jenelle tweeted in response to this story.

“Damn, STILL talking about popping some balloons. Play it how it is, who cares?!  #LetItGo,” she wrote.

She also tweeted (then deleted), “Funny ‘people’ can’t get over the fact that I’m happy and doing fantastic…so they have to play old footage. You love to hate I’m loving life and doing good.”

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48 Responses

  1. need to rename teen mom og and 2 the IM DONE SHPW since most are divas and anytime they dont like being responsible for their behaviou, mainly amber portwood and kaitlyb lowery. Both also keep having children and not married.

  2. I hope it’s a big montage of him acting like a royal jackass thoughtout the entirety of his time on teen mom 2, and at the end, they fire his ass.

  3. I’m sorry, but first people complained about his behavior and now they are celebrating it? Yeah, that’s as messed up as he is.

    1. MTV is putting a spotlight on his behaviour, not celebrating it. There’s a difference.

      As (potential) viewers we still detest his behaviour, but celebrate the opportunity to watch it. Again, there’s a difference.

    2. We are celebrating the fact that finally he will be exposed for being the out of control ragaholic that he is instead of Jenelle making excuses for him and denying that he has a temper and is violent.

  4. She living life and doing good having been investigated by cps within the year, having no relationship with her mother, having lost permanent custody of her oldest son, allowing kaiser to be physically and mentally abused by David, living on the land away from civilization. Sounds like a great life to me!

  5. LOL, Jenelle again repeating “I’m happy now, people can’t get over that” How is she so blind?! Her husband is a psycho and this scene will prove it!

    1. One more thing. Jenelle went on twitter to say David is black (so he can’t possibly be racist lol) because he got less than ONE PERCENT of his ethnicity coming from Africa. Like…….I don’t even have words except for how can someone be that dumb.

      1. Wow! Was this seriously tweeted by Jenelle? Pretty derogatory to think Africa is all black, not to mention ignorant as ignore gets!

        1. It’s not all black now because of the colonizers/colonization but that DNA would be traced back to Europe. There is no white DNA tracing back to Africa at this time. Cute try though.

    2. And she’s always claiming that NOW she’s happy and that whatever happened 6 months ago is done and over bc NOW she’s happy. But 6 months ago she was saying the same thing. She was saying she was happy THEN and that things they were showing on the show from 12 months ago are done and over bc she’s happy now. And you know that 6 months from now when they show the footage of what’s going on right now in her life she will again claim that she’s happy NOW and that the stuff thats happening right now today doesn’t matter bc she’s happy NOW. She perpetually claims to be happy and living her best life, she’s been claiming it for about three years, but at the same time she views everything in her past as bad and stupid and her going through a “rough patch” or something. Both things can’t be true. She can’t have been super happy for the past few years but also claim that the bad things we’re seeing from a few months ago we’re just her going through a bad patch.

  6. David is a lunatic if Jenelle wants to stay with him fine but those kids should be removed from that house it’s absolutely horrifying what we all know is true and nothing is being done.
    Unfortunately it most likely will take a death or close to it for this to stop I don’t think the little bit of jail time he got for strangling his ex-girlfriend sunk in.

  7. This is why they will never get rid of Jenelle. Who else brings us drama like this? No one. And I am seriously still in shock that they actually fired David because he is the other half of the chaos that keeps this show interesting.

  8. After seeing all the “soul mates” Janelle has chosen, I want a special showing us the ones she turned down. Arrrrg!!

  9. Yeah Jenelle, everyone’s so jealous that you’re in a relationship with a psycho controlling abuser who is scary AF. I mean there are literally Vegas bets of what year you’ll be featured on Dateline.

    Is it really all worth it for those 2 hours a week where he’s super sweet and breaks down and apologizes and cries that he did it because of some trauma in his past and tells you you don’t deserve him and you’re so amazing and yadda yadda…….all textbook abuser moves………….is it all really worth it just for those snippits of sweet moments? Think about it the next time he smacks you across the face for snapping at him, or when you start to tell a producer something and he gives you “the look” to STFU or you’ll be sorry. Just ask yourself how tired you’re going to be of it all in 5 years, 10 years…

    Or you can just write it off to everyone being “Jealous Haters”. Your choice.

  10. “I’m doing fantastic.. loving life and doing good” lmaooooo what are you doing tho?? Still no job. Just banking on these reality checks. Sad. Get some education to have something to fall back on when all this dries up. Because it will.

  11. Someone on twitter called UBT racist and Jenelle is claiming that David can’t be racist because…wait for it…”he’s black” ??. I am dead. Ancestry.com said he’s like <1% African, like everyone on this planet. Jenelle and UBT are the worst.

  12. So David pulled out a knife while trying to “escape” from those vicious, flesh-eating, killer MTV party balloons.

    Got it.

    Thanks for clarifying, Jenelle. And I’m pretty sure the rest of your cast mates really appreciated this explanation too, as to why your husband all of a sudden looked like a psychotic, knife-wielding dumbass.

    1. Right – imagine how frightened the children must have been to witness that. For all of the flaws of the other girls, none of their kids are exposed to that behavior. Jenelle’s poor kids have to live with it on the reg.

      1. Jenelle doesn’t even care her own kids are terrified of David so she definitely won’t care about anyone else’s kids being afraid. Just tell them to get over it like she says to Jace.

  13. I cannot wait!!!
    Jenelle and that POS she calls “husband” deserve all the bad things coming their way. I honestly don’t understand what she saw in him. I dont like her one bit, but she isn’t an ugly girl. She could do so much better.
    I guess this is her karma for being such a disrespectful brat to her mom and always putting her soulmates first instead of her kids.

    1. I dont think she sees anything in any of her soulamtes, I think she just picks up wathever garbadge she finds on the street ?

  14. So excited! The Ashley always gets the best TM scoops! I agree with others that da Chin is probably going to be a little upset about the footage being aired 🙂 A great end to my day!

  15. This is not a good idea. I think it will enrage an already unstable (and armed!) Lurch. As always, I fear for Jenelle and the kids.

    1. I fear for her kids. Not for her. She can make a choice. Those kids dont. She gets what she deserves. She is a nasty fake crying trashag,who choosesmen over her kids. Those kids need to taken away from her and lunatic agressive lurch. Then he can beat the shit out of her.

  16. I don’t feel bad for the teen moms or mtv. Sorry. I feel bad for the kids on most of the 2 shows. The adults and mtv can take up for themselves, the children can’t. Now mtv is going to show this for ratings/money. How about mtv show all the child abuse going on. I don’t care about him slashing some damn balloons. Mtv is all about the money they are making off the moms.They slash/cut seens of child abuse when the moms throw a fit. So sick of all the abuse mtv let go on.

  17. I’m already betting that Jenelle is going to pull the “bad edit” excuse out of her ass when they show this.

  18. Chinelle is going to have a fit. This is what you get for acting like the show can’t go on without you, shitlord.

    1. If MTV plans on roasting Jenelle this season, I am here for it. She is going to flip over this.

    2. she will threaten to quit and they will give her what she wants rinse and repeat it happens over and over. also makes me sick that its ok to film with barbara now that her husband is gone she needs someone to film with

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