Here’s What We Can Expect From the Upcoming New Season of ‘Counting On’

“So exciting! I can barely contain myself!”

Babies, engagements, thrift store date nights–the upcoming new season of Counting On is going to be full of…the same crap the Duggars always give us.

Judging from the season’s trailer, the new episodes of ‘Counting On’ are going to show a Duggar getting hitched (Josiah), some Duggars announcing they’re knocked up (Jinger and Kendra), and, of course at least one or two Duggars shooting a kid from their ever-fruitful loins (Joy and Kendra).

To keep the show’s dozen or so viewers interested, the Duggar crew has thrown in a few new and “exciting” episode subjects. (As much as they try, though, they will never top subjects of previous seasons such as the riveting footage of Joy getting new glasses, or Jinger and Jeremy making coffee…)

For instance, the married (or soon-to-be-married) Dugs decide to go out on the town and have a very “Duggar” group date…at the local thrift store. Each person is tasked with choosing a gently used outfit for his or her spouse to wear to dinner. (Meanwhile, we can assume that poor unmarried Jana is stuck at home, wrangling kids, moping floors and repaving the driveway.)

Naturally, because this is the Duggars, no one can pick a decent outfit for their spouse. Instead, the girls dress their guys in some horrific “1920s hobo chic” ensembles (Josiah is wearing a bathrobe for some reason).

Sorry ladies, but they’re all taken…somehow…

It’s wild times in Arkansas, y’all!

We’ll also see Jing and Jer head to birthing classes. In the clip, we see their instructor get down on all fours and beg Jeremy to help her. (Mental note to self: never go to Lamaze class in Laredo.) We also see the couple’s super elaborate gender reveal party.

The other episodes will include an assortment of Dugs dressing up like they’re in a Dickinson novel for some reason; doing some sort of extreme lawn games, and plenty of skiing in skirts. (No, really…they do that.)

The next season of ‘Counting On’ premieres Monday, July 30 on TLC.

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Watch the “exciting” season trailer below!

(Photos: TLC)

18 Responses

  1. Well, at least the girls had some fun dressing them up for fun before they’re inevitably knocked up the first hour when they say ‘I Do’. Did Joy and Kendra even have their first period before they knocked them up? I think not and they have no idea how their husbands will react, esp if they are experiencing cramps.

  2. I lost all respect for this family when they covered up the molestation charges. I hope that none of you defending this family ever have to go through what the girls did.

  3. They seem nice enough at times but unfortunately at the end of the day they are very preachy HYPOCRITES and I don’t feel like watching that filth.

  4. Lovely to see Joe and Kendra walking into the hospital with a suitcase and pillows… Clearly they had planned on a hospital birth.

  5. Stop with the Negative Talk about the Duggars. They are my favorite family and counting on is my favorite show. And Jana Duggar is my favorite Duggar on the show. 1 more time. Leave the Duggars alone

    1. This screams…
      “Leave Britney ALOOOOOOONE”

      Dear lord lmao
      Even Jesus would facepalm this shit

      Ftr, if by favorite you mean you condone the way they treat and view females, molestation, pedophilia and everything else they do..Dude, seek help!!

  6. I hope Jinger gives birth to her daughter in the hospital. I hope she doesn’t try for a home birth at all. Especially, since all of her sisters have had complications with that. I’m really hoping she will buck family tradition.

  7. Because some of us actually like a show without all the fighting, hateful drama and bed jumping, as well as different daddy for every baby. It’s refreshing to see people get along and just be nice, have relationships not with foundations not made of sex, and centered around family. Sorry if that is offensive to people. And I don’t want to hear anything about Jim Bob or Josh. I am watching the next generation and their families.

    1. Oh Honey, you are on the WRONG website if you think you can request that.

      By the way, you can’t watch “the next generation” without thinking about Jim Bob and Josh. They are sexual assault victims of Josh’s and shamed by their father for tempting him. SO yeah, you can screw right off with that “I don’t want to hear about it.”

    2. The “next generation”, shares the same beliefs as their parents, and the cult they are in.

      If you don’t actually understand those beliefs, including that females are to always be “subservient beings to ALL males”(of any age, married or not), that anything and everything a male does should always be supported AND condoned-if it’s legally or morally wrong it should be immediately “forgiven”…I mean do I really need to go on here, aren’t these things bad enough? Study that cult (yes, it IS a cult, by every definition possible), you’ll understand precisely how wrong you actually are.

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