Jenelle Evans’ Husband David Eason Says It’s Unfair Kail Lowry Is Still On ‘Teen Mom 2’ And He’s Not

“It’s NO FAIR!”

David Eason is angry.

We’ll give you a moment to get over the shock you’re surely feeling after reading that statement…

Jenelle Evans‘ oft-angered husband, David, took to Facebook on Wednesday to express his feelings on the fights that took place during the most-recent ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion taping. (Monday’s episode featured all the Jerry Springer-esque screamin’, fightin’ and hair-pullin’ fun!) 

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, MTV cut all ties with David back in February, after he went on a homophobic Twitter rampage, comparing  members of the LGBTQ community to dogs and stating that they are the way they are due to bad parenting, among other things. After MTV released a statement saying that David was booted from the show, he and Jenelle insisted that David was not fired at all. (The Ashley explained this in detail here.)

In his latest Facebook rant, David called out MTV for allowing Kail Lowry— who, along with Briana and Brittany DeJesus, caused the Reunion fight–to stay on the show, and stated that it’s not fair she didn’t get fired just like he did.

“So Kailyn Lowry is allowed to openly promote violence on set?” David posted on Wednesday. “Then MTV promotes the violence by airing every second that Kailyn screamed that she wanted to hit Brianna so many times! Wow, it’s okay to physically and verbally attack each other on the set with MTV!!! Then if I even disagree with someone’s lifestyle in my private life I’m fired?”


(Of course, his last statement totally contradicts his other statements about not being fired…)

As The Ashley exclusively reported earlier this week, Jenelle is still hoping MTV will reconsider their position on working with David and allow him to film. MTV has not budged on its stance, causing a standoff in contract negotiations to get Jenelle to sign on for Season 9.

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68 Responses

  1. Kailyn didn’t start the fight she was sitting Bre cane on stage acting like a wild woman & then her sister went after Kail her yourfacets straight! Your a dumb ass!

  2. Didnt David constantly threaten to beat up Nathan & say that he will “fill the streets with uppercuts”, take his “talking words as fighting words” as well as other ignorant threats on a regular basis?
    He was never fired, just like Kail wasnt.

    When this ignoramus decided to talk down & belittle a group based on their sexual orientation is when he was fired.

    And i beleive it was the DeJesus sisters that actually got violent by physically pulling Kails hair (Brit snuck up behind her) & Bri started throwing things like a 5 year in a tantrum.

    I mean its not like Kail promoted gun violence by pulling a gun on someone.

  3. By the way David made hateful comments about a large group of people based on their sexual orientation.
    If Kail wanted to fight Bri based on her race, religion, sexual orientation i would say David is right & she should be fired. But Kails hate is based on what Bri did to her.

  4. After watching the crazy behind the scenes episode, and Briana all season, I am pretty sure they only brought her and her family on the show for some drama. I can’t stand watching it anymore knowing how far some of the girls have come and how well they are doing and they decide to make special shows based on this disgusting drama… I would rather watch Chelsea in a museum or Leah and her inspirational thinking all day than this garbage…

    1. He feels entitled because he knocked one up. Same as Javi (although he is MUCH worse than him, as far as I know, Javi never laid a hand on Isaac!)

      Despicable human being and his actions shouldn’t be rewarded. That’s all.

      1. He didn’t knock a teen mom up he knocked up a grown ass mother of 2. She will be 27 this year, all of these women are in their mid to late 20’s. Please stop with the teen mom horseshit MTV!

  5. Uhm it’s not your private life DUDE, if you post it online.

    Anyone else so over the *iNtEnSe DrAmAtIc MuSiC* during the entire last ridiculous episode? I did not need to watch 40 minutes of Kail & Bri screaming over a smirking Javi. (Yet I did…)

    1. Javi starts stuff and then he sits back and watches like, “What did I do?” I wish David and Jenelle would just go away!

    2. Regina, David doesn’t understand human speech. You’re going to have to put that in fighting words.

  6. I find it interesting that Cheyenne can make racist comments about killing all white people & her hatred for white babies,and thats fine, but David said something about gays & he’s burnt at the steak. Im also pretty sure David didnt threaten to kill anyone either. We should all be judged by the same standards.

    1. What David said was disgusting and unacceptable, let’s not downplay it. He also threatened to kill his pregnant ex-girlfriend while he was choking her, so you’re wrong about that too. He’s an awful human being and deserves all the judgement in the world.

    2. It’s about losing sponsors. No other cast member has made sponsors drop out. I’m sure if the fans went in any cast member, making mtv lose sponsors, they would most likely get the boot too

  7. He never belonged on show, get over it already!!! POS homophobic jerk!!!! What are Jenelle and David running out of money, go get a real job loser!!

