Round Two! Jeremy Calvert Rips ‘Teen Mom 2’ Co-Star Jenelle Evans In Brutal Twitter Rant: “Get a Job Instead Of Lying On Your Back!”

“Bring it on, baby cakes!”

Let’s get ready to rumble…again!

Jenelle Evans broke her silence regarding her recent (alleged) gun-pulling road rage incident, making it known on Twitter that she is not happy that some of her Teen Mom 2 co-stars spoke publicly about the incident.

Just days after Jeremy Calvert pleaded via Twitter with ‘Teen Mom 2’ executive producer Morgan J. Freeman to take action against Jenelle for what she (allegedly) did, Jenelle lashed out on him on Twitter…and Jerm served it right back to her!

Jenelle started things out by tweeting to Jeremy about the background check he refused to undergo. However, Jenelle seemed to be confused, not realizing that Jeremy was refusing to undergo MTV‘s background check, not the government’s. (You can read more about the background check that MTV wanted Jeremy to undergo by clicking here.)

“Hey @jcalvert505 , that’s funny you don’t want a background check for all your guns but in order for myself to even obtain my gun I had a full background check,” Jenelle tweeted. “I’m legally allowed to have mine, but are you?”

I love us. ?? @easondavid88 #RideOrDie #ForeverAndAlways

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Jeremy was happy to clarify things for Jenelle.

“Hahaha you dumb bitch, yes I have a background check done when I purchase guns,” he wrote. “MTV wanted me to have one done ’cause I own guns and because of you two dumb f**ks. And guess what, I have zero s**t on my record. Unlike you! Go get a job instead of lying on ur back….”


Jeremy continued his brutal Twitter tirade against Jenelle and her husband David Eason, laughing off David’s previous comment that the other driver during the road rage incident “tried to kidnap” Jenelle. (You seriously can’t make this stuff up, guys.)

As The Ashley previously told you, a full MTV crew was present during the incident, filming it for ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Jeremy noted that the show’s security team would have stepped in had Jenelle been the victim of an attempted kidnapping.

“And second of all f**king ‘kidnap’ this is funny as f**k MTV filming and no MTV security yea I call bulls**t,” Jeremy tweeted to Jenelle, before delivering another brutal barb (pun intended).

“And wtf were you worried about? They would give ur stupid f**king ass back in a heart beat,” Jeremy wrote. “Don’t f**k with me. Unlike everyone else I’ll call you out on ur dumb s**t!”

Jeremy, who has worked as a pipeline engineer for the entire time he’s been featured on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ also called out Jenelle and David for not having jobs outside of MTV.

#throwback #pipeline2012 #claysville #walkinginwater #wintertime

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“And unlike you I do not need MTV money,” Jeremy wrote to Jenelle. “I have a job outside of MTV. I can’t wait ’til this show ends and then see how life treats you. I don’t give a flying f**k about you or ur family. #thanksmtv #whitetrashamerica #endthiss**t”

Anyway, Jenelle also slung insults at Jeremy’s new girlfriend Desi Kibler and Chelsea Houska‘s father Randy Houska (who, to be fair, did make jokes at Jenelle’s expense earlier in the week). She also tweeted about The Ashley. (“Oh hi, Juh-nelle….”)

“And then we have Chelsea’s dad trying to throw his two cents in… as usual,” Jenelle wrote. “It’s crazy to me an old man that’s a dentist gets online to stalk and bully young girls. #Troll”

Morgan J. Freeman and MTV have yet to comment on the road rage incident.

Stay tuned….

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77 Responses

  1. Aside from all the Jenelle stuff (I agree with all of the above)…

    I do have to say WHY is Randy always on insulting Jenelle? Not a Jenelle fan but I’d be completely embarrassed if I was Chelsea. She stays clear of the drama but her dad is always right in it enough for the both of them. No Jenelle is not a child but Randy is definitely old enough to be her father and it is baffling to me that he spends so much time chiming in about her. I get second hand embarrassed for Chelsea all the time. (However I’m guess it doesn’t bother her or she would have probably asked him to stop)

    1. And just to add- no I don’t think it’s okay for Jenelle or David to talk trash about other coworkers or Leah’s girls or do I think any of their behavior is excusable.

