‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans & Husband David Eason Cleared In Child Abuse Investigation: Plus An Exclusive Update On Her Custody Case For Son Kaiser

“Nothing but love where on The Land!”

Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason have been cleared in the criminal child abuse investigation that has been surrounding them for over a month in regard to Jenelle’s son Kaiser.

TMZ broke the news on Wednesday that the Teen Mom 2 star (as well as her banned-from-MTV soulmate) have been cleared by the Columbus County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Office “of any impropriety.”

The investigation against Jenelle and David was launched last month when Kaiser’s father, Nathan Griffith, went to the police over bruises found on Kaiser’s body. Nathan told police that Kaiser frequently left “The Land” with bruises which he believed stemmed from abuse by David.

Early last month, Nathan and his mother Doris Davidson refused to return Kaiser to Jenelle and David after discovering the bruising. This led to a several-days-long stand-off that ended with the cops accompanying Jenelle and David to Doris’ house to fetch the boy and bring him back to The Land.

Since then, multiple agencies have reportedly been looking into Nathan’s abuse claims.

“Social workers from the Dept. of Social Services visited Jenelle’s home late last month and determined there was no abuse,” TMZ reported on Wednesday. “We don’t know how they determined the nature and cause of the bruises.”

“Did ya expect it to turn out any otha way!? Juh-nelle always wins!”

As The Ashley exclusively told you a few weeks ago, Nathan has filed for full custody of Kaiser. In his court paperwork, which was obtained by The Ashley, Nathan requested that David not be allowed around Kaiser, and that Jenelle only be granted visitation with the boy.

The Ashley can reveal that, on their scheduled court date on August 6, the case was continued, due to the fact that Nathan’s mom Doris came to court with him.

“It was only supposed to be Nathan and Jenelle, no one else, so it got continued until the end of August,” a source tells The Ashley.

It is unlikely, though, that the hearing will be filmed for ‘Teen Mom 2,’ The Ashley’s sources tell her. Although Jenelle recently signed on for the show’s ninth season (and had her first filming session today), she will no longer allow MTV to follow her court cases for the show.

Nathan has yet to speak publicly about Jenelle and David being cleared in the child abuse investigation. However, David’s mom, Mary Jo Eason, did comment on the abuse claims in a new interview with The Hollywood Gossip.

“My son does not beat Jenelle or boss her around!” she said. “He doesn’t beat the children!”

(Photos: MTV)


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  1. The next time they leave town, somebody needs to set up some hidden cameras inside and out and see what’s really going on.

  2. I don’t understand how Amber could go to jail when abuse happened with MTV, Leah lost her kids for a time when there was suspicion of substance abuse but then you’ve got David and Jenelle, both have been to jail, multiple mugshots, both of done drugs in fact Jenelle was shown high on both weed and heroin and us viewers watch emotional and physical abuse at their home but no amount of CPS or Police intervention when multiple people are voicing concerns is both confusing and alarming.

    1. Good point. I heard that Ensley was born with drugs in her system. How was Janelle allowed to keep her and take her home. Makes no sense.

    2. That’s because CPS is a joke, unless the abuse actually slaps them in the face they never see it! How many kids have been found dead only to come to find out that CPS had not found any abuse?

  3. Women who are severely abused will say and do anything to protect their abuser out of fear from further abuse. I do believe there is abuse, but she’s obviously a very convincing liar to the authorities.

    1. Jenelle is as much of an abusive POS as David is. While I have no doubt that both of them take their anger out on each other, and obviously we have seen them doing such, Jenelle is not some abused spouse. She is as guilty of every single thing David does, as he is. They are BOTH abusive towards those children, and pretty much anyone else they come in contact with that dares to do something they don’t like. She’s not “saying and doing anything to protect the abuser out of fear”. She IS an abuser herself!

  4. Are they just going to wait for something to happen with one of the many firearms the children clearly have access to?

    These people (as captured by MTV) are acting more and more unstable, add in loaded weapons and this situation is only going to have a tragic ending.

