EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom’ Dad Jeremy Calvert Explains His Girlfriend Desi Kibbler’s Double DUI Arrest

“I’ll be drivin’ from now on, babe…”

Jeremy Calvert made headlines last week when he went to battle (online) with his Teen Mom 2 co-star, Jenelle Evans. In her response to Jeremy’s brutal Twitter jabs, Jenelle called out Jeremy for having a girlfriend, Desi Kibbler, who recently got two DUIs in one night (a feat that even frequent arrestee Jenelle has yet to achieve.) She also advised Jeremy’s ex, Leah Messer, to keep their daughter Addie out of Desi’s car.

“Bro shouldn’t you be worrying about that 22 year old you just bailed out for DUI?!” Jenelle tweeted at Jeremy. “Lmfao Hope Leah doesn’t have her kids ride with your new side piece.”

In an interview with The Ashley, Jeremy and Desi explained what happened on the night Desi was busted for DUI (twice) on April 12. Jeremy explained that his ex-wife is not concerned about Desi’s double run-in with the law.

“Leah has not even said a single word about it,” Jeremy told The Ashley. “Desi doesn’t use drugs. She drinks, yeah clearly, but who doesn’t drink and drive once or twice? Anyone over the age of 21 without an Uber service in their area goes to the bar and drives home.”

Desi told The Ashley that she is not the wild child that Jenelle is trying to make her out to be.

“I have never been in trouble before and I’m far from a bad person and a trouble maker,” Desi said.

Radar Online broke the news that Desi was driving in her home state of Ohio at 1:28 a.m. on April 12 when she was stopped by a cop and given a breathalyzer test. She registered a .163 BAC and a prescription pill was found in her car that she did not have a prescription for.

Desi was arrested and charged with Operating a Vehicle Under The Influence (which is the Ohio equivalent of DUI). She was also charged with felony drug possession and a misdemeanor for having expired tags.

Radar reports that after Desi was booked and released from the Portage County Jail, she went back to her car and tried to drive herself home…only to be stopped by the same police officer that arrested her before. She was arrested again for OVI, with an added charge of driving on a suspended license (from her first arrest of the night) She was hauled back into jail. This time, she had Jeremy bail her out on a $5,000 bond.

Desi gave a little more detail about what went down that night.

“On April 11 I decided to go have a few drinks with a friend,” she said. “We were there for a few hours and I didn’t consume more than three drinks in those few hours. We left around 1 a.m. Thursday morning and I got pulled over because I hadn’t put my new registration sticker on my car.”

The officer asked Desi to step out of the car so she could take a sobriety test, which he said she failed.

“He said I was drunk and had me taken down to the police station where I sat and did paperwork for two hours,” she said. “After everything was said and done, he released me and never mentioned I couldn’t go back and get my car. I figured I had sobered up enough to go get my car and go home. A friend picked me up to take me back to my car.

“I wasn’t aware that I wasn’t allowed to drive my car since he let me leave and didn’t repo my car,” Desi added. “[The same cop] then pulled up behind me when I was out of my car and said I was getting another DUI. Him and another cop went through my car and found an ADHD pill in my car.”

According to Jeremy, the pill was a lower-dose Adderall that wasn’t Desi’s.

“I don’t take or do any type of drugs [but I] transport plenty of people to and from work,” she said. “I will own up to having a few drinks and driving when I shouldn’t have but I will not own up to a pill that wasn’t mine.”

Starcasm reports that Desi pleaded no contest and was found guilty of one of the OVI charges. (The other one was dropped.) The felony drug possession charge for the pill was changed to a misdemeanor and the expired tags and driving on a suspended licenses charges were dropped.

She had to pay an $850 fine and will have to spend seven days in jail. (She was sentenced to 180 days in jail but 173 of those days were suspended.) She will also be on probation for one year, and be without a driver’s license for 18 months.

Despite her run-in(s) with the law, Jeremy says that he’s enjoying dating Desi.

“It’s way different with her than my past relationships,” he told The Ashley. “I guess we’ll see what the future holds.”

‘Teen Mom 2’ fans may hear about Desi on the new season of the show, but it’s unlikely they’ll see her on TV.

“I don’t want Desi to be brought into the MTV bulls**t,” Jeremy said. “I don’t want her in that whirlwind of drama.”

