EXCLUSIVE! Debra Danielsen Says ‘Teen Mom’ Fans Constantly Urge Her To Try To Get Custody of Farrah Abraham’s Daughter Sophia

Debz OG…breakin’ it down!

Teen Mom OG star Debra Danielson says she will do whatever it takes to make sure her granddaughter, Sophia Abraham, is safe–even if it means seeking legal custody of the child.

“I would go after Sophia in a heartbeat to save her and to make her happy,” Debra exclusively told The Ashley’s writer Holly in a sit-down interview at Deb’s Iowa home. “Sophia loves me no matter what brainwashing other people do to her. That harms her and you shouldn’t use a child as a battleground.”

Debra, who told The Ashley she has political aspirations herself, said that she doesn’t believe the laws in this country are conducive to protecting children.

“I think that if people are harming children by separating them from the people they love, the people who have been there for them, then we ought to allow our courts to get in there and save that child,” Deb said.

“In the United States of America, we do not protect children or children’s rights,” she added.

Debra told The Ashley that people contact her constantly to ask for advice on their own custody issues and to urge her to fight to get Sophia away from her mother, Farrah Abraham. (As The Ashley has reported, Farrah has made plenty of questionable parenting choices in the nine years since Sophia’s birth.)

Sharing my BDay with Sophia was fun! Xoxo ?

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Deb explained that she helped care for Sophia for most of the girl’s life, and the two shared a close bond. However, after Farrah and Debra’s own relationship went south, Deb was not allowed to maintain a relationship with her granddaughter.

“When you separate a child from the main caregiver, the sole caregiver, that’s their security, that’s their mental stability and suddenly you plunge them into a different environment and say bad things about these people, that’s not helping,” Deb said. “That’s not good for anybody. I don’t condone that. I don’t care if it’s a divorce. I don’t care if it’s grandparents. I don’t care if it’s anybody. That’s not good for the child.”

Debra said she worries about the fast lifestyle that Sophia is living with Farrah. (In recent months, Sophia and Farrah have attended plenty of red carpet events, and traveled to places like Dubai, Cannes and Bora Bora.)

“I just think that Sophia is doing a lot of travelling and through different time zones,” Debra said, adding that she’d like to give Sophia a more solid lifestyle.

“She needs some stability and children need a place to call home and some stabilization and I think Sophia would really benefit from that,” Debra said.

Debra said that her ultimate goal is to repair her relationship with Farrah, so she can have her daughter and granddaughter back in her life.

“I just love Farrah and I support her and I hope that she comes around and I want her and Sophia in my life,” she said.

Farrah’s father (and Deb’s ex-husband) Michael Abraham had previously warned Debra not to try to go for custody.

“If Debra takes that route [of seeking custody of Sophia] she will be only making the divide between her and Farrah only worse,” Michael told The Ashley last month. “If Debra wants to be able to see the girls (Sophia), Debra needs to look at herself and change.”

Stay tuned for more from The Ashley’s exclusive interview with Debz OG!

(Top photo: The Ashley; Bottom photo: Instagram)


  1. Deb is a wierdo, but the main reason she is not fit to raise anything is that she raised someone who the most qualified clinician would surely diagnose as a genuine sociopath. I’m sure she had some unfortunate things happen in her childhood (we all do), but Farrah is a special kind of crazy, soaked in narcissism, stunted by a very low IQ and bolstered by undeserved fame and wealth at a young age. Honest to God, you have to get certain body implants changed out after a specified amount of time and I know she doesn’t know how to maintain spreadsheets, so I wonder if there could be implant/filler leakages that have gone to her already unfortunate brain. Either way, Sophia is doomed, she’s already shown signs of very strange behavior as a child, but who could blame her having grown up surrounded by this motely crue. And as for Deb’s political aspirations; whatever they may be, I’d vote for my hamster before I’d opt to elect her for anything.

  2. No adult in that family is fit to raise Sophia. If they can, someone who is reasonable needs to step in. Otherwise, there is absolutely no hope for this kid.

  3. Deb produced both Farrah and her long lost sister Ashley, who also has one of the most wreckless mouths I’ve ever heard when speaking to their mother….Deb doesn’t need to be raising anybody else….really nobody in that circle needs to be raising anybody.

  4. Deb didn’t do a good job raising Farrah so clearly she’s mess up Sophia too. No one of her but case family should have her including Farrah

  5. Ha! Deb just wants to be relevant. She wants Sophia so SHE can be on Teen Mom and collect child support from Farah! Never mind Deb is a freaking nut case who has lost touch with reality. Farah has Sophia in school through the internet. People do all over the country and it’s perfectly legal. You may not like her, but Farah is providing for her daughter. Forget about it Deb, no Sopia, no child support, no Teen Mom!

  6. Nope, Debra would not be a good idea. Doesn’t Sophia hate her husband?! Yeah, that would end up being great with David there all the time.

    Michael? Even worse. She needs to be adopted before it’s too late…….even though I already think it is. Years of therapy (and plastic surgery) are in front of this girl.

