‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ Season 1 Episode 12 Recap: A Proposal Plan & A Bathrobed Man

“Please tell me you have something on under that robe…”

Put on your finest T-shirt and slather on an extra layer of self-tanner because we’ve got a very important Situation happening on this episode of Jersey Shore Family Vacation! Mike is about to pop the question to his longtime girlfriend Lauren!

Before we can get to the proposing and whatnot, though, we check in with the roommates, who are about to get some very special visitors! Vinny’s mother Paola is in Miami to see the gang (and stuff them full of Italian sausages…no not in that way, you sickos!)

In addition to an Italian feast, Paola has also brought Uncle Nino to Miami with her! As ‘Jersey Shore’ fans know, Nino shows up from time to time, annoys everyone and then goes away. (He’s kind of like herpes!)

“Except antibiotics won’t make me go away! Bada-bing, bada-boom!”

He’s the most stereotypical Guido to ever appear on this show– and that’s saying something! Nino is out, living his best life in Miami, as Paola is cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

The roommates arrive home and immediately notice the variety of smells wafting through the house. (For once, it’s not whatever Ronnie torpedoed into the toilet bowl that’s smelling up the place!)

Vinny smells the food and immediately knows that his mom has arrived. While he’s happy to see her, he’s less-than-thrilled that she’s allowed Uncle Nino to tag along on the trip.

“He’s the most annoying motherf**ker that exists,” Vinny tells us. “His body is offensive, his tan is offensive, you can’t take him in public.”

Mike doesn’t care about any of that, though.  All he sees is the bowls of pasta, meats, cheeses and other foods that Paola has prepared. He’d legit share a dinner table with Mussolini if it meant he’d be able to get his mitts on Paola’s lasagna!


Naturally, Paola is thrilled to see Mike enjoying her food.

“God bless you!” she exclaims as she loads up his fifth plate of feed. (Something tells me that her son, the “Keto Guido,” doesn’t scarf down too much of her food these days.)

After the whole gang is stuffed to capacity with food (I think Mike may have needed to be helped away from the table), the boys take Uncle Nino outside to roast him. For the occasion, Nino is dressed in a bathrobe, with most likely nothing underneath.

“It’s hard to roast someone who has no shame,” Pauly D says. “You can’t roast this guy. He’s unroastable.”

Nino makes fun of Ronnie, calling him fat and stupid for knocking a girl up. In between insults, he just randomly keeps shouting “God Bless America!”…as you do.

“Laugh all ya want, kid, but I’m you in 20 years!”

Then, for some reason, we spend five minutes watching everyone trying to bust open a coconut they got from a tree in their backyard. (This may be the first time in ‘Jersey Shore’ history that someone has had difficulty busting a nut.)

Finally, Paola comes out and instructs the guys to use a pan to pop open the coconut.

“Just put the tip in!” she tells Vinny, who does manage to open it, all while the rest of the guys collapse in laughter at Paola’s instruction.

“What? That’s good advice, kids!”

The next morning, Jenni, Nicole, and Deena try and make breakfast for Paula to thank her for the dinner she cooked them the night before. As the girls are reheating some Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches, Paola chats with Ronnie about the girl he knocked up. Surprisingly, she advises him not to marry his baby mama.

“You don’t have to rush it,” she tells him. (Um…Paola? Your “just put the tip in” advice probably would have come in handy for Ronnie about six months ago in whatever Vegas club bathroom his daughter was conceived in. Just sayin’…)

Ronnie admits he’s terrified about becoming a father. If only there were some sort of contraption he could have used, before having sex, that would have prevented Jen from getting pregnant!


Finally, it’s time for Paola and Uncle Nino to go home. They hug everyone goodbye and as Nino hugs Mike, he whispers (in true Guido fashion), “If you go in [to jail] I have a lot of people on the inside.”

I think that’s nice…

“Don’t forget what I said, Ronnie. Just the tip from now on, OK?”

Later, the gang is sitting around the fire drinking and Ronnie starts confiding in everyone about his problems with his pregnant girlfriend Jen. He tells them that Jen cheated on him in the past and now he doesn’t trust her.

“It makes total sense why Ronnie has been acting the way he has because of what Jen did to him,” Jenni says.

UM…this dude became a drooling, sweaty mess who basically banged it out with some random French club chick after being on vacation for about 3 minutes. I think they can call it even!

The next day, Mike’s girlfriend Lauren is visiting the house, and everyone is excited because they know Mike is proposing. The only problem? Mike seems to have absolutely no plans for the proposal.

(Anyone else think Mike is one of those guys who, without help, would have put the ring into Lauren’s burger or something and thought that was a really romantic way to ask her to McMarry him? Then he would have eaten the burger, obviously…)

“Wait…why WOULDN’T someone want a ring in their burger?! It’s two great things in one!”

“I feel like he’s a child. He’s legit like an infant. He doesn’t know what to do,” Nicole says.

The crew decides they will set everything up in the backyard and it will be a Shorehouse Proposal. While they’re talking, the ring gets delivered to the house. Jenni makes sure everyone knows that she helped Mike with the ring. She’s bragging about how she found the jeweler and helped design it.

Take a seat there, JWoWW. You weren’t out in the diamond mines, digging for the jewels.

They go to lunch to plan Mike’s proposal.