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  1. Jeremy is a complete moron. No, Jeremy, not everyone that lives in an area with no Uber drinks and drives. And Jeremy is a complete idiot if he believes that story about the Adderall.

  2. Are the stickers on the plate a state by state thing? We stopped receiving them in PA. Just curious, that stuck out to me in her story as to why she was pulled over.

    1. Every state I’ve lived in (military spouse) still gets the little registration stickers.

    2. I live in Ohio we do have to still put the stickers on our plates. Many times I kept mine stapled to the registration!

  3. Maybe the officer didn’t specifically tell her not to go back to her car, but i have a strong feeling he mentioned her license was suspended (and therefore she shouldn’t be driving at all). I deal with the public at my job and really there are some people who have selective hearing. She probably asked her friend to drive her back to her car while still in the station, in front of the officer. She is young and very dumb. Drunk driving is no joke though.

  4. Even though I thought you were 100% spot on when it came to calling out that gun pulling and road rage dumbness from last week, what you’re telling us here now about your girlfriend is simply NOT okay, Jeremy.

    And those people you speak of, who always drink and drive casually or un-casually – just shouldn’t.


  5. Well Jeremy, lots of us get home without Uber and got home without Uber for many years without driving intoxicated. We carpool, some sleep it of in their car or we just don’t drink or we drink at home with friends and crash on each other’s couches.
    Drinking and driving is never okay. Don’t make it sound normal.

    And most of us don’t have pills in our car that don’t belong to us.
    Illegal pills are so bloody expensive that friends who loose them in your car will notice or make sure they don’t loose them.

  6. You blew a .16 so yeah, you shouldn’t have been driving! There’s NO excuses for that, whether you ‘thought you were fine’ or not.

  7. yeah its ok Jeremy…until a drunk driver hits and kills your daughter. Is it ok then??? These people are disgusting.

  8. I just want to know why people (girls) think that posting pics with the tounge hanging out of the mouth is attractive? It looks so trashy.

    1. For some with big cheeks, it elongates their face so that they don’t look fat while doubling as a method for attracting boys that want to put their seed somewhere it won’t be fertilized easily. Yes, agreed, most selfies are stupid and vapid but then again so are social network sites.

  9. Jeremy isn’t doing himself any favors here. Acting like drunk driving is no big deal basically ruins any credibility he had.

  10. Oh Germy why couldn’t you go and pick her up?
    You could have left your jean bedazzling till morning ?

    1. With Brooke out of the picture, does Germy have to do all of the bedazzling for the CalvertWehr clothing line himself?

  11. Jeremy’s cavalier attitude about drinking and driving, which can and does kill innocent people, is sick.

  12. Lmao.
    I still don’t think Jenelle has any right to poke fun at people given her shitty background, her shitty parenting, her claim of mental illnesses, and her buffoon husband who clearly is interested in her for just the money… I mean c’mon, what sane man thinks he hit the jackpot with Jenelle Evans? She’s been with 7 different men, pregnant for 4 of them, engaged to half of them, married to two of them… NASTY!!
    She is filthy! And you know she is a carrier of HPV at this point. Disgusting.

  13. Damn after reading some of these comments, some of y’all 1) didn’t bother reading or absorbing the entire article and 2) have no clue. The BAC she blew us 2-3 beers TOPS. That’s not intoxicated. She was pulled over for a tag, not driving. Cops let her go, didn’t even book her, and didn’t tell her she couldn’t go back to get her car. It’s completely logical. I guess that’s hard for people to grasp these days. Not defending drunk driving, but I don’t think she was drunk. Feeding into Janelle’s bullshit hook line and sinker, I’m ashamed of y’all

    1. UHH are you for real right now? The article says she was ARRESTED, spent two hours filling out paperwork and released (likely on her own recognizance). The idea that ANYONE would then think it was a good idea to retrieve their car after that is MIND BOGGLING. The claim that Deai had 3 drinks over a period of a few hours is also pure and utter horse shit. She blew a .163, which in many parts of the country is considered SO high that it’s an aggravated DWI. Add to that the fact that the portable breathalyzer used on-scene is not official (the test is done with official breathalyzer equipment after booking), and you best believe Desi’s actual BAC was HIGHER than what she blew hours later at the police station. This girl is straight up stupid if she thinks one single person is going to believe this BS story she told. We all know the pill found was yours. We all know that you knew damn well you were drunk when you got the first dwi, and we all know you knew damn well you were STILL drunk when you got the second. You want to clear the air? Own it.

