‘Teen Mom 2′ Stars Jeremy Calvert & Randy Houska React to Jenelle Evans’ Gun-Pulling Incident

“Anyone need a ride?”

Jenelle Evans‘ recent road ragin’, gun pullin’ incident made headlines around the world, and even got some of the Teen Mom 2 men pleading with the show’s executive producer, Morgan J. Freeman, to give take action against Jenelle for what she did.

Jeremy Calvert— the ex-husband of Leah Messer— and Randy Houska, father of Chelsea Houska— took to Twitter to express their outrage over the incident, which happened at the end of April.

(As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle got into an altercation while driving in North Carolina. According to the police report, Jenelle reportedly pulled a gun on another driver, after he cut her off. The other driver stated that Jenelle also followed him onto his property and allegedly did damage to multiple vehicles, all while two of her kids were in the car with her.)

Jeremy called out Morgan J. Freeman for not even releasing a statement regarding what Jenelle did.

“@mjfree bro correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t u against guns and gun violence.. so what’s ur next move in regards to the situation at hand with what took place with a cast member and a weapon… just curious!” he wrote, adding, “And you want me to do a background check because I own guns nahh.”

(The Ashley can confirm that Jeremy has been asked multiple times by the MTV producers to submit to a background check, due to the fact that he is vocal about owning guns. Back in December, when Jeremy posted photos to social media showing his young daughter, Addie, holding guns, those requests from the network intensified, but Jeremy held firm and refused to submit to their background checks.)

Morgan didn’t reply to Jeremy’s tweet, but Randy did, using humor to discuss the situation.

“Don’t worry, [Jenelle] was being supervised by two young children,” he joked, later telling someone who stated that his comment may garner him another cease and desist letter from Jenelle, “I used a couple of big words that would confuse them.”

Even Jenelle’s own baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, (sort of) commented on the situation. After news broke of Jenelle’s road rage incident, he tweeted out a video clip from the show ‘Smallville’ that showed someone driving erratically and raging against another driver.

“Hmmmm…why does this scene seem so familiar?”

There may be a reason that Morgan hasn’t publicly commented on the situation, though. As The Ashley previously told you, the network’s executive are furious about the road rage incident. (In the past, it’s been Morgan and the other show bigwigs who make decisions. This incident has been taken all the way up to the network’s higher-ups.)

Surprisingly, the normally outspoken Jenelle has yet to speak out about the incident. However, her husband David Eason wrote in a Facebook comment that the man Jenelle (allegedly) pulled a gun on “tried to kidnap her.” However, Jenelle never mentioned anything about being kidnapped during her call to 911 after the incident occurred.

Anyway, if you’d like to get a sampling of Jenelle’s road rage, check out the video below. It was posted to her own YouTube channel in 2012. (It contains some naughty language, though, just FYI.)

Stay tuned– this story is bound to get even more strange….

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. She is the embodiment of the 80s, “. This is your brain on drugs” ads. Anyone else remember those?

  2. Everyone needs to go to the NC Highway Patrol for Brunswick county and look up the two police reports under Jenelle Eason gives her info the other driver and EVERYTHING ELSE

  3. Has anyone heard or read Barbara’s reaction to this? If so, can you please post the details?

  4. I own guns. I had to pass a back ground check. They ask you if you have any mental issues,have you been convicted of domestic violence,are you a convicted felon so idk how Jenelle got a gun legally. Is David a convicted felon because if he is he’s not supposed to be around guns. So idk. I dont see how they have guns legally. Iam thanking my lucky stars I don’t live in NC.

  5. Most of both the Teen Mom OG & TM2 cast have made comments condemning this incident. It’s time for the cast to put their money where their mouths are, band together, and threaten to stop filming unless Jenelle is removed from the cast. There is power in numbers. When is enough…enough… with this woman?

