EXCLUSIVE! Chelsea Houska & Other ‘Teen Mom 2’ Cast & Crew Upset Over VIP Treatment Jenelle Evans Got While Filming Reunion Scenes Yesterday

“Really, MTV?! Did you roll out a red carpet for her too?”

Jenelle Evans proudly posted photos of herself standing with Dr. Drew Pinsky on Sunday. The photos, which were taken after Dr. Drew interviewed Jenelle in North Carolina for her scenes for the Teen Mom 2 Season 8B Reunion, rubbed plenty of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast and crew the wrong way, and The Ashley has all the details of what went down!

“Chelsea was particularly upset,” one source tells The Ashley. “They paid to fly an entire crew to Jenelle and essentially built a set there for her to film because she refused to go to the last reunion. But apparently they didn’t think Chelsea was important enough to do that for. They simply set up a Skype call between her and Drew– that happened while he was in North Carolina to film with Jenelle!

“It made it so obvious who the show’s producers and the network value more!” the source added.

As The Ashley told you, Jenelle refused to attend the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping earlier this month in New York City because MTV did not agree to pay for her banned-from-the-set husband, David Eason, to attend with her. Chelsea, who is currently pregnant, did attend the Reunion taping, but did not film her scenes for the actual Reunion because she felt unsafe returning to the set because of the physical fight between her co-stars that occurred while she was on stage the previous day with the cast.

“Jenelle didn’t even put the time and effort into going to the Reunion, and Chelsea did, yet they made a huge production of going to Jenelle and filming, while Chelsea’s portions were like a rushed afterthought,” another crew source told The Ashley. “Chelsea was pissed that they went to such great lengths to make Jenelle happy, and honestly so was some of the crew who is tired of giving in to Jenelle’s demands.”

In the caption of one of the photos she posted to Instagram, Jenelle bragged that she fulfilled her duties to the show.

“Did my part!” she wrote. “Had a good conversation yesterday about many different things that will happen later this season. I think this is the most comfortable you will ever see me in an interview.”

The post added insult to injury for Chelsea, as well as Kail Lowry and Leah Messer, as they didn’t realize that MTV had gone through all the trouble to essentially recreate the same set they had in New York just for Jenelle in North Carolina.

“The other cast members are pissed too because they had to take time out of their lives to go all the way to New York City to film, find childcare, etc. to fulfill their obligations to the show, but Jenelle once again threw a fit and got treated like a VIP!” the first source said.

Adding even more insult to injury for Chelsea, The Ashley hears that producers demanded she do her Skype interview bright and early with Dr. Drew– so that they could get it out of the way and have plenty of time to film Jenelle’s portions!

“They didn’t want Jenelle to have to start super-early so they made Chelsea go first, even though she is two hours behind Jenelle, time-wise, because she’s in South Dakota,” the crew source said.

“Sit still, look pretty.” ??? #GreenScreen #TeenMom2 #ViralMoments

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“The other three girls feel like they’ve been treated like second-class citizens compared to Jenelle for the entire time they’ve been on the show,” the source added. “She’s been throwing tantrums and making crazy demands for years, and she almost always gets what she wants, while the other girls follow the rules and have to watch Jenelle get special treatment.”

As The Ashley told you previously, after the hair-pullin’ catastrophe that was the last ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping, MTV is considering new ways to do the show’s Reunion specials.

“There is NO WAY they’re going to keep doing the reunions this way because it’s clearly an unsafe environment to have all of them together,” The Ashley’s source told her. “Everyone saw her throw the vase, and were not OK with it. Now [the show’s producers] have to figure out how they’re gonna do the reunions going forward but it’s clear that it can’t stay the way it is anymore.”

UPDATE! On Monday, Chelsea tweeted that she wasn’t aware that Jenelle was going to be getting the VIP treatment during her segments.

UPDATE #2! Jenelle offered some comments on Twitter that seemed to be in regard to this story.

“Chelsea, Leah, and Kail should stick to their storylines they maybe they wouldn’t get caught up into drama like I’m steering away from,” Jenelle wrote. They paid thousands for these girls and then they quit and leave? Do your job ladies. Mind your business.”

She claimed that filming her segments in North Carolina was not her idea, but actually the producers. (The Ashley can confirm this is true. The producers came up with this as a way to include Jenelle in the Reunion. Jenelle did not demand they come to her.)

“Everyone is mad but this was NOT my request from the beginning,” Jenelle wrote. “Larry asked me if I was willing to film a separate segment like Farrah… so I said sure. They offered to come to me I said sure. I did NOT demand a damn thing and woke up early just like everyone else. Done by 8pm.”