  5. This is just like the case of the little girl in the closet, but I don’t think Kaiser will be so lucky. Y’all may or may not remember that one. She was found in the closet at 8 years old, and was the size of a two year old. She had been taken out of that home, and placed elsewhere, but then given back to the original parents. Over the years, they starved and sexually abused her. she’s grown now, but still has a ton of stuff to deal with for the rest of her life.

    1. I’m sorry. What I meant was that I don’t think Kaiser will get out alive like that little girl did. “Lucky” was a poor choice of words, and I truly apologize.

  6. Jesus, What’s is going to take to prove these two idiots are unfit to be parents. WTF is wrong with the system. Their luck WILL run out,hopefully soon.

      1. I don’t think they can use ANY of the footage of MTV because it clearly states it’s edited. Therefore wouldn’t be allowed. Not sure the law in NC about video recording someone without their knowledge either or I would hope someone would somehow get it video taped of them doing something because you can’t convince me there is not abuse going on in that home.

        1. Their state does not allow the use of footage by an interested party during court hearings for specific kinds of cases. It’s case type situational typically, such as divorce and small claims along with some minor criminal cases. Occasionally it’s all inclusive, meaning any case whatsoever, depending on the footage, and the “alleged crime(s) committed”. That said, NONE of the footage can be considered them being taped without their consent or knowledge. They consent to any and all taping at any and all times, barring some very specific things that cannot be taped(for obvious reasons, ie, legality, like them screwing, in the shower, etc..).

          That said, there is actually nothing in the books that would prevent the state from overruling, and allowing certain video evidence in when the case warrants it. A case involving child abuse is, without a shadow of a doubt, one type of case wherein video evidence will speak volumes. It does not have to BE the edited versions either(and the unedited versions are far worse than just what we see on tv, considering there are hours and hours of video that never sees the light of day). The real problem, is that this particular state doesn’t give two shits whatsoever. Parents, or parental figures, have more rights than children in this state. Few judges will ever side with the victim when the victim is a minor. More times than not, the courts will side with the abuser, the parental figure, claiming “it is in the best interest of all involved parties”. It’s pathetic, disgusting, and so very unbalanced. There are a few states that are just as bad, most have since employed common sense and a modicum of intelligence.

  7. If we can’t follow her court cases, then what is Jenelle’s storyline going to be? That’s like 90% of her life.

    1. You’re right, and I can’t believe that MTV allowed Janelle to strong arm them into not allowing filming of her legal troubles. That’s all Janelle has, is legal troubles. MTV should just dump this show and their “stars” since it’s only filming what their “talent” wants them to show. How embarrassing.

  8. I’ve never wanted children but I would adopt Kaiser is a heartbeat I can’t believe no one is protecting him David is obviously abusing him because he looks like Nathan.

  9. Jenelle showed us what she was like as a mother with Jace. So as the saying goes people show you who they are the first time you see them. So….

  10. I think you have a typo on the caption for the photo. I think you meant “here” instead of “where”. Just an FYI.

  11. I have a suggestion – maybe we as viewers should look at or consider that we are being played with some of what is shown on tv? Like it could very well be exaggerated or made up ? Obviously some of it is not cause of the legal problems she has had but ….. It is not likely that the people investigating her have never seen or heard about Jenelle or her problems so you know they have to look at them a bit closer when there. They are not going to let abuse continue with the risk of a bad outcome as they will lose their job and it will look very bad for CPS – they don’t want that heat.
    Its easy for us to judge on what we see but really how much do we really see? Like it or not editing goes the way they want.(producers)
    Let’s see how the custody case goes – CPS will lean to keep the family intact – a judge not so much if there is proof of abuse . So we shall see how that goes.
    Go ahead call me Jenelle and down vote – just trying to make some of you think logically rather than saying all of the legal system and child protective services are wrong here.

    1. While I agree that we should look at everything critically, it is known that CPS (especially in her state) will only take kids away in the worst situations. As long as they’re fed and have a bed, it’s fine.

