Bristol Palin Shuts Down Accusations of Homophobia on ‘Teen Mom OG’ Special

“Let me tell you guys what REALLY happened!”

After a controversial clip from her 2012 reality show resurfaced recently, Teen Mom OG newcomer Bristol Palin is shutting down the rumors that she’s homophobic and blaming anything insinuating otherwise on a case of bad editing. 

“I’m not homophobic. I’m not racist,” Bristol said on Monday’s ‘Teen Mom OG’ “Meet the Moms” special, during which she addressed the clip that sparked the less-than favorable claims about her.

The clip that reignited the homophobic allegations against Bristol came from an episode of her previous reality show– Lifetime’s Life’s a Tripp– which documented her life as a single mom to son Tripp, now 9. 

During a particular episode of the show, Bristol and her sister Willow are attempting to settle down a then-toddler Tripp after a long day of traveling when Tripp appears to use profanity (specifically the “F-word,” which Bristol then laughs about.

However, during Monday’s special, Bristol explains to her sister Piper that someone had posted a version of the clip online with their own subtitles edited in, making it appear that Tripp had used a homophobic slur (that also starts with an “F”). With the incorrect subtitle added in, it made it look like Bristol was laughing at her son using a homophobic slur.

Bristol says that this incident caused many to accuse her of being homophobic.

Bristol attempted to clear the air (and her name) during this week’s MTV special by showing the network’s subtitled un-edited version of the controversial clip, which revealed that Tripp had used a much less offensive F-word. 

Tripp’s toddler tantrum, featuring the real subtitles.

“It doesn’t make it OK that he said a cuss word, but there’s a big difference between saying a cuss word and going after individuals,” Bristol tells her sister.

“Literally, I’m just pissed about it. I don’t care what people say about me but I do care about what they say about Tripp.” 

“Told ya he was innocent!”

While the clip dates back to 2012, Bristol said it resurfaced when the news broke that she was joining ‘Teen Mom OG’ and that it caused some to speak out against her joining the show.

Bristol— who is known by many as the daughter of conservative politician Sarah Palin—said she hopes that by watching her in the upcoming season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ viewers will see that any rumors of her being homophobic are completely untrue.

“Since I grew up in the spotlight, people think they know everything about me, but often their impressions aren’t exactly true,” she said.

“There are so many stigmas attached with being a conservative that it’s super easy for people to label me or my family as certain things and they’re just not true. I’m not homophobic. I’m not racist.” 

Bristol isn’t the only ‘Teen Mom OG’ newbie to face accusations related to hate speech.

As The Ashley previously reported, Cheyenne Floyd recently defended some tweets she posted in 2011 claiming that she wanted to “kill every white person” she saw, along with some shocking retweets from around the same time.

Those offensive tweets resurfaced once Cheyenne was named a ‘Teen Mom’ cast member, but she eventually addressed them and apologized for her actions.

“As a mom of a baby with a biracial dad, and a member of a new blended, mixed-race family, I am so sorry that these messages resurfaced, and they do not represent me at all,” Cheyenne explained on Instagram Live.

‘Teen Mom OG’ returns Monday, October 1 on MTV. 

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(Photos: MTV)

(Photos: MTV)


  1. Surprisingly, I didn’t mind Bristol…she seems to have matured a lot…I use to really not like her, but she seems like she’s actually nice. Now she’s only been on the show for 2 episodes, but so far she seems like a good replacement for Farrah. I do feel really bad for her ex-husband though….that PTSD is eating away at him, and crippling him…I wish he could find the right help, but I definitely see why they’re getting a divorce. He needs help, and she’s not sure how to help him, so he tears her down because he’s frustrated…and it’s just not good for either of them.

  2. F*** Cheyenne Floyd. When David pointed out he’d been fired for posting something equally offensive, he was right. I had to agree with that creepy bafoon. Anyone that makes me agree with David needs to also he called a f***.

    1. Watching the “Meet the Moms” special. Cheyenne just said she had a boyfriend when she got pregnant so she didn’t know who the father was. I don’t know if I can watch this! They are normalizing cheating. I’ve been cheated on so I’m not a fan of these entitled selfish douchebags.

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