Victoria Messer, Sister of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer, Is Remarried & Pregnant Again

“Lemme tell ya how this is gonna end up, Sis…”

Victoria Messer seems to be taking life cues from her big sister, Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer!

Victoria has appeared frequently on ‘Teen Mom 2’ since its first season, supporting Leah through her two marriages (and divorces), as well as her pregnancies. Now, it seems that Victoria’s life is starting to mirror Leah’s, as the recently divorced Victoria is already remarried and pregnant!

Victoria announced on Facebook that she is now married to Domenick Crapello, a single dad of a little girl. According to her post, they tied the knot on February 23.

As Roundup readers may remember, Victoria got married in April 2015 at the age of 20 to Brian Jones. (Leah served as a bridesmaid, even though she was in the midst of her divorce from Jeremy Calvert.)

In November 2016, Victoria and Brian welcomed a daughter, Cami, and Brian was seen on several seasons of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

In the spring of 2017, Victoria and Brian split, and by September she was already dating Domenick. In February, she announced that they were married and she and Domenick were expecting a baby together.

“I was hoping to last in this family long enough to get to go to one of them Reunions.”

“I have came along way in my life, filled with negativity and just right down nasty people,” Victoria wrote on Facebook. “My life changed a little over a year ago when I decided to change my lifestyle and who I had became within myself due to situations I was in. God blessed me with Cami November 16 of 2016.. she was my safe haven, she saved me. I swore I would NOT allow negativity to continue or to continue being settled with my life especially when I knew in my heart my life needed changed for me and for her, for the better. I knew that we had a bright future ahead of us.

“Little did we know on this day Feb 23 2018 I would be a wife and a momma to 2 beautiful babygirls with another on the way. I am blessed and i love my family more than anything or anyone else.”

Victoria’s timeline is very similar to Leah’s. When she was 18, Leah married Corey Simms, who is the father of her twin girls Aleeah and Ali. They divorced after about six months of marriage and Leah quickly moved on to Jeremy. She married Jeremy weeks before her 20th birthday, and they soon welcomed daughter Adalynn. In 2015, they divorced.

Last week, Leah and Victoria’s mother, Dawn Spears, announced Victoria’s pregnancy on Instagram. On Friday, Leah posted a video of her pregnant sister talking about how their grandma found Victoria’s vibrating nipple clamps and tossed them across the room when she figured out what they were.

Don’t y’all hate it when your Granny finds your nipple clamps!?

Beautiful baby! And the baby bump @leahdawn92mtv @victoriaaa233

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Watch this scene from last season featuring Victoria as she talks to Leah about Leah’s attempt to get back into the dating world.

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29 Responses

  1. She’s grown up in a culture that says this is ok. Some people are upset that others are pointing out that Leah’s kids are likely going to follow the same path, but it’s true. This is all normalized behavior that will repeat in the next generation, and the next. These women have few prospects, hobbies, job skills, or likely ways out of their impoverished small towns. Making babies gives them something to do with their lives, and gives them purpose, and frequently benefits they wouldn’t otherwise receive. It is a very common scenario in economically depressed areas where most don’t see a bigger picture or way out, both rural and urban.

  2. Jesus god (Leah) the grammar… also – the last name “Crapello” *face-palms” for daysss

  3. It’s not fair to say that about a little girl. Besides, she has Corey and Miranda. They would never let that happen.

  4. What’s with the instababies? First Amber, then Javi, now this? Is the production crew handing out PEZ dispensers full of fertility drugs?

    1. Technically speaking, it makes sense for a woman to procreate during the *exciting* first times. I’ve known far to many in my life who think they can’t conceive based on being with someone for YEARS, so they don’t think much when dating someone new… and get pregnant their first year with a new person. I think it’s some crazy stats, like 85% of females, that will get knocked up when cheating with the others guy baby. There is *something* to be said for hormones

      1. Well yeah, what you’re saying is true. I had a boyfriend for years and never even had a pregnancy scare. Thought I couldn’t have kids as I was young. Got pregnant within months of dating my next boyfriend. These people already have kids though. I was only 20 at the time too. These people are older and should know better.

  5. Oh God, I thought we can’t get crazier than Tyler’s sis having a boyfriend on a leash!

    But it’s obvious where do they get these AMAZING ideas like man, those siblings are f*cked.

    One of the smarter ones is, funny enough, Farrah’s sister. (I guess if you sister is such a trainwreck, you are bound to want to stay out of the spotlight)

  6. Leah never left the dating world, even during both of her marriages she remained an active participant.

  7. Trailer trash. She will be divorced again soon enough. I see two more baby daddies in her future. It’s a cycle. Unfortunately, I see the same future with their children. Don’t be surprised when her and Leah’s daughters end up 16 and pregnant.

      1. It’s completely wrong to say that. She’s 8 years old. She’s just a little girl. Leah didn’t have her dad in her life. But the twins do. Stop trashing the kid.

      2. Totally agree. Apples don’t fall far from the tree. Gracie has such a sassy attitude already!! She is going to be one interesting teenager. Also they have her in cheerleading. Let’s no forget that’s how Leah got pregnant. She was a slutty cheerleader.Having sex in pick up trucks after house parties ?

  8. All these girls do is have babies….don’t they know you can have children AND do other things? Like god damn.

  9. I had to get a grip and stop laughing before I could comment on the last name thing. Sounds like a Leno “Headline.”

  10. Good lord, her paragraph is almost worse than Farrah-speak. Them schools really ain’t well down in that there holler.
    I did find it amusing that her maiden name was MESSer and now her last name is CRAPello. That’s just bad luck.

    1. The poor girl is illiterate. Of course she can’t read a condom box. I guess some people never learn. They seem to think having a baby isn’t a huge deal and pretty much just procreate with any random.

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