      We saw what happened on TV, and yes, things might be edited, but no editing can make David look worse than he is (his whole social media presence proves that). Obviously we will never know 100% what goes on, but in this case, I think we’re right to suspect there’s abuse going on. And I don’t see why we should give these people benefit of the doubt.

      I hope this makes sense! English isn’t my first language.

      1. Your written English is better than most native speakers, so no need for the disclaimer at all! I think I’ve seen you comment on other posts saying the same, and I truly would never have questioned your English.

    2. As the mother of a child who was abused for years, I call bullshit on your entire post. Yes CPS will, absolutely, allow a child to remain with an abusive parental figure for as long as possible in many places all over this country. CPS doesn’t care about “the heat”, nor are most agents/workers in these organizations that are sub par, at best, worried about losing their jobs. If they do as shitty a job as the next worker and tow the line, there’s no issue.
      Do you really need to see more to know these POS people are abusive? Really? Are you that blind that you can’t see it? The footage we do see on tv pales in comparison to what is being filmed, it’s tame. They are editing the clips to not look as bad, they are not editing them to LOOK bad.

      I do think logically, as someone that has watched countless agencies, countless organizations and countless government entities(ie, courts) dismiss child abuse for years and years, making excuses for those committing the abuse all under the guise of “best interest of all involved parties”. There IS no best interest of all involved parties, only the best interest of the CHILD. And THAT is where these agencies, the justice system, and other government entities are getting things all completely backasswards.

      No, just…no. There is no “logical explanation” for this decision. None whatsoever. The only proof of that I need is to look in the eyes of my child when a bad day crops up and all the old feelings, the old abuse, the old turmoil, the old everything creeps back in. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. I won’t call you Jenelle, as I’m certain you’re not, but you’re still making piss poor excuses for a system that is NOT working, and for the abusers. There’s nothing logical in that, at all. Watch the system from the other side sometime, being helpless, unable to do something as simple as removing a child from an abusive situation. Watch it go on for years, causing irreparable damage…you’ll change your tune right quick.

      1. Okay I was not going to reply but this last comment really got to me. So here it goes-

        I would like to ask why your child was abused for years ? I can tell from your post that you have a problem with the legal system etc that is in place to protect children by your accusations of them failing to do so time and time again. Again I am left wondering why you did not protect your child yourself and had to watch helplessly while the system failed?

        I too married an abuser and stayed with said abuser for years until I had a child. Then once I realized that my child might get abused – I left before it started. Then I did not divorce said abuser until child turned 18yrs old avoiding court ordered visits along with child support unfortunately. But well worth it as I was able to control how much my son was exposed to by his father.

        Next I had a sister that was on a popular reality tv show a few years ago. I can promise you a lot of the “drama” seen on these shows is scripted and or producer driven. They do edit the way they want which is generally NOT going to make all the cast look good as this doesn’t attract viewers and ratings. Like I already said we know with Jenelle that some of what we see is factual as her many legal issues through the years have confirmed.
        But to say that there is more that we don’t see that is worse than what we do is like saying they have a a magic wizard that keeps them out of legal trouble that they got on vacation.

        My point is that is ridiculous and reckless, and as pretend as fantasy island. Why even watch when you can just make up whatever negative scenario up in your mind? But then I remember that from your post it is clear that you have had some sort of negative experience with “the system” and its failure to protect your child and so you are emotionally unable to think logically about this topic- I am sorry for your discomfort and bad experience.

        1. My child was abused at the hands of the biological parents. My child is adopted, but is still, very much MY child.

          There is no need to make up a negative scenario, we have seen them play out. There is no editing when David is screaming at that child. There is no editing when he was calling him a little bitch. There was no editing when he grabbed him and yanked him around. There was no editing when Jenelle pulled out a weapon with Jace in the car. There was no editing when they punched walls. There was no editing when drug use was going on. There was no editing for…need I go on? So, yes, we know there is worse going on that we don’t see, because it doesn’t air. That’s not a ridiculous assumption to make.

