EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Is Not Attending the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion This Weekend: Here’s Why

“I sure hope we can get a Skype signal on The Land!”

Jenelle Evans was right in the middle of all the drama, fights and balloon-slashing that went down when the Teen Mom 2 cast came together last October to film the Season 8A Reunion, but she’s planning to sit out the Season 8B Reunion, which is filming this weekend!

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Jenelle will not be attending the Reunion, which will take place in New York City.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the behind-the-scenes crew and the cast of the show has been informed that Jenelle will not be attending this time around. Not everyone, though, was told why Jenelle wasn’t going.

“MTV has refused to give in to any her demands in regard to the reunion,” one source tells The Ashley. “Jenelle wanted them to pay for [her husband] David [Eason]‘s entire trip– travel and expenses– even though he’s not allowed on the set. When [the producers] refused to agree to pay for David, Jenelle said she’s not coming. This has been going on for a long time, them battling back and forth, and MTV refused to budge.

“Hopefully they hold their ground for once,” the source added.

“Raise your hand if you’re sad that Jenelle won’t be attending the Reunion…”

Another behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley that the plan (as of right now) is to have Jenelle Skype in to talk about the season. (The producers had Amber Portwood do this when she was unable to attend the Teen Mom OG Reunion taping in March, due to her pregnancy.)

“Right now, the plan is to not really even explain Jenelle’s absence, and just have Dr. Drew stated that Jenelle was ‘unable to be with us’ or something, so that they don’t have to lie and go into too much detail.

“Everything is being set up on the set as if she’s not coming, because it’s super unlikely that she’s changing her mind at this point,” the source added.

Most of the other ‘Teen Mom 2’ crew is scheduled to arrive in New York City on Thursday, but Briana DeJesus and her family will be coming in on Friday.

Multiple sources have confirmed to The Ashley that the producers are taking precautions this time around to ensure things don’t get out of control like they did at the last reunion taping.

“Even with Jenelle absent, there is still a ton of tension between the other girls and Briana, and between other cast memebrs so for this reunion, every girl is going to have their own dressing area/green room area,” one source said. “Everyone is worried that fights could break out again, and things could even turn physical.

“Last time MTV was kind of encouraging the drama by putting the girls around each other, but things got way out of control and dangerous, so they are going to try to keep things separate this time,” the source added. “Last reunion was a complete s**t show so the producers are hoping that’s not the case this time around.”

Kail Lowry predicted that she and Leah Messer may get into a physical fight with Jenelle, should they be forced to be around her at this reunion.

Although Jenelle won’t be at the reunion, those associated with her will be attending. The Ashley hears that Jenelle’s mother Barbara is scheduled to appear, as is Jenelle’s second baby daddy, Nathan Griffith.

“A reunion without Juh-nelle? That sounds like a damn paaah-rty to me!”

In addition, Chelsea’s husband Cole DeBoer will be there, and, in a surprising turn of events, two of Kail’s baby daddies– Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin— are scheduled to attend, even though both had previously sworn off going to this reunion.

Leah’s exes, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert, will not be attending.

Stay tuned! The Ashley will update this story when more info becomes available.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. Omg they need to get rid of Brianna. Her whole storyline is annoying maybe if she grew up and moved out of her moms and sisters apartment I may consider her.. but I can’t stand the whole 3 women against Everyone. it’s too annoying and her sister won’t ever stfu ?. If Jenelle is gunna be fucking boring and refuse to film without David and mtv won’t bring him back then it’s time to move on and get them the hell off the show it’s stupid to keep filming if they can’t film everything.. like byeee jenelle. She’s usually my favorite cause it’s filled with drama but if they won’t film it then just don’t film any of it. I like Chelsea but I feel like her life is come to calm place and that’s great! But it’s boring. Go live happily ever after off reality tv. I like Leah’s storyline I just wish she’d get a man or something to spice it up a little.