  7. Debz is NO better than Farrah. She was just as psycho and hid it beneath “faith” and groveling for Farrah’s money. Now that Farrah is no longer paying for her lifestyle, Deb thinks she can constantly talk about her daughter to the media and try to come off as the sane one. Gross.

  8. WORST IDEA EVER. Farrah isn’t amazing, but Sophia would be slapped daily for her belligerent anti-christ attitude.

    And even though Farrah sucks to everyone else, a tiny part of me feels like she really wants to shield Sophia from what she went through growing up with her mom – while also exposing her to that adult entertainment lifestyle. Sigh… Sophia lost the day she was born and her becoming an evil child isn’t entirely her fault.

    1. That’s the thing with Farrah – I think she is seriously messed up and WANTS to be normal but can’t figure out how and just lashes out and acts like she’s doing great which we can all see that she is not.
      I don’t hate her because of this.
      With people like Jenelle, she is “normal”, but just legitimately doesn’t care.
      I think Farrah WANTS to change, but is unable to. Jenelle is happy being the victim and will never change.
      I know this wasn’t originally a comparison lol but I made it one. People love to hate on Farrah as the worst Teen Mom but I think Jenelle takes the cake on that one.

  9. Yeahhhhhh Farrah is awful (and will no doubt teach Sophia to be nasty to people like she is), but Deb is, if anything, I think more psychotic. Her getting custody of Sophia is a solid hell no.

  10. Too late. That kid has zero chance of a healthy, “normal” childhood. She’s spoiled rotten, like Violet in Willy Wonka… But hey, that’s her mother’s responsibility.

  11. Sophia does need stability but Deb is certainly not the answer since her parenting skills formed the monster that is Farrah. I also doubt she would win custody anyway. Farrah is insane but that’s not enough for them to take Sophia from her.

    1. Deborah definitely failed Farrah in many ways, and resorted to physical violence which is completely unacceptable, but I do think Michael is the bigger contributor to Farrah’s personality issues. He hasn’t shown her how to be appropriately loving. You can be loving, firm, set boundaries, and explain when you are disappointed productively.

  12. I’m dying to know what Derek’s parents think of Sophia. When we saw them a few times they seemed so nice. They should raise Sophia.

  13. Michaels opinion means nothing. All he does us kiss farrah’s fake ass no matter how vile farrah acts. He truly is not a good parent. He needs some self respect to try to help that nasty, bitch daughter. SHE IS TRULY MENTALLY ILL! HELP HER GET INTO A SANITARIUM.

  14. None of these people are sane. Poor Sophia. I mean, her bratty behavior is absolutely unacceptable, but look who’s raising her. That would ruin any kid.

  15. Sofia’s already talking back to Farrah. I saw her snap, Farrah was looking for detergent with “ no chemicals” and Sofia said something like “that’s because you’re stupid…” man I feel so sad that this little girl has been destroyed already. The only way this family interacts is through throwing money at each other and talking to each other like scum.

    1. Farah wishes they were throwing money at each other! Something tells me she’s broke as broke can be & only has her nasty personality in her back pocket.

  16. I absolutely detest Farrah but as far as has been in the press, I haven’t seen anything to warrant removal of Sophia. Sure Farrah is a nutcase and Sophia is exposed to a lot of things she shouldn’t be, but Sophia seems healthy and taken care of, whoever is doing that for Farrah. There’s many unfit patents out there who are crazy and put their child through a lot of chaos, but unless she is physically abused or neglected, Sophia is stuck with Farrah.

    Mykol is such a sad excuse for a man. Deb would be as defending of Farrah as Mykol if she was in her good graces and once again had the public exposure to assault us with DebzOZ and her crazy steampunk rap.

    1. Except she’s not enrolled in school – Farrah pulled her out. How she’s getting away with it, I don’t know.

  17. Michael is a pitiful soul isn’t he? He allows Farrah to belittle him all for the sake of a paycheck. Debra isn’t playing with a full deck herself. The demon child is doomed to be exactly like her mother. Nasty, mean and foul mouthed.

  18. While she’s not wrong about Sophia needing stability, Debz OG is not the person who can give her that. She has made some off the wall, bizarre parenting and life choices herself. I don’t think Sophia would do much better with her. It seems like both Deb and Farrah are narcissists and Michael has no spine. That poor kid is truly screwed.

  19. Michael is the most utterly dickless excuse for a man. He’s like an abused parent. Beaten and defeated. He should shut his mouth and at least try to hide what a gutless coward he is.

    Do you guys remember when Farrah talked Sophia out of attending Debra’s wedding? What a sick bitch! Instead of letting her daughter feel special being a flower girl at her grandmother’s wedding and having a special day, Farrah chose to fill her with baseless hate, resentment and pettiness.

    It’s too late to save Sofia from Farrah. It’s been too late for a long time.

  20. I feel like the woman who has created the monster that is Farrah really shouldn’t be raising any other children.

  21. My oh my, someone’s sure coming out swingin’ since her gravy train ended!

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