Jazz Jennings Reveals in New ‘I Am Jazz’ Season Trailer She’s Being Fat-Shamed By Her Family After Gaining Nearly 100 Pounds

Over the last six seasons of I Am Jazz, viewers have watched transgender activist Jazz Jennings overcome many obstacles, but in the upcoming season of her TLC show, Jazz will butt heads with some of her biggest supporters: her family.    

In People’s exclusive first look at Season 7, Jazz opens up about the 100 pounds she has gained due to binge-eating disorder, as well as her mental health– the latter of which resulted in Jazz delaying her admission to Harvard University in order to “refocus and recenter” herself. 

Jazz announced in May 2019 that she had been admitted to the Ivy League university; however, five months later she revealed on social media she had “decided to take a break” before beginning her freshman year. 

Jazz opens up more about her decision in the Season 7 trailer, along with the “almost 100 lbs.” she has gained over the past two years. 

“Two years ago, I was on my way to one of the greatest institutions in the world, but I was actually struggling severely with mental health issues,” Jazz says in the trailer. “I started binge eating and I gained weight and more weight and more weight, and now I’m almost 100 lbs. heavier, here I am today.” 

Jazz addressed her binge-eating disorder with fans in June, noting that “some of the meds” she’s on had also contributed to her significant weight gain. 

In the upcoming season of ‘I Am Jazz,’ viewers will not only see Jazz attempt to navigate her active lifestyle while struggling with her weight, but also the “fat-shaming” comments she’s receiving from her family. 

“I do experience fat-shaming from my family,” she says in the trailer. “It makes me feel really humiliated.” 

In one particular scene from the new season, Jazz tells her parents she can get reach her goals “as long as I get off my lazy a**.” Jazz’s mom, Jeanette, accuses her of “making empty promises,” while Jazz assures her parents “it’s now or never.” 

“It’s not though,” Jeanette replies. “It hasn’t been. … Prove it, because you’re all talk.” 

As Jazz focuses on her health and prepares for her freshman year at Harvard, her brother Sander goes on his first date with a transgender woman–– an outing he later discusses with friend and former RuPaul’s Drag Race star Peppermint. 

Meanwhile, Jazz’s other brother Griffen enters his second year of law school, Jazz’s sister Ari heads to Arkansas to pursue her PhD, and Jazz’s parents Jeanette and Greg finally becomes empty nesters.  

Season 7 of ‘I Am Jazz’ premieres November 30 on TLC. Watch the trailer for the new season below! 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; YouTube) 


  1. Jazz also had weight gain before the gender confirmation surgery. There seems to be more going on than is being touched on. I think she needs to find a new therapist to talk to.

    Also is there something that has happened with the grandma? Her eye is wonky in the picture above.

  2. Her parents have used that child from the first moment that had an opportunity. From forcing her into prematurely making permanent decisions about her sexuality and body, to putting her on hormones and seeking out major surgery when her body was far too immature, to splashing it all over TV for their “wokeness” to be appreciated and to make bank, these are the WORST parents in history. Now to shame her over the inevitable psychological problems that result from their actions? They can go to h3ll.

    1. I decided to watch the several seasons of the show on demand. I disagree with you. I actually came away with a better understanding of transgender issues. Jazz knew as a child that she was female. The parents did NOT use or push her. She has had genetic testing that supported her own feelings.

      However, I am sad to see such a vibrant person struggle…but it’s really no different than other teenagers if you remove the transgender aspect. Not everyone transitions easily from high school and college. And her eating disorder is nothing to make fun of.

  3. I feel for her. I also have gained a significant amount of weight over the last 2 years. Between pregnancy, postpartum, birth control, and quarantine it has been so hard. Trying to drop the weight was been extremely difficult and my self esteem has definitely taken a hit. So I understand what it does to a person, it can be a real mental struggle in so many different ways.

  4. these trolls in the comments are the ones who actually need to get help. like y’all really don’t have anything better to do than to sh!t on a young girl who’s braver than most of y’all?

  5. I hope you can get back on track and move forward on your future. You’ve come a long way and shared such intimate details about your feelings and desires. Don’t let your weight gain hold you back. Think positive thoughts, continue counseling, it’s time to grow up…your parents tend to treat you like a small child, harping you on the food you eat, waking you up in the morning reminding you that you’ll need to get up yourself if and when you go to college. Come on girl!! You are smart, it’s time to start living as a confident young woman who doesn’t make excuses about why she can’t do things.

  6. Did you really just suggest that someone should kill themselves? What a well adjusted human being you are. Disgusting. I hope you never have children and if you do I hope they run far far away from such a disgusting person.

  7. So you are saying that the “sex change” did not helt your problems?

    Poor boy. And I mean it. A sick society encourage sickness.

    1. Agreed. So NOW we’re gonna address the mental illness?

      Not when this person decided they wanted to be something they’ll NEVER be??

  8. I can’t believe the comments here. We are not talking about someone that hurts their children, pets or is a bad person, you are just hating on her because she chose to live her life the way she wanted to.
    She’s braver as a teen than you’ll ever be in all your adult life

  9. Interesting. They’re ok with their son becoming a “daughter”, but not with their “daughter” gaining weight?!

  10. I think it has to be enormous pressure to be on TV during some of the most pressure filled years of growing up, and then you add to it all she was going thru.

    I don’t think it’s that shocking to hear about mental health struggles after all of that.

    Maybe it’s time to turn the cameras off?

  11. No sympathy! This is what happens when you try to be something you weren’t meant to be & to start at such a young age.

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