  2. I was home sick for a few days this past week and watched endless “16 & Pregnant” shows. I really, really think it’s time to dump these no-longer-teen moms and their dramas and their senses of entitlement, and instead update all the other “16 & Pregnant” parents. Let’s see how it really works for girls who get pregnant in high school, and their boyfriends, 6-7-8-9 years later. Each one could get a one hour show to update her life today, as well s the fathers, if they can be found. I mean, does anyone really care if ANY of these Teen Mom mothers was taken off the show . I’m fine with all of them being gone. 16&P was very really, very gritty, with the looser boyfriends bailing out early on, or at best the two of them living in a relative’s back bedroom or basement, driving old clunkers, working part time at minimum wage jobs, and fighting fighting fighting. THAT would be a show I’d watch, I have zero interest in Jenelle screaming at Bard, Amber sitting on her bed or couch, Leah yakking on the phone while driving with the kids fighting in the back seat, Kail talking about how wonderful she is, and on and on. SSDD. Time to say good bye to these over-entitled losers.

  3. I’m not sure MTV would care if half the cast members went at each other with switchblades, since so far this season all thy are showing are these stupid gatherings.

  4. David is going be the thing that gets Jenelle fired. She was a pretty bad before him, but she’s has gotten totally out of control since getting with him. She keeps playing with fire because she’s always gotten away with it, but now that MTV isn’t budging on her demands, it’s only a matter of time before she gets burned, and I doubt she’ll be missed….I would miss Babs though.

  5. Stupid. MTV should just give her the choice of attending and remaining employed, or not. I bet she would show up if Skype wasn’t an option, to attempt to shut down what the other guests like Nathan and Barb will reveal about her and David. Why give her what she wants and let her spew her lies in the easiest way possible? No wonder shes such an unholy brat. MTV’s producers are such enablers.

    1. Yepper! Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all have such a push over employer?
      Jenelle ‘s biggest issue is the fact that she can’t back up her big mouth herself , she has to have David’s back up just as Brianna HAS to have her sister and mother attached to her hip at all times.

  6. MTV has some awards show that will be airing soon. I just saw a commercial for it. Have you guys seen the commercial? It makes perfectly clear that their target audience is pure trash. I’m glad Bravo will at least two good shows (Project Runway and Ryan Serhant’s new show). Put a fork in MTV.

  7. Brianna’s so fucking stupid. “Idk why it’s awkward” BITCH, if jenelle & David split up & you started fucking David jenelle would try to fight you. If one of the girls started fucking devoin you’d throw a fucking fit, & your mama would probably be standing on some tables.

    1. YES!! Brianna plays dumb, but she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing! She’s the type of girl you keep AWAY from your man and your family, cuz she has no morals. She’ll steal your man, break up the family and then play victim. Javis just as grimey for doing that.

      1. Your comment kind of implies anyone on this show has “morals”..starting with Kail. I don’t think Brianna is much trashier than the others, though her mother sure is. Also it’s not as if these people work together every day, and again, since Kail was bedding down Baby Daddy #3 right in Javi’s bed while he was deployed, I’m fine with him and anyone else dissing her right back. Not a Brianna fan, just don’t think she’s much trashier than the others.

        1. Brianna and her family didn’t have to bad mouth Kailyn in front of her kids though. I agree Brianna can do w.e she wants (she makes herself look bad) but , Javi, Brianna and her family were wrong for doing that. She was wrong for acting like she did nothing wrong. Even her sister told her not to get involved with Javi.

          Kailyn has a 3rd baby daddy but I have yet to see her talk so much shit about Javi in front of their son.

          Brianna is trashy. Hell, all her family is. I hate how some people say she’s representing Latinos. Like no, bitch, Brianna is from representing us. We aren’t ghetto like she is. That family is an embarrassment to the Latino community.
          Ok rant over ?

  8. Ugh, would MTV PLEASE fire Jenelle already?!?! I am so fed up with her selfish, entitled, condescending, belligerent, ungrateful mentality. It must be exhausting constantly playing the victim. Fire Jenelle, throw David (and Jenelle) in jail where they belong. Give Jenelle’s slot to Barbara. Barbara is good people, unlike her selfish bitch of a daughter.

