‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans Defends Her Husband David Eason’s Negative Views of the LGBTQ Community: Says He Was Raised to Dislike “Those People”

“It’s not his fault!”

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans says her husband David Eason can’t help that he has negative feelings about the LGBTQ community because he was raised to dislike “those people!”

During an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky that aired during the Season 8 Reunion special, Jenelle discussed the David’s homophobic Twitter rampage from February, which ended up getting him booted from ‘Teen Mom 2.’ (Shortly after David tweeted hateful things about the LGBTQ community, MTV released a statement letting fans know that the network was “ending our relationship with him.”)

“It’s been the way he was raised,” Jenelle explained.

When Dr. Drew brought up the point that people can change their thoughts on something, even if they were raised a certain way, Jenelle got defensive.

“His kids didn’t hear him say that!” she said. “He typed it.”

Besides, Jenelle said, “He doesn’t run around the house saying, ‘I hate gay people!’”

“Salt & Sea. You & Me.” ?? #Hubby

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Earlier in the interview, Jenelle stated that David’s views on the LGBTQ community have not changed.

“He still feels the way he feels. He thinks he shouldn’t have said it the way he did. But he still stands by his views. He deleted [his tweets] right afterwards, he said he was sorry, and he still hasn’t been on Twitter,” she said.

In the days following David’s Twitter rant, Jenelle attempted to explain away what David said.

“David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works,” Jenelle told TMZ in February. “Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on.”

Jenelle told Dr. Drew that David could have continued to spew hateful things about the LGBTQ community online, but he didn’t!

“He can still go online right now and rant all he wants,” Jenelle said. “He still doesn’t.”

“Well Juh-nelle, that’s not somethin’ ya really should be braggin’ about!”

When Dr. Drew asked Jenelle if she thinks David will ever change his hateful views on the LGBTQ community, Jenelle implied that it’s unlikely.

“He doesn’t hate those people!” Jenelle protested.

For once, Dr. Drew was not letting Jenelle off the hook.

“Then why does he spew hate?” Dr. Drew asked.

“No, he just says he doesn’t want his kids to grow up and be that way!” Jenelle responded, before busting out what may be the most ridiculous analogy ever to roll out of her mouth.

“It’s just like when you don’t want your kid to grow up and be, like, a doctor,” she said. “’I don’t want you to be doctor, I want you to be in the military.’ Some dads are just like that.”

You know…same/same…

Everyone’s face while listening to Jenelle’s “doctor” analogy…

Dr. Drew then asked Jenelle how David would feel if one of their children came out to him as gay.

“He said that, you know, he’ll still love them, still adore them but he just wouldn’t support, wouldn’t agree with their lifestyle,” Jenelle said.

Adventures with the ENTIRE family. ??? #TribeVibes

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Jenelle added that she “didn’t think” that David would use hurtful language toward his own kid if they came out as gay. (As you may remember, David compared gay people to flea-covered dogs, claimed that homosexuals—- or “homos” as David referred to them during his Twitter rant—- are “abominations” and the product of bad parenting, among other things.)

Jenelle told Dr. Drew that she has told David to shut his trap on the subject, at least publicly.

“We’ve discussed it,” Jenelle said. “I said, ‘You know you don’t need to be as outspoken.”

After his firing, David insisted that he wasn’t actually fired (read all about that here), even though he has been using contradicting statements in his online rants ever since.

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle has finally signed on to star on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Season 9, which is currently filming, but David will not be filmed and is not allowed to be on-set during filming. He is also not allowed to attend any tapings or reunions with Jenelle.

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56 Responses

  1. I’m currently pregnant with a baby that’s probably never going to be born (super low heartbeat/ not growing) so it just pisses me off that these two morons have just been handed 5 children.

    I used to believe in karma but I’m pretty sure the world just sucks. The least deserving get everything and good people get screwed (not that I think I’m a good person but I’m 10000x better as a mom)

  2. He looks like the Geico Caveman.

    Also, they have 5 kids between them. (7 if you include Jenelle’s poor little abortions), that’s 5-7 too many for these two. Gods, I hope they’re done.

  3. I know I shouldn’t expect journalistic integrity on a site like this, but it’s still frustrating to read a headline that is a deliberate lie.

    It sounds like David was raised with Christian beliefs. So let’s call it what it is. He was fired because he expressed his unpopular religious beliefs. It’s like mtv thought no one would notice the blatant religious discrimination because no one likes David. Ah it appears there were right.

    He never said he didn’t like them. And Jenelle went to great lengths to express that he has no hate toward them. He doesn’t agree with/support that lifestyle based on his religious beliefs/upbrining and hopes to raise his kids so that they won’t choose that lifestyle either. Agree or not, that’s his prerogative. And there’s nothing hateful or fearful about it.

