Farrah Abraham’s Ex-Friend Phoebe Price Accuses Former ‘Teen Mom’ Star of Drug Use, Child Neglect & More In Explosive Instagram Video

“Time to spill the Farrah Tea!”

Farrah Abraham‘s short list of friends recently got a little shorter!

Actress Phoebe Price, who was often seen palling around with the former Teen Mom OG this spring, is apparently no longer friends with Farrah. On Thursday, she took to Instagram Live to reveal what she says went on behind-the-scenes of Farrah’s recent ventures. She also told tales of Farrah’s (alleged) animal abuse, child neglect and partying!

After Farrah accused Phoebe of being “jealous” of her (naturally), Phoebe blasted Farrah on Instagram Live in a series of videos.

“I’m going to tell you the REAL truth of what’s going on about that Farrah Abraham!” Phoebe told her followers. “I’m gonna spill the tea!”

After talking about why Farrah, in her opinion, is still very much the “Backdoor Teen Mom,” Phoebe accused Farrah of being a “hooker who has to go to Dubai.” (Farrah spent part of last month in Dubai.)

“I’m not jealous of you,” Phoebe said. “I can outsell you any day in fashion magazines. All you sell is p0rn…and ya ass!”

@babesintoylandcharity blue should be at every party ?

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In a video made in June following Farrah’s Beverly Hills arrest, Phoebe (who was still friends at Farrah at that point) mentioned that she was worried about her friend because she feels that Farrah may have a problem with drugs and alcohol. In her Instagram Live video on Thursday, Phoebe addressed that topic a bit more.

“She drinks too much, she pops pills too much and she’s a bad mom,” Phoebe added.

Her first topic of discussion was Farrah’s questionable parenting of her nine-year-old daughter, Sophia.

“Farrah Abraham is a bad mom!” Phoebe declared, mentioning an alleged incident she said took place when Farrah brought Sophia with her to the Coachella music festival.

“This lady left her daughter with my mother who had brain cancer. She would leave in the middle of night saying, ‘Oh, I’m going to get water’ and comes back home seven or eight hours later, all f**ked up looking!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Farrah’s mother Debra Danielsen has been concerned about Farrah’s recent actions and parenting choices, as have some ‘Teen Mom’ fans. Phoebe is apparently concerned for Sophia as well.

“Farrah leaves her with babysitters and she tries to get rid of Sophia every chance she gets!” Phoebe declared. “She tries to act for the cameras like she’s a great mom. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sophia got taken away.”

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The redheaded reality star also addressed the recent death of Farrah and Sophia’s dog, Blue. (The dog died under mysterious circumstances and Farrah later took him to be stuffed so he could sit on her mantle. No, seriously.)

“I’m not surprised that dog died!” Phoebe said. “At Coachella, I had to water and walk these dogs because Farrah left them in a basket, not to run around. How would you like to be trapped in a basket for three days?! These dogs were starving for attention! When they barked, she squirted water in their face. Who does that?!”

Phoebe also addressed the fact that Farrah likes to play the victim when she gets called out on something she’s done.

“Everybody’s out to get Farrah!” Phoebe said sarcastically. “Everybody is so jealous of Farrah…Everything that happens in your life is everybody else’s problem!”

Phoebe stated that Farrah isn’t the “top celebrity in our nation” as she thinks.

“You weren’t invited to Oscars, you got in on my ticket at Elton John [AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party],” Phoebe said. “You couldn’t get on the carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, you had to use my designers! But, oh, you are so famous and so powerful, Farrah! Bitch, nobody likes you.

“You told me you had no friends,” Phoebe said. “You accused Simon [Saran] of drugging you for years. You accused your mama of being a whore. You know what bitch, you are a BAD mom. Your child should be taken away because you are not right. You’re bipolar, you have a drug problem and I hope child services steps in to mentally evaluate you because you need help!”

She also brought up Farrah getting booted from ‘Teen Mom OG.’

“Nobody wants to work with you!” Phoebe said. “I was there when MTV let you go! You think you’re so popular and everybody loves you, you need to get a life…

“You keep repeating the same things about everybody!” she added. “Every friend you have leaves your ass because all you want to do is fight, drink, do drugs and run your f**king mouth!”

Farrah addressed her former friend’s brutal accusations against her in an Instagram Live video of her own posted on Friday. (It was full of A+ “Farrah Speak,” naturally!)

“By the way, just keep on the upgrade because I am so done with nasty old friends,” Farrah said, mostly likely in reference to Phoebe. “I’m sad I was so nice to someone so they have to go make crap up to get in the news. They make stuff up in the press about you because they were nobodies to begin with. Amen, praise the Lord, keep Jesus in the forefront!”

She also posted a photo of herself to Instagram on Friday, taking shots at everyone who she doesn’t get along with (i.e. her ‘Teen Mom’ co-stars, Phoebe and her mother Debra).

“Don’t forget to #upgrade – You worked through this week knowing you needed to let some weights go (bad work colleagues, bad friends, not loving family members go… etc) UPGRADE on your Friday it’s more fun that way anyway,” Farrah wrote in the caption.

(The Ashley refuses to post the photo here, though, because it’s gross.)

Farrah also told Radar Online that Phoebe’s accusations are false.

I don’t drink at all,” Farrah told the site. “I’m training two times a day for my boxing match … I’m too busy running companies, working on my shows, films, and being with my child.

“I don’t speak with [Phoebe] anymore, as she is too jealous of my success,” Farrah said. “LA is full of negativity and I haven’t spoken with [Phoebe] since Coachella. She is a horrible person.”