    And MTV, could you maybe remind Kail and Briana to stop acting like bad bitches and instead act like the grown women they claim to be. Thanks

  9. I just can’t get over the fact that it seems to me the girls were more mature when they were younger than they are now. Kail needs to get over Javi and go on with her life, I mean she’s already had a baby with another man. And they all need to leave Jenelle alone, she seems to be more mature than all of them from what I can see. And as for Chelsea I loved her, I thought she had the perfect little family but seems to me as soon as she had Watson and married Cole Aubrey got pushed aside I’m scared for her when the new little girl comes. She also thinks she’s better than everyone else. As for Leah she is a great mom, she is doing remarkable things for her girls and herself. Way to go Leah!

    1. Chelsea IS better than everyone else. She does feed into drama and stay away from it all. If Chelsea tosses Aubree aside, she wouldn’t have gone to court to ask for supervised visits. Instead she would have just leave it as it was and keep living her life. I honestly don’t get why people love to hate on Chelsea.

      Kailyn was right to be upset, but the way she acted was wrong.

      You can tell Leah is living her best life.

      Jenelle is pure white trash. How the hell does she still have fans? Who in their right mind think she has changed for the better?

      Brianna and her family are so damn ghetto. Did she finished elementary? Every time she talks my ears bleed.

    2. Did you read the story that you’ve commented on? Because I don’t know how you could have read that and see the way she acts and possibly utter the words “Jenelle seems to be more mature than all the other girls”.

  10. This show is totally swirling the bowl. I have no idea why they thought it would be a good idea to go in such a debased direction with such a despicable and unlikable cast.

    I hope I’m wrong but I thought Leah looked high on Monday’s episode. She looked and sounded similar to when she was wasted out of her mind that one season.

    We know Janelle is a long-time druggie and her skin is typical of a heroin user so I doubt she ever got away from opiods. Kail doesn’t need drugs because she’s too dense, self-centered and wholly unaccountable so what would be the point? Same for Briana and her family, which somehow even trashier than her, which seems impossible yet they manage to pull it off.

    Anyway, I was right that I cannot watch a show that has BOTH Kail and Briana. I’m sad to see Chelsea stuck with this trash. Maybe I will try to watch on demand so I can FF thru the trashbags.

    Off topic: I just saw that Bravo is getting Project Runway back. That’s another channel that’s been going more in the direction of pure trash. I don’t even try their new shows anymore. I’m weaning myself off the RH shows. Down to RHONY and NJ. I love Ryan Serhant’s new show. If you haven’t seen it, check it out. It’s a truly great show and manages to be very positive and entertaining.

  11. Who gives a rats ass if that scumbag comes. It’s getting to the point where I could give a fuck about MTV. They could careless about viewers opinions. It’s all about ratings and money.

  12. She acts like such a Hard A$$ on Social media, when she really is just a chicken sh_+. I knew MTV would work it out in her favor. Not shocked.
    Down vote me Jenelle (lurch) That’s ALL you have. ? You are just a entitled, pretentious brat that is stuck with a (immature) 13 year olds mentality… Along with a whole list of issues

  13. no because the rest of the girls refused to tape with her so basically she is getting exactly what she wants

    1. I dont’ know how to edit but this is 100% in janelles favor. The other girls all but threatened there would be trouble leaving the door open for Janelle to say she didn’t feel safe. That there were threats. If it were the other way around they would and could make her be there its in her agreement they just gave her what she wanted and watch cue the lawsuit that she was in fear for her safety

    1. Perfect job for David. Scrubbing shit off the bottom of peoples’ boats. That’s what his life is. Bottom of the barrel.

  14. Kail was starting to calm down and then the mom came in and stuck her nose where it doesn’t belong as the conversation was basically over until she said something and Kail responded not even rudely and then they went all hyenas on her. 3 on 1 is quite classy.

  15. She really can’t come all by herself?! He can’t let her be alone for a day because what?! Or she’s so co-depend that he needs to always be with her?! Like be ALONE, it’s healthy to be by yourself for every once and a while, you don’t have to do everything together!

  16. Is it possible that Jenelle isn’t allowed to leave the county/state bc of her road rage? I just hope MTV won’t pay for anything besides the Skype equipment, like hair and make up. Let her look like the mess she is…
    For some reason, I hope that she’ll be stupid enough to be visibly high during the interview.

