Former “16 and Pregnant” Star Kayla Jordan Gets Married: See Photos!

“We tied the knot, y’all!”

Wedding bells are ringing for former 16 and Pregnant star Kayla Jordan!

Kayla, who starred on the second season of the show, married Dakota Jones on Saturday in her home state of Alabama. She is currently pregnant with her third child, a baby boy that she and Dakota plan to name Odin.

Kayla’s other two sons– eight-year-old Rylan (who was born on “16 and Pregnant”) and two-year-old Bryce– served as ring bearers at the ceremony. (Rylan’s dad is Kayla’s ex-fiance, J.R. Davis, who appeared on “16 and Pregnant” with her, while Bryce’s dad is Kayla’s other former fiance, Zach Bedwell.)

Decked out in a floor-length white gown, long veil and an updo, Kayla, now 25, carried a bouquet of pink and green flowers as she walked down the aisle. The wedding ceremony took place in the backyard of a home, with guests sitting on log benches that had been decorated with flowers. Kayla’s bridesmaids all wore pale pink.

The couple is currently honeymooning in Panama City, Florida.

Kayla’s “16 and Pregnant” episode, which first aired in December 2010, centered around her relationship with Rylan’s dad, J.R. (In one memorable scene, Kayla takes newborn Rylan horseback riding against J.R.’s wishes.) The couple became engaged during the episode’s filming but later broke things off. J.R. got married in 2016. He and his wife welcomed a son named Jett later that year.

To watch a clip of Kayla’s “16 and Pregnant” episode click here.

(Photos: Instagram, Facebook)


  1. I am the same age as her(she is a couple of months younger) and she already has really bad Crowe’s feet. I also want to point out that all of her public boyfriends have the same bowl cut hairdo’s and have Kayla give birth to their first sons.

  2. Is it just me or does her husband look a little like Chris Hemsworth? It would make Odin rather fitting. Lol

  3. She’s racking up soulmates like Jenelle. 3 fiancés by 25 years old? Slow down.
    Whatever floats your boat I guess

  4. Oh God, that clip of her horseriding with a newborn baby in a sling gave me the heebie jeebies. Poor kid was about to get the falling weight of his mother on top of him any second!

    1. Not for my sister-in-law! Wedding #4 coming soon!

      (She has a lot of soulmates like Janelle ?)

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