EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans Has Officially Signed on to Star on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9: Get All the Details!

“OK, fine…I’ll do it.”

After months of negotiating, MTV and Jenelle Evans have finally come to an agreement regarding Jenelle appearing on the ninth season of Teen Mom 2!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that Jenelle has officially signed on to star on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9. The Ashley’s sources tell her Jenelle signed the Season 9 contract late last week.

“Jenelle will likely begin shooting this week. MTV is working out the filming schedule with her right now,” a behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley.

As The Ashley previously reported, Jenelle refused to sign her new contract, mainly because MTV was not allowing her husbandDavid Eason, to film alongside her for the show. After weeks and weeks of Jenelle’s lawyer negotiating with MTV’s legal team, the two sides finally came to an agreement.

Jenelle’s team was demanding that MTV agree to a series of things before Jenelle would sign on. The Ashley does not yet know what the final terms were that both sides to agreed to. (The Ashley will update this when she has more info on that.)

“You guys can’t get rid of me that easily!”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that David will not be filmed.

“They are going to film Jenelle with Barbara [Evans] and do a basic catch-up on what’s been happening in Jenelle’s life since she last filmed,” the source said. “That will be filmed the first couple of days.”

The Ashley can also reveal that a surprise “Guest” will be coming to ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9.

“Since there is a lot of stuff that is off-limits to film, either at Jenelle’s request or because it has to do with David and MTV won’t film him, the producers had to come up with new subjects to include in Jenelle’s story,” the source said. “They are going to be revisiting with Jace’s father Andrew [Lewis] this season,” the source added.

“Not sure if he will actually appear but he has been contacted to be part of Jenelle’s storyline this season.”

“‘Member me?”

As The Ashley previously reported, the show’s producers were keeping former Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee on the back burner, just in case Jenelle did not sign her Season 9 contract.

“They want five stories for each of the ‘Teen Mom’ shows,” a source told The Ashley.

With Jenelle on-board (and Briana DeJesus “unquitting” since the last Reunion taping), that brings the cast count for ‘Teen Mom 2’ to five.

Jenelle’s team is hoping to use Season 9 to improve her image.

“They have plans to show Jenelle working with various charities…” The Ashley’s sources previously told her. “[Jenelle] feels that her poor image has cost her several appearance opportunities, and that it’s not fair that other ‘Teen Mom’ stars are allowed to do ventures with other networks and Jenelle is not.”

The Ashley will update this story when she has more info! Stay tuned!

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  1. She had no choice who will hire a gun toting heroin addic? They need to cancel this show before some one gets hurt, well hit more cause we have had several of them on drugs and porn

  2. I can’t stop MTV from enabling bad behavior, but I can stop watching its,especially after this joke of a season which seemed to be mostly nothing but their shitfest “reunions” with 20-something year-olds acting like trailer park teens. No thanks,I’ll watch Y&P some,but take a pass on the trash queens.

  3. The humor isn’t lost on me that the picture shows Jenelle with a dreamy look. That’s how she looks when she’s dreaming that she’s a good mother, or a charitable person.

  4. Well of course she did. Her work? LURCH work, or allow her to get off of this gravy train? Yeah, right.

  5. Thank the lord she is back. And that Andrew is a straight up gangster. The show just keeps getting better.

  6. Its not fair? Pardon me, now she’s sounding like Farrah. You reap what you sow, so I guess uou got the image you deserve. Im not watching this dumb ass be fake for the cameras.

  7. As much as I hate Jenelle & think dhe should have been dropped…
    Her doing charity work? That is must see TV, i hate to admit i will tune in just to see how fake & desperate she will be. Then all of the stories about how upset David is with her.

    At least she is smart enough to know she wont make another after this MTV show is done.

  8. Freakin called it! McKee gets the the spot snatched from her fingertips yet again… what is this, like the 4th or 5th time?

  9. Hey am I mistaken or weren’t Andrew and David cellmates in prison? That’s why David looked her up when he got out. He saw a way to wiggle in and get money. That should make it interesting maybe Andrew can enlighten her if that’s even possible.

    1. Your mistaken,
      It was her other soulmate Courtland.
      Courtland would talk about how he loved Jenelle & when David got out (before Courtland) he hopped on the Gravy train & started dating Jenelle, what a coincidence (wonder if he told Jenelle)

    1. I’ve got a feeling show won’t last long. He’ll make her quit. I’m sure he’s pissed in general that she signed. I was hoping she’d be gone.

  10. Oh please, all these teen mom heffers cry wolf. Every single one of them sign the contract. They would be a fool to give up the MTV money. They all whine, but yet still do the show. Money talks.

  11. As far as Andrew goes, think about how much Lurch will be HULK levels of angry when Jaces bio dad gets to film but he doesn’t. I’m for it. At least Andrew knows he’s a piece of shit that couldn’t handle it. No one likes a dead beat dad, but nobody likes a WIFE BEATER EITHER HUH DAVID?