  17. Fired All Teen Mom Ladies. They are not teen moms no more. They are acting like Divas. Trying to get each other fired. The show is not Teen Moms 2 anymore. It’s about B@t%hes wanting control. With that being say, Contol as in Controling the Producers.

  18. Her skin was looking extra methy on the latest episode. And they have an inground pool now, fantastic. Totally safe for unsupervised chirruns. Nathan better get Kaiser some swim lessons asap.

  19. I think instead of “refused to give in to hrr demands” you really meant to type “agreed to pay her for be at the renunion while allowing her to remain in the comfort of her own home, without inconveniencing her in any way”

    And the lesson to the other girls is “be a pain in the ass and make unreasonable demands. MTV will let you out of the “travel” portion of your contract, while clntinuing to pay you.

  20. Can we talk about how childish she was being during the last episode during that party thing? Trying to make sure her mom doesn’t get any shots?? Like what lol

    1. Yelling “I’m the teen mom!”. Yes Jenelle. You had unprotected sex with a 22 year old at 16, and there are texts between the two of you that prove you were actively trying to get knocked up. So in that sense, yes, you’re a teen mom. But Barbara has been raising that baby since day one. The courts ruled this year that you will NEVER gain custody of him. You’re a woman who’s pushing thirty that got knocked up as a teenager. But you were never a mom.

      1. Excellent and truthful comment.

        Absolutely 100% correct, if I could thumbs up a million times I would.

        1. I forget where I saw them, but it was messages between her and Andrew that I believe he leaked. They were arguing over Jace’s paternity and he said something along the lines of “You turned up pregnant when I was in rehab after we was trying to get you pregnant” arguing that he didn’t think Jace was his because of that time line.

    2. And what was that comment David made..”Maci want a shot…and anyone else that had a kid at 14″

      I guess his wife is just so pure

  21. When I don’t go to work I get fired….MTV is ridiculous. They love all this drama because it makes people watch this sh!t show. Sad.

  22. Good! Im glad shes not coming! And i guarantee david would have beat her ass so badly if she was planning on going without him that she wouldnt have been able to attend anyway. This girl can talk all this shit behind her computer to the other girls. But when push comes to shove shes just a coward like her husband. She is a waste of space. Just get rid of her. People would still watch

    1. Ive never seen a network go through so much trouble to keep anyone happy. This girl is a low life and so is her yeti. When they finally got rid of farrah i was thrilled. Didnt even notice she was gone. The same will go for this girl. She sends a terrible message for young mothers. And shes a terrible liar. Please fire her! At this point though mtv had proven ratings and drama are more impotatnt than the safety of the actual children on the show. Pathetic

  23. Why are they letting her Skype in?? That’s sort of giving in to her. If she won’t fly out like everyone else and has no legitimate reason not to, FIRE HER.

    1. My thoughts exactly. She has no medical reason not to attend, so they should put their foot down and refuse to pay her unless she comes.

    2. I’m shocked MTV didnt give into her demands like they always do.
      I figured it would be a Farrah style reunion, her own personal reunion at a different place & time so David can attend, god forbid David isnt there

  24. I think it’s a bunch of bullsh*t that Jenelle isn’t attending, yet she was paid to do so and it’s in her contract. Although many feel TM doesn’t qualify as a real job, it IS Jenelles only source of income. David has already been fired, and with Briana joining the cast they could just as easily cut Jenelle entirely. I feel wholeheartedly that Jenelle doesn’t believe she can be fired, but this is the direction she’s heading in. If she were smart, she would do whatever she could to keep the TM money rolling in for as long as she can, because once it stops her career prospects are dismal at best. These girls have never faced the realities of living on a budget, and without proper planning and saving they will soon find that the real world can be harsh. Farrah was fired and Jenelle is close behind being next.

  25. I’m not a big fan of Kail, but that DeJesus clan is pure trash. Just the way they went after Kail on this weeks show… No class what so ever!

  26. i think jenelle just needs to be fired.isnt attending reunions part of her ‘job’?if we told our bosses no,wed be fired..