    1. As a Christian, I find the implication that David is a Christian very offensive. It is very clear that neither of them are Christians at all. I don’t even know if they know what a church looks like, let alone if they’ve ever been in one.

      1. I don’t know. They seemed to dance around it and never actually said he was raised in a Christian home, but being Christian is not really popular right now and they get a lot of hate as it is, so maybe that’s why. Or maybe he was raised in a Christian home and picked up some of the values but not others. It’s all speculation.

        1. Try being a Christian republican . We pretty much just keep quiet cause the news has painted us as these awful hate filled people

    2. It’s not a “lifestyle choice” it’s the way someone is born. Unless you chose to be heterosexual.

      Don’t try to justify blantent hatred by crying religious beliefs. At least own up to your prejudice, narrow-mindedness and homophobia.

      1. That’s a separate debate. The point is that -he- believes it’s a choice and intends to raise his kids to choose differently. That doesn’t mean he hates anyone.

    3. Yeah….because being called an abomination make people from that community feel so warm and fuzzy inside. He’s a Christian…that’s fine, but he’s just like every other condescending, hypocritical Christian who likes to cherry scenarios that are against God.

  4. I was pleasantly surprised that Dr Drew asked about her calling Jace a liar.
    She bragged about having cameras everywhere but she called Jace a liar on camera because she didnt want to get in trouble with the cops if they found out. Why would you get in trouble? Obviously she knows she was wrong if she was worried about getting in trouble.
    Jenelle logic is just an entertaining mystery

  5. Wait- so David is too Christian to accept gays but apparently not too Christian to choke his pregnant ex girlfriend?

  6. Look, Jenelle, I was raised in a religious household. I heard that kind of sh*t every Sunday in church! But I don’t spew hate towards gay people because I have A MIND OF MY OWN! I didn’t let what my religion says, define my views. I am all for separation of state and church. One thing is you were born thinking like that…….another is having brain and know what they say is wrong (and judgmental). I guess David can’t think on his own. (which makes sense because he isn’t the smartest)

    1. This has nothing AT ALL to do with religion. Do you really think these two assholes have EVER gone and sat up in the church-house on Sunday? This is hatred and ignorance hiding behind the banner of religion so a certain segment of society can say that it’s the liberals that are attacking them for their conservative beliefs. Here’s what these two garbage-bags are about: multiple assault charges, multiple baby-daddies, multiple baby-mommas, multiple soulmate, multiple abortions, multiple arrests, multiple mug shots, multiple assault charges, cursing out your parents, cursing out your soulmates parent, cursing in front of the children, general douche-baggery. I don’t think they are going to get invited to the church picnic anytime soon.

  7. So if he was raised that way what’s his mom and sisters gonna say? Are they gonna say yeah it’s true or their gonna call jenelle and david liars. She didn’t think this all the way through. She gonna alienate the rest of his family from them?

  8. I think what David said was disgusting and Jenelle trying to justify it almost makes me more angry. Although, I think MTV firing him over this was a bit ridiculous. I don’t understand how child abuse, drug use and violence can happen over and over on this show from multiple cast members over the years and yet, it was a twitter rant that got somebody fired. Farrah wasn’t even fired. She was given an ultimatum.

    Like I said, what David said was very wrong. I’m not saying it wasn’t. But they are just words from an ignorant a-hole. To me, I think actions speak louder than words. His actions at the reunions and his actions towards Kaiser are much more serious to me.

    1. David was also given an ultimatum. He was asked to apologize and if he had issued an apology, they would have kept filming.

      1. Oh, I didn’t know that. I thought they just fired him because they released the statement they were “cutting ties with him” so soon after he posted it.

    2. I agree with your point and will take it one further. I would rather see David filmed so the public – and, more importantly, authorities – can see exactly what is going on in that house. As it is now, he can do whatever he wants to Jenelle and the kids now because there is no one to monitor the situation.

  9. The fact this twit thinks its ok that her POS husband wouldn’t accept her kid if they came out as gay is disgusting. Shows how pathetic and pitiful that girl is. To look past something like that shows that she will always pick the loser soul mate over her flesh and blood. There is no way in hell her “team” is going to be able to improve her image. She’s too big of an asshole.

    1. You don’t have to accept your childs lifestyle just because they’re your child. Like I wouldn’t accept if my child told me that they want surgery to switch genders or that they want to join the porn industry.