  12. Even Andrew is a better parent than her. And he hasn’t even been around. This should be interesting. I look forward to READING the Ashley’s sarcastic as hell recaps, as I will continue not to watch a show that glorifies a lifestyle such as Jenelle’s. You want a real life story of the struggles of motherhood, go out and find REAL moms like me, and most of the level headed and intelligent ladies who comment here. Giving trash like Jenelle a platform when she put Jace’s life in danger chasing after a stranger like a complete moron and leaving her pistol right next to her son is abhorrent. Hope you enjoy those checks MTV. At the cost of ruining so many kids lives all for the sake of scripted “entertainment”.

  13. Jenelle’s one of those people that I wish MTV would over $25,000 every 3 years for an update special. She’s a train wreck and good TV, but this way she doesn’t get a livable salary. Jenelle’s been on Teen Mom for a decade. Everyone knows she’s not charitable! This is what Jenelle is into: her new boyfriend/husband, money, drugs, Kesha, Olive Garden, yelling, the word “dude”, talking crap about her mom, and pretending to enjoy the outdoors.

  14. Charities? Oh please. Let’s not get too crazy here. How about just trying to get her to be a semi-good person instead of an awful one? No one’s going to be fooled by some stupid fake charity storyline involving Jenelle of all people.

  15. After watching the Teen Mom reunion I think Devon is was the much needed comic relief. He’s way more likable and entertaining than Brianna and the coven.

    1. I don’t think Devoin has had many opportunities in his life but I think he may be reasonably intelligent.

  16. So Jenelle all of a sudden wants to be shown doing charitable work? Well, like the old saying goes: “Charity begins at home.”

    Apologize to poor Jace for calling him a liar about pulling a gun — and admit that it was YOU who told a big, bold face lie by saying you didn’t do it.

    As we all know, years of being a well known TV douche takes a LOT of undoing. But needless to say, this’ll be the “best” place to start.

  17. Soooo, Jenelle Evans Eason’s storyline is going to be a lie this season, just like her daily social media platforms. Done with this damn t.v show due to her. MTV is really reaching putting her garbage back on.

  18. For a moment there I thought MTV was going to announce the resurrection of “The Kieffa and the Green Hoodie Show,” but nope. The viewers get more dead airspace of Nelly’s first heroin addicted, sperm donor, husstla, of a soul mate instead. Funny how MTV fired Farrah for her “other ventures” and bad attitude and Rhine for being an addict who makes terrible choices, yet they grovel at the feet of Nelly, the addict, who pulls guns on strangers, places her children’s lives in constant danger, ferociously defends her homophobic-possessive-psycho-abusive husband to fans on air and social media, and has an arrest record longer than all of the other “characters” who appear on this franchise combined.

  19. Am I surprised? No. MTV created the monster that is Jenelle and they’ve probably been protecting her/hiding the really dark shit that is her life for a long time. No idea what she has on them to get any sort of compromise on this new season. She needs them WAY more than MTV needs her. I truly fear that nothing will change until something awful happens that even the producers can’t hide (ex. something happens to the kids OR Jenelle/David really hurt some bystander that “wronged” them).

    I only come to this site to catch up on the drama. MTV messed up by making the teen moms “reality stars” since now you can catch up to their drama months before the show. Plus, the Ashley and her writers make this stuff x1000 more interesting/funny than the show too.

  20. Jenelle could go minister to a leper colony in Calcutta and she’d still be a piece of shit. Besides, what happened to her big breaks on Netflix and Amazon?

  21. What charitable organization is she working with, the NRA?

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Andrew spread his seed again? I thought I saw many years back that he had another kid or two (as the characters from this show tend to do) but couldn’t find anything from googling. Maybe we’ll find out if he’s featured in the upcoming TM2 season… I agree with another poster that it would have been fun to bring Keiffer back – even Courtland seems entertaining.

  22. MTV is always asking the question “how can we go lower?” Apparently Janelle is not enough of a shit show already so they have to bring in the gay father of Jace that never gave a crap about the kid to take the whole thing a notch lower.

    1. At least Andrew more or less knows that he is a piece of crap and hasn’t been in and out of Jace’s life. Andrew has stayed away, which is probably the best thing he could have done…unlike Jenelle, he hasn’t introduced Jace to dozens of pseudo-step parents and pseudo-step-siblings, only for them to abruptly disappear.

  23. No amount of editing can make Jenelle have a positive story line. Jenelle needs to stop trying to be a “Chelsea” and accept being the train wreck that she is that made the show a hit.

      1. Yes but her drug abuse is hers to own, along with her own child neglect/child and animal abuse, and mental illnesses.

    1. They should render TM2 and just move Chelsea to TMOG. She’s the best one on that show. Also waited a long time to date then found a really great man. She proves that waiting and just focusing on Aubrey parts off in finding real love, getting married and then expanding her family.