  2. The fact that she hasn’t been arrested, still has custody of those poor children, AND is still employed by MTV is shocking…seriously. This person basically stalked someone, followed him home, threatened his life, damaged his personal property, and is on social media clapping back at people like she’s done nothing wrong.

    SHE. IS. A. DANGER. TO. SOCIETY. Cops – CPS…ANY time now?

    1. I just read that she’s refusing to attend the reunion without David. Aren’t the ladies required to be there?

      1. So I guess we all can ignore the fact David And Jenelle abuse each other and use Jace? And tell the crew, well curse the crew and act like nothing happened the next day? She’s totally mental. The day of their pictures, she ignored her screaming newborn child, the boys as they fought, and was high.

        1. Trust me, none of us here are ignoring any of that stuff. I hope Jenelle gets actual consequences for her behavior before it’s too late for those kids.

          1. David and Juh-nelle will self implode in due time… hopefully those kids get taken away from them before that happens though. I’m sure Jace will have some lasting scars from all of this but maybe they other two are young enough that they might be able to move past this

  3. JE and Dave need to be locked up. Still.. Jeremy was the first Matt. He kept working so he could cheat.

  4. Let me get this straight, Mtv is not okay with people showing lady bits and putting things in them, but is okay with guns being flung around? I’d rather listen to Farrah whine for 9374726 seasons than have some chick flinging her gun with 2 kids in the car for one more season getting money off of my stupid guilty pleasure.

  5. Mtv needs to change the name of the show from Teen Mom to Trashy Redneck Mom. The majority of these women are uneducated, ignorant, trashy and if they didn’t get a lucky break with Teen Mom would be living on welfare in trailer parks.

      1. I thought about that except Brianna isn’t white but is as trashy and ignorant as the others.

  6. MTV wants this to just go away because they wont fire her. She is refusing to go to the reunion because David cant come. MTV will bend to ALL of her demands.

    No wonder Jenelle ALWAYS thinks she is the victim. If she was such a bad person why didnt CPS take her kids. 17 mug shots & never spent more than 24 hours in jail & after drug charges & violent offenses she still owns a gun.
    MTV works on Jenelles timeline & gives in to all of her demands while the other girls sit & wait while MTV accommodates Jenelle.
    So of course she this she is a victim, how can a bad person get away with ALL of that?

    1. Exactly! It’s so clear that they are both delusional about themselves! They chased Barbara down with a gun for having a few sips of a drink while out to lunch yet I picture David guzzling alcohol while having those kids in the boat. The best was her comment when they first started dating about how innocent he is lol

  7. Honestly I am just glad I don’t work for MTV. I may not have the best job in the world but at least they give a shit about my safety and that of my co-workers. If I came in acting like a drug-addled nutball they would send me home. If I threatened my co-workers with a knife or assaulted them, I would be out on my ass looking at an screen.
    I really wish Morgan Jackwagon Freeman would take a long hard look in his gold-plated mirror and realize how he let his employees down and made his money off teenage loose coos while creating monsters that abused his production staff and somehow found a way to even make MTV look bad smh.
    Really, the drama has gotten distracting, the girls have not learned life lessons, and there is little more to glean from watching idiots yell at each other on Twitter while selling makeup and leather pocket tees on Instagram. It has run its course and MTV should move on to something else non-music video related like showing old reruns of Perfect Strangers. Oh that Balki and Cousin Larry lol…

  8. As much as I dislike Jeremy, he is right. (Could have gone with less swearing but ok) Jenelle will live on the streets with her booooooooooyfrieeeeeeeend (uhm, husband) when the show is gone while he has a real job and didn’t leave it because of MTV. (If David actually ever had a job which I’m a bit doubtful)

  9. You would think Jenelle would’ve learned by now that Jeremy is not the one she wants to antagonize…every time they get into it, Jeremy makes her look like the village idiot. Every. Time. Then again, it is Jenelle, and in the words of Kieffer…. “That bitch crazy”

  10. when she mentioned The Ashley i was like biiiiiitch ?? kinda hope thought that she’ll reply back to me calling her a dumb bitch though

  11. I want to send Jeremy an Edible Arrangement. Or a honey baked ham. Maybe a Mrs Field’s cookie tin. He destroyed Jenelle. Love love love it.

    Jenelle, money, you are far from being a young girl. So it’s ok for you and David to be vicious trolls, but if someone calls you out on your behavior, you are a victim. Please go away. Far, far, far away.