  10. I want a recap of the whole reunion segment! She is such an idiotic, vile human being! In today’s society whether or not we agree with the LGBTQ lifestyle it is ALL around us, making and supporting ignorant comments isn’t wise or warranted. Ihave no doubt that if one of their children were gay/bi they would be verbally, emotionally, and probably physically assault we by Lurch. On a side note who else LOL’d at her scripted reply to Dr. Drew when he called her out for accusing poor Jace of lying about the gun pulling incident? Say what you want Trashelle but you gave ZERO f*cks about Jace when you followed a stranger home and pulled a weapon. CPS should take all those kids immediately, girl is delusional!

  11. I didn’t see the show so I don’t know if Jenelle was high here, but my goodness, she’s approaching Farrah-level stupid with this interview. I give it another year until she claims David made her say all this (which is probably true) and she’s proclaiming how happy she and her new soulmate are.

    1. I’m ashamed to say that I did watch it. She sounded like an absolute moron. She kept trying to justify David’s behavior.

  12. Oh and there’s a video posted on teen mom mama drama of HER saying she wished some one died in war. I’m assuming it was nathan. But she’s screaming and david egged it on. Both are trash.

    1. No, she was screaming at Nathan’s brother & wishing he died in combat. Not Nathan. And David wasn’t even around back then… In fact, he was probably still in prison at that time. That video was recorded in St Thomas, the night Nathan proposed to Jenelle. He even asked her for the ring back after that fight, it ultimately let her keep it in the end. I have the article that the Ashley wrote about it, posted on my Twitter feed if you want to read about it properly.

  13. wait. wait. so its ok for his wife to be a former drug addict, multiple engagements with different men, multiple kids with multiple men one of which doesn’t have custody,has nude photos of his wife online AND of his wife making out with her female best friend but gay people are an abomination? ok cool.

    1. So infuriating. His wife is the definition of a heathen and he’s going to pretend he has good morals? Not to mention his own arrest record and the fact he has kids with multiple women! Cherry picking Christians, the best kind ? oh and wasn’t Jenelle an atheist way back when? ???‍♀️

  14. His WIFE is “one of those people”. He’s a classic misogynist, it was a turn on when his wife was munching Tori’s box but let one of his sons come out as gay and he’s not going to support them? How can you love someone who says they won’t even support their OWN CHILDREN bc of who they love?! I’m amazed Dr. Drew didn’t rip her a new one and disgusted that he didn’t.

    1. I thought I was the only one who suspected her and Tori boned! ??
      But then again, David probably think it’s ok for women to have with each other, but not men.

  15. Stop saying “those people”. It’s rude.
    Just say He was raised hillbilly trailer trash.
    That’s more proper and fitting.

  16. Just keep digging that hole Jenelle.
    You see “having a man” as a girl’s ultimate worth. You value it over your own children and your career. And because of it you’re going to lose all three.
    News flash: you don’t need a man to live, but you do need a job—but you have made yourself completely unemployable outside of trashy reality TV.

    1. That’s fine with Jenelle becuase if it wasn’t for MTV Jenelle would have never been an employable adult ever. She was well on her way to being a profession criminal junkie. At least now when she collect SSI she will have actually contributed to her drawing.

      1. You’re selling her short. When MTV leaves so will David, she’ll lose the swamp and she’ll be living in a delapidated trailer with her brother selling drugs in no time. Kai will be with Doris and Ensley will be with David’s Mom.
        All because she is too good to be single. She is never wrong, never makes mistakes, and never lies.

  17. It amazes me how she refuses to hold this piece of shit accountable for his actions. Since she constantly morphs into the idiots she dates…..it won’t be too long before she spews the same shit.

  18. She is a huge ignorant Stupid Ass and can go F**** herself. I can’t with her and the sh** she gets away with. Everyone just needs to say F*** Jenelle/David.

    1. That’s true, but those rights also mean your employer has the right to fire you for publicly spewing hate. It’s funny how all these “free speechers” think they’re bad*sses when they’re ranting on twitter but turn into enormous cry babies the moment they face consequences for their actions. Was it worth it David?

    2. No one’s expecting him to, but he should also show a certain level of respect towards people. Especially when he worked for a network who supports the LBGT community. He knew what the hell he was getting himself into when he signed that contract. There’s a difference between respectfully not being into one’s lifestyle than being a complete cunt.

    1. You need to scan your system, you clearly have malware, if not a full on virus if you’re experiencing multiple redirects.

      Unless, of course, what you actually mean is you have to click on more than one thing to get to a story and/or comment-which is not a redirect, but a function.

      I’m guessing you don’t actually know what a redirect is 😉

      1. I’m sorry but why be a cunt? It was constantly redirecting me and this is not the first complaint I’ve seen about the site. So yeah. And funny now, how after I said something, it’s not happening anymore ? so fuck off and don’t be a negative bitch

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