‘Teen Mom’ Stars Ryan & Mackenzie Edwards Resurface on Social Media While Buying A New Car: Here’s Why It’s Awkward

“Try not to crash this one, OK?”

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards have kept a very low profile over the past few months, swearing off social media while their turbulent relationship (and Ryan’s struggle with sobriety) have played out on Teen Mom OG. Earlier this week, though, Ryan and Mackenzie resurfaced on Facebook when a local car dealership congratulated Ryan on buying a new truck.

In a photo posted to the dealership’s Facebook page, Ryan and pregnant Mackenzie (who showed off her small baby bump for the very first time) stood next to a shiny white truck.

The dealership also posted the caption, “Thank you very much to Mr. Edwards for coming by…today and picking out your brand New Custom F-150  #blackwidowstyle.”

The picture proves that the Edwards are still together, despite Ryan suggesting a separation to Mackenzie during the ‘Teen Mom OG’ season finale.

Pregnant Mackenzie and Ryan stand next to their new truck in this photo, taken on Wednesday…

And, to make things even more awkward–Mackenzie’s ex-husband actually works at the dealership Ryan and Mackenzie purchased the truck from. It does not appear that the Edwards bought the car from Mac’s ex-husband, though, as a different salesman is in the photo with them.

The dealership got plenty of heat over the photo from followers who apparently watched the ‘Teen Mom OG’ episode in which Ryan was shown driving while under the influence of drugs.

“Congratulations on selling an enormous truck to a dude who literally fell asleep behind the wheel on heroin less than a year ago,” one person wrote.

“Yea she’s a black widow for sure,” another wrote. “Hope he doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel and kill someone in that big truck.”

(Photo: Facebook, MTV)



  1. MTV really does pay the big $$s. Ryan buys (or leases) a big monster truck. Ryan does not even consider the expenses of having three children to put through college and even to provide for in their growing years. It is live for today on MTVs dime. He needs to get a job – I’ve said this before. He needs it to have some pride. He has sat on the couch, napped, shampooed the dog and impregnated his wife. Go to work like we all do. Feel like a husband, father, son and man.

  2. Duhnelle….you do realize that you have an account here with the rest of us harpy hollies, right? Presumably you have shared opinions that are not all sunshine and lollipops??? If this is such a negative environment, what are you doing here reading and commenting and interacting with us awful people?

  3. Does Ryan and/or Mack know that they are about to have three kids? That truck seems like a poor choice of vehicle for a family of 5. Why wouldn’t you be looking at an SUV with third row seating? Why can’t these people make any rational decisions? It’s not like Ryan needs a work vehicle.

  4. Big Mac doesn’t want ro listen to Dr Drew bc she is an addict too and doesn’t want Rhine to clean up his act. After she drops that new blessing she needs a stockpile.

  5. These two are awful, but don’t make having a good relationship with your ex/kid’s dad weird. Of course she should be willing and able to buy a car from his dealership. Having a decent relationship with an ex is an important tool in co-parenting . You *should* be civil and if possible, even friendly. If Mack is doing that, then more power to her.

    1. I’m sitting here watching part 2 of the reunion. and I really want to slap Snakekenzie right now. What a bitch!

  6. I have a feeling that truck is some sort of bribe to get him to stick around and pretend to be happy. He is just like a spoiled little kid that you would have to bribe with a cookie! Lets face it, that is not the type of family vehicle you buy when you have 2 kids and another on the way. Plus she drives a Mustang which is also not exactly kid friendly. They are both ridiculous.

  7. I think what bugs me most about this is that this truck will do a TON of damage to whatever Ryan runs it into. Ryan and Mackenzie will probably be fine and won’t get hurt at all because they’re sittinfbso far above the point of impact, but whatever family driving a sedan they hit will likely be dead and their car will be smashed to bits just because Ryan felt the need to buy a damn monster truck to compensate for how small he feels as a man, husband, father, and son.

  8. He probably needs a new and reliable car to drive to a good therapist and addiction specialist a but further away that does take him despite his fame.

  9. Black widow style. Oh, the irony. ????? I’m about Mack’s height and I would need a ladder to get in & out of that truck, and being pregnant would make it even harder. I wonder if he will make her get out of the truck to check his tires when she is 9 months pregnant like he did Maci. Serves her right if he does. She knew how he was if she ever watched their 16 & Pregnant episode.

