Vee Torres Says ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 8B Will Be Her Last; Plus Get Details About Her Wedding To ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Jo Rivera

“Don’t expect a Jo & Vee Wedding Special, guys!”

Jo Rivera and his longtime love Vee Torres are finally getting hitched after seven years together. Although Vee is about to say “I do” to Jo, she’s saying “I don’t” to filming for Teen Mom 2!

Vee recently revealed on Twitter that the current season of ‘Teen Mom 2’– Season 8B– will be her last.

“It’s my last season and I won’t be on much this one either,” she told a fan on Twitter. “Sorry boo!”

She did not state whether Jo plans to continue on with the show if (and when) it gets renewed for Season 9.

? This woman right here tho ?????

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Jo and Vee, who have been together longer than any ‘Teen Mom 2’ couple, have both stated that they do not want their wedding filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (As far as The Ashley has heard, this is still the case.) In 2017, Vee told a fan on Twitter that they they aren’t filming their nuptials because they don’t want a big, public extravaganza.

“I don’t want it documented lol,” Vee wrote. “That’s why I said no. It’ll be between family and friends how we want it.”

While MTV is not invited, Jo and Vee have stated that they plan to invite Jo’s ex, Kail Lowry, to the festivities.

Watch Vee talk about her wedding in this clip from her 2017 ‘Teen Mom 2’ special “Being Vee”:

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  1. I personally do not blame them of not filming there wedding on teen mom 2 because if one isn’t happy then the next is all drama .. But I want to congratulate them hope is all well and will work for u two ..

  2. Good for Vee! Always liked her and love getting a glimpse of that baby girl- she’s adorable! It takes a strong woman to put up with her boyfriends ex always controlling and running the show.. can’t say it enough that kail is disgusting. Legally her ex’s owe her financial support and morally she is not deserving of all this respect she demands from them ! So what if she’s the mother of their children, she treated them both like shit, wish they’d both stop fearing her and tell to to f**ck off already.

  3. No great loss. She came on started getting in between Joe and Kail. Got pissed about moving when she had no obligation to do so.

  4. Good for you Vee. You could teach a few of the “mothers” a thing or two about how to be an adult, a mother, and when to shut up. I can think of 3 right now that need to just shut up and raise their babies. Congrats on your upcoming wedding.

  5. Good for you, Vee!! I wouldn’t wanna be involved with a show that condones abuse either ??‍♀️

  6. Wondering where Jenelle will take her perfect family Mother’s Day portrait? Park? Pool? Front porch? Yard? I think it should be the shed.

    1. With kaiser in his baby jail playpen yelling feed me while david smacks him in the butt, Jace killing cats and the adhd lurch couple smoking dope. What a family lol

  7. Vee and Joe are my favorite couple to watch. They are mature and just love each other with no drama. I think they have a good storyline with many positive messages.

  8. They all say they’re going to quit, this will be my last season etc. Until it happens I don’t believe it. Vee was the one that said she’d NEVER have “her child” on MTV, yet she is. So Vee’s word isn’t that reliable. She isn’t on much, take the money, save it and live well.

  9. THIS is real love! They don’t need attention, I don’t think they mentioned their exact wedding date so I’m sure we will only hear when they are already married. They also take time to have a kid, are great to Isaac…..basically everything right!

  10. Always refreshing to see a Teen Mom dad with someone who DIDN’T latch on simply for the paycheck, the camera time, or who wonders why MTV didn’t pitch “them” a fairy tale wedding segment similar to the main TM girls.

    Wishing Vee and Jo all the very best happiness with their wedding, and later on in their lives.

    1. Imagine if that was Javi (and Briana). Omg, they would make such a big deal how they want their fairy tale to be filmed!

      How did Kail get a man like Jo? He seems way too humble to hook up with someone of her likes.

      1. To be fair, they were both teenagers then and I really liked Kail at the beginning. Jo was no angel at the beginning of teen mom, the way he swore at her and constantly put her down. I think the difference is that he evolved and grew up and Kail just didn’t. Also I think with all the teen moms you can see how much upbringing matters. The more succesful moms and dads, like Chelsea, Macy, Jo and Corey all come from families who were more or less intact and loving, whereas the rest of the cast really only had terrible rolemodels. So it makes sense that they do not really know what it means to be a good parent.

  11. I’ve always liked her. And Jo. They are the two most level-headed, mature, and compassionate cast members. I would much rather watch them over Briana, Jenelle, Farrah, Amber, or even Kail. Clearly Jo was raised well, by good parents, to be a good dad/person. From everything we have seen, I would say the same for Vee. Both choose to handle the Kail drama (at least on camera) with grace, class, and patience.

    I’m going to be very curious to see how Jo and Vee support themselves after the show. If memory serves, Didn’t Jo opt to not get a job so he could be available to Isaac? I know we don’t yet know if Jo will continue to film, but if this is their livelihood, I’ll be interested to see what happens next.

    Ashley, what are you hearing about the odds of MTV actually cancelling the show? Will there be a season 9?
    ??I would like another season if Jenelle was eliminated from the cast.

    1. It was shown on Being Vee that Jo was doing something with… buying or selling property? Managing it? Stocks? Lol clearly I can’t remember but it seems he has things going on and they’ll be fine if they decide not to film.

  12. While it looks like the show is almost done, I hope that Jo will shift to Beastmode and Get A JOB!!!:

  13. I don’t know why she would quit- she’s not really on it much and always seems sweet when she’s on.. seems like easy money! It’s cool though that she respects herself enough to make her decision not based on money… unless she’s trying to get more ?

  14. Idk she said she was never going to have her baby on MTV and we see her. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  15. Love her! She has been level-headed, open-minded, incredibly flexible and accepting of Kail’s bullshit and left everything behind to be with Jo when he moved to be near Isaac. And she has dealt with nothing but awfulness from Jo’s Baby Mama.

    She’s twice the woman Kail could ever even dream of being. Jo is a lucky guy and I hope he appreciates her.

  16. Obviously this girl was never in it for the money, I’ve always liked her for being real and having her shit together, and this just makes me like her more.

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