When a Twitter user called Jenelle out for frequently ‘quitting’ the show during Reunions, Jenelle replied, “Never… I’ve walked off staged then came right back lol never flew home.”


(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. Yeah Jenelle should be fired as well as Farrah, they both are spoiled rotten people that do not deserve children let alone be on t.v. Both are rotten parents and when their children grow up in jail they’ll blame everyone else like their doing now.

  2. * “…but actually the producers’.” (idea)
    …Because I am giving up on The Ashley actually coming to terms with her grammar deficiency…

  3. Chelsea should just quit at this point. She’s the only one who has grown up and learned from her mistakes. She has a good life, a good relationship, and she’s genuinely happy. There is really no need for her to continue to put herself through this. MTV clearly doesn’t care for her safety or anyone else’s and after this it’s clear they don’t really care about her at all. Do they not realize Chelsea is the fan favorite (From what I’ve noticed), but I guess Jenelle and her drama are better for ratings ??‍♀️ And LOL at Jenelle saying she stays away from drama.

  4. Jenelle’s antics bring the most viewers. She is the most valued employee. Therefore, she gets what she wants. The other Teen moms need to think about how valuable they are considered to be to the show. This is just business. It all goes away if it stops being profitable.

  5. Why would Jenelle ever stop acting like an entitled brat, when she gets rewarded for her behavior. I’d be very annoyed too if I were the other girls….The other girls need to band together and make some outrageous demands themselves, because the preferential treatment Jenelle gets is ridiculous.

  6. Since when do people complain about free trips to NYC?? These girls have their heads so far up their asses.. all of them! What are they going to do when the show gets cancelled?

    1. I don’t think they are complaining complaining, but they have a point – they stop their lives, now their kids are older so they can’t just rip them out of school and they have to find someone to watch them, etc. when Shebeast Jenelle can just whine and they come to her and there’s no inconvenience to her in the slightest.

      I get their point – it isn’t about being ungrateful for the free trip, it’s the double-standard being applied.

  7. I wonder if she did a “Farrah” and just smiled crazily at Dr. Drew while refusing to discuss anything.

  8. Holy hell Jenelle – if you’re not pregnant, get rid of that first dress. You look huge in that photo.

    The tweet urging the other girls to steer away from drama like you are? Let me get back to you when I stop laughing. Let me just rewind the segment of you going up and down the hall at the reunion purposely looking for drama like a tornado……meanwhile, even Chelsea’s biggest fans would say her segments are boring because she’s never involved in any drama.

    Keep trying to convince us all you’re a tough girl from behind that keyboard. We all saw how all it took for you to burst out crying and look for sympathy from Nathan’s mother was your own mother giving a hug to someone other than you. You’re not a gangster, you’re a lost little girl pretending to be a grown up. You need serious therapy.

    1. I laugh at Jenelle when she gets like that, because there will be a time when she won’t get away with the crap that she pulls. Trust me, y’all, it’s coming.

  9. Am I the only one that can see that MTV is testing the waters with Young and Pregnant? If this show is successful they will can TM2?

    Kail and Jenelle are DIVAS! Leah had her bad moments but, homegirl is turning that around. Congrats!

    Chelsea is too normal. That is a GOOD thing but, makes for boring reality TV. She has come a long way. She is rocking mom life, married life and life in general. She doesn’t NEED the show like the other girls.

    Kail is that girl that thinks she runs shit. She’s always been an awful self centered person. She has to be queen bee. It’s her way or no way. She had this need to be wanted and have a sense of being accepted. She IS a good mom. She is NOT good in relationships.

    Jenelle… has not changed one bit since this shit show started. She is a walking condridiction of herself. I honestly think she believes that she’s “doing good”. She is no better now than she was on her first episode of 16 and Pregnant. She’s a follower. She adapts to whatever guy is in her life. She bothers me more than Farrah. Wait till her and David split… there will be all the same accusations and poor pitiful me bullshit.

  10. Chelsea should just quit and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I follow Chelsea and she’s by far my favorite. I say she should quit because her life is on track. She doesn’t need the show.

    Jenelle makes all these demands, throws fits because she knows MTV has no backbone. She basically has them by the balls.

  11. She (chinelle) just thinks she is sooo fucking justified.. This smug bitch needs to get knocked down a couple pegs. WTF MTV?! Pulling a gun/road rage incident?? Hellooo?? Did we forget all about that??

  12. I feel like Jenelle will always be that piece of shit that does piece of shit things with her piece of shit husband and get away with it forever. She will never suffer any consequences for her terrible actions; she will always be rewarded for her bad behavior. I can’t believe how far up her ass these people are. I’m looking at you, fucking bullshit Kristen and Larry. I hate all of them. Every single one of them. All I hope for is that her children make it out alive and can live happy lives, as slim as their chances may be. How incredibly sad.