  10. Mackenzie,
    Girl. Get real with yourself and realize the situation you got yourself in. NO ONE AND I MEAN NO ONE 1) wants your man, 2) believes he is sober, 3) thinks you look your age. The things you involve yourself in are so detrimental, not only to yourself but to your children.
    RYAN IS NOT WORTH IT. You have to know that.

    Get out, and get out now. You ain’t getting no damn medal and certainly no respect by staying with that loser. Leave him. You might get what you’re looking for if you do.

  11. Is she like… Hired by MTV or something ?! It just seems so suspect that Ryan needs to go to rehab but he hasn’t, is buying what I assume to be a massively expensive truck despite the fact he almost killed himself and others driving on drugs,has been proven to be chasing ‘da ladies’ behind food city again and…. She’s carrying his baby and carrying on regardless?! She has to be a really highly paid stooge, surely. No sane person would hang around for the Ryan’s MTV gravy train? I’d need more than that to humiliate myself in front of a national audience! Insane.

    1. For real! He doesn’t make nearly enough money to show my face on tv with that personality attached! Just the humiliation alone would cost them more lol. Not that she feels humiliation. She’s more of the lie and pretend and lie some more type.

      I wouldn’t be out there flaunting myself as the “super special and loved wife” when the entire world knows it’s bullshit. I’d be so disgusted and crushed I wouldn’t even look at him.
      I also wouldn’t help my husband kill himself but that’s a different story.

      1. “Call me when the kid’s about three.” So, Mack’s just going to ignore the fact that Ryan said that? I don’t get it with this girl at all.

  12. See, my issue here is with the wife. It’s very hard to deal with addiction with the outside negativity when honestly this is the best picture I’ve seen of him as of late. He looks healthier. Support the addict if you give a shit about him driving under the influence so he won’t do it again. Addicts are prone to repetitive nature and when all you do is throw his faults in his face, YOU THE VIEWER AND COMMENTER are affecting the outcome of his sobriety. He’s trying.

    1. I’m sorry but Ryan trying would be him getting off this reality show and actually doing a whole stint in rehab and not leave after 20 days and claim he got out early because he did detox. This isn’t jail as if he got out early for good behavior.

      1. He’s locked into a contract and has no other means to support two trap babies. What’s he supposed to do? And the start of that is sobriety and all you harpy hollies that have no idea what you’re talking about that LIVE to judge people are quite possibly the worst batch of human beings on the planet.

        1. Yup, we’re the worst people. Not the addict who drove under the influence, cheated on his wife and ignores his child or the 21 year old, twice married, woman who is actively ignoring his issues to be famous . It’s us judgemental harpies.

          The first step to getting sober is admitting you have a problem and seeking help, something Ryan won’t do.

          1. LOL!! I Mack’s long rambling letter should have been addressed to the Ashley’s Reality Roundup readers , because apparently it’s our fault. LOL! Whatever!

        2. What is he supposed to do, he currently live with his parents. He needs to get sober and get a job. You know what most people do to live.

          Oh I will judge when this asshat drives while high on heroin. Again if he can’t handle it get off Teen Mom and get a real job but that would require him getting clean first.

        3. BTW he’s not locked into any contract. He’s a addict I’m sure MTV was love to film Ryan’s recovery process and it’s BS that no rehab will take him because he’s on a reality show. Hollywood can contest to that. So how’s it going Mack? Is being married to this mess worth the paycheck

        4. Okay, first of all, calling Bentley a, ”trap baby,’ is just mean and rude. Secondly, what’s WRONG with you??

          1. Sorry, that was meant for Duhnelle. I hate when my comments post in the wrong place. Oh well, we’ve all had that happen.

    2. First, our suppprt would only mean something if we were people in Ryan’s life whose opinion he respected. We’re not. Similarity, our bad opinion or worry for him, as expressed in these comment sections, would only matter if he read them and thought so highly about his public image and reputation that seeing the public angry at him would bother him so much that he would actually go from being sober to using again based on internet critisim. From what we know of Ryan from watching him on the show for years, he doesn’t seem to care at all what people think of him. He doesn’t seem to want to make sure that people think he’s a great guy. He’s not even trying to spin his story at all, or try to counter any of the accurate, and thus negative, press he’s getting. The only person who seems so invested in Ryan’s image and repuation is Mackenzie.