“Mike needs help and Jesus,” Jenni says.

The crew is picking up “some weird tension” between Jenni and Mike, Pauly D tells us.

Mike, as per usual, is totally clueless.

“Jenni seems to be getting a little hostile towards my proposal and I’m baffled,” Mike says.

Jenni says she wants the proposal to be perfect because Lauren has been there for Mike through all of the tough times. The boys go out to get their haircut and reminisce about all of the girls they banged.

I think that’s nice…

“The tales of The Situation are legendary,” Mike tells us. “Me hanging up my player’s jersey and going into the Hall of Fame…it was only a matter of time.”

While getting their haircut, Mike–who is, again, clueless–says he wants to prank Jenni by throwing a pie in her face because she’s been shading him lately. The other guys know this is a bad idea, but don’t tell Mike this.

“Why would anyone get mad about having a pie thrown in their face? It’s free food!”

That night, Lauren arrives at the house. When they’re all sitting around talking, Jenni tells Lauren that Mike needs someone to hold his hand and Mike kind of blows her off. This makes Jenni really mad.

In the cab on the way to dinner, Ronnie spills the beans to Jenni that Mike is planning to prank her by throwing a pie in her face.

“Ronnie was like totally hitting the hater button on Mike,” Deena says, adding that she suspects Ronnie is jealous of Mike’s healthy relationship.

Meanwhile, Jenni is furious when she finds out about Mike’s “3 Stooges”-esque plan to throw a pie at her mug.

“This is my mad face!”

They arrive at the restaurant and Jenni is still pissed. (She’s making a sour face, but due to all of her Botox, it’s kind of hard to tell.)

To get more attention, Jenni starts being extra petty. While everyone is eating, Jenni says, “I’m about to ruin someone’s proposal.” Nicole and Deena try to talk her down and are hoping Lauren doesn’t hear her.

Deena decides to take Lauren outside so Jenni and Mike can talk out their Situation. Jenni asks Mike straight-out if he did, indeed, plan to smash a delectable dessert in her face. At first he makes weird faces to try to stall and figure out how the answer that question without getting hit in the face by Jenni.

This is legit the face every guy makes right before they are about to lie and deny doing something they know they did…

He finally admits that he was going to do it, but says he thought it would all be harmless fun. He apologizes to Jenni and they squash their beef. (We don’t get to find out what happened to the pie that was going to be smashed in Jenni’s face, but we can just assume Mike ended up eating it.)

Throughout the whole discussion, Ronnie is sitting there looking guilty, knowing that it was him who told Jenni about the pie-throwing plan.

When you start a s**tstorm and they sit back and watch what happens…

After dinner, everyone else goes to bed but Ronnie is awake downstairs drinking and thinking about his disastrous life. He goes into the confessional to pour his heart out. He said everyone else is happy and he doesn’t have what they have. He then starts crying because he was with Sammi for eight years and it didn’t work out and now he has some random girl pregnant.

“Here I am, same crying ass bitch Ronnie, in the same f***king place,” he wails before going to bed.

The moment Ronnie realized that he really IS Uncle Nino…

On the next episode, we’ll see Mike propose to Lauren and Ronnie realize what a complete mess he’s made of his life.

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  1. You can now understand why Ronnie is acting the way he is. His baby mama cheated so he decided to get back at her. (Two wrongs doesn’t make it right) The worst thing he did after his break up with Sam was to find some random chick as a rebound and knocked her up. Sober up dude, you are a father now! And just make better life choices. Meanwhile she is also dating someone but taking it slow, I’m sure she won’t even get engaged to him for a while.

  2. I wish they would show the reruns of Vinnie and Pauly’s show! And the snookums and jwow show. I’m over the constant Jersey shore reruns.

  3. After seeing & hearing Ronnie it is so obvious that he is not over Sam & she is or wants to be over him. It definitely would have been great tv drama if Sam did come back to the show. Ron would have been a drunk mess (even worse than he is)

  4. I’m confused. This was last week’s episode. Last night was the Mike proposal episode. Also, it says Season 1 Episode 12?……….. Am I going crazy lol

    1. This was a recap from last week 6/14 when they planned the proposal.
      This is the 1st Season of the show. Remember its not Jersey Shore its The 1st season of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. But i didnt realize this was the 12th episode

  5. Ron’s depression has been abundantly clear this whole season. He’s at the same place he was 10 years ago. Irresponsible and immature. I hope he cleans himself up. I hope he sees how far Mike has come and realizes he can do it.

  6. Excellent recap!! Vinny’s mom is the bomb. I’m Irish. We don’t eat like that but I would love to have someone show up with a cooler of food and whip up a giant meal for me. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of.

    I had no idea that Ronnie and Sammy were together for 8 years. That explains why he’s so whiny about her today.

    Uncle Nino is super gross. Thank goodness for closed captioning because I can’t understand a damn word he says.

    I think Pauly D should have his own show. I find him entertaining and hilarious.

    1. To be fair, Sammi and Ronnie (sometimes people used their couple name ‘Rammi’) were on and off since the first season of Jersey Shore. So you can’t really count them as together for all this time, maybe the last 4 years after they stopped filming they were a thing for the whole time or maybe not even that.

      Pauly had a show, it was actually just him DJing and I found it interesting but it has terrible ratings. Same for Vinny and his family chat show.

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