EXCLUSIVE! ‘The Challenge’ Star CT Tamburello Is Engaged & Getting His Own MTV Wedding Special: Get Details

“Maybe I’ll make Johnny Bananas be my ring bearer!”

Wedding bells are about to ring for The Challenge vet CT Tamburello– and MTV will be there to capture the Kodak moment when CT says “I do!”

Vevmo posted about CT’s engagement today, and The Ashley can add that CT and his baby mama, Lilianet Solares, are going to be getting their own MTV wedding special!

The Ashley’s sources tell her that this special has been in the works for several months. The Ashley does not yet know if it will be a one-episode special or a miniseries, but it will show the prep leading up to the wedding, bachelor party, and the actual wedding, from what The Ashley has heard.

“That’s why he’s been training so hard–to get rid of his ‘Dad Bod’ by the wedding,” a source tells The Ashley.

The Ashley hears that the wedding will take place in August (likely in Florida), and that MTV has already contacted several ‘Challenge’ vets to appear on the special including Cara Maria Sorbello and Camila Nakagawa (who has been banned from doing future ‘Challenge’ shows).

In an interview with Rolling Stone that was published on Wednesday, CT alluded to the fact that his fans may be getting a look at his closely guarded personal life. (On ‘The Challenge,’ CT has discussed being a dad to his two-year-old son, Chris Jr., but has been fairly quiet about his relationship with Lilianet.)

The Cabernet Couple and The Denim Duo spotted at Tao last night! #twinsies #vegas ???

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“I will say this though: My private life? Stay tuned,” CT told Rolling Stone. “I’m sure you guys are going to get an in-depth look at what my life is like outside the show. You’ll see.”

When the mag asked CT if he is going to appear on another reality TV show, CT replied, “Stay tuned!”

“This is what he is talking about,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “Things are still being finalized so he can’t come right out and talk about the special yet.”

This will be the first time ‘Challenge’ fans will meet Lilianet.

“She has tried to stay out of the ‘Challenge’ limelight,” The Ashley’s source tells her. “That’s because of the whole ‘CT/Diem’ thing and fans feeling so strongly about that. Some have not been very nice to her because they felt that CT belongs with Diem [who passed away in 2014 after a long battle with cancer].”

It was rumored that CT proposed to Diem right before her death in November 2014. However, he never confirmed that this actually happened, and the rumor was disputed in the press.

The Ashley will have more info on this special soon– stay tuned!

(Photo: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Do I wish CT and Diem could’ve ended up together? As a fan of the Challenge, of course. We all saw (part of) their story unfold. But that isn’t a possibility, and since Diem passed all I’ve wanted was for CT to find happiness again. And it seems like he has with this girl and his son. What I think everyone needs to remember is that whether they were together or broken up, Diem always wanted the best for CT and for him to be happy. So I think she’s smiling down on this.

  2. I can’t imagine it’s very easy constantly being compared to a ghost. Yes, Diem and CT were adorable, but it’s been 4 years. Expecting CT to stay single and alone is absurd and being nasty to his new fiancée is insane. CT deserves to move on and Lili deserves to be treated as more than an intruder.

    Congrats to CT and Lili!

  3. Diem was beautiful inside & out.
    I always thought CT was a jerk until i saw him with Diem
    It was so obvious that the love between them was real & i thought CT had changed into a good loving man.

    You cant expect him to never love again.

    There is & will always be a place in his heart for Diem that no one can/will touch but he can still love again.

    Diem would want him to find a good girl.
    No one should compare Lili to Diem they are 2 different people & im sure CT loves them both.

  4. Why are people comparing her to Diem?! Yes, it’s true Diem could be the love of his life but he had to move on…..he had to overcome that tragic moment…..if he marries her, it doesn’t mean he loved Diem any less, it’s just…..she’s gone, I’m sure he still remembers her. (I like to believe the rumors of their engagement were true, he knew she may say goodbye to him soon so he wanted her to be happy those last days of her life)

    I don’t think a lot of people will tune in because of that, Diem and CT wedding would have been a wedding of the century but sadly, that’s not the case. In an alternate world this would have been happening, such a beautiful soul lost WAY too soon.

    Congrats to the happy couple and Chris Jr.!

  5. I used to follow her on Instagram before she made everything private and his fiance had some pretty terrible things to say about him when they broke up in December. She also asked people to stop comparing her to “some dead person” in reference to Diem… still have the screenshots of the posts. In my opinion, he could have done much better.

    1. Would love to see those screenshots! There’s a subreddit for The Challenge if you want to post them there 🙂 /r/MTVChallenge

    2. I did not follow her on Instagram but had a friend who did. I heard about this. Yes I feel the same but at the same time I do want Chris to be happy and I’d never root for a failure of a marriage for him….not saying you are saying that…just my own thoughts. I have to say though, I can’t watch this for the reasons you mentioned in your post, nothing to do with not wanting him to have happiness after Diem and more to do with feeling like another girl would be more suited to him. Having said that, I am a stranger online that Chris and Lilianet do not know and I’m judging this couple without actually knowing them, haha, which maybe I shouldn’t do, but I’m only human and hey that’s my opinion. I can’t help it. I think Chris is great though and if the worst that happens is this marriage doesn’t work out for him, well at least he took the plunge and tried.

    3. I do understand her being hurt by being compared to Diem. I mean that’s not cool, but I didn’t like how harsh she was to Chris at that time. There is a way of having a disagreement in a relationship without being too reactionary. Maybe they have worked through their issues but it seems they have had a very up and down relationship. I do hope for happiness for Chris though. He’s been through a lot.

      1. By accident, I clicked thumbs down on my own post and now for some reason it won’t undo. Geez, lol. Well whoever liked this post, thanks.

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