      Secondly, his issues do not seem limited to a drug addiction that he fought months ago and is now sober from. We know that he’s killed cats, we know that very recently he threatened Maci and her entire family including the pets, we know that he violated his probation and was arrested again, we know that he has restraining orders/protection orders against him, we know that he’s not submitting to drug testing in order to see his son Bentley, we know that he drives (or drove) high to the point where he was nodding off, we know that he expressed zero excitement or support about Mackenzie’s pregnancy, we know that he did something so bad that his father kicked him out of the house and said he never wanted to see him again, we know that he’s not doing any follow up treatment for his addiction, and we see him acting and looking completely high every episode. If he had been an awesome person who happened to become addicted to drugs, but then who got clean and stayed clean, hasn’t had any trouble since, and returned to being an awesome person, then perhaps it would be harsh to continue to judge him, but that’s not the case here.

  13. So neither one of them have cars appropriate for a family with three kids. Ok two, i wont count Bentley. Who drives the ugly purple mustang with tan interior that i have seen Mac Truck driving?

  14. Totally agree with you. But like Farrah everyone commented on articles about her more than everyone else combined, yet when she was fired from the show no one missed her and ratings have not dropped at all. I think it would be the same with Mackenzie-yes people love to hate her but if we never saw her again no one would be upset and I’m sure ratings would be just fine.

  15. So, between the two they have a third child on the way and drive a muscle car and a pick up truck, very good…idiots!

  16. Mackenzie is not part of the Teen Mom show. I really wish everyone would stop focusing on Mackenzie and her pregnancy. We didn’t have to constantly hear about Vee’s pregnancy, or Kristina’s, or Miranda’s. They are the wives of the fathers of the teen mom’s kids. The show is not about them, and reporting on them just gives Mackenzie what she wants-fame and fortune.

    1. The reason we didn’t hear about Vee or Kristina’s pregnancies to this degree was because they don’t bring “the drama” like Mackenzie does- I really hate to say that. Controversy is what sells, and networks are very calculated. If she wasn’t somehow benefiting them, she would not have the airtime she does. Ratings and social media interaction are clearly up regarding Ryan/Mackenzie or we wouldn’t see them more than in passing. This case is especially sad since Ryan’s life is on the line. Just look at any website/blog that does a story on them and the number of comments it gets compared to articles about the other cast members. People love to hate watch and share their opinions. I’m sure MTV loves it.. :-/

  17. Sure, they almost killed themselves last year but why not buy a big truck now, what can possibly go wrong?! IDIOTS! Hopefully she drives when he’s high.

  18. (Sigh) I don’t know if it is my own personal pregnancy hormones, or what, but this photo makes me sad. Sad for Bentley, Hudson, and the new baby…who have years of phony Pintrest photos ahead of them, complete with fake smiles and forced laughs. Bentley at least has a normal family life with Maci & Taylor, and hopefully Hudson has something similar on the days he is with his father. Mimi Jen will do her best, but she can’t completely make up for her oafish addict son and his soul-sucking wife.

  19. See guys? I don’t have a heroin addiction to feed not children to care for, I can buy a big ass truck (that I’ll likely default on in 90 days.)

    You picked a real winner, BigMack.

  20. Where the hell are they getting all this money from? That truck new is $55000 or more. No way is he making all that off of teen mom. Ryan has more stuff than the actual teen moms. None of the moms have a lake house like he does. Most of the teen moms live in modular homes.

      1. Anyone with a job can get that, if they want the payments. I doubt he owns it, probably lease or finance. Plus most reality shows pays the cast in installments, final check comes after the final episode airs

    1. Apparently he rents the house from a family member. No doubt that’s an extremely expensive truck. My husband and i have a combined income of $160k and we wouldn’t afford that truck. But i suppose her could afford it if he leased it for 2 years before he bought it.

    2. I think he lives in a house owned by his parents. And he was spending $10,000/week on drugs and had no job so Mtv must pay very well!

  21. Sorry. But after last year’s chilling episode, until REAL sobriety happens as far as I’m concerned the only thing Ryan needs is a bus pass.

  22. Rhine doesn’t need to be driving anything…..and instead of saying get clean before you get the new truck, his enabling, terrible human of a wife is standing right by his side, okaying another bad decision.

  23. I think this is common. Our local RV dealer posts photos of the salesman with the new RV and owners.

    1. Most of the dealerships in my area do this, if the customer is willing to pose and have their picture posted on the dealer’s Facebook page. Animal shelters here do the same thing when someone adopts a pet, too.

    2. Why would Ryan and Mackenzie ageee to it when they’re hiding from social media and know that this is going to be found and make trouble for the dealership? This is not a smart move on anyone’s part.

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