    And Morgan J. Freeman’s spends the majority of his day on Twitter, engaging in heated debates and conversations over gun control. He could not make his stance any clearer. If he ignores this incident, he is an absolute coward with no backbone and it will show that money is much more important to him than protecting the lives of others

  6. So, was Jace the person filming this video? It’s not enough he has to witness all of this, have his life endangered but she has him documenting it too!

  7. She had a full blown meltdown on Twitter this morning trying to come for Jeremy and Randy and Jeremy slayed her. She is on some kind of bender and now would be a great time for CPS to show up randomly.

    1. Jeremy had me ROLLING. He’s had it with these motherf*cking snakes on this motherf*cking plane.

    2. I saw that!
      Randy stalking her??
      Oh honey, don’t flatter yourself! It’s all over the news in terms of social media and only she would find flattery in that! Jenelle is an asshole, a useless crybaby who cant function without her husband… I can’t believe she actually has kids when she herself has the temper and mental capacity of a damn 3 year old! She’s disgusting.

    3. Oh man, I hope someone posts screenshots somewhere. She blocked me on Twitter after I said she needed to be sterilized…haha

      1. I wanted to make a comment that she should get sterilized, but I was afraid it would start an argument on here. I mean Janelle is an excellent candidate for forced sterilization.

  8. Jenelle! You and your road ragin’ are welcome to visit Albuquerque, NM!! She will do.us all a favor! Bring your husband, too! Leave the kids though.
    And come right on down and drive through the south valley. ??

  9. So if these two psychotic nutcases from THE LAND aren’t reigned in by MTV and shown THE DOOR once and for all, will any of the other cast members in their right minds agree to show up for a reunion show this season? With metal detectors and possible pat-downs the same as a visit to a maximum security prison?

    Honestly, until MTV fully addresses this by permanently CANCELING Jenelle and all the rest of her drugged up, child abusing, weapon pulling foolishness, if I were one of the TM cast members I would flatly refuse to show up to a reunion and/or expose my kids and family to this ongoing shit show.


    1. I think she was told she’s not allowed to come to the reunion taping now. BUT I think the other girls should take a stand. If at least 3 of them tell MTV they cannot morally participate in anything involving Jenelle, the producers will see just how fast they lose viewers if we’re down to just Briana and Jenelle.

      1. Will she be getting the Farrah treatment, then? Filming a segment for the reunion separately from the other girls?

        1. Possibly, I’m not sure about anything else. But I did see that she has been asked not to come to the Reunion.

  10. Personally, I think the cast members should take a stand on this one. Jenelle used to be self-destructive, but recently has began to get violent with not only her Mother and numerous boyfriends, but random strangers. With the way her relationships have been going with other cast memebers I would think they would truly feel threatened based on current behavior she is exhibiting.

  11. Still think it would be funny if they really brought Brianna on just to replace her since she’s her only friend and then give Barbara and Jace a slot would be great Karma.

  12. MTV, what is your breaking point for behavior from your employees? We have witnessed drug abuse, child abuse, neglect, impaired driving, domestic violence, erratic behavior, verbal abuse of crew, assault, breaking and entering, credit card theft, and more criminal charges than can be counted on both hands and feet. Where do you draw the line and say enough is enough?

    You fired Farrah for work in the sex industry (as well as her constant abuse of family and crew),which, while in poor taste, isn’t illegal. Jenelle gave birth to a child who tested positive for drugs in her system at birth, yet she kept her job. Jenelle has been arrested countless times, and served time in jail, yet she kept her job. Jenelle stole her mom’s credit card for a road trip bender, yet she kept her job. Jenelle took Jace away from his legal guardian without her permission at a reunion, kidnapping him, yet she kept her job. Jenelle has allowed her husband to intimidate, threaten and abuse her children, yet she kept her job. Jenelle married a man who has threatened MTV crew and cast, and used a knife to slash balloons at an MTV-sponsored party, terrifying those present. Yet Jenelle kept her job.