  12. Jenelle needs to grow up focus on her own life and stop blaming the world becuase her lifes a drama serious. She lives in court becuase shecant get it together. She is ungrateful and selfish and the only person she cares about is herself. Her kids well being get put last poor Jace has to go see a therapist becuase of her bull. Grow up get a job and stop trashing everyone n twitter. Take responsibility for your actions for once.

    1. You dont need a Twitter account to view these tweets
      I’m not familiar with Twitter or Instagram but I can read all of these tweets, comments. I think it comes up if you Google her name.

  13. It makes me sick because with Mtv going silent if just reaffirms that just like every other time nothing will be done and she will stay on the show. as much as I like the others and jace and barbara the only way to make mtv do anything is to stop watching so I am done this is not okay anymore there are innocent kids who are going to end up hurt or worse mtv is disgusting doing nothing. Hey janelle because we know your desperate and read here maybe you wouldn’t have been so upset by Jeremey’s comments if they were not true get job get off your back. you dare to mention Kail has 3 kids by 3 different dads pot meet kettle only kail takes care of her kids, doesn’t loose them. Only an idiot would do drugs while pregnant and yes weed is a drug when it comes to kids you have no right smoking while pregnant you are white trash always will be as jeremy said can’t wait to see how shitty your life is when mtv finally cancels this shit show

  14. Everything Jeremy said is so TRUE!
    Homeboy has a REAL job and absolutely right that he can maintain his lifestyle without MTV filling his bank account. Even if Jenelle tried to put her M.A. Certification to use, what health care facility would really give her a chance to “save lives?” She displays poor attitude and behavior, she has a lengthy criminal record, her kids test positive for Marijuana, (Bitch it’s still a drug, it alters your brain activity so make any excuse you want),,, who is going to want to hire that?? Hell, not even Walmart will want to hire her! Bitch tries to put her mom down, but SHE HOLDS DOWN A JOB, probably the very job that put food in her dirty mouth and clothes on her back growing up. Insulting her mother, disrespecting her mother, I wish Babs had slapped her mouth the minute she started back talking when she was a tween. Self entitled, Ungrateful, spoiled, disgusting little rat! Those poor kids don’t stand a chance. And that husband of hers??
    Yuck! Dysfunction breeds Dysfunction. What a sad life.

    1. Ugh that was supposed to be in reply to the person who asked What is she on? My comments never end up in the right spot lol

  15. Jenelle you’re not young anymore sweetie, you’re pushing 30 with 3 kids and Randy can say whatever he wants. EAD

    1. RIGHT! For a shit starter, she really can’t take it when someone does the same to her. Out of all of her shenanigans I don’t think this girl has taken accountability ONCE. She LOVES playing the victim.

    2. Since its Chelsea’s dad it hit Jenelle that much harder. She has ALWAYS been jealous of Chelsea
      Thats why David can comment on 1 of the kids but Randy cant comment on her?

  16. She’s worse than the Teflon Don, no crimes ever ever stick to her. She and Lurch she not be allowed to leave The Land as they are dangers to society.

  17. Ok, it’s completely classless and an inappropriate thing for a grown man (and father) to say in any curcumstances. BUT….”haha you dumb bitch” is the best response to a Jenelle rant. Ever.

  18. Normally I do not condone shaming females doe having sex but I’m going to make an exception for this one because Jenelle should not be procreating and quite frankly should not have custody of herself let alone several young children.

  19. Jeremy has never had a whole lot of class but I do admire his “no fucks given” approach.

  20. She would know a thing or two about stalking and bullying young girls wouldn’t she? And she is far from a young girl (well, unless we’re counting IQ, then sure! Throw her in there). Fuck I love Jeremy

  21. She is the first “almost kidnap victim” , that had to chase her kidnapper all the way home. Funny she didn’t mention the kidnapping in her 911 call, all she said was that the other driver didn’t want her behind him. I’m guessing she was ranting about her Mom or whoever and tailgating and on her phone. I wouldn’t want her behind me either.

  22. We live in a country that allows Jenelle, a drug user, multiple arrestee, with obvious mental illnesses, own a gun. How fun.

    1. Tested positive for drug illegal in the state that did her background check. Pounded on her mother’s doors and windows for two hours in the same state but still got a gun.