          I have seen countless negative experiences with the system, and I have seen many positive experiences with the system. Those positive experiences do NOT negate the negative ones. Trying to pretend they do, because your experience went well, is ridiculous(especially since your own experience has nothing at all to do with the CPS system), and piss poor judgment on your part. I do think logically, and I know for a fact that the state they are in does NOT think in the best interests of the children involved in these cases. The system in many other states, is just as bad. They will, without a doubt, in many cases(this is proven fact, do your own research) side with the parental figure whenever possible-and in many cases when they should not. Countless “parents” are given second, third, seventh and more chances, and the only ones to suffer, are the children. Hell you can look to the media to find evidence of just that. Or, you can do some actual research.

          I am an advocate for families, but most importantly, for children. I have helped parents get sober and retain custody of their children so they can build better lives. I have had to aid int he removal of children that knew nothing better so had no desire to be removed. I have seen the system from both sides, in more than a few different states. I think you might be surprised at just how much they get WRONG. I, along with many that do what I do, have been working for years to change the system, from the inside out. We have been successful in some places, but not successful(yet) in most.

          Yes, I do get emotional about it, and not just because my own child was a victim of the system, but because I have literally watched thousands upon thousands of children fall victim to an ineffective, piss poor, broken, system. I have fostered children that have been put through the wringer. I have also, now adopted two. One of whom was not abused, but still suffered in ways difficult to explain. The other, however, had been abused, in ways I won’t explain. The system did a fantastic job of making things worse, for years. We’re slowly mending those broken bits.

          This isn’t one of the typical TM franchise mama drama that can actually be kinda funny to discuss. This is something that’s actually very serious that can, and will, have lifelong repercussions for the children. Emotion and logic are necessary to invoke change in the system, I can assure you of that.

  12. David’s mother is probably afraid of her own son & was probably forced by the asshole to say those things ! We all saw how she exaggerated the drop off with Nathan into acting like he attached her! Drama drama drama!

  13. Anyone can act like a parent when they know someone is watching! They knew they were being investigated of course they were on best behavior!

  14. I’m not surprised…shes gotten away with assaults, possession of drugs, threatening civilians with firearms, among many other things…At this point I believe that she would get away with murder. Shes never going to be held accountable for anything, except for losing custody of Jace…That’s why shes so adamant on getting him back…shes not use to not getting her way. Shes an entitled brat, and so many people enable it. Oh and that husband will always be a POS.

  15. In investigations like this the TRUTH is always found in the abused child’s own words. As it is very seldom that kids lie about being abused to this extent. That, along with the verbal abuse of cussing and snatching the child’s arm like a rag doll, while not allowing the child to use the bathroom — but daring him to soil his clothes as the alternative. All of which viewers SAW for themselves on camera.

    So to hell with this so-called investigation. One that Jenelle most likely used her instant fake crying b.s. to win the sympathy of the investigators on how everybody’s jealous of her “extreme” happiness with David and picking on them for not being good parents.

    I choose to believe what Kaiser actually TOLD Nathan and Doris.

  16. The kicker is that you know she doesn’t even want Kaiser there. He’s a pawn in her battle against Nathan. She sent him off to daycare while the rest of them went boating. He’s also a pawn in her perfect family charade, parading him out for IG posts about how great a mom she is. Poor kid.

  17. It’s amazing how she gets away with just about everything. It is obvious that something is very wrong on The Land. Sadly, it looks like nothing will be done until one of those kids ends up seriously injured or dead. Nathan has an uphill battle for sure. Also, wtf with the court not allowing his mom in the courthouse (she could have waited in the hallway…)? I have never heard of such a thing.

    And, f*ck MTV for agreeing to not follow Jenelle’s custody cases. This just feeds into her delusional that she and UBT are great parents and they have a happy family.

  18. This doesn’t mean anything. Sadly abusers are good at hiding the abuse. There are THOUSANDS of abuse cases that get cleared and slip through the cracks. I personally know victims that this has happened to. The agency would come and the abuser would put on a show…. perfect clean house, food in fridge, be polite and willing to communicate, and the famous line “kids play hard and get hurt…” etc. they will do anything to evade getting caught!