  8. David and the Dejesus family should have been booted last December when David pulled a knife and Brianna and Brittany were threatening to beat people up backstage. Three lowlife scumbags don’t know how to conduct themselves. Ya, we saw you go limp when you were face to face with Nathan. So insecure in your own masculinity because your wife admitted that Nathan’s penis was bigger and better. lolol You three inbreds introduced violence and weapons (not to mention homophobic slurs about Dr. Drew) to the reunion., but let’s focus on Kail. lol Sit down, Barnacle Boob! Ain’t nobody got anything for you but pointed fingers and laughs.

  9. Well he’s right. Kail has even hit Javi with no police being called or any sort of punishment. I guess it’s not who you know but who you blow.

    I thought David didn’t want to be filmed. Once again lies all lies.

    All about the $$$$. MTV will never call the police no matter what the people on this shit show does.

    1. It was the same way with Amber and her abuse of Gary was much worse than the one time Kail hit Javi. Amber physically and emotionally abused Gary on film, and of course off film, for years and nothing happened to her.

  10. Come now, David. Get over it. Build a bridge, cry over it, die over it. We just don’t have time for it.

  11. Excuse me, but is this the same David Eason who “physically and verbally” attacked a defenseless little 3-year-old boy named Kaiser by balling up his nasty, no good, drugged up fist and punching him in the head? Who also referred to that same little boy as a “whiny little bitch like his daddy”?

    Is he saying a person such as “that” should be off the show?

    I ask this, because even though it happened under different circumstances regarding his outrageous “douchery” — the bottom line is MTV did in fact get it right.

    David Eason …is OFF the show.

  12. They need to cancel the show and give these people a reality check. Real people and especially teen moms do not live high on the horse like these people do, houses cars trips clothes ect… without MTV paycheck they have nothing. Please then I watch the 10 yr reunion and see how they faired.

  13. And for someone who “doesn’t care” he got fired, sure seems to care, A LOT, that he’s been fired….

  14. What is he even talking about? Last I checked, Kail didn’t kick, throw objects, or pull anyone’s hair. That was allllll Briana and Brittany….plus Kail is not a bigot, and didn’t pull a gun on a grown man in front of her kid and proceed to run over his mailbox.

    ….and from I saw, Kail just called Briana out and asked her to do what she kept saying what she was gonna do, but Briana got scared cuz she can’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, and waited to ambush Kail when she knew Brittany was around and protect her. Kails not the problem here….Briana, Brittany, David and Jenelle are the problem.

  15. He’s right that MTV promotes violence. Like when Jenelle pulled a gun on someone and he beat Kaiser. What an asshole!!!

  16. And I hope Nathan wins custody of poor Kaiser… everything is an act with David and we can all see right through him!

  17. Ok this is the proof that he’s definitely delusional… Did he miss the episode where Jenelle pulled a gun with her child a foot away in a car? Come on! I’m seriously wondering what goes through both these idiots brains… oh drugs oops I forgot… if you should be fired for anything it’s definitely drugs or gun violence with a child in your presence. RIDICULOUS

  18. Hey David, Kail’s producers don’t have to worry they’re about to get shot every second they’re with her.

    That’s really why you got fired you bonehead.

  19. David, MTV doesn’t want you on their show. Just accept it and move on! Get back to scraping shit off boats or whatever it is that you do.

  20. Wait. ? Did your wife just follow someone to their house and pull a gun on them? Also, David, remember pop, pop, pop?

    And if this was the case, Jenelle would have been fired ages ago, and you wouldn’t be living on The Land. Probably wouldn’t have given her a second glance.

  21. Another thing…
    It was Briana who caused a scene on set while Brittany attacked Kail like a punk.

    But of course, you’re not gonna mentioned that since your disillusioned wife is actually cool with the Bitter Betties.
    Birds of a damn feather flock together.

  22. Well, by that logic, Briana and Brittany should be fired as well. Briana was the one who came out swinging on stage and threw stuff around while Brittany was the one to actually get physical. Kailyn tried to do it in private, and reacted when Briana came out swinging. But, of course, they are friend with Jenelle, so forget logic, right?

  23. Except she didn’t spew homophobic, racist rants on social media and on air…
    Yes, she expressed wanting to attack Briana…..but she didn’t. Just stop reaching.

  24. Of COURSE he thinks a fight between two/three girls is the same as the systematic dehumanization and violence towards an entire group of disenfranchised people. Of course he does.

    1. I agree with you that he’s off base thinking bigotry and a fight are the same thing. But I do agree with him that the fight (or any fight) should also be a fire-worthy offense. When people act out like Brianna/Brittany/Kailyn did, they endanger the physical well being of the people around them. There’s no excuse.

  25. But wait…I thought Jenelle said David didn’t like being on camera and he CHOSE not to be filmed??????? So why does he care? Hm…

  26. Wait. I thought he “hated filming”? If you hate the job you got fired from, move along dude.

  27. Give it up already David. You cost Mtv sponsors. That’s the main reason why none of these other fools are being fired for being equally awful people. Mtv will never allow David back on the show because of that. For someone that ‘hates being on camera, and hates teen mom,’ he’s sure doing a lot of whining..

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