  13. Let’s be honest Jenelle’s storyline is more valuable then Chelsea’s. I think Chelsea is wonderful but she is a snoozefest, I skip over her clips. The ironic thing here is it cost MTV way more money to fly everyone out to Jenelle then it would have to just pay for David to come to the reunion.

    1. Chelsea is boring but I actually stppped watching the show because of Jenelle. I just can’t stand to watch her and David abuse everyone around them.

  14. Damn it. I was hoping I could get a solid two years off. My elasticity just isn’t what it used to be.

  15. This will amount to nothing more than these girls complaining for the drama. They’ve all done what they wanted to at one time or another .. not discussing certain subjects, telling crew to leave, turning off car cameras, walking off set, Jenelle just takes it to the extream. While I understand that they felt unsafe at the reunion, who just walks out of work ??? If someone was going crazy in the work place and throwing things someone is surly going to call the authorities,( unarmed security doesn’t count) if not for help at least for documentation before you walk out of your job. This show just doesn’t add up and is getting unrealistic by the minute.. like that hokie ass lie detector test Matt took, that was a real as Godzilla!

  16. I wish Simon (Farrah’s ex) was still around. He would totally tell if he knew a producer used to sleep with Jenelle.

  17. Janelle is a huge attention whore. I wouldn’t blame Chelsea a bit if she told MTV/Viacom to go screw themselves. She’s the only normal one anyway.

  18. I totally just read the mind ypur business line like will smith in fresh prince of belair when he was teaching Ashley how to fight and stick up fpr herself against the mean girls. Hahaha

  19. Trash. They should all band together and strike. Janelle’s the only one who actually needs the show.

  20. This is no longer a reality show about young mothers’ day-to-day lives; it has become a reality show about filming a reality show. What is the point of all these reunions? If these people don’t like each other, there is absolutely no reason for them to be in a room together. Their lives are separate from each other. Go back to filming their lives, or end the show. They have enough drama with all their exes, baby mamas/daddies, stepfamilies, etc. that they don’t need extra drama fighting with their “costars.” I noticed a huge surge in inter-Teen Mom drama ever since they started breaking the fourth wall in TM2. What ended up happening in my opinion is these girls became a lot less relatable when their biggest problem showcased is who they’re sharing a dressing room with.

  21. Jenelle claiming she is steering away from drama while telling Chelsea and Leah to do their jobs??!! I can’t. ☠️

    1. I know right?? The other girls should steer away from drama?? Jenelle literally pulled a gun on a man in his driveway like a month ago. Relax on the drama advice girlie.

  22. These people are so stupid, they are getting paid to be on tv they all have there own problems. I wish I could go to my full time job and bitch and cry and complain so I won’t have to work but hey I need money to live so I work every day. They have a contract to show up and work film, talk about there lives, not pick and choose what they want to you signed up to have your life seen by everyone the good the bad. If I don’t do my job like I was hired to do I get FIRED so maybe it’s time to get rid of some of them I am sure there are so many more teen moms out there just looking to get on tv and fuck up there kids and other peoples lives. This is life so your jobs shut you crying mouths grow up join the fucking real adult world that drama shit is for your teen years. #youwantedthislifelivewithit

  23. Whoaaa I think I’m waaay behind on this gossip! Can someone tell me pls what’s up with Morgan and Jenelle and where these rumours originate from? Is this a “well Juhnelle I seen ya with…” moment I missed? ?

  24. I’ve heard that one of the teen mom’s screwed a producer, now I guess we know who it is! Can’t be a coincidence that she ALWAYS gets her way and doesn’t get fired like Farrah did.?‍♀️

  25. So let me get this straight. Someone is in breach of a contract which clearly states that they must show up to tape a reunion show— and you fly a crew to the breacher’s house to build them a set?

    Here’s a thought: Why not just hire David back, the breacher will then be happy, and you can be done with this marathon ass-kissing?


  26. “I think this is the most comfortable you will ever see me in an interview.”
    “They paid thousands for these girls and then they quit and leave? Do your job ladies”
    This all sounds like mockery.

    I don’t wish bad on anyone but I would like Jenelle to get the respect she offers to the others.

  27. Janelle has always got her way! She learned very early on how to get MTV to give her what she wants and they gave in once and now have to give in always.
    If she can get away with drug use on camera and child endangerment on camera then she will get away with everything. She will never go to jail and never get fired!
    I’m not sure how she gets away with everything she does but she is one slippery fish!