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29 Responses

  1. I’m a little late on this but @TheAshley, can you confirm any of the blind items about Farrah being a Madam (or attempting at least)? It was rumored that it was partly why she was on that middle-eastern vacation for so long. There was another on the AGC blind item site that claimed a “friend” of hers would be coming out with accusations so she could assume her hooker clientele. It seems to all match up a little too well…

  2. This is just two people trying to stay relevant. I think they both have failing careers and need to stay in the news somehow

  3. I have serious questions about anyone that would be friends with the train wreck that is Farrah.

    That said, most of her allegations are I’m sure true, and if so, Sophia should be removed. Maybe for once Deborah is right.

  4. Farrah is nothing but a wannabe.
    But she’s nothing but a loser. How disgusting. Give your child to your mother. And let Lisa Vanderpump come get that precious little pony.

  5. Wow!!
    This is so bad. Farrah Abraham you are disgusting. Let your mother take Sophia before it’s too late. Sophie is already messed up you can see that in her eyes that poor child. What happened to the dog? (The truth) I believe every word your friend said about you.

    And I would love to squirt water in your face.

  6. And where is Starburst while Farrah is galavanting all over the globe to find the 2 men who want to sleep with her? I’m no fan of Farrah, but this so called “friend” who is 46 years old, sounds as thirsty as Farrah, so taking what she says with a grain of salt, of course. Poor Sophia and poor Starburst, they unfortunately don’t stand a chance!

  7. Sophia will wind up pregnant as a teenager, making Farrah a grandmother in her early 30s. Farrah will then try to spin that into their own reality show.

    Seriously though, more than any other child in this franchise, Sophia is screwed (followed by in a close second Kaiser and Ensley). There is not a single adult with her best interests at heart in her life and by pulling her out of school, Farrah has ensured that she won’t even have a teacher that wants the best for her.

    I can see Farrah introducing Sophia to drugs and alcohol at a young age as a way for them to “bond.”

    I don’t care if she acts like a possessed demon, I’d adopt Sophia in a second and try to repair some of the damage Farrah has done. Imagining that little girl’s future is heartbreaking.

  8. Trips to Dubai aside, and being taken by the hand along with Farrah to the signing of Farrah’s Vivid Entertainment “sex tape” deal at the tender age of three, just imagine the things Sophia has seen and experienced in her brief nine-year-old life – that were never even reported.

    Kids need to experience childhood before being introduced into adulthood.

    Sadly, I don’t this was ever the case for Sophia. Who’ll probably reach adulthood with zero memory of what being a normal kid and having friends her OWN age (not her mother’s age or even older) is all about.


  9. Poor Blue…RIP. Farrah used Blue as an accessory just as she does with Sophia. I don’t really know anything about Phoebe Price but tend to believe her every word.

    How could you take your daughter along on your prostitution trips?

  10. I don’t doubt the child and animal abuse/neglect, but if I saw my friend or former friend doing this, I would have contacted CPS and animal control/a shelter asap. I wouldn’t just blast it on social media. How does any of this help Sophia and those animals?

  11. I feel like I need a penicillin shot after reading this. I’ve been saying for years that Farrah talks like she has brain damage, I never figured she was a druggie, but maybe this explains it all. I don’t know if I believe everything that this Phoebe person is saying, but a lot of it rings true, like the part about the dogs at Coachella (which used to be cool, but then: Paris, Lindsay, Farrah…..). As far as taking Sophia away from this moron, I don’t think the way she raises her is grounds for cps to step in, unless these accusations of drug abuse can be substantiated, (don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Farrah should be alone in an empty room without supervision, let alone raising a child). The hammer is going to drop sooner or later as far as Farrah is concerned and it’s not going to turn out well for her at all, if she weren’t such a repugnant human being I would feel some sympathy for her, but she is so I don’t. I just feel sorry for Sophia, but happy for all of us who enjoy snarking on “celebs” because when Sophia “writes” a tell-all in nine or ten years, the stories are going to be EPIC.

  12. You must be pretty bad when a “z list” porn star (Phoebe Price) doesn’t even want to be your friend. And the sad part about Sophia, she knows nothing else…this is her normal. And DCS can hardly get involved because horseface Farrah is too busy galavanting all over the globe to keep her name in lights.

  13. I looked at Phoebe Price’s imdb page and you can tell she wrote her own bio. It’s weird – kinda like Farrah’s “top celebrity in the nation” but with way better grammar.

    That picture of Sophia in a store with the dog in the faux-shopping cart – she looks like a demon. And not just any demon – a demon that is laying a background demon in one of those horror movies that have been coming out.

  14. I don’t even know who this lady is but she couldn’t be more RIGHT! BLAST THE DUMBASS! Appalling how she treats her own child. Like she’s a doll, an accessory. No. SHES A CHILD!

    Although Sofia does frighten me. Like she could be standing next to my bed with a butcher knife while I sleep.

  15. I wonder about friends like her who noticed these things during the friendship and say nothing, but once the friendship ends you speak on it. ??? if you don’t do anything else at least speak up on Sophia’s behalf. My friends and I call each other on our bull? whether we like it or not.

    1. She’ll have to learn to read and write first…or it will be dictated in baby/Farrah-speak for some poor ghostwriter to translate.

  16. Everything she said rings true. I’ve always felt bad for any animal in this whore’s care. Haven’t we all? I’m still worried about the mini horse to this day!

    I like the part where she says she comes back “all fucked up looking.” Didn’t she leave all fucked up looking? LOL.

  17. Didn’t Farrah admit to having a drug problem years ago? I think it took place inbetween 16&P and TM or in early stages of TM. I remember Debra getting Sophia out of Farrah’s room several times in the morning and Farrah would get mad, I also remember her going out at night.

    1. She did to deal with Derek’s death and Instant fame, she admitted that when she was likable and before she hit rock bottom she only admitted to pot and coke nothing else.

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