Former ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Farrah Abraham Flashes Her Famous Lady Parts At Cannes Fashion Show

“I just figured there might be some people in Europe who haven’t seen my vagina yet! It’s good for international relations!”

Farrah Abraham is apparently dead-set on flashing her “woman waffle” from sea to shining sea!

The former Teen Mom OG star–who is currently lurking around the prestigious Cannes Film Festival–made sure to let everyone know at a fashion show event on Monday night that she wasn’t wearing any underwear as she walked down the fashion show red carpet. In fact, according to TMZ, Farrah even moved her dress to give photographers and show-goers a better view of her exposed vagina (and, of course, ensure that she made it into the headlines today).

The Ashley is not posting the revealing pics here, but you can see blurred out pics of the vag flash here.

Farrah’s “penis fly trap” has been through the ringer. Not only did she recently undergo at least two procedures meant to “rejuvenate” it, but it, of course, starred in her infamous 2013 “Backdoor Teen Mom” sex tape.

Oh, and it birthed a kid, too…

“Really, Mom? Slipping on a pair of Hanes Her Way wouldn’t kill ya!”

Speaking of that kid, Farrah’s daughter Sophia is with her in the South of France for the festival, but it did not appear that Sophia was in attendance to witness her mother’s crotch-flashing (this time, at least).

Farrah’s flashing-for-fame certainly worked. By Tuesday, her face (and her baby shooter) were plastered all over websites across the world.

Farrah posted a photo of herself at the event (with her lady garden thankfully covered) to her Instagram account, and got quite a wave of negativity in the photo’s comment section.

“You looked classy until you flashed your vag, and then you went back to being Farrah,” one person wrote.

“That was not an oops moment,” another person wrote of the crotch-flash. “You would sell your soul for attention.”

While Farrah may not have actually sold her soul, she does sell her vagina– at least, a plastic sex toy version of it.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

40 Responses

  1. Sad thing is, she’s too dim to understand that there is hardly any better proof that no one considers you a ‘celebrity” let alone a “star” then the only way you can get attention is to march around with your naked crotch on display.

  2. How very sad and pathetic Farrah is, I really feel pity for her entire existence and my heart breaks that Child Protective Services can’t/won’t do anything to help the poor child that is being “raised” by this soulless non humanity having individual. I would rather be a nobody who was known to be a kind person then a soulless over exposed vagina flasher, guess when you don’t have brains ( and you’ve surgically ruined your beauty ) all you really have left is your vagina :/

    1. I have a feeling that she might have been sexually abused by someone. She is so hyper sexualized its insane. This girl needs help. Poor sophia.

      1. Thats what i thought too. And i wouldnt be surprised if that happened when she was dropped at her grandparents all the time when she was young. She said that herself in one of the earlier episodes. That she always was at her grandparents and she hated that. So…i guess that there was something going on back then. It would explaining her behaviour she has now.

  3. Gross? shes down in cannes advertising her worn out goods. Because u know shes down there yachting. Yay!! Now she can add prostitute to her list of acomplishments! Congrats farrah! Making sophia proud????

  4. Looking past Farah’s need to self exploit, she looked pretty decent here. Oh Farah, why are you your own worst enemy?

  5. This chick is a total Master at the Art of keeping her name/face front and center in all news outlets. She knows EXACTLY what she’s doing and it’s working.

    1. I think the technical term you were looking for is “Ham Wallet”. As in, she flashed her Ham Wallet on the Red Carpet.

  6. Remember when Farrah was modest and was apologizing to the camera how everyone will see her lady parts in 16&Pregnant? LOL, fun times!

  7. This bitch should be banned from Europe.

    Attention seeking, lousy mother and her fucked up little brat, ( good parenting farrah!!! NOT)

  8. There was an article about the Cannes Film Festival being a huge opportunity for yacht girls. I’m sure Farrah was trying to attract a rich man to invite her and pay for her services onto his yacht!

  9. Penis fly trap, Baby shooter,and lady gun. ? it’s ok for her to show it because you know it’s not the original one anyway. Man made plastic black whole.

  10. The only thing I find shocking about this is that Farrah was invited to anything at Cannes.

    1. This was actually my first thought exactly! I thought Cannes was somewhat of a classy event?

  11. Did anyone else notice how skinny she’s looking in recent pics? I mean, once you get past the snatch shot….

  12. The same comment I posted on the Amber thread works perfectly here:

    Disgusting, yes. Shocking, no. Even the slightest bit surprising? Nope!


  13. I almost wish I could understand her thought process. She claims to be so classy then willingly shows her business to the world. If it was an “adult” event then that would be fine…but you don’t do that in situations where people are expected to cover their genitals ?

    1. Forgot to say the first caption is hilarious! Farrah would probably say that.

      Farrah looks like a muppet in the picture of her and Sophia at the table.

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