    2. Talk about reading comprehension! It says she was arrested and charged with DWI, expired tags, and a felony for the pill. She went to the police station where she was then released after a couple of hours. A friend picked her up and they went to get her car which was when she was arrested a second time for DWI and driving on a suspended license. They ended up dropping one of the DWI charges and changed the felony drug possession to a misdemeanor. But she was clearly arrested twice and the second time she had to be bonded out as opposed to being released on her own recognizance like the first time.

  14. LOL Nathan said that same thing, “who doesn’t have a DUI?” When will these people learn not everyone is as trash as them??

  15. I mean it’s no pulling-a-gun-on-a-non-existent-abtuctor but it’ll do. Janelle has done SO MUCH WORSE in her life and is overall an insanely terrible person bordering on white trash glory, I BARELY know anything about this new girl and I already give her the benefit of the doubt. Drinking and driving is bad yes but this was clearly poor police work.


  16. Who doesn’t drink and drive once or twice?!? Wow, even in my party days back in college I never drove even after one drink. What a stupid ass think to say

    1. I live in the country in Arkansas. No uber here. I have managed to make it over 30 years without drinking and driving. I do not like killing people. Germy is trash.

      1. Before Uber there were so many other solutions already. Among them guys making extra cash driving people without a taxi licence. Every town had a couple here. Someone you knew would know one and you would ask for his number.

  17. Lmao! Is it bad I read this article and got super pumped to see my county is famous? Doing Ohio proud.

    1. You know she was probably at the Dusty Armadillo if she’s Jeremy’s type!

      (Also hi, from Cleveland! My husband grew up in Rootstown!)

    2. Cleveland here and have also lived in Lakewood Fairview Park N Olmsted Westlake and Elyria! Yes I’ve moved ALOT!

  18. I like Jeremy a lot…but silence is golden. Personally, I didn’t even pay attention to Jenelles comment about the new girlfriend, because at this point anything Jenelle says about somebody else disobeying the law, isnt nearly as bad as her multiple arrests. The only offense(s) that could outdo anything Jenelle has done at this point is manslaughter or murder.

    1. That being said…they don’t have cabs in WV?? She couldn’t call a sober family member to pick her up? She had to be pretty wrecked to be pulled over.

      1. She got pulled over for an expired tag, not erratic driving. And y’all don’t know backroads. A lot of places are pretty rural

  19. Whoa, Jeremy seems to be pretty flippant about drunk driving. It is a vey big deal and can devistate families.

  20. Jeremy…no, no, NO! What the hell are you doing? You are smarter than this. How on earth can you justify drinking and driving by saying “who doesn’t drink and drive once or twice?” What the hell?! I’ve NEVER drank and drive in my entire life. Also, using Uber as an excuse? Really? Before Uber, people actually had a DD or called a cab which people still do without Uber.

      1. He usually is. I don’t know what the hell happened here though. Reading this, he sounds as crazy as Jenelle or Farrah.

  21. I mean I agree that most people make questionable, sometimes terrible decisions at that age, but that’s why I don’t understand why Jeremy, an adult man with a young, very impressionable daughter, would date a 22 year old party girl that has a disregard for laws as important and basic as not drinking and driving…

    It’s like they both don’t get that people who drink and drive KILL innocent people by being careless morons. It’s a big deal.

    Also, the reason Leah probably hasn’t said anything is because she knows Jeremy would go ballistic on her ass for even daring to bring it up.

  22. Uber is in portage county. Kent State is in portage county there are a lot of options near college towns

  23. By the same officer?! Girl you’re absolutely stupid! Wouldn’t you think to call someone to pick you up rather than risk your life or someone else’s?!

  24. For someone who claims to hate the MTV bs, he sure feeds into on the reg. If he really wants to be removed from it then he should keep his dumb yapper shut and take a queue from Corey’s wife who really does stay out of it. As much as it pains me to say, Jenelle actually had a point about his gf’s arrest.

  25. Who doesn’t have a drink and drive once or twice?!? I guess it’s only those of us who, whether or not we have Uber in our area, don’t want to put innocent people in danger with our irresponsible actions. What did people do before Ubers? It’s called a DD, moron. Would he say the same thing if a car his daughter was riding in got hit by a drunk driver?

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