‘Unexpected’ Stars Laura Barron & Tylor Strawmyer Are Married! Get Details!


Unexpected stars Laura Barron and Tylor Strawmyer are officially married… and evidently have been for a little while! 

Starcasm reports that the reality TV parents tied the knot on July 28, just two days after applying for a marriage license in their home county in Indiana. 

News of the TLC couple’s nuptials comes just days after the site reported that Tylor had joined the Navy on August 6, which both Tylor and Laura had mentioned on social media. 

“I promise, this is the last surprise we’ll spring on you guys… for now.”

In a series of photos posted on August 7, Tylor said he was “happy to be a future sailor” and shared with followers that his uncle Jake would be the one swearing him in.

While Tylor apparently had to leave last week for 8 weeks of boot camp, he and Laura were able to celebrated their newly-minted status of husband and wife with a Norwegian cruise honeymoon earlier in the month.

Laura shared a couple of photos from her sailor’s send-off last week on Instagram, which she captioned “can’t wait to see you again. T-minus 8 weeks.”

’Unexpected’ airs Sundays on TLC. 

(Photos: TLC, Instagram)  

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  1. This obsession with the top-knot bun looks needs to stop. It looks good on NO ONE! I really wish Lilly was featured on this show instead of snotty spoiled and lazy MaKayla and Laura is broing as well.

  2. I’m normally all for doing everything in your power to make it work when you have a child but this seems more like something done to appease her religious parents and not as much something they actively need to be doing right now. I hope for the best for them but would not be surprised if they’re no longer together a few years down the line.

    1. I thought the same thing. The father always looks mad and the mother always seems like she doesn’t want to say anything to make the father mad! As far as
      the sister goes she is very immature for a 15 yr old and I was surprised to hear she had a boyfriend and may be sexually active !

  3. Even though I watched 16 and Pregnant and the first few seasons of Teen Mom, TM2 and Teen Mom Young and Pregnant I could not get into this show. Usually I am a sucker for babies but the pacing of this show is just too damn slow!

  4. I’m sorry I always thought he liked men and the episode where he wanted to be a stripper confirmed my thoughts. Hes creepy. Something about him idk maybe it’s just me I don’t like him

    1. I agree that he’s a little weird, but I kind of feel sorry for him. It seems like he was very emotionally neglected and is very immature. Someone on another site thought he looked like Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – that could be. He did mention his mother was a stripper, perhaps she drank while pregnant. I don’t see any kind of future for these two together, but I hope he lands softly somewhere.

    1. They’re the couple that tried to put the baby in the back seat next to a gas can, right? I think they were only chosen because of her families faith. Her mom and dad look so uncomfortable all the time. I don’t know if it’s just their face or what.

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