  19. After her gig at Teen Mom ends, Jenelle should get a job as a soldier of fortune because nothing ever sticks.

  20. Continued because Nathan’s mom came to court? I’ve never heard of anything like this in my life. WTH!!!

  21. When I lived in the same town as Jenelle people told me that the state doesn’t really care about kids like they should. People told me that sadly Jenelle and David will probably never lose custody unless something dangerous happens.

    1. Well they sure opened an 8 month long investigation on me over some stupid crap I lived in Charlotte but I can definitely say that they investigate the wrong people/situations. Ridiculous NC glad I moved out of state….

  22. I worked with a neglected child who was feral: he was unable to connect with anyone and completely nonverbal. He would drink from the toilet and he came in (more than once) covered in feces. It was smeared on his hands, face, back, and belly. He was Always filthy, thirsty, and hungry. His parents admitted to stacking baby gates on top of each other in his bedroom doorway to create a cage for him. CPS investigated and decided that his parents were good enough. He was not found to be neglected or abused. CPS’ standards are shockingly below the average mom’s idea of a crappy parent. CPS looks at basic abuse and is like, ‘this is a pretty good life for a kid. He can eat & drink whenever he’s at school, so the parents are cleared!’ It’s heart-breaking to think of how many kids are suffering every day in this country.

  23. I don’t think people understand how bad it has to be to take kids out of a house. Group homes and Foster homes are nightmares. Jenelle and David are abusive assholes but the house is cleanish, the kids are fed, and they don’t have broken bones. Sadly that’s all it takes.

    1. Neighbor openly smoked crack right outside with 3 kids. Had her 9 year old running drugs for her. Cps said they had clothes, food, beds and went to school. There was no “proof” of drugs. Case closed. I shit you not

    2. Ru kidding they would be better off with their grabdmas look what jennel did to Jace basically calling him a liar about the gun. Lurch takes out his anger on Kaiser. Hits him till he’s bruised .

    3. I think it depends on where you live, and NC for sure is backasswards. My daughter’s father left bruises on our daughter & CPS stepped in immediately. He was court-ordered to only see her in the presence of the social worker. I will admit that for years I knew he was verbally and emotionally abusing her but it’s hard to prove those things. The very first time there was any evidence of physical abuse, he was banned from seeing her alone — and his brother was a high-profile attorney in our area who was well known in the Family Courts. I think the court system in the state of North Carolina, including CPS & law enforcement, are very lazy. They don’t want to be bothered. That was proven when the sheriff’s deputy tucked his tail between his legs & ran like a little bitch when David slammed the door on him.

    4. The kids in this situation have access to loaded weapons.

      MTV showed that this idiot can’t even follow the most basic rules of concealed carry and wrongfully pulled her weapon on someone…with her child next to her.

      That should have been enough.

      An unstable situation with loaded weapons will only have one outcome and it will be a tragedy.

      I’ve lived it.

  24. This means nothing!!! I’ve worked with at risk youth and victims of abuse you have no idea how many cases fall through the cracks. CPS is a joke!!! They have failed so many victims!!! I’ve seen cases in which CPS returns children to their abusers and those children end up dead.

    1. Yes Jill look at the recent case in Cleveland Ohio! Crazy! She was treading her cps worker food stamps and a child ended up dead….

  25. Sigh – perhaps the gun / road rage incident wasn’t admissible in court, but come on – obviously not all is right at the land.

  26. I would love to know how these two and their house of horrors keeps getting cleared. They must either put on a great show for dcfs or North Carolina is under staffed and slacking. I mean I’ve seen an episode of SVU where the mom got cleared multiple times meanwhile her kid was in a cage sooo it can probably happen ??‍♀️.

    1. Agree..That’s all that can be said at this point. I’m tired of reading how she gets away with Everything and will never learn a Hard lesson. F*** her, F***David, F*** MTv, F*** CPS and F*** the courts. Seriously, Jenelle F*** you. We all know you read the comments.

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