  27. Last week was ridiculous! First; kail had no business bringing an unvaccinated baby with her! All the excuses these girls have used to not attend and this one was legitimate if there was no sitter for her infant.. kail chose to put her baby at risk , kail chose to run her fat face about Brianna so it was so heard! And then we have the trashy Brianna that must travel with her two trouble making , trashy family members. The whole show was pathetic to watch.

    1. She brought BONE with her…Why couldn’t Bone keep the baby at the hotel or at her house. Kail is such a liar.

      1. That baby had no business on a plane, any doctor will tell you that the cabin of an airplane is an incubator of germs. I love saying this .. Kail is a classless dumbass that needs to wipe her fat ass with her degree.

  28. It really is time to say goodbye to all these girls.MTV is keeping foolish drama alive to feed their bottom. They couldn’t care less about domestic violence, child abuse, srug abuse or anything else that doesn’t benefit their wallets. Can the show before someone really gets hurts.

    1. Jenelle is still getting paid and skyping in for her segment. If they stopped being pushovers, they would of told her to be at the reunion or she’s fired. Although they never gave into David being there, they still gave into Jenelle as in she’s not fired.

      It’s pathetic and MTV should grow some balls.

    1. Not really because he wanted to be there with everything paid for by MTV. I see your point though because Jenelle isn’t going without him!She’s still on his leash!

  29. I wish they would just fire her and the Dejesus coven of man eating harpies. They were ridiculous in this weeks episode. As usual Bri stirs up a bunch of shit and then the mother and sister swoop in to fight her battles for her. Roxanne just walked in the room and started commenting in the middle of their argument and then the second Kail try’s to say anything Bri starts the “don’t you talk to my mom!” Bitch please, your mom is the one who just came in here running her mouth. Furthermore, maybe your mom should spend less time jumping over tables at your baby daddies and more time teaching her daughter that it’s trashy af to sleep with your coworkers ex husband.

    1. This. Yes. I was actually in a bad mood after watching the episode, it was so frustrating to watch. I’m all about trash tv, but they take it to a whole, new disgusting level. They need to go.

    2. Yes! If your mom is going to insert herself into petty, disrespectful high school drama then don’t pull the “don’t talk to my mom!” crap. That episode was RIDICULOUS and I can’t believe “grown women” behave that way. Like wtf.

    3. The mom and sister need to but out, Brianna is a Grown ass woman, they always stick their witches bitching noses in everything, maybe teach your slag of a daughter about contraception!!! Then again those two are also like bri uneducated ghetto trash.


      Or better still, #cancel this teen pregnant promoting, animal/child abusing ignoring shit show

          1. She just needs to stop moving her fat to her but
            it just doesn’t look right

    4. So very true.

      And now that David and Jenelle are keeping their weapon-toting asses home for this reunion, perhaps MTV will still need metal detectors for Briana and her crew of trash-talking hood hags.


  30. I think it’s really stupid that MTV isn’t going to have Dr.Drew explain her absence. It isn’t like any of these girls keep quiet about anything on SM. We all know what Jenelle has been up to for the past year. Just address it and maybe the MTV brand won’t be totally ruined and have lost any respect it had by continuing to cover for and cater to someone as deplorable as Jenelle Evans.

    1. they will then say its because of the other girls they said they wouldn’t do the show with her not to make them make a choice so blame them. Right now Janelle is sitting pretty not having to go being able to now say her safety was compromised she didn’t feel safe

  31. “Last time MTV was kind of encouraging the drama by putting the girls around each other, but things got way out of control and dangerous, so they are going to try to keep things separate this time,”

    Classic MTW. Fan the flames, burn the house.
    I’m glad they didn’t give in to Jenelle’s demands but they are letting her walk away with a breach of contract like nothing. Also given how many viewers are tagging them with the #FireJenelle hashtag on twitter, they should at least address the issues.

  32. They made it seem like the balloon thing was so bad. It didn’t look that bad to me. How did it look to you?

    1. It looked more stupid than scary. I think the issue was more of the fact that Psycho David had a knife. I mean, I’m sure Corey and Jeremy and Cole and all the country dads probably had knives in their pockets too, but none of them are crazy, so nobody cared.