    2. I don’t believe Jenelle one bit! She definitely can’t legally own a gun unless she got her whole record expunged which mtv has supplied more then enough money for that to happen! I lived in Charlotte NC and my house was robbed in broad daylight so I applied for a gun license and was denied for a shoplifting charge that was 2 or more years prior in another state! I have no violent arrests or any other arrests. There’s noway she got one in NC unless her lawyer helped with that! And if you have any domestic violence type arrests then you can’t own a gun ever! So David can’t either as far as I know!

  23. “Stalk & bully young girls” ?? o Chenelle aren’t you almost 30? Which by the way what a hypocrite weren’t you defending your husband a few days ago after he was called out on stalking & bullying Leah’s young daughter?

  24. So now, poor Dustin has to mail yet another round of cease and desist letters out? I don’t think Jeremy got one with the first batch. One for Jeremy, one for her (alleged) kidnapper, one for the Ashley (hopefully not).
    I seriously cannot wait to see, what charges the other driver is going to push and to hear Jenelle going “he would put a MOTHER into jail”. Yeah, right, the type of mother that goes on a road rampage with a gun while two children are in the car with her – one of which just came from a therapy session.

    1. Dustin doesn’t work for her anymore. Someone from his office said he would never represent her again.
      The C&D letters were written by a freshly graduated cousin or something like that from David.

  25. She calls Randy an old man and says she can’t believe a dentist would go online and bully young girls. She is truly delusional. News flash Jenelle! Dentists do indeed use the internet, and you my friend are not a young girl, you are a grown woman and a mother to three innocent children so start acting like it.

        1. At least the guys she chose work and support their kids. She seems like she is doing much better.

  26. When this train wreck show ends “the land” is going to turn into a meth kitchen. Take those babies now before the cameras stop rolling. ?‍♀️

  27. I have a feeling that if either she or that other meth head she’s married to pulled a gun on Jeremy, he’d probably make them EAT IT.

    Guaranteed, even with all their guns and tough talk, the only people these two imbeciles can probably really scare are defenseless little babies like Kaiser and Jace.


    Meanwhile…Jeremy for President!

  28. Everyone needs to go to the NC Highway Patrol for Brunswick county and look up the two police reports under Jenelle Eason gives her info the other driver and EVERYTHING ELSE

  29. So she doesn’t like her cast mates commenting on her ridiculous law breaking behavior but her and David can comment on Leah’s daughter’s cheer makeup.

  30. Why don’t they fire these 2 losers? Seems like janelle has gotten worse since hooking up with that abuser david. CPS needs to take those kids away from them.

  31. Why don’t they fire these 2 losers? Seems like janelle has gotten worse since hooking up with that abuser david. CPS needs to take those kids away from them.

  32. She’s such a trash bag. Why the hell wasn’t she arrested? Is Dusty still on retainer?

    1. This is what I need to know! Why wasn’t she arrested?!!! Arrest her please and give those poor babies half a chance.

      1. If you go to the NC Highway Patrol under accident reports then choose Brunswick county and the date was 4/26/18 there are 2 reports in Jenelle Eason’s name. The first is her alone backing into a mailbox. The second lists her and the guy she had the incident with where the two vehicles collided and the offer said there were two different accounts and he could not determine whose fault it was. No charges, no arrests, and no other information is given. She won’t be punished it is such a JOKE and this stupid bitch gets away with everything. It is public information and it shows her full name, address Money Hole Rd ? And her cell # and also all the other drivers info. No mention of any kids in the car etc.

        1. Does it say what race the man was? Just wondering if Jenelle racial profiling had anything to do with this since the guy said everyone else went around her too.

  33. The fact that she did this at 6 in the morning makes it even better. Like girl?! Go to sleep! She’s insane.

  34. Jenelle also took a hit at The Ashley in one of her tweets. She said she was laughing that you were falsely reporting she wasn’t filming anymore.

    1. Ashley never said that
      She said that they stopped/canceled filming when Jenelle showed up with David & left with him because she wouldn’t stay without David

  35. White trash america. Jeremy gives it better than Jenelle could ever even comprehend.

    1. Jerm runs rings around Jenelle. He’s employed and can see the big picture – she’ unemployed and smoked out her last 2 brain cells. Like taking candy from a baby.

  36. Omg. I don’t care if it’s childish, everything Jeremy said to her is true. I’m here for it.

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