‘I Am Jazz’ Star Jazz Jennings Shares First Photo & Update After Having Gender Confirmation Surgery

“I’m OK guys!”

Jazz Jennings was all smiles on Thursday, giving her fans the first update since she had her much-anticipated gender confirmation surgery.

The I Am Jazz star, who had previously stated that her surgery was scheduled for June 26, seems to be recovering well, according to her most-recent social media post.

“I’m doing great, thanks for all of the love and support,” Jazz tweeted, along with a photo showing her smiling while wearing what appears to be a hospital gown.

i’m doing great, thanks for all of the love and support?

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Earlier this month, Jazz discussed the surgery in a video posted to her YouTube channel.

“I am so looking forward to it,” Jazz said of the surgery in the YouTube video. “I have been ready for this my entire life.”

She also talked about how excited she was to be having different genitalia.

“Like penis to vagina! That’s some serious s**t, y’all!” the 17-year-old said. “I can’t believe I’m gonna have a vagina!”

In her social media update on Thursday, Jazz did not reveal many details of her surgery, but she had previously talked about why her surgery was going to be different from most other gender confirmation surgeries. Since she started taking testosterone blockers very early in life, she never officially went through puberty. Her surgeons were worried that, because of this, Jazz may experience complications.

“Because there was a lack of tissue [down there] they didn’t have enough material to construct the entire vagina, so they’re using a special procedure where they extract my peritoneal lining…They take that out laparoscopically through my belly button or whatever. They use that and harvest that and use that to make the vaginal canal. It’s better because it looks like real vagina tissue and it feels more like real vagina tissue.”

It is not yet known if Jazz’s surgery will be part of the fifth season of ‘I Am Jazz,’ but it’s very likely, as she has been passionate about sharing her experiences with other transgender teens and their families.

“Seeing our show kind of helps them figure out what steps they could take to help their kids and what the journey might look like in the future,” Jazz has said.

TLC has yet to officially confirm Season 5.

UPDATE! Former Counting Onstar Derick Dillard, who has frequently bashed Jazz and other members of the LGBTQ community on Twitter in the past, is calling Jazz’s surgery a form of “child abuse.” Click here to read what Derick said about Jazz.

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)


  1. Jazz ,
    I am old enough to be your grandmother and I have not missed an episode. I respect you and admire you and your family.
    Don’t let anyone tell you that you are wrong.
    God Bless You Jazz, keep up with telling others about what you have gone through.

  2. The caption may say he’s doing great but his face says “I’m terrified that I made a mistake but I’m gonna put on a fake smile”. Yes he is a he and will always be one. Surgery can’t turn you into a real woman.

    1. Neither can bigotry but I guess you’ve got that one covered ?? A REAL woman stands up for herself, because, in doing so, she stands up for ALL women. An extremely wise woman (Maya Angelo) said that, and she didn’t disappoint. Jazz is the very definition of woman because she has stood up for the LQBTQ community by standing up for herself. Putting yourself out there like she had, KNOWING that people like you exist in the world, is the most courageous act of fearlessness and defiance and I applaud Jazz wholeheartedly. Because only a REAL WOMAN could tolerate a thing like yourself with grace and dignity.

  3. All the power and support in the world to her, but I have no desire to listen to a minor talk about a vagina in any capacity.

      1. Oh jeebus, I knew there’d be at least one out there grabbin’ at straws. I’m not going to sit here and explain the differences between arms and legs and genitalia that has nothing to do with sexualizing, but I DO bet you’re fun at parties.

  4. At the risk of a million downvotes, I think a lot of people have concerns that she is a minor, and she never went through puberty. It’s a big life-changing surgery for someone who is not a legal adult. That said, I wish her well, and I hope she is very happy with the results.

    1. I agree with that viewpoint. I am very much pro LGBTQ, but I am concerned that Jazz may have gotten caught up in the vortex of being a “spokesperson” for transgender because of the show. Her parents try so hard to be supportive that it sometimes feels like she is being pushed. What would have happened if Jazz realized she was simply a gay male? She didn’t get the chance to consider that possibility. Did she have the chance to change her mind, or did she feel obligated to go ahead because of the show? I wish she had waited until she was at least 25 and her brain had finished developing.

      1. I agree with you. I wish she had waited until she was at least 18 before having the surgery. As far as the surgery…..ouch! I hope she is recovering well and not in too much pain. It is a MAJOR surgery. Hey, a vagina is not all it’s cracked up to be….just saying.

  5. This is great news! I’m very happy for her.

    Cue the next rant from that Duggar knucklehead about this.

    1. He already opened his mouth about it yesterday. In touch weekly has the article. It was extremely rude, as expected.

  6. Can you imagine being so bored and insecure in your own life that you obsess over transgender individuals as being, “wrong”? Oh okay, your opinion totally will totally change the world. People have no empathy and ability to TRY to understand this girl’s journey. And…why does it bother you so much? We hate in other people what we hate in ourselves.
    To the individuals going out swinging over women and men like Jazz….you are doing nothing more than showing some deep issues and insecurities you have. Not to say you want to be another gender – not always the case. However, something about this CLEARLY strikes a nerve.

    Have fun being mad and being,”correct” while we all laugh at your temper tantrum.

      1. Some people are *really concerned* (read that as judgemental) about the choices other people make about thier own bodies that has no effect on said judgy person. Why they can’t just ignore stories they aren’t comfortable with, instead of bothering to be brave keyboard warriors with thier anonymous downvotes, is beyond me.

        1. Actually a lot of people care about the welfare of children. You know adolescents, who have been deemed immature until age 25, who can’t buy a pack of cigarettes or get a tattoo but can decide to halt their normal body functions and mutilate their genitals; leaving them sterile for life. So no it’s not out of judgment, it’s out of genuine concern. Just like we care about immigrant children and those in poverty, doesn’t effect us personally but we still have a voice to help prevent childhood sterilization and genital mutilation from being considered the “norm”.

          1. This is n utterly ridiculous opinion. She is 17, not 7. Females go through puberty around age 12/13. A girl who has known basically her entire life who she was is not going to turn 18 and magically be someone different. Dumb,

          2. No, considering this all started when she was a very small child. Not to mention I have never met any child who had their entire life figured out by age 13, which is the only thing here that sounds ridiculous. Whatever your opinion of her choice, who knows what stopping puberty will do to her when she’s older? Or how her body will adjust to these kinds of changes? Some people don’t even want parents circumcising their newborns in this country, but they will allow others to sterilize their children before they can legally vote? Are you kidding me?

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