      1. Honestly, it wasn’t nearly as crazy as everyone made it seem, seeing it for myself, BUT if me and a ton of co-workers were together for a good time, and everyone was drinking, and all of the sudden some unpredictable drunken asshole gets loud, pulls a knife, and starts ruining decorations, especially with how loud and sudden the balloon burst were, I’d probably have had a heart attack. In the moment, without full visibility of what was happening in a crowded room, it was probably really alarming.

        1. Alcohol plus weapons, not a good idea for anyone involved. If I was there my reaction would have been the same.

        2. Absolutely. What scared me was there were people standing so close to him when he was popping the balloons. One wrong move and someone could have gotten seriously hurt. I’m sorry but no one should have to have their physical well-being risked at a work event. Alcohol or no alcohol.

        3. I believe mtv was at fault. They were hoping for a show down. Then they threw a party with alcohol. Mtv will let all this go on until someone gets hurt then it will be too late.

        4. I don’t really get how people are like “it wasn’t that bad.” Getting drunk and pulling out any kind of knife at what was essentially a work function, is insane. And while UBT wasn’t screaming and thrashing with the knife, there were multiple people standing near him who could’ve gotten hurt. His behavior was completely inappropriate.

          1. He was drinking and had a knife. It is hard to get the full picture from the angle that we had to see it from but keep in mind we knew it was coming. He seemed pretty close to the crew. And why not just push the balloons away instead of pulling out a knife. No one there knew what he was going to do but it was more alarming that Jenelle barely had a reaction which tells me that she is used to crap like this.

      1. I kinda feel like people are saying that it didn’t look as aggressive as it was being explained. Definitely still aggressive, just not how it was being described.

      2. No, it’s definitely bad. It just wasn’t as crazy to watch as it was made out to be. Like, the way it was described, made it seem like he was in an absolute fit of drunken rage and was like full range of arm motion slashing at stuff and screaming. What happened was that he was drunk, loud, and stabbed some balloons. Obviously not defending him because he shouldn’t have had a knife in the first place and should have been cut off long before that, but it wasn’t the vicious scene some people made it out to be. Like, obviously, in the moment, when you’re at a work event with people you’ve known for about 10 years and you’re all drinking and having a good time when all of the sudden the drunk new guy starts getting loud and stabs at balloons which are LOUD, with a knife you didn’t think he’d have, and you have literally no idea what’s happening because you’re in a crowded room and can’t see what’s going on, it’d be terrifying. I think the reason a lot of people aren’t as freaked out was because we not only knew it was coming, but because the scene wasn’t as dramatic as it was made out to be. In the moment, I’m sure it was really scary, but as an outsider who knew it was coming and had a different mental image of how it all played out, it was underwhelming to watch.

  33. Shouldn’t Jenelle be able to pay for her husbands ticket, I mean it’s not like she can’t afford it

    1. I think it’s more the fact that David cant come to the set.
      That means Jenelle will be away from him for several hours. What if someone tells at her? Or makes her sad.
      David must be there to protect her from attacking balloons

  34. So, with David, Jenelle, and all their guns and knives being kept safely on THE LAND, does this mean no metal detectors or pat-downs — as initially planned?

    Just asking.


    1. Weeeellll, they’ve still got the DeJesus Coven coming, so they better still do the pat downs.

  35. This season has been super annoying and delayed anyways. It’s been like three episodes of the producers setting up drama about a reunion we already saw. Move it along.

  36. Most of the girls do this. If they don’t want to film they don’t. I agree with mtv the reunion was a s::t show. I would say the whole show is a s::t show. I don’t understand how it’s ok for them not to film if they don’t want too. I thought it was a reality show. ?‍♀️

  37. She doesn’t go then fine her for breach of contract, fine her for every no show and filming refusal.

    Then sack her ass.

    1. I wish they would do this for Kail too. Like, if I didn’t turn up to work, or if I turned up and refused to do the job I was being paid for, I wouldn’t get paid, so why should they?

      1. Kail thinks she’s some “A” list star. Wanting her own dressing room. kail-kong you will soon be yesterday’s news …….

    2. I think it’d only be a breech of contract if she refused to participate period, unfortunately. And since she will be skyping in, I don’t think it’s a breech of contract. They should fire her on principle though, girl is an unpredictable and volatile methed out wreck.

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