    Shame on you, MTV. If you won’t fire her for latest misdeed, please, please don’t insult the intelligence of your audience by pretending to care about gun violence. The hypocrisy is immense. Shame on you.

  13. Randy is sooooo funny! Chelsea is so lucky to have him as a Dad. I guess he’s probably lucky he has the daughter he does as well. I wish he had his own being Randy special already. FIRE JENELLE!!!!!!

  14. The man in the incident just confirmed to Radar that Jenelle did not brandish a weapon at him.

        1. Oh FFS. She had a gun out in the midst of a road rage incident while she was flipping out in front of her son and another child. It doesn’t matter if it was brandishing or holding or hiding or effing sticking it up her butt. She’s completely unhinged and has no business keeping her job or her children.

          1. And even if she DIDN’T have a gun, you still don’t get in a rage while driving, screwing around in and out of traffic, slamming on your brakes with two little kids in your car. What if she made him so mad he had his own gun and shot at her car – those kids could’ve gotten killed. Have an ounce of self-control and don’t act like a 2 year old if someone cuts you off on the highway.

    1. Randy, Michael, Butch, Matt all weak mental midgets. Grown men act as fools on TV and social media, they all should be embarrassed for themselves. No wonder their kids are all messed up. I guess not every male figure can grow a real set and conduct themselves accordingly.

    2. You need some better heroes! Randy acts like a high school, involving himself in petty drama over Twitter (just FYI, this isn’t in regards to this specific incident, as it’s very serious and needs to be spoken about, I’m referencing pretty much every *other* Twitter comment/fights he gets into). 🙂 I get second hand embarrassment…

  15. MTV hasn’t said anything & wont. The sooner this goes away the happier they will be…until the next time she goes off the rails. They will never fire her, she will never go to jail and this is why she always thinks she is a victim

  16. MTV hasn’t said anything & wont. The sooner this goes away the happier they will be…until the next time she goes off the rails. They will never fire her, she will go to jail and this is why she always thinks she is a victim

  17. WOW! Never saw this one coming!!! As usual she’ll get a slap on the wrist and continue filming.

  18. Is she getting charged for this or what?!! I think that’s a much bigger question that whether or not she will continue on the show that needs to end already.

  19. For the sake of all the children the show needs to end. The one good mother on the show will always be a good mother. The other mothers will forever be bad mothers. Same story different day. Hello Kailyn I know you will down vote this comment. Hint: the good mother comment isn’t about you,

    1. Unpopular opinion here but I think Leah gets a bad rep. Do I think she’s the perfect mother? No. But I think she’s come a long way. You can see that she’s trying to be the best mom she can be. I think she does a good job dealing with Aly, considering Aly has a twin to compare herself to – that’s a lot to put on anyone, let alone a Teen Mom.
      When you’ve got moms like Jenelle and Farrah, I wish we could just cut Leah some slack.

  20. Lol! Who the hell would want to kidnap Jenelle?! Even funnier to me was that she chased that guy to his house where pretty much his whole family was waiting there, armed themselves. (Per Radar)

    1. She chased her abductor to his house…. She was trying to make it easier for him. She’s such a giver that one.

  21. Jenelle was never kidnapped. She started this whole thing. I don’t believe the guy tailgated her either. She followed him to his house, rammed two of his cars, and his mailbox. I love Randy too. Jenelle doesn’t like him, because he’s usually right, and she is extremely jealous of Chelsea.

  22. I’m over jenelle and David… MTV needs to fire there asses already. Tired of hearing about there stupid lives. ?

  23. First and foremost, I love Randy ?. The shade he threw was epic ?…But freal, the special treatment MTV gives Jenelle for her bad behavior, needs to stop. Everytime she gets away with being vile, she gets rewarded with more money for a new season. I’m usually all for keeping the original girls, but she needs to go. She needs some humbling.

    1. A Walmart job perhaps? Oh, wait, I don’t think they can or would hire her either.

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