  24. Of course this “mom” is back, she was planning to go to her back-up career as a thoracic surgeon, but that unfortunately fell through. They literally had to go behind Food City to find this Andrew character, shovel him into the flat bed of a pickup, take him to the Super 8 Motel and but him in an ice bath for two weeks to get him in shape for this sh*tshow. This list of the winners that Jenell has let run through reads like the week long meth-arrest booking list of any town in Florida. I think a while ago they did a dna test on Jace and determined that this Rhoades scholar is his “father”(?), if that’s true Jace lucked out because to me he looks nothing like him. I need to shower now after looking at his photo.

    1. She’s lucky. She doesn’t deserve ANY of the special treatment that she has been getting. Ridiculous decision.

  25. Is anyone shocked? MTV needs their cash cow. Also wouldn’t be surprised if they caved on her demands.

    Bringing Andrew back is ridiculous. I hope he isn’t allowed access to Jace. That poor baby has been through enough without having his deadbeat dad walk back into his life so he can get his 15 minutes.

  26. Jenelle working with charities? Is it court-ordered?

    Was hoping the “surprise guest” would be Keiffer until I read the paragraph about Jace’s father…guess MTV’s refusal to film David left a big, gaping loser hole to fill. ?

  27. I like Jenelle. I think it’s sad that Kahli can act the way she does and it’s ok. Bring David back if 24th e.g. really want it to portray the true life. No it’s all about the drama not what is real.

    1. Last time I checked, Kail doesn’t pull firearms on people or neglect her kids to do drugs. Kail has her issues but there is no comparison.

      1. I’m not at all a fan of Kail, but comparing her and David is like comparing someone who drives slow in the fast lane and Adolf Hitler and say they are both equally terrible human beings.

    2. Sooooooo….
      Bring back a racist, homophobic wack job who potentially abuses his wife’s other two kids on top of gaslighting the fuck outta her. Someone who practically forced her to isolate herself from friends and family. Yeah……bring him back. Yes, Kail is a shit person, she’s not NEARLY as bad as Janelle, David, and the DeJesus crazies. Don’t feed into what Jenelle posts on Instagram….it’s a full blown act.

    3. Real life when you’re an uneducated, jobless, no talent, addict, criminal, abusive SOB in every possible way, and also still a young(er) person pretending to be a parent that likes hopping from soulmate to soulmate(or bed to bed, drug to drug, whatever your poison)…IS drama!

      Jenelle’s life is one giant shit show, one great big real ball o’ real drama.

      Even if you hate Kail (and it’s super obvious who you are, since every single post you make is about how horrible Kail is, regardless of which name you use here or what story you’re commenting on, lmao) there is absolutely ZERO comparison between her and David, or her and Jenelle.

  28. Soooooooo, Delusionelle finally signed ???
    The fact she wants to “improve her image” in season 9 is just comical to say the least. What about the other 8 seasons? Could’ve started improving yourself after 16 & Pregnant. Guess those other “projects” fell through the cracks since that’s probably why she even reconsidered signing. Can’t get rid of that cash cow just yet….still need to fix your sinking castle before you can actually quit ????

  29. Not watching season 9. Cancelled my season pass. Sorry MTV! Sick of this piece of garbage having a platform and feeling important.

    1. Same here. I’ll catch third party synopses before I’ll give MTV viewership ratings. I just locked the channel to make sure nobody in my household watches any more MTV crap.

  30. She should do charity work with domestic voilence groups. Or battered women’s shelters. Or foster children who are abused or have drug addict parents.

    Basically she should volunteer where she can see all the damn red flags in her life.

  31. Her image can never be reversed. Especially if she stays with David. We’ve been watching her make shit decisions since 2010. It’s. Not. Happening,

  32. The charity thing is still so funny to me. The only person that has made Jenelle look bad was Jenelle but she’s too dumb to admit that.

  33. All this money and effort to keep this …. happy and glamorise her even. Something is going on in that house and with those kids and MTV gives in to her demands and helps her look better. She never did a thing for a charitable organisation before.
    This is ridiculous, MTV filmed her pulling a gun, calling Jace a liar etc. and they never gave the police the unedited film.
    MTV/ Viacom is supporting many forms of abuse.
    All Viacom channels have been blocked in my house, I don’t want my kids to see Viacom’s trash and lies.

  34. Duh!!! No surprise she signed. What else was she gonna do?

    Can someone give me the scoop on Javi in his underwear showing his baby maker? Who put it up?

  35. We all knew she would be Jenelle or David don’t want to look for real jobs, he needs to find a job and stop mooching!

  36. Jesus God, Morgan! I was really hoping MTV would just do a Barbara and Nate season and leave JE and UBT completely off of it. Womp womp

  37. LMAO “various charities”! What she gonna do? Teach underprivileged youth how to pull guns on strangers? Do heroin? Neglect responsibility? Get pregnant at 16?

    1. The only thing on Earth that she is qualified to do is to teach folks how to break the law with abandon ALL THE TIME and get away with it; that she has a PHD in.

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