  28. So they’re going to piss and moan about it? It’s sooo unfair.. guess what ladies? The real world isn’t fair! All of them spend money so frivolously, you can afford to do something to change it! It be together or separately, take your contracts ( that are worth the paper they’re written on) , get an attorney and make your demands for a change .doing nothing puts Jenelle is a better place, knock her down the notches were she belongs already! What was it Nathan told her? You’re trailer trash that hit the lottery.. that’s about right. Jenelle is so narcissistic, she thinks she’s a one man talent show that deserves sole credit, like she’s some kind of Lebron James.. Jenelle needs an awaking, she’s a co dependent, disrespectful, scum! Now is the time to put an end to it or quit bitching.

  29. All this coddling and catering to jenelle makes me believe the persistent rumors about Jenelle and Morgan having/had a sexual relationship. And the rumors about drug use and nude photos regarding Morgan, as well. It makes NO SENSE to keep a person like Jenelle on that sh*tshow! I truly wonder what the truth is!

  30. THIS IS B.S.!!!! JE NEEDS TO GO!!! I’m embarrassed for them. Better yet, drop the show and lets see how well the narcissist JE & her controlling drug addict husband does!

  31. Honestly, this makes me not want to watch at all now. Yes, Chelsea is “boring” because she has her shit together and is not a hot mess express, however I enjoy her segments the most. She’s got it together.

    Jenelle is incredibly difficult to watch now. David has complete control over her and these actions not only prove it, but shows that MTV will give in to her demands no matter what for ratings and it basically shows they condone emotional abuse and a controlling partner.

    Has anyone else noticed Jenelle even talks like David now? A month or two ago when she went on her rant on Instagram over Leah’s daughter I couldn’t get over how she has his mannerisms/tone of voice now. Jenelle and David show many of the signs including worrying about making their partner angry, excuses for poor behavior, David’s jealousy, her pulling away from friends/family and blaming everyone else for their problems. I pray she sees the light but honestly, like Amber, she refuses to admit when she’s wrong and I don’t see her eventually coming to her senses.

    1. Jesus god Leah I hope you’re wrong. The name of the show should change from Teen Mom to Trashy Breeding Adults (not counting Chelsea since she’s doing things the right way with a good husband).

      And can the drama stop for just a few consecutive days so The Ashley can catch up on re-caps. Ugh – watching the most recent episodes, with Kail and Dom and her entourage of friends it seems like Kail is trying to live like a party girl and sow her wild oats. Sure there are parents like that, but IMO that’s totally inappropriate as a mother of three young kids.

    2. Totally agree with you! She looks very pregnant in that dark shirt with the bell sleeves….and her face too….. disgusting. Uncle badtouch did say he wanted 2 babies with her and we all know what lurch wants lurch gets!

      1. Just saw on her Facebook page someone posted under the pic with the dark shirt and said “ you’re glowing ?”…. that’s an odd compliment usually reserved for pregnant women…just sayin

  32. It’s all because Jenelle supplies the most drama and that’s what makes good realtiy TV unfortunately. It’s not because MTV favors her over the other girls.

  33. Are they seriously considering firing Jenelle, Ashley, or is that just BS being spread around? I have heard she has too much filth on MJ Freeman for him to fire her. Any truth to that?

    1. @Javi– Not at all. She is not being fired. The only time she was in danger was after the David firing thing. But that’s way over. It’s all clickbait. She’s not getting fired. -The Ashley

      1. I would think after she pulled a gun on a guy she might have been in danger of getting fired…but guess not.

  34. Obv they only care for their “star”, why are they surprised?! It would be best if others just boycott filming altogether otherwise I have a feeling MTV is ready to put up with everything and hiding her addiction until it’s too late.

  35. I feel like MTV gives in to all of them. Kailyn throws a fit and won’t film. Kailyn threatens and assaults people on camera. Yet she’s still on the show. Leah does drugs but it’s not filmed. Never did MTV come out and say it was drugs but yet she’s still on the show. Chelsea went all ballistic over the duck segment and shut it down. As I see it all of them at one time has stopped filming for one reason or the other. It’s a shit show now. It’s time to shut it down. After all it’s supposed to be a reality show and let’s be truthful, it’s not.

      1. Last season (I think) Chelsea and Cole bought ducks. Apparently Aubrey was rough with the ducks. The producers asked Chelsea about it on camera and she refused to discuss it because she didn’t want them to turn it into “a thing”

  36. If MTV doesn’t get rid of Jenelle this next season, we should all Stop watching! Sick of Jenelle & all her gross abuse! Fire Jenelle Mtv!

  37. lol why does she care? chelsea, you’re boring. that’s great for your IRL, but it doesnt make good TV.

    if i was chelsea i would be thrilled with getting a full pay check and hardly being feature on this trash dump of a show

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